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Chris D’Elia - What Drunk Girls Are Really Like - White Male. Black Comic.

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Chris D’Elia shares his impression of drunk girls and explains why he’s baffled by their use of the word “random.” Subscribe to Comedy Central: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUsN5ZwHx2kILm84-jPDeXw?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Comedy Central Stand-Up: Twitter: https://twitter.com/standup Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comedycentralstandup Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ccstandup Watch more Comedy Central: https://www.youtube.com/comedycentral Watch full Comedy Central stand-up specials: http://www.cc.com/shows/stand-up
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Text Comments (1029)
D Man (16 hours ago)
So true
Nick Constantine (16 hours ago)
Imagine he keeps pretending to throw up, then a member of the audience throws up very loudly.
Kaleigh Nicole (2 days ago)
"it doesn't even matter"
Geo Mag (2 days ago)
This dude had me rollin
The Black Kaiser (3 days ago)
Girls be like ...😂
Azlyn Faust (3 days ago)
lol that’s Random
KillTheMagician (4 days ago)
arleta goralka (4 days ago)
The only reason I’m watching him is because he’s f *** hot
Sabba Sarishvili (6 days ago)
This is as accurate as any impression can get, ever !
Rappers Radio (9 days ago)
rappersradio.com !!!
Tori Williams (9 days ago)
Anytime I'm feeling down I come back to this. He's fucking hysterical...and spot on😭😭🤣
Ayla Hidecker (10 days ago)
He looks like a long haired Rick Grimes
Teresa McMurrin (10 days ago)
He sounds just like a friend that would get roaring drunk and decide to call me at 2:30 in the morning. Never understood a damn thing she said, but she thought she was hilarious...And random. Definitely random.
Thomas (10 days ago)
When women get drunk, they act like children..
Vee (10 days ago)
Any women in here can relate?? Lmao I can’t stop laughing!!!
Moe Curls (11 days ago)
Jodi A. (11 days ago)
I like the smile he has at the very end in response to the audience’s reaction.
viraj dobriyal (12 days ago)
this is so random
iiana thomas (12 days ago)
The woman in the 911 call sounds EXACTLY like you!!! https://youtu.be/E6Na8z7M9e0
thatdamnstarship (12 days ago)
The whole "you can't handle this argument" is dumb. Sex is not sex, you have to have some kind of talent to make it good.
A. W. (17 days ago)
I laughed so hard my abs are hurting like hell
tjpm (17 days ago)
So he is the guy I talked to that night 😂
Brittany Echols (17 days ago)
his face and body language when he says "and don't tweet a picture of a salad...THAT'S the main point I'm trying to get at" LMAO. powerful.
Anna Krupicka (17 days ago)
I can't stop watching this lol
Moon Moon (17 days ago)
Chris D’Elia, kinda funny.
uturkaos (18 days ago)
So fuckin good :)
Alan Dunmore (20 days ago)
“you don’t even know what it is it”
Rudi Delport (22 days ago)
Rick & Morty with better eyebrows
Ian Hastings (24 days ago)
Dane Cook must have been a big influence on this guy.
Fauxy Sniping (25 days ago)
YourPalHDee (25 days ago)
how come on stage Chris D'elia sounds like he's a cholo?
Drippy Splashn (26 days ago)
Time to have sexxxaaaa
Ky Vazquez (27 days ago)
Watched this videos more than 10 times on facebook and youtube, and will continue !!! lmaoooo
Darius Kang (27 days ago)
Why is this white guy trying to sound black?
Nikos Lampropoulos (1 month ago)
Does anyone understood what did he say after the first man threw up? Before the "nobody moves"
Brian Paris (16 days ago)
"nobody move." In the U.S. the police yell this as a threat. As in: "if you move, I will shoot."
Kassandra Amaranthine (1 month ago)
It doesn't even matter
AvaSinBell (1 month ago)
Girl: "You needs pants for a job you can't have a job if you don't have pants." Me: "What about prostitutes or strippers?!"
Tomislav Trtica (1 month ago)
I love you man! Respect to your talent 👏
Last four girls I dated
E2 M5 (1 month ago)
Pretty sute if the swat bursts in while u fucking her....youre a pedophile...
Jala (1 month ago)
he reminds me so much of jay bilzerian from big mouth and his girl's voice sounds like lola
hellolamby (1 month ago)
Love him.
Jennifer Graham (1 month ago)
" I don't need it. I don't need u. I'm an independent woman. The shoes on my feet, I bought 'em" 😂😂😂
Pimp Buddha (1 month ago)
he is vomit
PapaDanMrMetalMan (1 month ago)
emile milton (1 month ago)
this dude doesnt make me laugh
Adam Gimfalk (1 month ago)
Thomas Montagno (1 month ago)
"yOu CaNt HaNdLe ThIs" "YO YEAH I CAN" had me dying 😂
Susan (1 month ago)
A lot of truth in this.
kbreen1127 (1 month ago)
This is drunk black girls
Athir Ataullah (1 month ago)
i thought wolverine done with x-men and try for stand up..
midinerd (1 month ago)
Rick Sanchez cameo in 5seconds - 0:58
Linkinbird617 (1 month ago)
This is so accurate.
ghfellan94 (1 month ago)
What is he saying at 2:05?
ghfellan94 (8 days ago)
+Brian Paris Thank you very nacho
Brian Paris (9 days ago)
+ghfellan94 You are correct! It's, "get my things."
ghfellan94 (16 days ago)
+Brian Paris Thanks but I meant the phrase before that. Although I've come to the conclusion that he's saying "get my things"
Brian Paris (16 days ago)
"nobody move." In the U.S. the police yell this as a threat. As in: "if you move, I will shoot."
Laura murillo (1 month ago)
Wolverines funny cousin
Brittany Noaker (1 month ago)
930 people don't know what funny is 😂🤦‍♀️
Corey Hanson (1 month ago)
Girls don't drink anymore. 🤣
Mal B (1 month ago)
Being a woman i wanted to be offended by this but its actually hilariously accurate for most of us 😂
ELENA RAPOSO (1 month ago)
who are the 930 people that didn't like this? this bit made me love him for his accuracy like yah need a dose of reality...don't watch and unlike your unlike check since you prefer to live under a rock!
Ish Casey (1 month ago)
Whenever he’s about to barf, he reminds me of Dee Reynolds 😅
Luminousgirl (1 month ago)
You didnt even knaa whom mmoted en aback abama?
Undaunted (1 month ago)
"Yo you almost threw up" "It doesn't even matter" Hahaha😂
Courtney Mac (1 month ago)
I slip inside you, 4 1/2 min later its done...i leave feeling good, you leave feeling kinda ok.. i know how it works.
Kym Williams (1 month ago)
My favorite I swear lol.. This is hilarious lol
NEEMS (1 month ago)
Nicolette Gonzalez (1 month ago)
the dry heaving lol
Brady Cravens (1 month ago)
rip vine <3
Rose Castillo (1 month ago)
🤣sounds like my 2 year old in the beginning
Janice Carroll (1 month ago)
This man is hilarious. I watched this skit over and over again and I laugh so much every time. His face expressions are classic. And he is spot on with his description. I wish I can see him in person. And he is very cute. That's a bonus.
Jaymoss520 (1 month ago)
This guy isn't really funny.
Menahil Hassan (1 month ago)
Dayummm i can't stop laughing 😂
Solo in aeternum Odium (1 month ago)
SPOT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lesly Pino (1 month ago)
Why's ts so accurate😭😭😂😂😂
chicken skink (1 month ago)
I mean, the drunk girl impression was pretty fuckin funny but once he got all "women don't ever make sense amirite fellas" I got kind of tired. He got me back on track with the self-irony at the end though.
Sabba Sarishvili (1 month ago)
As far as the accurate impressions go, this might be one the best I've seen, ever!
Kari Smith (1 month ago)
I dont understand the title (click bait perhaps) but "the white girl wasted skit" is hilarious.
BigBossMan257 (1 month ago)
Shoes on mah feet, I bought em😂
Rosalie Jo (1 month ago)
The dry heaving 😂😂😂
Made by Wera (1 month ago)
dude, stop dating Lumpy Space Princess...
Kenneth Chaisson (1 month ago)
I wasn’t expecting it to be this funny now I have soft drink all over my wall
Phil D Grave (1 month ago)
I heard this guy is so rich that he pays homeless people to keep rain drops off of him.
Sam C (1 month ago)
Just a random NoName (1 month ago)
*you afraid a crocodile is gonna take your job?*
s swift (1 month ago)
LMAO!!!!! Love him! he was on "Whitney!"
Rick Ridenour (1 month ago)
Bitches be trippin! Aw man I hope my wife duznt c this comment, I'll be in soooo much trouble.😫
Juan Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I know a career. Where you don't have to wear pants Porn stars
About as funny as arse cancer.
triggerdigger213 (1 month ago)
“It doesn’t even matter” I’m dead 😂😂😂
Devonnie Webster (1 month ago)
Put him in a white lab coat and dye his hair gray, and we have a live-action Rick from Rick and Morty everyone!
Olivia Anne Bermudez (1 month ago)
Get my thingssss!!!!
Fleur Almeida (1 month ago)
Kreeshuh Dee (1 month ago)
"Uh, ehsyuze me, I hav a question..fer yuu"
Ojas Malla (1 month ago)
This stand up was so random!
edward lyons (1 month ago)
He sounds like my math teacher when he he dose and impression of a drunk girl sometimes I think my math tear has is always drunk and hight
Josevatz293 (1 month ago)
It doesn’t even matter
vivianna hinks (1 month ago)
😂🤣😂🤣 vomit !
St. Gideon (1 month ago)
Holy shit Van Helsing does stand up now!
Apoorva chawla (1 month ago)
Essuse me! Is that your crocodile?
H S (2 months ago)
Hannah Rose (2 months ago)

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