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Drunk Girls On Good Guys

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Text Comments (1482)
ザッくんS. (1 day ago)
4:25 it’s the girl from the intro bruh i love her someone find her @
ザッくんS. (1 day ago)
that girl’s fiancé is an ugly meathead
MOK ROCKTV (2 days ago)
nice girls never win because they are approached by a lot of guys so that means she will become a bitish by hook or crook
King Carriere (2 days ago)
What a load of shit! Maybe stop trying to pick up classless women at bars. What qualities do you expect to find from drunk, sleazy whores? Maybe find a woman and hang out with her in a sober environment....trust me..I am 38, and I can always get dates, pussy, and good companionship, and I'm not super good looking or rich. Don't let yourself be fooled by these dummies.
ConorChaos (2 days ago)
2:34 i'm pretty sure this guy saw jesus
Jane Doe (3 days ago)
I love nice guys
Melle De Groote (5 days ago)
Jack manley tries to kiss every girl he is interviewing
Jack 001 (7 days ago)
damn she just said fuckit 😂 good for you my dude
Morgan Binch (9 days ago)
Pussy is pussy
AntdezTV (10 days ago)
1:22 look in the mirror. you is a nigga HAHAHAHAH
MrNinjaGaming (10 days ago)
Jack stay tryin to kiss every hot gurl he sees in the mouth.
Umair Mohiuddin (11 days ago)
that's surprising. Ppl have been like in the west for a long time. Deal with the consequences. You don't want sluts but you want sex available all the time. Take over the world but talk about love and peace like you ppl are the purest of all ppl. Same old scummy hypocrites. And now congrats on spreading that kind of mentality and culture throughout the whole world. Just don't fucking complain about the "new generation" bullshit. What were you taking it up your ass while watching us grow? Why didnt you bother trying to do something about it? Obviously there's no point taking about this on YouTube but was just hoping that there are still some decent people out there cuz one day I'd love to get married as well and have children and I don't want them spewing this bs
Selina (12 days ago)
Her fucking fiancé aint gonna do shit 😂
Selina (12 days ago)
I feel like a lot of guys just act nice to get a girl and then turn into complete douches once they have her. Usually actual nice guys end up with respectable girls unlike ^^
Mathew Hamel (12 days ago)
This is your proof. Guys cheat cause Women secretly want to be treated like girls in the 40's and 50's. They go after excitement and drama out of instinct and the good guys, well were waking up to the double standards that those bitches set. Women knock down and drag down the men in their lives, all because they just can't stop creating and drawing drama into themselves and then the drama they bring in is your problem. Furthermore, it's never enough. Doesn't matter what is lacking, it's just not enough. I'm that straight guy but I'm the gayest straight man you'll ever see.... I had a van full of drunk soccer moms, all divorced at least once and im asked them all " what do women want"... The response told me to be a dog....... The unanimous decision was and I quote " whatever sounds good at the time we have no clue, we want the guy to tell us what we need." Although I had a good laugh at the time, fully understanding what was meant, I finally realized in the last ten years that girls are confused little three year olds that were promised the world by whatever daddy they had or whatever welfare sucking divorced cunt of a single mom and have no idea how to do anything but open their legs to free shit. Fuck all you bitch ass cunts. You want free shit? Next time I pick a girl up for a date she better give me head before we get to the restaurant cause that's gonna determine how much I'm willing to pay.... After that, it's up in the air and only she can decide how much of a free ride she gets with her ho ass and how long it takes till she gets rid of me over some bullshit drama TV reason. I work, I support family, I call the shots and make the final decision. Fuck you lazy bitches, I'm a man... dont Like it? Grow some balls, find your mentaly attached ding a ling and do what I do every day, you'll try to sue just because you're not feeling it....
M.K. Cooper (13 days ago)
Manley and Costello together?!?! 😱 Like seeing God and Jesus on 6th Street. Lol
D D18 (13 days ago)
This vid opened my eyes. Lol
Young man (13 days ago)
Man this is fucked up.
Lukas Molnar (14 days ago)
Wow you get way too close
Justin Shillington (14 days ago)
2:37 This guy should come with every party kit.
OG Gamers (14 days ago)
5:07 she's giving him her number in the back what a hypocrite 🤣
Kung Lao (14 days ago)
Damn you just know a lot of these women got STDs just by looking at them.
Zetsubō希望 (15 days ago)
Nice guys are too boring but bad boys will break your heart so what guys are good?
dave Orlando (15 days ago)
disgusting people
Harry johnson (16 days ago)
which place is this??
Javier Garza (16 days ago)
If u dont like a good guy ur a slut, i'm sorry is the truth.
Flip Skylark (16 days ago)
girl in orange tho
RaCCooN YT (17 days ago)
2:37 that nigga on another world smh
DBSstudent927 (21 days ago)
2:40 hahaha
WEWARD (22 days ago)
These are daughters of men. Yikes
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS (23 days ago)
At least the first girl was honest.
Rueben Hales (1 month ago)
why dont you interview prettier girls?
Bryan Torre (1 month ago)
What a degenerate cesspool of human waste my generation has become...
Luul Mohamud Noor (1 month ago)
“Nice guys finish last. That’s why I’ll treat u like trash”
n/ a (1 month ago)
So, good nice guys get the wall ravaged, old sloppy seconds times 200
SUPRA (2 months ago)
“they don’t suck puss like a real nigga” lmao
AllThingsMedia_TV (2 months ago)
all the black guys where in the real world I see why the white dude are getting destroyed in marriage and alimony. and black males fuck up with getting whores pregnant so 18years of hell vs half you're shit taken and pay alimony for 10+ years what's worse. men y'all better listen to these woman in the video don't be fools
El (2 months ago)
those things are disgusting
Some hand (2 months ago)
Bet jackmanley gonna have std or aids if he keeps kissing random girls lmao
The KCKid42 (2 months ago)
The dude that said he is trying to fuck lol actually gets her number at the end
Rasdeep Gill (2 months ago)
please just bomb this place
sami chowdhury (2 months ago)
Nice guys are boring After 30 there are no nice guys left yeah , they are all married.
Savage Cracker (2 months ago)
3:35 bloods roll up boy runs out😂
Daniel Garrett (2 months ago)
who is the girl in the orange @4:26
Angel Jimenez (2 months ago)
0:32 hmu mamaz
Music Teacher Guy (2 months ago)
I love the lady at 4:24.
S197 Production (2 months ago)
Last boi was savge 😂
Sayyaf Ahmed (2 months ago)
I don't know what type of guy I am plus this video made me lose a couple of brain cells. It seems like there's a category for every guy or girl. Ok then, fuck interaction with humans. 😂😂
imSadBoy (2 months ago)
is tht paul walkers lost son
Being nice isn't authentic every man is naturally a jerk. Embrace your role men.
Martuu T. (2 months ago)
Jesus fuck, how did I end up on such a shitty video. All the people presented, including the main two guys, seem so incredibly mentally limited that I don't even feel like arguing about this old "girls like bad boys" bullshit, men's best explanation when they can't get between woman's legs. It's so tipical that I don't know why am I even angry at this point...
Connor Campbell (2 months ago)
1:19 sheet nigga
I'm a good noodle (2 months ago)
and then those two blax fucc'd
Stiglitz Sky (2 months ago)
0:50 my type
Tiar Salah Eddine (2 months ago)
There's some cringe when the guys who asks questions get too close to their faces. Like, WTF
Stjepan Pejić (2 months ago)
0:58 if DeRozan was a woman... ugh....
darren knight (2 months ago)
April Flower (2 months ago)
Asking the wrong crowd dude.... 😂
Dante Mckimmey (3 months ago)
So I just have to be an ass ? OKAY !
Iplaystreetfighter only (3 months ago)
2:39 i think he summoned something.
Isabella Costello (3 months ago)
Isabella Costello (3 months ago)
New quote for the bio: "Because thou art doesn't suckle the puss like a real nigga" 👌 perfection
Truth Hurts (3 months ago)
Humanity is doomed
Mike Reyes (3 months ago)
4:08 chihuahuas baseball cap that men must be from el paso tx
BooZy BADAzz (3 months ago)
Naa they right, these sluts like to be treated like shit. I have tried to be nice try to treat a woman right these bitches cheated on me n called me boring. So i started treating them like the worthless shit they are thats when the "i'm in love with you and you are a great guy or i cant be without you statements start coming in, but too bad idc care at that point Or anymore to be forreal
Elijah Shabazz (3 months ago)
i bet that guy fucked lol
hrobbins (3 months ago)
dont listen to anyone in this vid. check any stats on men getting married. None of these fools are marriage age. They too young. Nice guys def finish. i.e. get more P from their spouse until they sick of it......
Xavier Elizondo (3 months ago)
jack mayhoffer (3 months ago)
3:38 betcha homeboy sees more ass then Rosie O’Donnell’s toilet seat.
\m/ \m/ (3 months ago)
Nice guys don't lose. Boring guys lose. There's a difference idiots.
can'tstop twerkeling (3 months ago)
Why does he get so close to them.
KevZen2000 (3 months ago)
These sluts will bitch in about 5-20 years they can't find a 'nice' guy😊
kevin hernandez (3 months ago)
Fenris17 (4 months ago)
All the people in this video look so stupid. Besides the casters. If you have the opportunity to take advantage of people like this you 100% should. They deserve it
Line Of Lads (4 months ago)
4:25 i need her @
Most of these are stupid but this one was funny
pandapoo777 (4 months ago)
Where to find a piece of shit girl to fuck for the night. 6th street^
LeTHALxHeaDBanG (4 months ago)
Ali Mali (4 months ago)
Burns Smith (4 months ago)
I bet most these girls will die alone, overweight in front of the TV.
Ali Mali (4 months ago)
with 3 cats
Chris Xavier (4 months ago)
What a bunch of dumb cunts
Abbot Jackson (4 months ago)
is Joseph redpilled on the Jews??
Christopher Smith (4 months ago)
5:05 in the background, he's getting her number. Lol hoe
some blasian (4 months ago)
Let me catch these white hoes that’s saying the n word
Jax M. (4 months ago)
DnM this is sum deep sht😂😂😂😂
KO Lee Sin (4 months ago)
4:33 my man!
Joseph Hill (4 months ago)
2:40 reminds me of the farmer from hot fuzz lol
Aspern Park (4 months ago)
3:00 dat laugh lol
Chilly Bandino (4 months ago)
Loser poser girl like the bad boys stay away from these girls their head is and will be fucked up forever. Those are the hot chicks moved back in with their parents at 40. That's where the them bad boy loving chicks all end up.
Bubba King 13 (4 months ago)
See that's one thing i don't like. People stereotyping nice guys being as weak and pussies.... I don't classify myself as a nice guy but people say i do. I swear when people mess with me or anyone i care about. Oooooo I will chew off your fucking face break your arms break your legs eye gouge so f*cking hard.... When i fight... i use all equipment. Not my dick... To all ya'll pervs out there.
Christian Rowbotham (4 months ago)
I feel bad for the girl with her fiancé , I can tell that that's a toxic relationship in both sides and I have a feeling that guy is going to end up in jail at some point
MisterSir (4 months ago)
do you think joseph new that Jack would end up having more subs? LOL
MisterSir (4 months ago)
does someone pay the black people to be stereotypical in these videos or something?
Dan Stan (5 months ago)
Theres no nice guys thoses dudes that say they are nices guys always do the worst things sexually to girls. Explain cum on their face and thoatfucks
Blast a (5 months ago)
3:00 I didn't know Tyler the creator has a darker father.
Life Squirrel (5 months ago)
2:37 this guy got it figured out lol
3amfeelings (5 months ago)
1:15 she woke for like 1 second then went back to being a thot.... 😂
Ali Ali (5 months ago)
I Swear to GOD you the best on YT
Joey De Haeck (5 months ago)
jack got lucky not getting his ass kicked though.
Olaf (5 months ago)
4:49 *RAPIST ALERT* damn, lol
Darth Vader (5 months ago)
Jack Manley is a straight THUG! LOL

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