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Chris D’Elia - What Drunk Girls Are Really Like - White Male. Black Comic.

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Chris D’Elia shares his impression of drunk girls and explains why he’s baffled by their use of the word “random.” Subscribe to Comedy Central: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUsN5ZwHx2kILm84-jPDeXw?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Comedy Central Stand-Up: Twitter: https://twitter.com/standup Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comedycentralstandup Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ccstandup Watch more Comedy Central: https://www.youtube.com/comedycentral Watch full Comedy Central stand-up specials: http://www.cc.com/shows/stand-up
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Text Comments (603)
Alin rai (19 hours ago)
I accidentally get here but it's really funny specially the crocodile one
BBslider001 (1 day ago)
Holy HELL I laughed so hard
Bill Proud (1 day ago)
I have had this conversation with SO many drunk women. He is spot-on lol
kelammo (2 days ago)
Dana Marie Cain (2 days ago)
Spot on! Too funny!
Jason Byrne (3 days ago)
Chris and Bill Burr. Two of the best.
Lindsey (4 days ago)
yo wtf it’s true tho, i’ve seen guys puke and be out for the rest of the night slumped as hell but i’ve seen girls puke and then keep walking like it didn’t even happen
tokey tina (5 days ago)
Kyle Bardin (6 days ago)
This might be one of Chris best sets I think
Miss_Candace_ 1229 (6 days ago)
Oh my god u text me at such random times of the day, 😂😂 good stuff!!
John Wick (6 days ago)
You stand there and you think you know me weeeuuurrrrggghhhhhh
V V (6 days ago)
And that's why we drink
Rym Abou Zahr (7 days ago)
jaydubya (9 days ago)
Thought it may have been on Netflix so I just watched 2 specials
Jude Foster (10 days ago)
Of course I’m world touring
Cheyenne Andersen (10 days ago)
“The shoes on my feet, I bought em”
Adri (11 days ago)
Long story short don’t tweet salad pics
So awesome
BackStarOfficial (11 days ago)
“It doesn’t even matter” 😆😆
Thomas Kaimann (14 days ago)
I cant believe i watched thi shit. If i wanted to see women acting stupid id go to a bar.
When is Chris going to get metoo’d
Teresa D'Alessio (15 days ago)
I'm crying soooo true. Soooo funny.
Spyros Roumeliotis (15 days ago)
he's either black, greek or a coward lesbian with a bigger brain than heart #niceShoesUNDlederhosen
Fuck Off (16 days ago)
Im so salty 😥
Fuck Off (16 days ago)
Right lol put pressure on it
anthony pizzi (16 days ago)
"The shoes.. On my feet i bought em" DEAD 💀💀💀
anthony pizzi (16 days ago)
This is the greatest comedian skit of all time i for every time
K.C. Evans (18 days ago)
Blu Rose (18 days ago)
well he has a type. hot and stupid. that's not on the rest of us
Austin Winkler (19 days ago)
Ehscuse me. I haf a queshun fr you.
As Ted Sees It (20 days ago)
haha so true, this dudes the man!
Genesis Lord (21 days ago)
That drunk bit for females is 100% percent accurate.
Infinity Free (21 days ago)
This whole rant just proves he really can't handle this...(I'm sober)
Gabriela Trindade (23 days ago)
richieD56 (23 days ago)
of course i'm world tourin
K Gonzalez (24 days ago)
That was hilariously had me cracking up.
Dennis Reynolds (25 days ago)
He's impersonating 'The Waitress"
lillian lozada (25 days ago)
Yo I need to hole thing this guys to funny
Parijat Halder (25 days ago)
I love alone together
Kayotic Reign (25 days ago)
*"Is it YOUR crocodile?"*
Eddy D (26 days ago)
So true !!
Mitch Hedberg aged well, i see.
Nishit Soni (26 days ago)
He's absolutely brilliant! 😂😂😂
Beauty E (28 days ago)
Colleen Dickey (28 days ago)
'Excuse me, I have a question for you." 😂😂
Chris Kelly (29 days ago)
Pauly Shore looks great
Katy Sebastian (29 days ago)
I'm a girl and he pretty much got it exactly.
Ana H (1 month ago)
This had the tears pouring out my eyes so fucking hilarious
Jessica Hubbard (1 month ago)
With the smug smirk. We're dealing with a generation of men who don't know how to be men. It's disgusting.
Jessica Hubbard (1 month ago)
You're a moron who's dating idiot women and making a comedy routine out of making fun of the only chicks who will do you.
Jessica Hubbard (1 month ago)
Guys get drunk and their dicks don't work, which is even cooler when they're trying to bone drunk chicks.
Colleen Dickey (1 month ago)
Whatever, I've seen lots of guys ramble of some stuff you cant even understand either.
Scott Brown (27 days ago)
That "whatever" at the beginning of your comment kinda made you sound like a bitter bitch. But I could be wrong. I mean I doubt I'm wrong but "whatever" right? Lol
Colleen Dickey (27 days ago)
+Scott Brown - umm noo, speaking facts.
Scott Brown (27 days ago)
Bitter eh? Lol
George Harding (1 month ago)
Reminds me a little of Pauly Shore
Lulu DeBlanca (1 month ago)
lmfao "you know what it isnt"
Nadiia G (1 month ago)
Brilliant! Absolutely hilarious! 👏
FranchiseLove (1 month ago)
Why does he sound different here or am I wrong
Michael Pipkin (1 month ago)
Divorcin Harrison Ford in the Porsche on the floorboards.
Rick Fisher (1 month ago)
This dude is Awesome loved him on workaholics
Audrey Newsome (1 month ago)
*he doesn’t even have pants on 😂💀😭☠️🤣*
That swat joke is from Aries Spears.......
Kevin Rachman (1 month ago)
@2:50-2:60 sounds like Hedberg
carminavito24 (1 month ago)
That was Eddie Murphy's act
Maria Giddens (1 month ago)
Lillian Bolton (1 month ago)
J C (1 month ago)
Am I the only one staring at his bulge the whole time? Lol 😂
rose10352 (1 month ago)
After reading this I am 😂
Brian Jenkins (1 month ago)
Mitch Hedberg reincarnated
MuchFury (1 month ago)
I’m dead! 😂😂😂
Tracy Ann (1 month ago)
0:25 is that a new language😁
Chrisey M (1 month ago)
His drunk impression reminds me of ShaNay Nay from Martin 😂
tree.house (1 month ago)
It's Pauly Shore all over again!
ZuRriX (1 month ago)
Don't tweet a picture of a salad.
JD Batchelor (1 month ago)
Heyo girls be like this and guys be like that! (canned laughter) Girls are so dumb hahaha! (applause)
Anandi Ganguly (1 month ago)
Anyone else watch this with a straight face?
Dana Contreras (1 month ago)
wow the misogyny rly jumped out !
cynthiaholland13 (1 month ago)
First time hearing him. This dude is freaking hilarious!
Marc Stephens (1 month ago)
Chris D'Elia Does Eminem Impression https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibnR3_aVRyc LYRICS: Of course I'm world touring I'm driving a Porsche over the floor boards over the foreign porns while you in ford Taurus getting a abortion and a divorce at the same time as Harrison ford and Look what I'm planning..I'm planning..I'm planning to do all this while you panicking and you looking and steering at manikins and I'm going to franicans try to get a BU-blanikans all of the blanikans saying fanikans I can't ban-banikans well all the banikas san-hanigins in a cabana I'm in a cabana in the Janet I'm in a cabana chanting on a stand up banner what you don't got the stamina you lack in da stamina You lack in the stamina while you divorcing Harrison Ford and I'm in a Porsche in the floor boards While I'm world touring you using way too many napkins...papkins Lapkins and chapkins You using chapsticks and napkins while i"m papkin...flappin around like a bapkin" flamming and bamming the plamina chapkins...damming the gammika
Deseray H (1 month ago)
my 2 year old daughter talks like a drunk girl
Ronda Reece (1 month ago)
That was funny is it
Hes funny becasue he's woke
MuteSapphire (1 month ago)
I've been trying to enjoy girl comics but their nothing like men
petquack (1 month ago)
How can a swat team kicking down a door during sex be random? Nowadays almost everything is considered rape ,so I wouldn't be surprised if they did kick down my door.
Melkijor Laci (1 month ago)
Having listened to this, American women scare the crap out of me.
Andrea Zach (1 month ago)
Are girls in the us really that ..uhm... Stupid?
Chid Everett (1 month ago)
this is my mom and i hate it
CornishRicky (1 month ago)
Drunk girls be like "you're using way to many napkins! Flapkin the pappin".
piglette0928 (1 month ago)
Omg !!!! he has my stamp of approval !
Adrian Vedoy (1 month ago)
You'll fuck up again in sep 2018. Ur good
ahsar emi (1 month ago)
Drunk girls will throw up when theyre drunk and not give a F lolllll
V Jolie (1 month ago)
National BDay (1 month ago)
I could jerk off to this clip, no homo but maybe a little homo.
vinsn (1 month ago)
4 and a half minute 😂😂
Jamal Cole (1 month ago)
This video showing up in my youtube feed..... random
way2sh0rt07grad (1 month ago)
So funny cause that imitation reminded me of quite a few girls I ran into at parties
kristoffer kjærnet (1 month ago)
Best stand-up I seen in a long time!
Adam Stubblefield (1 month ago)
When did you steal hedbergs stuff?
Wadimou 84 (1 month ago)
What do he say at 02:00 when imitate a drunk dude throw up?
Tiffany Overcash (1 month ago)
It dozen even matter.
Sigurd Edvang (1 month ago)
One mans random is another mans not random.
permos12345 (1 month ago)
I've never seen a guy that more looks like he has issues with alcohol
Lewaz (1 month ago)
i fkn love this

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