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Mark Knopfler on Guitars

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Taken from “Soundbreaking” documentary © 2016 Higher Ground LLC vk.com/markknopfler
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Mark Knopfler Russia (1 year ago)
Happy birthday Mark!
gleasonj69 (22 days ago)
Bob log
Elisheva Threadlady (23 days ago)
Robert Sise 'kjjkl
Robert Sise (1 month ago)
It has always amazed me to watch anyone who is truely a master at his/her given craft. The ease and pure talent is a gift. It also amazes me thst no matter how much I love this music, I know I can not play a guitar. I have tried and I just do not have the ability.
Jimmi Jones (1 month ago)
Mark Knopfler Russia mark was without doubt a guitarist who inspired me to learn and play. I can’t thank him enough music is a window to the soul and I would be lost without it
Peter Parry (1 month ago)
Keyboard Commandepasoti
Connie Powell (1 hour ago)
I have a National acoustic electric. Got it in 1954. It has a very nice tone. You are very talented and my idol. Love your video Walk of Life. I was into country music when I got my first sears & roebuck guitar when I was 10 years old. Was in some variety shows and on tv a couple times but fate had me giving up on my music for a home and family. Now 78 and wish I had stayed with my music.
Gretchen Isasquirrel (2 hours ago)
He explains the music theory of these concepts very clearly.
Mark Pombo (11 hours ago)
Great stuff...Feel free to do more like this, Sir Knight
Mowac (12 hours ago)
I learned more about guitar in this short clip than any instructional video ever taught me.
Darth Vader (15 hours ago)
angad malik (21 hours ago)
I just wanna go home and play my cherry red strat but I'm stuck at work. MK never fails to inspire.
JASON BEETGE (23 hours ago)
Russell Dawkins (1 day ago)
A true gentle man (and a true musician).
Jim Snow (1 day ago)
what a fine les paul. the strat aint too shabby....daaaaannng
Michael Youngstrom (1 day ago)
VERY underrated
Robert Asherbraner (1 day ago)
9:35 Romeo + Juliette on a National guitar.
Nino Divino (1 day ago)
Im having a lazy morning in bed, in Japan. It's a rarity for me because I'm usually always chasing something. This was such a treat as I sip my coffee and the sun rises while the birds are singing outside the window. First time I've had the pleasure of seeing this guy talk and play up personal. I'm a new fan for sure. Inspired with thanks.
DKZ7 (1 day ago)
OMG That sound at 5:10 is something else!!!!!!
Steve Logan (1 day ago)
Humility is indeed what shines through. Having demonstrated his easy mastery of several different guitar idioms, it’s beautiful when he says, right at the end, that playing open chords is more his style. He’s more intent on being honest and encouraging than he is on enhancing his reputation. And by being that way, he does indeed enhance it.
Roy Howard (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLD566NmllQ AMAZING GUITAR SOLO MUSIC
James Grider (1 day ago)
Thank you Mark for this. Thank you for taking the time to share this with those who would listen. Youre giving gems here sir. Your humbleness and giving nature still after all your success is impressive and great. Thank you much for this Sir. It does not go unappreciated.
Fran Minuto (2 days ago)
¿Qué guitarra es la que toca Mark? ¿Es especialmente construida para él? ¿Es una marca adoptada por él? Gracias
Gabriel Stoian (2 days ago)
What a down to earth guy. Brother in arms was one the early albums i got into it when I was a teenager. Cheers
Zachary Herron (2 days ago)
is he playing Pink Floyd?
Zachary Herron (2 days ago)
nvm hes playing run me down from his early work with the Notting hillbillies around 2:30
yoe91 (2 days ago)
I'm amazed watching this video by just how differently music can be interpreted. I probably have close to no affinity whatsoever with this man, and we're both guitarists and song-writers. I'd probably have nothing to say to him if we met, and yet people think musicians are one homogenous group.
AboutFocusTV (3 days ago)
teamhex (3 days ago)
He's a very underrated guitar player.
Taurusiron (3 days ago)
...Shine on...
Chris Varva (3 days ago)
Like a fine wine...improves with age. Look at what he's done since Dire Straits. You will appreciate this video even more.
Richard Beauchamp (4 days ago)
Who downvotes something so pleasent and interesting as this?
Russtafa B (4 days ago)
Know his guitar tech. Glen. He played with his best mate Steve Philips at my Sister's birthday party many many years ago. My wife intervened back in the 1980's when someone tried to have a go at him down in a pub just off Holland Park Avenue. We were sitting having a drink with him. Thoroughly nice bloke, quiet unassuming and a very charitable lovely man.
R bere (4 days ago)
Awesome video. I'd forgotten how really really good his music is.
BigSteelThrill (5 days ago)
He has no accent. Cool.
Sean McGovern (5 days ago)
very misleading title :/
Scotty G (5 days ago)
gRosh08 (5 days ago)
Pure genius!
dean bagley (5 days ago)
haha.. great,. i love this guy ,,your fkin great..,, class & id like to have an ale w/ him
RICH 1971 (5 days ago)
Totally got lost in this video,I could have just carried on watching,what a real gentleman and musician this man is!
SANTS BLUES (5 days ago)
muy bien
Ben Alexander (5 days ago)
A master!
54purple (6 days ago)
Ha... love that one at 04:25: 'If you get to the end of a vocal and you've got not nothing more to say but maybe the guitar has ...'
wischi waschi (6 days ago)
makes me feel like a guitar god he would never be able to play as i do
Dave Davidson (6 days ago)
Mark Knopfler is one of the greatest guitar players in history. Not sure why this channel is named Mark Knopfler Russia.
Wicker Billy (6 days ago)
The 1.2K LGBT's that gave a thumbs down meant to click on Katy Perry.
7charlierox (6 days ago)
Thanks Mark for a great talk and explanation of the evolution of your wonderful style .
Vincent Vegas (6 days ago)
You suck . No soul just a punk ass
Mike Austin (6 days ago)
My favorite of all time
ali bell (6 days ago)
Walk of life is every wedding default song to get up and dance even if you don’t necessarily want to 🎶 👌🏻
I love his stare, how he looks tired and battered by life, the calm and collected way of his talking. As if he's almost dead inside, but then a few cords bring a faint but wholly genuine smile to his face.. It's good to be alive.
Stu R (6 days ago)
Tom Bewing (6 days ago)
Derek Hazelwood (7 days ago)
dearmarkttyoumsajkkkke feelso useless
Fernando Rizo (7 days ago)
it is the same Music, but only one human can make ur music~~ only you! thanks for the lesson!
joseph sowder (7 days ago)
He has always been one of my favorite guitarists, and now I have more reasons why. So humble, but one of the greatest around. I don't often play with a pick, and I really appreciate his versatile approach to the guitar.
always always loved his playing...
Sloperusa (7 days ago)
Keep doing your thing!
Maximus Attackus (7 days ago)
One of the if not the best video i've ever watched by a top grade A guitar player , really easy to watch , his enjoyment shone through , captivating bit of video
Ellie Chugg (7 days ago)
inspiring video I play guitar this video has inspired me to go further
Paul Stewart (7 days ago)
Can somebody please explain to me why this as 1.2k dislikes - maybe those of you who have disliked it would be listening to "real" music like Lady Gaga or some other shit like that LOL
Paul Stewart (7 days ago)
This man is a inspiration, he's not in it for the fame or the adoration or money or recognition or anything, he's simply in it for the music - Thanks Mark you've been with me throughout my life, long may you continue
nicsandknacksandseans (7 days ago)
I don't know if I never want to put my guitar down, or never pick it up again...
joseph sowder (7 days ago)
I know what you mean, inspiring but also a little depressing
Austin Kirkpatrick (7 days ago)
I love how Mark has a hard time articulating what he’s wanting to get across, but his guitar always finishes his sentence for him
Chris Knight (7 days ago)
Wonderful - my blood pressure just dropped into the green zone watching this. When I first heard Sultans of Swing I was a 20-year-old lonely student on industrial placement in a small town in Belgium. SOS came on the radio and I have never been so gobsmacked! Never heard anything like it before and the musicianship was just off the scale - all wrapped up in some unique guitar licks from Mark. Decided there and then to spend my first pay on an acoustic Yamaha which I still play 40 years on.. A guitarist's guitarist if ever there was one.
Max Brazil (8 days ago)
Pure soul. He holds that '58 Les Paul like a deeply loved and cherished woman.
makka getty (8 days ago)
Did he kiss that Les Paul?
ste leach (8 days ago)
Mark plays guitar as easily as breathing. A true master.
lofcfan1 (8 days ago)
Drugo Lebowsky (8 days ago)
Wonderful hands, in any case
tony a (8 days ago)
i can get the thumb working at picking the rhythm , but all my others fingers have said to the thumb , fuck off your on your own , we are not joining in .
Chandan Porey (8 days ago)
Thank you sir for uploading this teaching video..
Emmanuel Parreno (8 days ago)
I dont know this guys but he is a HELL of a guitarist
C_Holding 85 (9 days ago)
is that one of those small martin guitars?
Johnny Bee (9 days ago)
Why would anyone give this a thumbs down? Some people are complete morons
Ed Jackson (9 days ago)
I bought the Brothers in Arms album in my teens and listened to it constantly. I remember it was the first album I ever bought that really hit me on an emotional level. Just fantastic
JoolsGuitar (9 days ago)
it seems like he knows something about guitar
Adam H. (10 days ago)
Ugh that 58' Les Paul.. take my money
michaelpsmusic (10 days ago)
My favorite part is the "That's my thing" comment at the end.
Thank you for the refreshing technique, Mark. Hmm, DireStrait I love the style. First heard it from my dentist in Winchester UK while studying at Brockwood Park long time ago.
Simon Simon (10 days ago)
The longer this went on, the farther he left me behind.
paul butler (10 days ago)
Another of glasgows sons
colyn barrett (10 days ago)
Just a Genius of a humble man. Class!!!!!!!!
mrhyde2484 (10 days ago)
That aint working !
funktron4 (10 days ago)
Okay Mark, you convinced me----it's easy. I'm going to be a master guitar player like you are! How many weeks do you think it will take me to get really good?
Stewart Halliwell (10 days ago)
Just love this man . Theres so much BS in music today Marks Brother in Arms makes me sad even when i am Happy
Jonathan Macaw (11 days ago)
Love the way he just gets lost into his playing at 12:20 and forgets about the interview
Tom Vaughan (11 days ago)
Thank you so much Mark! Appreciate you sharing your vast experience and know how with this old fan. I get it!
Carlos Bosso (11 days ago)
God, he's such a damn good teacher. That was a great thing to say, the first thing he said. You got to really want to play because your fingers don't want to do what they're told.
Andy Bowen (11 days ago)
Wow he looks at it likes it’s magic even now.
B (11 days ago)
That 58 Les Paul... mmmm...
Skankhunt42 (11 days ago)
He’s amazing!!! Favourite guitarist of all time!!
ken ken (11 days ago)
What a gift.
Stuart Herrington (11 days ago)
If anyone's interested in that rhythmic acoustic sound, check out Davey Graham
bazthehandyman (11 days ago)
Great stuff.
paul smith (11 days ago)
how dare anybody give this God a thumbs down apart from the deaf.
Vincent Grippi (11 days ago)
How cool would it be to hear Mark and Lindsey Buckingham jam out an acoustic together
Didier M'Baku (11 days ago)
Im in awe. He's got that swag and almost child like curiousity for the imstrument we tend to lose over time. Respect!!
Johnny Depth (11 days ago)
Gotta love the English humility. Too bad it’s all going away.
EverGreen1888 (11 days ago)
This is gold
Richard Hammer (11 days ago)
This is just Mark inadvertently showing off! If anything it makes me want to pick up a guitar even less, his total mastery of every guitar type and playing style is overwhelming, the knowledge I’d never be that good in a lifetime (don’t have the commitment either) is depressing. Think I’ll leave it to the masters!
Giovanni Brunoro (12 days ago)
This is probably one of the few videos I watched from the beginning to the end since ages. This man is divine.
John Waldron (12 days ago)
There are guitar players...and then there are " Masters ". Could you just imagine spending a week with Mark? The easy way he explains things..a true Master.
GEORGEE T Boom (12 days ago)
5:07 WTF never heard a guitar sound like that
alphasxsignal (12 days ago)
Great player.

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