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Playing Drunk 1 - DW Brown

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1st of 2, Acting lesson on playing drunk, from "You Can Act: a complete guide for actors," at The Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio - www.baronbrown.com (Meisner training at "Los Angeles' best acting school") produced by Elysian Pictures. featuring Doyle Hanks; at The Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio, produced by Elysian Pictures.
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JarAxe (10 months ago)
I mostly got "indifferent-and-tired"-drunk before I quit. That's one type of drunkeness you didn't mention.
DWillyB (9 months ago)
That would fall under the category of "aloof drunk." Jaded, over-it. I didn't talk about alcoholics where the emotional lines get more flattened out... and the ability to deal with a lack of coordination gets better (like sailors used to rough seas).
Danimotion (11 months ago)
Amazing great job.
Soummyadip Halder (1 year ago)
I badly needed this. Thanks a lot
Lillth (2 years ago)
At one point in my HIGH SCHOOL play we all came back from a party at a HOSPITAL and we all have to act drunk 😂
Samantha Warner (2 years ago)
thanks, I really needed this for my video..... :)
Captain Frank Hawks (3 years ago)
Do you have anything on the 'Guilt' drunk.
8Kryptos8 (4 years ago)
Well sir, THANKS once again for your amazing advice. The show opened last night and at the after party reception everyone came up to me to say I played the most convincing drunk. Your advice/techniques was right on the money. I focused on keeping the level of consistency and the performance was congruent. I am trying to get a video of it to show you. THANKS!!!
DWillyB (5 years ago)
(sorry it's taken so long to reply but...) If "Mischief" is your favorite movie of all time I'm guessing it's probably got more to do with Kelly Preston than the quality of my work in the film. Thanks, though.
littlecicero (1 year ago)
that's very modest !
DWillyB (5 years ago)
You are more than welcome. Maintain your consistent level of intoxication with all those symptoms and nail the small details. Break a leg!
8Kryptos8 (5 years ago)
I am preparing to play Sidney Redlitch in Bell, Book and Candle and found the information you provided to be pure gold. Thank you for posting. I also subscribed to your channel. THANKS!
marcio asmar (5 years ago)
Why don't you act in Hollywood
Travis Herwig (6 years ago)
Also Mischief is my favorite movie of all time. Catch DW in it if you've never seen it., HEY EUGENE!!!! lol
Travis Herwig (6 years ago)
DWillyB (7 years ago)
@ShroudedFury If you watch Part 2 I have some stuff there on how to talk drunk. Mostly it's keeping a relaxed mouth, like it's numb from novacaine, and then over articulating. You can mess up on certain difficult words, planned from looking at the text (a little tricky because you risk looking fake doing this).
ShroudedFury (7 years ago)
Any tips on how to talk as though you were drunk?
Venjoy Alegre (7 years ago)
I heard your testimony last night at Grace, you blessed our hearts. 'hope to meet your Dad in heaven. VVA
vivienj007 (8 years ago)
very helpful. trying to do an angry drunk - but i'm a girl. had to tap into that for me.
David Ko (8 years ago)
hhaa its mr hanks this is david ko

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