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**TABS FOR THIS LESSON: http://jpst.it/AeiD Guitar lesson on how to play Black Magic Woman by Carlo Santana. Easy to follow step by step instructional video with tabs. Tabs for this lesson available on my guitar lesson website: http://www.bobsguitarlessons.yolasite.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/LearnRocGuitar Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BobbyCrispyGuitarLessons E----------------------------------------------- B----8\6----------------6h8p6----8--------- G-----------7b(9)7--------------------7b---- D----------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------- E----5---------------3-----------------------------10--- B--------8---6\5---------6---5\3---( x2 )-----10----- G-----------------------------------------------10------- D---------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------- E----10------------------------------------ B----------13---13b--10--13b--p10--- G-------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------- E-----------10--------------------------------------- B----13b-------13--10----------------------------- G---------------------------12----14p12p10\9--- D----------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- E-----------------12--13--12--13p12p10---------------- B----10---13-----------------------------------13b--10--- G-------------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------- E-----------10------------------------------- B----13b-------13--10--------------------- G---------------------------12b--10-------- D----------------------------------------12-- A---------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------- E-------------10--13--13b----15b-13------13-----18b-- B---------11-------------------------------15----------------- G----12-------------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------- E----10-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10-- B--------------------------10-------------------------------------------------------------------10-- G---------b12p10--12-------12---10h12p10---------------------------------------------10-- D-----------------------------------------------------12--10--12--10----------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------------12-11-10\8-10-------- E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Rock Guitar Lessons (3 months ago)
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Derek (4 months ago)
Your guitar fret board is confusing to follow.
Rock Guitar Lessons (4 months ago)
Ah ok, how is it confusing?
Saphun Mey (4 months ago)
Rock Guitar Lessons (4 months ago)
Ricgard Smith (5 months ago)
nice ty
Rock Guitar Lessons (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching.
Markus Sanatana (7 months ago)
Bob this does NOT SOUND CORRECT ! Not even close to the way santana plays it or his tone.
ChadManionMusic (7 months ago)
Hey guys, I learned how to play with Chord Buddy, I was playing guitar in minutes, very easy to use (I first found out about it on shark tank) amazon has pretty good deals on it! http://amzn.to/2ucQ5zB
unclexeres (9 months ago)
Classic song and really enjoyed the tutorial...part 2 please.
RNArizona (10 months ago)
Thank you so much. As a born again guitar player, who had no experience with electric guitars, this lesson is perfect for learning string bending. You've done a great job braking it down, and I sure appreciate your making the tab available. I'll look forward to other lessons with you, once I've mastered this one.
Andrew Russell (1 year ago)
in tune?
Neil Dorin (1 year ago)
dam. that's so beautiful. how do these musicians come up with this awesome music ? And how can you even figure it out as recorded. thank you so much.
Steve Rogers (9 months ago)
ramro keto (1 year ago)
193 thumbs down? getca life you lot!
Freaker Chili (1 year ago)
Facundo Nahuel (1 year ago)
Jocelyne Lambert (1 year ago)
The best lesson I see on Youtube ..Hope you download quiqky the second part of Black Magic Woman...Use the clear sound is a good idea..more easy to learn..Thank you very much
Joe Smith (1 year ago)
dude that sucks
leo gallotta (1 year ago)
nice  very   work
George Cardona (1 year ago)
Not easy to learn. Too boring . He needs to be up beat some more in the first place. Please check around on how to give tutorials
Elias Jokelainen (1 year ago)
i disagree. for me this was really helpfull and i learned it really easily
Juan Carlos Jiménez (1 year ago)
That sounds great, and the video is so instructive! Thank you.
Christopher Skeen (1 year ago)
THx Mr Crispy for being the guy that teaches with tabs , it sure does help bro.
hittman1222 (1 year ago)
I am going to enjoy learning this one!
LORENZO MAZZEI (1 year ago)
Great. Good teacher.
ShadowMosses 1998 (1 year ago)
good lord yes!!
Neon1234 (1 year ago)
simplicity of the beauty
Pablo Ramírez (1 year ago)
bad!!!! no isnt
Mark Mathews (1 year ago)
only one mistake that i can see is at the end that bit is meant to be 13th,3rd/11th,2nd/10th,1st/13th,1st...that bit is correct but listen carefully and watch him play he plays 14th,1st and bends up, not 13th,1st and then bend 13th, he goes up to 14th for that bend
guitar Shred8 (1 year ago)
hi Bobby can you teach us how to play "CRY FOR ME" by ANDY TIMMONS. thank you in advance.
Harald Blakeslee (1 year ago)
Not a good lesson
Patrick Garvey (1 year ago)
bobby -- great stuff, the tabs also make it first class thanks
rejean godin (2 years ago)
j aime bien   et ou je trouve le reste de la tablature merci
andre smet (2 years ago)
leuk om zo te leren
Michael Agoston (2 years ago)
Great lesson Bob...thanks!!
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
Thanks Michael.
Frank the Tank (2 years ago)
do i need an amp that makes that sound
Spike Liberty (4 days ago)
You need a guitar to make that sound <3
Dwaine Etheridge (27 days ago)
This tone cannot be acheived with anything.
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
Any amp with distortion or gain will do.
Bulwul (2 years ago)
Love it.
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
MrSoden1947 (2 years ago)
Bill Stevens (2 years ago)
This is one ôf the easiest methods I know on how to learn to play songs. If you have not accessed his other site you should. It's free and the pedagogy is superb.
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
Thanks Bill.
cazzie bb (2 years ago)
not very accurate - sorry
iSkayer (4 months ago)
Sir Jay actually he's right
Sir Jay (8 months ago)
Clearly you don't have a musical ear - sorry lol
Satanic Warlock (2 years ago)
I hate ur voice but pretty alright lesson
Marc St.james (2 years ago)
Thanks Bobby for another great video..... Earlier in the comments someone asked after the equipment you use... i would like to know why you choose one guitar for a particular video. Keep on playing!
Christopher Hughes (2 years ago)
this song is a Fleetwood mac song, the Santana version was a cover.
Bryan Gillett (6 months ago)
Irrelevant but good to know for trivia night.
Danny Burrito (6 months ago)
No one cares
ThreeBears Sandoval (9 months ago)
Christopher Hughes correct.. I said this before but they didn't believe me
bloodswan (1 year ago)
True but the song he is playing is the Santana version
Satanic Warlock (2 years ago)
I never knew that holy crap
Albertano Santacruz (2 years ago)
fucking shit yea!!!!!!!!
Nic Eldan (2 years ago)
Part 2?
Margarito Yucupisio (2 years ago)
God bless you and thank you
Alex Drake (2 years ago)
Thankful Life (2 years ago)
That's awesome to have Carlos himself showing intricacies of his tone. You idiots tjat have smart ass comments about a legend sharing his time should go and practice your cowboy chords or hip hop.
Arturo Davila (2 years ago)
hi brother! this is the best video but when you make the second?
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+Arturo Davila Thanks, yeh I should get around to making part two sometime....
Ray Pilkington (2 years ago)
Thanks BobbyCrispy, Ray.
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+Ray Pilkington Thanks for watching Ray.
rapilki elefanter (2 years ago)
Sorry, massive over reaction on my part.(must have been pissed!) there are probably lots of song I love that I don't know who wrote them or have the wrong idea. Sorry again, keep up the good work.
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+rapilki elefanter Keep rockin' Rapilki!
rapilki elefanter (2 years ago)
Black Magic Woman is by Pete Green NOT Santana. For Fucks Sake! If you can't get that right I don't give a shit whether you can play it or not!
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+rapilki elefanter Yup, that's important for sure! Like how some people think 'Without You' was written by Mariah Carey and not by Badfinger.
Sreten Mladenovic (2 years ago)
Great lesson. I am playing this on acoustic guitar harder to do, but sounds great. Waiting for part 2..
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+Sreten Mladenovic Thanks.....yeh I should try to get around to part 2 some time.
Ray Ballestero (2 years ago)
I have seen others but this the best...
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+Ray Ballestero Thanks Ray
maurizio ghignatti (2 years ago)
Bellissimo, bravo Bobby !!!
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+maurizio ghignatti Thanks Maurizio
Red Re-Vibe (2 years ago)
i meant to say awesome i love it
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+Elijah Bright Got it, thanks
Red Re-Vibe (2 years ago)
i typed it wrong
johnny catanio (2 years ago)
I got the part 1 solo down Bobby ty much--having a problem finding the chords to go along with the lyrics, guess that's part 2.--any suggestions.
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+johnny catanio I'll try to get to part two eventually
Red Re-Vibe (2 years ago)
awesome i love # ^
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+Elijah Bright love #??
Sean McKay (2 years ago)
what kind of strings do you use, your bending them like crazy
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+Scrappy Mckay Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9-42
johnny catanio (2 years ago)
Awesome, just awesome---thanks Bobby.
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+johnny catanio Thanks for watching Johnny
Bruno barros mello (2 years ago)
A little bit out of time at some parts friend... but great job! (BTW, sorry if I said something wrong, I'm brazilian, so my english isn't that great)
Rock Guitar Lessons (2 years ago)
+Bruno barros mello That's ok Bruno, thanks for watching
Karl Roads (3 years ago)
sounds like shit
Rock Guitar Lessons (3 years ago)
+Karl Roads Is this the real Santana? Lol.
Rafael Velasco (3 years ago)
Excelente Bobby, gracias
Rock Guitar Lessons (3 years ago)
+Rafael Velasco Thanks for watching Rafael.
li 15 (3 years ago)
what tuning is this in?
Rock Guitar Lessons (3 years ago)
+Michael Trevino Standard tuning :-)
Justin Morgan (3 years ago)
Even without distortion this riff is just absolutely beautiful
Rock Guitar Lessons (3 years ago)
+Justin Morgan Yup, and so are a lot of other riffs :-)
Peter L (3 years ago)
I'm a beginner and it took a while, but another great lesson.  Now I just need the timing and the feel and the.............
Conrad Sharp (3 years ago)
yup, you make it look easy but when my fat arthritic fingers try it it doesn't sound as good as you!
Rock Guitar Lessons (3 years ago)
+Peter L Glad you liked the lesson.
DasJake (3 years ago)
What is that melancholy sort of thing played at your intro with all the chorus effect?
Brian Hariot (3 years ago)
1,685 likes for this song, hundreds of people are awaiting the release of PART 2 Lauren Fernandez 2 years ago wheres part 2?
Utube Surfer (3 years ago)
Hello Bobby, Would you please add part 2 of Black Magic Woman. Your part 1 was great and very helpful. Thanks
Brian Hariot (3 years ago)
still looking for BLACK MAGIC WOMAN part -2, by BobbyCrispy
Mike D (3 years ago)
I like your Pink Floyd t-shirt :)
Brian Hariot (3 years ago)
can you at least give us a link?
Brian Hariot (3 years ago)
I went your web page and looked all through it and I am not finding BLACK MAGIC WOMAN part -2 please post a like
Brian Hariot (3 years ago)
Question: what effects do you use to get the Santana sound?
ashish gaikwad (3 years ago)
Marianievez Fernández (3 years ago)
Xero (2 years ago)
kill yourself
Marianievez Fernández (3 years ago)
why no tab heh
Xero (2 years ago)
why don't you end your existence?
Miguel Zamora (3 years ago)
tnx, this is awesome, come on with the second part!
LUC AUDET (3 years ago)
very good
Ivan Zapana (3 years ago)
such a hard!
David Bustos (3 years ago)
Still waiting forpart 2 man :D awesome tutorial
Josh Menke (3 years ago)
goddamn it quit mumbling speak up. otherwise great job
vladimirmariop9 (3 years ago)
¡Me sirvió mucho! ¡Muchas gracias! Saludos desde México. ¡It was quite helpful! ¡Thank you very much! Grettings from Mexico :).
facetono (3 years ago)
+BobbyCrispy what pedals are you using? 
MattBURNXT (3 years ago)
That's what I've been doing though :/ I still have the straight rock sound, even when I mess around with my ampli. Still sounds good, even still!
moyo97 (3 years ago)
he's not using echo, he´s using just sustain for the bendings
MattBURNXT (3 years ago)
ok :P thanks tho
JavierTheFox (3 years ago)
idk I'm new i think you need a special amplifier for that or something
MattBURNXT (3 years ago)
How do get an echo sound? I have a pretty plain rock electric guitar with a small simple ampli
charlie muñecas (3 years ago)
thanks again Bobby you learned me before........ and again! thanks for always being there with your clear explanations Thank you YOUTUBE for providing!!
Kim Glanville (3 years ago)
This is brilliant. Very patient man shows how its done with easy step by step instructions. The best instruction video Ive seen yet
walter briggs (3 years ago)
I love this song! its absolutely wicked. got caught up in it when you started. very nice
ironman333 (3 years ago)
Good lesson. Thanks!
Sergio DI LORENZO (3 years ago)
Great lesson,.. very clear as always!  Thank you Bobby for your dedication.! I learn a lot with your videos! God bless you and  greetings from Uruguay!!
Camilo Ramirez (3 years ago)
good job, now please the second part
shiann Nakai (3 years ago)
can you teach any songs from the MISFITS or DANZIG, or even SAMHAIN? I'd really appreciate it.
Edward Hutchinson (3 years ago)
LOL! Easy? Not for me!
Tomas Webster (3 years ago)
deberias poner las tablaturas en el mismo video  por que cu
ginipigs (4 years ago)
right on bobby! keep uploaded awesome and very helpful video tutorials
chris pearson (4 years ago)
Thanks for the great info. lovely sound as well.Cheers mate.
Winging It (4 years ago)
Awesome Dude Thanks....☮
khalid saari (4 years ago)
TQ, bro
Jenn Cheuk (4 years ago)
Thank you I LOVE IT.
ANTONIO BONILLA (4 years ago)
Hi im bobby crispy
Jim O (4 years ago)
Dude! If you would have asked me 10 minutes ago if I could play this? Nah! Suddenly, 10 minutes later I'm playing it. You have a great style for teaching! Excellent! Thank you!
mikosman (4 years ago)
Bobby your the best!! thanks so much. Billy C
John Smith (4 years ago)

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