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This kid caught me pretending to be a fake noob on fortnite, he even tried to help me win... Drop a LIKE for MORE Fortnite: Battle Royale Gameplay videos! 👉 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Obey_Kiwiz 👉 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Kiwify SUBSCRIBE For more Fortnite Funny Moments videos! I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we do some Random Duos and pretend to be a fake noob default skin on fortnite. This little kid found out I was a YouTuber in the middle of the game, and I tried to carry him to his next win. Should I make more videos pretending to be a fake noob or default skin with him? Drop a LIKE to let me know! 🏠 OBEY HOUSE: Formula: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvEJMJaCbuq4a6_I-Rixc0Q Nicks: https://www.youtube.com/c/NCKSTVideos TRY OUT THE NEW OBEY JACKETS (Code OBEY): https://www.obeyalliance.com Obey Alliance: https://www.obeyalliance.com https://www.youtube.com/user/ObeyAlliance https://twitter.com/ObeyAlliance Hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to drop a like! - Obey Kiwiz
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Text Comments (8604)
Kiwiz (4 months ago)
Drop a LIKE if I should pretend to be a Fake Noob More... SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW! Thanks for watching! See you guys tomorrow!
Jr Salinas (4 hours ago)
+Reinhard Schmoelzer hi
Jr Salinas (4 hours ago)
+Reinhard Schmoelzer me?
Reinhard Schmoelzer (4 hours ago)
Hi hi I like your videos so much.
Jr Salinas (12 hours ago)
I whach ceeday 2
7fclan 7F (19 hours ago)
Kiwiz add me on epic Billibobagans
Reinhard Schmoelzer (4 hours ago)
They're so dum🤣
Tina Sharon (8 hours ago)
Streamer by the way 7:15
Yaite YT (13 hours ago)
The drum gun 😭
Susi Q (18 hours ago)
Btw your copied
7fclan 7F (19 hours ago)
Add me on epic Billibobagans
TYLER SASS (1 day ago)
great job
Cristobal Damian (1 day ago)
Can someone add me my username is tealKiller101
Lucarozo Boi (1 day ago)
4:44 lol Wut xD
Quirino Selvera (1 day ago)
Yyyyyeeeeeeessssss you are my biggest fan and cool
jakupmav82 (1 day ago)
Ha ha
Diamond DemonKit (2 days ago)
Wait I accidentally killed u
xiao jun (2 days ago)
Play whit him again pls
Binh Happy Huynh (2 days ago)
How doesn't he notice the battle pass?
PUBG MASTER1234 (2 days ago)
All the gladers he pulls out are the ones you need to buy
RitchieTube (2 days ago)
Xx trademark xx sounds like me
augdog 10 (2 days ago)
You're Doo Doo, but you can edit so it makes you good
Aishah Amir (2 days ago)
I really want all the player be like that guy.. he is so kind..
Rosie Chavolla (2 days ago)
If he started playing how does he have get down.
Infinity Games (2 days ago)
4:45 it's says deploy rainbow rider as soon as he deploys his glider ist not the rainbow rider
Mr. Egg (3 days ago)
randy Aquino (3 days ago)
You are so goood
Shark king Hell yes (3 days ago)
Dude trade mark is the nicest fortnite player
d scrapper (3 days ago)
4:43 what the hell is kiwiz doing Like literally look at them
DJ ALL THE WAY X 10 (3 days ago)
Um the glider and the trail should have gave it away
Callum Harman (3 days ago)
James Monterroso (3 days ago)
Ok I love that kid he is way too kind and he aint even braggin
Shere Tuell (3 days ago)
Roses are red violist's are blue I got five fingers and the 3rd was is for you if you steal my BIG SHEILD
Give him a win
Ahmed Game over (3 days ago)
If you are good press read more Read more
PurpleSonGoku MUI (3 days ago)
This video is hurtling my soul, no more double pump, no more.. THE MYTH THE LEGEND (RIP) Drum gun, no more suppressed SMG, no more dual pistols and no more golden bolt and DON’T FORGET no more moisty, no more impulses, no more bouncers and no more anarchy. THERES TOO MANY TO NAME! I PROBABLY MISSED LIKE TEN MILLION! No wait DON’T FORGET THE HOP ROCKS. Edit: no more blue rocket launcher, no more golden dualies, no more purple port-fort, no more purple or golden semi autos, no more tactical SMG..NERFED THE PUMP to 8 damage (Pickaxe does more damage) and made a new spray meta. FORTNITE!!! I NEED THE OLD FORTNITE
PurpleSonGoku MUI (3 days ago)
4:44 😂
East Billiaires (4 days ago)
Idk why he had to troll
thegoodoobeys123 (4 days ago)
I got a duo victory with the Trademark guy!
Mitchell Lamese (4 days ago)
can i add u
andy alsamane (4 days ago)
On 7:39 you had 3 kills but on 7:50 you had 2 kills??
Biscuitzz& Gravyy (4 days ago)
how do you find nice people? whenever i do random squads or duos then they say “gosh y’all are so trash omg get a life”
Biscuitzz& Gravyy (4 days ago)
enjoy that drum gun Kiwiz.. enjoy it :/
Project Pokemon (4 days ago)
At the end he said wut a nice kid .HES NOT A KID HE IS IN HIGH SCHOOL
Project Pokemon (4 days ago)
Wtf dude he is not a kid u cant tell
Mario Prieto (4 days ago)
In the beginning how did he now see you season two glider that you had to get after a skin
THE_ LIONGAMING6 (4 days ago)
Says “just started playing” Pulls out a season 2 glider 😂
egyptionix the gods (4 days ago)
My name is otamer_2003
egyptionix the gods (4 days ago)
I wish I could get a win I play on ps4
Ragnorocks Chanel 21 (4 days ago)
Nick eh 30 in chat at 17:07
Ragnorocks Chanel 21 (4 days ago)
Dan Harris (4 days ago)
Ny Giants Lover (5 days ago)
it said rainbow rider but it pulled a turtle glider
Trainer X (5 days ago)
I feel so bad for trade mark he was so nice to😔
C Read (5 days ago)
Like how you do it?
Medina Vanja Mersak (5 days ago)
What the kid said troughout the whole video Niiiiiiiiceee 😂😂
Shinelle VRV (5 days ago)
The real noob is me.
Katherine Wiebe (5 days ago)
Savage NinjaTv (5 days ago)
17:07 it says Nick eh 30
Konstantinos Bouras (6 days ago)
This guy is pretty dump cause obay kiwiz said he didn’t know what the battle pass when we joined the party it said 120% Xp boost
Nitro 1 (6 days ago)
That was me!!!!
ball boi (6 days ago)
3:38 he rlly didn't see your battle pass thing
ball boi (6 days ago)
Any way hes nice
Cheryl Raiford (6 days ago)
Did anybody peep 17:08 kill feed
me watching in seoson 6
I Love birds (6 days ago)
How the fuck did he not see u had battle pass?!?!?
Sande Koreel (6 days ago)
I am a noob i love you you aer the best player in the world
Sande Koreel (6 days ago)
I want v buxs
Lediondreamz (6 days ago)
You dont need to be a noob you really are one
Cash Baker (6 days ago)
R you from New Zealand
Abhijit Malla (6 days ago)
But in lobby he can she you buy a battle pass
Caiden Thomas (6 days ago)
Can you pls buy me a gaming pc I love your vids keep up the good work
CADEATER TOP3248 (6 days ago)
XP boost and boogie glider shows!
optimistixc (7 days ago)
It says you have a battle pass in the lobby
Brian Wise (7 days ago)
i love ceeday
Christian Laskie (7 days ago)
Has max battle pass with 120 boost lol. With the get down glider
eMotivate Media (8 days ago)
No Limits (9 days ago)
That guy was so nice damn
Ola Galaaen (9 days ago)
Ur not a fake noob Ur a real one
kenyon baker (9 days ago)
4:43 what the fuck was that😂😂 I was dying
RawwBros (9 days ago)
Your glider dummy
Rosie Coleman (9 days ago)
i love ceeday
Christian Rochford (9 days ago)
i was just in kiwiz game
issac Boy (9 days ago)
It's funny how he obeyed kiwiz
5:23 " *I uSuAlLy UpLoAd CaLl Of DuTy ViDeOs* " I'm dying! 😂
GAMING LORD (10 days ago)
Hey how he can't catch at the beginning when u invite him there is shown 120 xp how he can't see, lol
Shark king Hell yes (10 days ago)
When I got my first solo win I got 3 kills
Bandolier 99 (10 days ago)
Who else saw at 17:09 a fake nick eh 30 in the chat
Snow Thailand (10 days ago)
Is not even a kid is a teenager oh my holy gawd
Floopynopnop Gaming (11 days ago)
4:44 when you get your first skin in fortnite
Suppy 2018 (11 days ago)
I won a game watching this vid😂😂😂😂
Miran Dania (11 days ago)
17:08 there was nick eh 30 he killed someone
Nasareta Pupualii (12 days ago)
That boy is so nice
FlemRB (12 days ago)
im mr nice every time someone likes this i will write nice.nice
legit 560 gaming (13 days ago)
I like how he didn't notice the XP boost
David Acosta (13 days ago)
Amigo 122 (13 days ago)
Lol Me To
Brian Kalos (14 days ago)
I have played with that guy
Mr Dude 88 (14 days ago)
Xx trade mark xx is like me a little
King Yeyo Soto (15 days ago)
I lost count if how may time he said niccce😂😂
Trey Webb (15 days ago)
Loved you guys talking about how big you are 😂😂
the dragons 21 31 (15 days ago)
My flavorit YouTuber 😅
Robin Buck (15 days ago)
5:05 “do u work? “ “Uhhhh I guess u could say....”
ThunderGuy (15 days ago)
ha I bet that kid helping him is super gay and stupid
ThunderGuy (15 days ago)
cuz ik him irl
Andrew Fowler (15 days ago)
Heavy 1551
Alfie Navarro (15 days ago)
Play proper dumb bum

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