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Hot Model Lisa & Dai - AC Schnitzer M3 Time Attack - TAS 2008

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Dai Yoshihara and Lisa Fleming are back with the GT Channel video coverage of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2008. http://gtchannel.com - Watch them check out the latest tuned cars and cute girls of the Tokyo show. Plus, Manabu Orido takes the AC Schnitzer M3 out for a time attack / Drift session at a Yokohama Tire Track Event.
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Text Comments (39)
Jarrett Sutherland (3 years ago)
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REDMK3VR6T (5 years ago)
is it true Chinese pussy runs sideways?
Melsi Bezhani (6 years ago)
lisa fleming is beyond hot, shes fucking torched!!!!!!!!!!1
DmxBloodline (6 years ago)
Yeah man, I actually wanted to jack off to the car at 2:00.
Mark (7 years ago)
@rayj778 BMW Haters are Audi fans. LOL. M /// Power!!!
bojkoooooo (8 years ago)
XTPimplik (8 years ago)
BMW 1M = one of the best M cars in history
kayu38 (8 years ago)
the new mustangs are better than the m3
Karthoum (8 years ago)
belmon125 (8 years ago)
The comparisons are bad... STI and EVO are Time Attack machines made for rallies. They cannot be funnier than the M3 since it has RWD. If you compare the M3 with a S15 or sth like these, we could start the comparisons
Tommy Hediaka (8 years ago)
those boobs......uugh... my pants tight
Steven C (8 years ago)
@BMW345is in 3 years there will be a new m series.
Steven C (8 years ago)
///M Power
Sweeper21430 (8 years ago)
@rayj778 calling em BMW haters is just a waste of letters, just call em JAELOUS! :D
Vasco R. (8 years ago)
@2gr6rydar really? in wich class do 911 and gtr fit then?
K3ND (8 years ago)
m3 ftw!
Victor Lemphane (8 years ago)
that m3 is jus amazing...... im saving up 4 1.. got 3 more year and im buying one bran new... its worth waiting for...
aussiearu (8 years ago)
that guy should drive a dacia with those shitty skills
snorlaxx1337911 (8 years ago)
yup true it is funnier to drive as an m5 i.e.
speed & logic (8 years ago)
turn down the techno and i'll subscribe
FFMCitey (8 years ago)
nice tits
David Bass (8 years ago)
She's super hot @:24.
Reverseflush (8 years ago)
Hostess sounds and looks like a whore. The exhibit girl is hot and fresh.
sir_Xenon (9 years ago)
HOT and dumb! "Do you like fast cars, or slow cars??" brilliant!!!
a10 (9 years ago)
1:03 omfg both the jounalist and her are fukin hot asians i would fuk them anyday damn.
CruelMan84 (9 years ago)
wow.... that journalist is hot :-|
James Brent (9 years ago)
The rims on the M3 are amazing.
LexusFman (9 years ago)
I meant the fans. I wrote that when i was super sleepy
LexusFman (9 years ago)
Wow, BMW can make good cars, but the company is shit
TJ Hemphill (9 years ago)
I wonder what the M3 would have got if he didnt slide out. That thing is sexy. Love the Evo X and STI too!!!
kedde1 (9 years ago)
look at her tits !
zika150 (9 years ago)
very hot chick !!!!
Gav391979 (10 years ago)
what the f"$£" is she talking about
saavaa (10 years ago)
that chick is sweet!
Syafix i10 (10 years ago)
hot chick !
vizintini (10 years ago)
time diffrences are so small that the human factor plays an very important role. i'd say that the performance is equal.
Alshaytan666 (10 years ago)
Can anyone tell me who is the artist of the music that's playing? (when they were showing the M3 on the track) Thanks
Dai Yoshihara is a pro drifter form the Formula D series.
AKMWX (10 years ago)
Nice Video!

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