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Guitar solo lesson - WHEN YOU'RE GONE - Bryan Adams & Mel C - fast and slow with tabs

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Guitar solo lesson - WHEN YOU'RE GONE - Bryan Adams & Mel C - fast and slow with tabs Slow speed and tabs at 0:55
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Fantastic song, performance and lesson, love both versions!!! Have a really great weekend, Hugs Angeline
oldskool groove (9 days ago)
This is what happens when one puts in thousands of hours of diligent practice over the years. :) You made it look so easy...great job man!
Play that Guitar!! (9 days ago)
Thnx a lot mate! :))
Lavender Creative (10 days ago)
Great guitar lesson, so beautiful! Thumbs up :-)
xWILZTAx (10 days ago)
Lifr saver, excellent content. Subscribed
mithoo1234 (11 days ago)
Wow this was beautiful I will try this for sure ...keep up the good work .Super Channel...{:-)
Cool playing my friend! Like 13. I just subscribed to your channel and would like to invite you to sub me back! :D
Moondiver (12 days ago)
great job 👌👍
Travel with Yvonne (14 days ago)
really awesome and wonderful playing !!!! Top Performance !!!
CRISTIAN COLL TV (16 days ago)
very good exelent video LIKEE. I subscribe me. Visit my channel And subscribe GRETTINGS !!!!!
Earthgarden Garden (16 days ago)
very nice
Majsai Attila (16 days ago)
Good Fender sound, and great playing!
RollingBilbao (16 days ago)
Well done my friend, really nice upload. Big thumbs up¡¡¡¡. Have a nice Weekend: Javier
Ernest Kwok (17 days ago)
Wonderful playing, enjoyed! Thanks for visiting my channel, I have hit the red button #303 and 🔔 greetings my new friend 😊
Darryl Green Music (17 days ago)
Great work man!! Sounds awesome :D
NathanLikesDrums (17 days ago)
Sounds really nice!
Roberth Araújo (17 days ago)
Sounds nice! 🎸🎶
808steveA. (17 days ago)
Absolutely awesome, you're an amazing guitar player. Thumbs up. 👍
Paul Des (17 days ago)
sounds very nice !!
Anthony Couch (19 days ago)
Brilliant work! You nailed it! 👍👍

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