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Peter Green / Carlos Santana: Secret Weapon in The Minor Blues . (Guitar Lesson) Black Magic Woman

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IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD AND EMAILED LINK to Professional Chart with Chord Shapes and Scales for Soloing available here: $1.49 https://goo.gl/3yD2xd For immediate download just click "return to merchant" after purchase, OR, just check your email. Chart will be there right away! Here we are talking about the Necessity of the Harmonic Minor in the Minor Blues. Hear how Peter Green and Carlos Santana, utilize the oldest trick in the book to create the iconic Harmonic Minor Scale appear out of nowhere. While studying Black Magic Woman. This video references my Minor Blues Quick Study video located Here:https://youtu.be/BXMSGSfcn_E Quick Edit, I do think fast, and what I meant to say was that Peter Green Wrote it and Santana Re-made it... sorry for the lack of thought process. Cheers! Wanna take lessons with Stich? Visit http://www.stichmethod.com Donate ► http://bit.ly/2xzBP0t Your Donations are what make this channel happen. So Thank You! Feel free to contribute any amount you like. As always I will reach out and thank you! Stichmethod Merch ► https://pro.teechip.com/stores/stichmethod Watch the entire Blues Primer Playlist ► http://bit.ly/2vR4HjN Then get ripping with Udemy's highest ranked Blues Classes right here: Part 1 http://bit.ly/2wqr0Qy and Part 2 https://bit.ly/2MjbijS Only $13, I won't let you down!
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StichMethod Guitar (4 months ago)
IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD AND EMAILED LINK available here: $1.49 https://goo.gl/3yD2xd 2 Page Professional Chart with Chord Shapes and Scales for Soloing combined with text to help guide you along the way!
Simplistic, I love it. How does this relate to the Dorien?
David guitar madman (1 month ago)
I DID enjoy this lesson Ian.Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Gabriel Sanchez (1 month ago)
Rick Miller (1 month ago)
Thanks from wa au
jezz bass (1 month ago)
thank u
jezz bass (1 month ago)
thank u
roger weafer (1 month ago)
makes good sense to me...
metal micky (2 months ago)
Great lesson, thanks. Although I had to move my tablet to my right. You just weren't making her contact.
dom dom (2 months ago)
Im42s which video did you discuss the minor blues turnaround?
StichMethod Guitar (2 months ago)
This one ? https://youtu.be/OjzRIXcJmZw
Anthony Robinson (2 months ago)
Superb lesson.
Steve Solo (3 months ago)
A year ago I discovered this vid. I just re-visited it to reiterate "Loving it!" Still do.
MagnumOpus007 (4 months ago)
That was a GREAT lesson and your style for explaining is superb! Respect!
Gary Gowland (4 months ago)
Another great lesson. Thanx
Guymondo307M (4 months ago)
I was lost but I enjoyed it anyway.
mark heyne (4 months ago)
Potato / Patatas? it sounds quite Spanish...oh yes, it's Carlos'!
theeardrafter (5 months ago)
Thank you Young man Great Lesson styling 2 of my favs
jeanrepal (5 months ago)
Except Carlos doesn't turn the A minor into a major on Black Magic Woman and accordingly he doesn't use that characteristic note that wants do dissolve back to the D minor chord.
Vod Vandorin (6 months ago)
You are really good at what you do. I have started learning this and it already sounds good.
Kolin Rottweiler (7 months ago)
Kolin Rottweiler (7 months ago)
I'm just about to thank you for your time :)
StichMethod Guitar (7 months ago)
Have you gone to my channel and watched my blues primer playlist?
Kolin Rottweiler (7 months ago)
Hahaha awesome, man I been playing some blues for a while I have some skill and can pick things up quite well I think, but I feel like I need to know more theory as my playing is kind of all over the place and has no real structure. I have tried before but I get so far then there's like this jump and I'm lost, like I miss four pages. But at the same time I don't want to lose my feel as I feel this is inevitable when one thinks about theory to much, unless you have a brain like this hahaha. Do you think there is a basic theory level that one can learn to better just understand the theory of the blues.. One thing I learned is that the blues sound simple but it bloody ain't hahaha. I got so much feeling just need to get that sh*t out. Loved your comment and your video, you just got me all kinds of lost man ;) Take care.
StichMethod Guitar (7 months ago)
what (h)wət,(h)wät/Submit pronoun 1. asking for information specifying something. "what is your name?" 2. the thing or things that (used in specifying something). "what we need is a commitment" determiner 1. asking for information specifying something. "what time is it?" 2. (referring to the whole of an amount) whatever. "he had been robbed of what little money he had" adverb 1. to what extent? "what does it matter?" 2. used to indicate an estimate or approximation. "see you, what, about four?"
jason hullihen (7 months ago)
more blues bro bravo...
Joe Svilpa 7step2livefit (7 months ago)
Hi Ian, Joe here great lesson!! The charts are awesome and very concise. Have you ever or would you consider doing some lesson regarding the mind set and style of Peter Frampton?? Thanks
Neil Souza (8 months ago)
Hey Stich, I've loved this lesson for the past year or so, I never see the minor diatonic scale used or demonstrated much, why is that? Could you do another lesson possibly? Thanks!
William Nedbalek (8 months ago)
Wow! What a great insight! Simple but profound! Thank you!!!
Westside Smitty (9 months ago)
Awesome exposition! For me, the master of the minor key blues was the great Otis Rush. Mayall covered (and covered, very, very, well!) several of Rush's songs (Double trouble, So Many Roads, So Many trains). Maybe Mayall hipped Green to the form. Another master of the minor blues was Little Walter. Great stuff and a great mood and secret weapon for changing it up at the blues jam! Thanks for making it so accessible.
Phil Frank (10 months ago)
BMW is no blues progression.
Phil Frank (10 months ago)
Is "key to the highway" a blues?
Phil Frank (10 months ago)
I understand u and u r right, but I think I `m right too.You are modern and I`m old school.
StichMethod Guitar (10 months ago)
Good, we agree.... I hate that argument
Phil Frank (10 months ago)
Of course not.
StichMethod Guitar (10 months ago)
frank philipp is Gary Moore’s Still Got the Blues a Minor Blues?
Guillermo G. Hernandez (10 months ago)
Davide (11 months ago)
FUUUUUUCK... That's a GREAAAAAAAT lesson. Thank you so much, really, really, really, really. Oh my God I can't believe it
Jacob Kyle (1 year ago)
Does this trick (using the harmonic minor for the turnaround) also work for regular blues progressions or is it limited to minor blues? Thanks for the awesome videos!
Jacob Kyle (1 year ago)
StichMethod Guitar awesome!! Thanks for the response. I look forward to adding that extra A1 steak sauce to my playing! ;)
StichMethod Guitar (1 year ago)
Jacob Kyle It totally works for the blues. But, try for yourself. You do in fact have the power to make that decision. I’m not trying to be rude in anyway, just motivational. Remember if it sounds good to you, then it sounds good to someone else. Thanks for watching and enjoying!
Maccasstuff (1 year ago)
Any chance of the tab for this Stitch ?
Maccasstuff (1 year ago)
I don"t want refund, I just wrongly assumed that sheet would have TAB thats all. I am working my way through your master class series at the moment. Thank you
Scott Bradley (1 year ago)
StichMethod Guitar looking forward to tab.
StichMethod Guitar (1 year ago)
Maccasstuff saw the original comment, did you want a refund? No problem.... I’ll try and do a video on this for the tab soon... it’s a popular request
Dean Underhill (1 year ago)
Hi Ian. Just found your site. Love your lessons so much I’d like to make a contribution. Do you take PayPal? Ty
StichMethod Guitar (1 year ago)
Dean Underhill thanks! I appreciate you enthusiasm and support. In the description box under the vid is a PayPal.me link For donations. I can’t thank you enough!
David Tamayo (1 year ago)
Great video! Thanks!!
Jackson Howard (1 year ago)
Tell us why
RLB52 (1 year ago)
Good lesson
Lorenzo Wynberg (1 year ago)
Thanks :)
Dorian two (1 year ago)
Yeah. I have a lot of theory under my belt after 30+ years of playing and school. Great way to explain what we all hear. A major 7 resolving to the root. Important concept.
Frank Salazar (1 year ago)
Nice job, man!! Pulling off some nice ones!!
Steve Solo (1 year ago)
Loving it!
facts 43 (1 year ago)
fantastic! thanks
Jamie Harker (1 year ago)
quality lesson from a genuine and modest teacher, well appreciate your videos!
littlesigh (1 year ago)
Thanks... I am along way from playing something like that but at least I know what I am up against. Great Teacher!
David Garcia (1 year ago)
dude. you are the shit. best guitar lessons for intermediate players :)
Austin Dean (1 year ago)
Great stuff. I have been hooked on watching you and Sean recently. What looper do you use/would you recommend it?
Michael Crutcher (1 year ago)
I hear where you're coming from, but what about the fact that on the Santana recording of Black Magic Woman, there is clearly no A7 chord in the tune?
Michael Crutcher (1 year ago)
StichMethod Guitar http://www.ultimatesantana.com/Black-Magic-Woman.html#Chords
Michael Crutcher (1 year ago)
StichMethod Guitar I think you'll want to listen to the Abraxas recording. It’s just not there. Am7 each time.
indianscout63 (1 year ago)
Awesome explanation, thanks man! Subbed
Scott Linder (1 year ago)
Great lesson I love your videos can you please do more Santana ones please :) keep up the great work
Aleksandar NESKOVIC (1 year ago)
Actually, you are great!!! Keep on and stay the way you are- just great!
handmethepiano (1 year ago)
Great stuff, thanks.  Glad to hear you're digging into the early Mac stuff where Peter was brilliant.  Hey, so along the lines of Santana and Harmonic Minor, listen to his "Flor de Luna" (Moonflower) instrumental.  I believe that's Natural (mostly) and Harmonic Minor mixed and very beautiful.  I think he uses the major 7 when he resolves to the tonic just like here.  I'm a huge fan of both players.
gatorayde2005 (1 year ago)
i think maybe if one harmonizes the harmonic minor scale, the c# has c#, e, g. maybe this would be a C#dim chord? they are the common notes to the a7th: 3rd, 5th, flatted 7th. so they resolve to the Dm: root, 3rd, 5th.. i'm thinking maybe but i am not sure....
Marc St.james (1 year ago)
awesome lesson and you come across wonderfully great job! thanks.
Christopher Muse (1 year ago)
This guy is very good IMHWO, but after 45 seconds of soloing he starts to talk, and his vocal pedantics are good, but more playing and less explaining would be great for like 2 minutes, then explain, IDK, that's just one player's opinion ...
Mic (1 year ago)
This guy's pretty good. Explaining the genius of Green/Santana isn't easy, much less recreating it. Pay close attention all
Jesus Prieto (1 year ago)
quick question: i bought the print out but the 3 chords are basically around the 10th fret, whereas in the video the chords fingerings are the barred chords in the 3rd and 5th frets... the chords positions on the video sound better... So why the chord fingerings/fret are different than in the video? Im not complaining, I just want to know why the difference
David Evans (1 year ago)
what you played first is there a scale that can be listed or redo tab or something it's beautiful
Kevin o'brien (1 year ago)
enjoy your videos.
LIVEWIRE 240 (1 year ago)
What is the name of the backing track you playing at the beggining?
LIVEWIRE 240 (1 year ago)
Ok thanks! I will try to find something like this.Great lessons anyways
MrRidleyDog (1 year ago)
You are not naming the notes, you name the frets, why does everyone do that? Call out the notes, people can see the frets, most people have no idea what notes they are playing anymore. It's sad.
MrRidleyDog (1 year ago)
But you are not calling out the intervals, you are calling out the fret numbers. You are verbalizing the TAB and TAB is lazy. Naming the notes reinforces the theory IMHO. You do you though, obviously it works for you and your subscribers. Most people who play guitar now a days have no idea what notes they are playing because they just play TAB, they don't know the name of the note on the 5th fret of the 5th string, they just know where to put their finger next. They have no vocabulary for the language they are trying to communicate in.
Joep van Os (1 year ago)
"to celebrate that moment", well explained. Big thanks!!
Anthony Monaghan (1 year ago)
Paul Kossoff also learned these lessons early in his playing career and used these techniques to incredible effect. Thanks for another great lesson.
Dayle Best (1 year ago)
Beautiful Teaching's ' Mr Stich Thank you . .
Dayle Best (1 year ago)
StichMethod Guitar ⚡
openyoureyes (1 year ago)
What video of yours would you suggest to learn about separate notes? (chords)? I don't know enough YET to keep up with this.
Brad Easley (1 year ago)
Great lesson, Ian! Really appreciate all your videos! BUT... you said, "...Black Magic Woman by Peter Green / Carlos Santana; the former who remade it." Peter Green wrote it. Santana remade it. I'm guessing you meant to say "...the LATTER who remade it."
Guitar T (1 year ago)
i wish i could be as happy as you.....peace, and thx
Danny Birge (1 year ago)
There must be 100,000 or more"guitar teachers" on YouTube. You are my absolute favorite. I have learned more watching one or two of your videos than all lessons combined since the 70s. And I remember having to mow two neighbors yards, to earn enough money to have my dad take me to Vine Records, to buy the new Led Zeppelin II album.
Peter Higbee (1 year ago)
you're awesome... thanks. My new favourite online guitar teacher.
Danny Brew (1 year ago)
Brilliant lesson, I learned so much, thank you kind Sir for this lesson!
Jay M (1 year ago)
well explained, much appreachiated, thank you.Jay.
JOHN Petricki (1 year ago)
You are very thorough and explain the method very well, the best I've ever seen, thank you Stich.
Pat Green (1 year ago)
Hi, very nice and relaxed and a little humerous! Nice explanation of the scales too. Can I just add I think Peter Green's chord pattern was Dm7 (24th fret) vocal Dm A7 Dm Gm (Dm C Bflat A7) Dm.... Dm7 (24th fret) I sort of remember from 1968.....I think the first A7 instead of Am points up the Gm (you can disagree!) Another point I think his first solo almost paraphrases the vocal. Sorry if someone else already said this I haven't read all the numerous comments.
LogBurnerify (1 year ago)
That is a fairly awesome lesson!!
DANIEL HELLER (1 year ago)
Brilliant. Have played Black Magic Woman note for note for years. Never understood the A7 or it's relationship to the notes Santana was playing. Now I do. Thanks
adaptiveagile (1 year ago)
So soulful, sweet and tasteful. Beautiful lesson.
Geoff Balme (1 year ago)
I'm echoing the comment below. I've also been playing for more than 30 years and you did an amazing job laying that out and explaining it. Period. Thank you so much for that!
Charlie Kelland (1 year ago)
very interesting, cheers.
circlecloud11 (1 year ago)
This guy is such a genius and he's able to lets us into his thinking. So cool!!!
Matt (1 year ago)
When you start soloing around the 6:30 mark, you are naming the arpeggios, correct? Are you in the same key or scale the entire time?
Edward Yeo (1 year ago)
To get a little out with that A7, try sneaking the Melodic minor in, going up followed by the Harmonic Minor going down. Heard it in Classical compositions.
philip ryan (1 year ago)
Jmaccxx (1 year ago)
You mean the 'latter' remade it. Peter Green wrote BMW in 68....
Jmaccxx (1 year ago)
Do'h!.....No worries :) Great lesson btw!
Barney L (1 year ago)
Celebrate the moment
Edward Lee (1 year ago)
black magic woman is a jazz standard. way before Peter or Carlos and there's a lot more scales to play other then the Aeolian or minor penitonic
StichMethod Guitar (1 year ago)
Read description 😉
Michael Crutcher (1 year ago)
Black Magic Woman was writtend by Peter Green.
Tom Millan (1 year ago)
Long time guitar player here who recently learned piano and applying each instrument in composing. I really enjoy your explanation and theory.  Most guitar players (myself for many years) don't apply music theory to their playing. You do a great job demonstrating the theory of music while knocking out cool riffs. Get it up bro.
playon51 (1 year ago)
Some minor blues have a minor V as well...
gred808 (1 year ago)
Nailed it man. Theory is a very useful tool to explain what sounds good in a tune, it is not what makes the music! Thanks for the great insight into one of the techniques utilized in Peter and Carlo's solos!
richtrophicherbs (1 year ago)
Tadell Chaney (1 year ago)
Excellent explanation!!!!!!
ElMarko2000 (1 year ago)
Not to be a hater but the f# & g# at 10:56 (part of an A major scale) seems a little incongruous, harmonically speaking, here. Just my take on it. Great lesson though!
Jeff Buchko 2 (1 year ago)
Because it is harmonically incongruous - though still intentional. The g# gives you the leading tone to the dominant 5 chord in the same way the c# leads to the d. G# is also the b5 in the key of d minor. Here its resolution to the A has an admittedly 'happy' sound about it, that is what makes it stick out. That is why it works. That's the art of it - taking something that should not work and making it work.
Todd Callison (1 year ago)
Great lesson, keep 'm coming brother
Alejandro Sosa (1 year ago)
Hum a tune in your head or have someone hum you a tune... can you repeat it on your guitar? If you can't, you're wasting your time with theory, you're wasting your time with talk of "seeing" notes, your wasting your time with fretboard moves. Music is a hearing art.
Alejandro Sosa (1 year ago)
OK thanks I will look at more of your lessons. Really, my initial post was more of a venting of frustration with myself than anything; certainly not a shot at you. Strum a G chord and if I'm not looking at you I won't know you just played a G - and how the hell is one to function in any kind of a musical setting with a handicap such as that? Might as well be blind in front of a canvas with a loaded palette. But I am trying. Relative pitch app.. Jamey Aebersold play alongs.. Maybe I'm just not working hard enough - hell I should be practicing right now as I type this LOL.. I appreciate what you wrote, thank you.
Alejandro Sosa (1 year ago)
LOL. Apparently you see everything as a confrontation. I myself am UNABLE to play phrases I hear in my head, even after years of learning scales, theory, etc. My point was this: music is a language, and if you can't hear what others are doing and respond accordingly you're dead in the water - unless your only goal is to parrot songs alone in your bedroom. Imagine if we taught children to speak the way we try to teach people to play.
Donkey Hurley (1 year ago)
@4:59....your left pinky, if you have one...   I don't.  You are the first teacher who noticed this... hey wait, are you in my head?
Adrian Tyler (1 year ago)
Rigidarm (1 year ago)
The best explanation is seen on more advanced playing. Thank you!
Anthony Ingoglia (1 year ago)
"to celebrate that moment". What a great phrase so show how he, or anyone, appreciates that ONE note.
Leesa Michaels (1 year ago)
I like to solo in this in D Dorian, which is basically a C Major Scale played against the Dm Progression.
Dan Lutjemeier (1 year ago)
Excellent presentation. TY Subscribed!
Sitarbob (1 year ago)
Nice! You explain it well... and simply! Not all good players are good teachers. You are both! Good Job!!!
King Harold (1 year ago)
Beautifully explained, it's odd how rare simple explanations are, this is true teaching, well done. You mention a video about visualising the scale under chords, I can't seem to find it, thanks.
King Harold (1 year ago)
Beautifully explained, it's odd how rare simple explanations are, this is true teaching, well done. You mention a video about visualising the scale under chords, I can't seem to find it, thanks.
Jason B (1 year ago)
Excellent presentation of the Harmonic minor color. Bravo
Ed Grammer (1 year ago)
It's the tri-tone....in this case the C# and G of the A7 chord....resolving to the D and F of the Dm chord.  So much of Western (European) music is based on this resolution from the unstable (tri-tone - "the Devil's interval" - very unstable) to the stable (in this case the minor third of the i chord).

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