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AYYYYY IT WAS MY BDAY AND I WAS A BIG BOOTY HO (just kidding but I had a great time lmao) this is a boring ass vlog but a lot of you said they love vlogs so I threw it together and since I've been kinda MIA im giving you a 241 vlog weekend. Hope you enjoy. Love always, Em x Song Used - https://soundcloud.com/beatsbyesta/el-sambroso Snapchat : emmatamsinhill DEPOP - @emmatamsin96 ▹ CONTACT [email protected]
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Serena Michelle (1 month ago)
ooooh biiiitch I just found your channel and you look soooo fucking hotttt in this video 💗💗💗 I love your hair and makeup like yeessss 💅🏻
Sahinalam Prio (3 months ago)
My favorite only bbw
Sophie Brooke (3 months ago)
i love u sm wtf
Jayde A (4 months ago)
you are a poppin' ass BIIIHHH! omg. i just started watching your vids and i'm literally obsessed with you.
Emily Grey (5 months ago)
Can we be friends please
Shanice Mckay (6 months ago)
Love you even more now that i know you're a kartel and alkaline fan
Temi Oyeniran (6 months ago)
Dang girl can sing
Rachy C (7 months ago)
I actually love her. Oh my god I’ve never laughed so much, her quotes kill me 😅 ‘why is my phone popping the F off!!!’
Rachael Skinner (7 months ago)
My birthday is also the 14th of August 1996 ❤️👌
Cee Thompson (7 months ago)
You the same age as me gurrrrlll. Love your vibeeeess xx
hadi may (7 months ago)
Your bday is the day after my bf I will always remember x
Olivia Hart (7 months ago)
You make me feel so much more confident! I’m a size 16 and the biggest in my group of friends and I always feel down about it! I have Cushing Disease and PCOS which means it’s a bit harder for me to lose weight. Whenever I watch your videos, it makes me realise that you should just embrace yourself and your body! Love u X
Valy Salas (7 months ago)
I am 22 too! 💕
Jasmine Seufatu (7 months ago)
Raja Izhar (8 months ago)
Happy birthday to you 😘🎁🎁🍻🍻🍻🍻🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🎹🎼🎤🎂🎂🍹🍹 I love your eyes
Cherie Hancy Styles (8 months ago)
Omg! I went to tattu for my birthday (14th sep) was so nice inside, food was gorgeous! X
Lee (8 months ago)
Yo, I thought I was older than you 😂 I'm actually a month younger, what even. But happy late birthday! Love your vibes xx
Vati Naledi (8 months ago)
i love me EmmaTamsin!! you vibe gives me life!
Ashleigh Shirley (8 months ago)
“But bitch it ain’t really over “ This energy 😂💗
mzmichelleeliz (8 months ago)
You and your friends are gorrrrgeous♡
Trinitee Ortega (8 months ago)
Omg your voice girrlll I didn’t know you could sing 😍😍😍
Anaria G (8 months ago)
Im binge watching your video cause i just found you and i really don't like one thing about you okay!! You don't post much videos! Cmon do more videos babe!! :/
Jess Jewell (8 months ago)
I love tropics, no one knows about it but it’s amazing and it’s always better for the environment then all these other skincare products out there.... also you need to try the highlighters because they are wow beautiful
Leah Brookes (8 months ago)
Love tropics
nahhh 6632 (8 months ago)
Thank you for making me more confident about my height❤❤❤😗😙
PB J (8 months ago)
oml you're absolutely stunning, and i just love listening to you as well! muchluvxxxx
Celly's Kicks (8 months ago)
B Gs (8 months ago)
Omgggg we have the same birthday 💕🤗
Lu Na (8 months ago)
You and your friends are so pretty!
Gracen Yo (8 months ago)
love you babe
nero (8 months ago)
9:37 does anyone know what contour she's using here?
Leeanne Cope (4 months ago)
nero it’s the L’Oréal infallible one, I know you asked 3 months ago but yeah 😂
Chichi Stan (8 months ago)
🙏🏾🙏🏾 👼🏾
Dnoo somthing (8 months ago)
Hey im new here but is she trans? Just asking
BTS IS THE SHITEU (8 months ago)
elena somthing nooooo
Alicia Grimes (8 months ago)
The way you were rubbing and dragging that beauty blender after all those products was hurting my SOULLLL LMAO im so dead
sarah Morris513 (8 months ago)
happy birthday! 🔥
Madeline Maligro (8 months ago)
does anyone know what her concealer stick is? A sis needs to know <3
Princess 1995 (8 months ago)
I missed your videos soooo much especially your vlogs they are the best love your whole vibe girl you make me so happy fellow plus size girl xx
Jasmine Cott (8 months ago)
your videos always remind me to drink water lol because ur always drinking water
Pakistan zindabad (8 months ago)
jordan chaske (8 months ago)
Damn I wish that you were my girlfriend I would treat you like A Queen XX
jordan chaske (8 months ago)
this was awesome and I'm Native American and I say that your beautiful woman and I enjoy your videos much love coming from Jordan the geek that's from North Dakota XX
Mary Teresa (8 months ago)
YAS we love the vlogs and your face :)
Ruby xx (8 months ago)
I love you so much Emma but that blonde friend of yours looks shady af. I don't like her vibe x
Erica R (8 months ago)
You looked FIT in the red dress. Loved the vlog as always!
Natalia Salazar (8 months ago)
You and Lydia Dinga are actually my fave UK youtubers!! So excited you watch her and gave her a shoutout. Hope you had a good birthday ! Love ya xx
MusicIoana (8 months ago)
Does anybody know what the song is called at 14:52? Thanks
Kit Kat (8 months ago)
Love that watch, what make? X
Jennifer Agbeshie (8 months ago)
Laurie Riaan Lambert (8 months ago)
Bit late madam but happy birthday to you hope you and your homies killed it out there
music girl (8 months ago)
My favourite YouTuber 💫🙌 it’s just been my birthday I’ve turned 18
music girl (8 months ago)
lulee la Divina (8 months ago)
Happy belated blessing bdayyyyyy mamaaaaa! Wow ur the same age as my oldest he turned 22 on the 27th n my youngest 16 on the 12th both on August.. congratulations, 😘😄😗glad u killed it for ur day n after that. Take care, lots of success, health,love n peace.
illuminuz (8 months ago)
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful!!!!
Emma Be late (8 months ago)
You should try mojo's it's always a great atmosphere in there x
Bella M (8 months ago)
Love you!!! You make me feel so proud to be a 'big' girl.. Sending love from Australia!!!
Lydia Dinga (8 months ago)
And bitcchhhh it’s my birthday week this week!
Lydia Dinga (8 months ago)
GORLLLL! If you don’t chill ya socks! One of Gfs sent me this video because she’s been rocking with you for a hot minute and I LAAAVEEE ya vibe!
Tammy Buckley (8 months ago)
Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful
illuminuz (8 months ago)
Waddup my Leo sistah. I knew there was a reason I liked you. #issavibe
YourGirlSudanny (8 months ago)
Love what you & your girls! Love the energy & you all look STUNNING!!
Antonia Traore (8 months ago)
Qyshawn Bradshaw (8 months ago)
Happy birthday yasssss!!!
JOANNE SMITH (8 months ago)
Do remember the name of that beut of a dress your wearing on the pretty little thing site. I can't find it. 😖
jenny Victoria (8 months ago)
Same bday month. Summer babies 😌😂
Steph Louise (8 months ago)
Happy Birthday Emma! ☺️❤️🎂🎉🎈
Adele Croxford (8 months ago)
Love you, your so funny and natural x new subscriber
Timothy Jerideau (8 months ago)
#libragang...Love your spirit and hustle, and well curvaceous ways for dayz. #eblraymond on the gram
Megan Sanders (8 months ago)
Happy belated birthday babe 😍 we Leo’s are the best! Mines on the 18th!! 🌸
Courtney Nicole (8 months ago)
my mums friend is an ambassador for tropic! I love the elixr skin oil!! <3
Beth morgan (8 months ago)
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Love the vlogs. More more more please.x
Kate Walsh (8 months ago)
The memes to justify the moment are what I live for. Also, love you too much. Stunning, shining always! 💖
Lis Vea (8 months ago)
How are you only 22 and this successful?!😍😍❤️
eisox xo (8 months ago)
Modie M. (8 months ago)
nails mama😍
allthingsangie (8 months ago)
yassssss. love your videos girrrllll !
Misan Etiks (8 months ago)
Where did you buy your lighting box?
Sam Rowe (8 months ago)
Your birthday is exactly 1day before mine! I turned 22 on the 15th #twins
Petty *Princess* (8 months ago)
Happy birthday😘
Jessie Simmons (8 months ago)
just a great gal! love watching your videos <3
Jade Davies (8 months ago)
Yesssss can’t wait to watch these 2 vids and wind down after work plus I’m hungover to fuck 😪 just what I need ☺️☺️
Apocalipsis 13 (8 months ago)
Red Dress 💘😈👌
Moesha Jones (8 months ago)
omg, i’m deffo saving a hollywood wax for my bday. my pain tolerance is quite high but out of 10 girl, how was yours 😭💕
roy v (8 months ago)
and im sat here wanking into a sock and if i was an obese girl id have loads of money and be travelling the world - great
Gus Manong (8 months ago)
You just spoiling us with these videos 😍😍😍😀😀😀 You are just a whole vibe and a whole mood 😀😀😀🌸🌸💖💖
Charles Lewis (8 months ago)
Sorry but you need too cuz that booty and body looks so so dam awesome
Mackenzie Drake (8 months ago)
yeeees sis 😍
Charles Lewis (8 months ago)
#Perfect and awesome video you are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥#happy birthday
Syl Shoemaker (8 months ago)
You inspire with your confidence
Charlotte Brotherton (8 months ago)
Skye Mac (8 months ago)
Yasss we’re birthday twins 🦁🦁🦁 I turned 22 on the 14th too! Loving the vlogs x
Kira JEVDOKIMOVA (8 months ago)
I’ve not watch the vid yet but I already know you look good
Syl Shoemaker (8 months ago)
Whaaat 22 thought you were older 🙌
Syl Shoemaker (8 months ago)
What's the name of the intro song
Simply Me (8 months ago)
OMG yess! I love your vlogs, I put clothes to wash and set my daughter up for her lunch and took a few minutes to myself to watch this! Happy belated birthday love 🎂🎊🍾❤️
Ayana S. (8 months ago)
Yes to the Q/A! 😍
Dora Chavez (8 months ago)
Your Amazing Emma 💕💕💕💕💕💕
WWEMotors (8 months ago)
happy birthday, gorgeous cat!
magix (8 months ago)
Anon M (8 months ago)
My sympathies to your personal trainer's family. That's so tragic. 🙁
Amiee (8 months ago)
living for these vlogs!
Bree. C (8 months ago)
Lovvveeee your videos!! Xoxo from Canada ❤🇨🇦

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