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The Cutest Noob in Fortnite- Funny Noob Compilation 6

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Send your Fortnite clips - [email protected] Credits - https://www.twitch.tv/dakotaz https://www.twitch.tv/natehill https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_hamlinz
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Text Comments (2468)
Michelle Pesina (3 hours ago)
I love how noobs r soooo nice
Emilis Stasinskas (6 hours ago)
K4tchUp (16 hours ago)
Wtf he has the glider of top 1 😂😅
ari x (18 hours ago)
Pixels aren't cute
ManofWords (23 hours ago)
Damn go crazy.. yesterday he had a baby..then i bust it on his head.. bap one shot you death lol
Michael Damsgaard (1 day ago)
Aalciaa xddd (1 day ago)
Oh me good is not cutes🙄
Cus I’m that noob noob noob noob I’m that NOOOOB ! Aye
TheJordynPlayz (1 day ago)
Ghddbjs was my day to get
MegaAarontube Ly (1 day ago)
•PoxaTeens! S2• (2 days ago)
Só eu que não entendo nada desse jogo? É Sério? 😕🍃 Só eu que sou BR? É É s É sé É sér É séri É sério É sério? É sério É séri É sér É sé É s É
TB12BRUH (2 days ago)
Give him the fucking win
Mustafa Qutaiba (2 days ago)
Fuck u guys did u think this is funny shit ..youtubers can kill only noobs they can’t fuck with real niggas
Kiraki1120 (3 days ago)
What's name of the music plz?
Loki (6 days ago)
BLaKe WoLf (7 days ago)
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CuteBUD (8 days ago)
People say : defaults are cute. Watch bright side, they challenge you to pickaxe vs pickaxe. 👌👌👌👌😂😂
MvLogs (9 days ago)
MvLogs (9 days ago)
who's here for no reason
Sniper Nr1968 (10 days ago)
Be awere of the Noobs. Hahaha 🇸🇪👍🙂
Help Full Game (10 days ago)
Furst clips is so Bullying I fell sad för him Tyringe to get his först win
Robbie W (11 days ago)
3 clips apparently count as a compilation
WalkerStudio By (11 days ago)
I Love noobs
jacob john (11 days ago)
5.00 so fake
Lacey Jackson (11 days ago)
you want 100 dollars
Lacey Jackson (11 days ago)
TRU Laylow (11 days ago)
To the few people that read this it would make my day if just a single person liked this comment 😃 i want to become a successful youtuber and if one person subscribes i am 1 step closer thanks. 😁😁 Subbing back to everyone that subs
Wizard Alien (11 days ago)
Weird ass video!!
Zebhase Channel (11 days ago)
What is the first background music
East Billiaires (11 days ago)
Noobs are so adorable
East Billiaires (11 days ago)
Poor noob skin
A Random person (11 days ago)
Am pretty sure they won before so they can let the freaking noob win. Seriously. Dumb people who troll them but never let them win
Green Mint Gamer (12 days ago)
For every like I’m adding a 😑 😑
world MVP2021 (12 days ago)
Noobs r really cute I love when they build slow and really try and aim to shoot u.
Asher Dix (12 days ago)
Your pros but you can't give a degelt a win garbege
phantom of fire gaming (12 days ago)
globoidae (12 days ago)
@UCGteHS3DCEInh42jh1pA-Kw hey can you guys sub to my channel
NARUTO UZUMAKI FAN (12 days ago)
Tafil Hoti (12 days ago)
Adrian Madrigal (13 days ago)
HD sounds fucking retarted
Eclipse (13 days ago)
I think I'm the only person that has default skin now, me and that guy. I would pay for a skin but i see no point, because it's a pay 2 look good game, so I see no use in skins, I can have the same skill with default
ZrY Nebula (13 days ago)
Why you why you bully me
Water pillow (13 days ago)
Bot. no human would not shoot
J Boogie (13 days ago)
I just recently got fortnite on pc I didn't even get my first win its too laggy. I played on mobile before that's why I have the old twitch pack but I can't get one on moms computer
sniper Squad 533 (13 days ago)
Sub to me ill sub to u
OPGamers X (13 days ago)
maybe on thiere end theiere pc was lagging
Max Brier (13 days ago)
Preston Mitchell (13 days ago)
skeet skeet butthole daddy
Guest User (13 days ago)
Not compilation
brock henning (13 days ago)
lucky win
Plis não
Elijah De Jesus (13 days ago)
How can you be this bad at the game LMAO 😂
BIG NOOBie Boi (13 days ago)
This proves the default is not extinct
Respawn Replays (13 days ago)
Is this a good spot to share my new YouTube channel? All publicity is good publicity, right? :)
Thinking Likely (13 days ago)
When you need to get to 10 mins. First 3 mins unnecessary
LeoTheLobster Gaming (13 days ago)
Whitch one if better? like=fortnite or 1 comment = pubg
Sarah Leigh (13 days ago)
Noob u should of killed your self
SPRME SAVAGE (13 days ago)
Do more videos!
عثمان حكمي (13 days ago)
كلب 😾
Free Fire TV (13 days ago)
Big daddy’ O (13 days ago)
Why all defaults are terrible at this games?
Michael Culpepper (13 days ago)
the first dude is a noob himself lmao
R6T_ Krzychu (13 days ago)
fucking bot HE NO PEOPLE HE PLAYING LIKE BOT i hope noobs like him will die
Quidnatawd Bidness (14 days ago)
Cant even imagine having fun in this game if I were a bot
Alison Meaux (14 days ago)
So cute
Mic (14 days ago)
I mean defaults are the smart people here I just don't want to pay for stupid and useless skins it's just a shooter wtf
ung kimheng (14 days ago)
1 like= help noob to be pro
Taaj Key (14 days ago)
Taaj Key (14 days ago)
GxDLy Rell (14 days ago)
Sub to me comment when your done so I can sub back
Karolix 1212 (14 days ago)
Zxrezite (14 days ago)
Tsm ham’s short 💀😂
agentersmuk (14 days ago)
It was a fake one he had 2k wins :)
Rayanna Kincaid (14 days ago)
They are jerks people are just trying to play there not your play toys
NBA Mekhi (14 days ago)
He not a noob. Look at his pick axe
0:00 tɦʀѳugɦ 7:26 iร tѳ longg
Me Drippy (14 days ago)
Why tf the First one was so long
SoXFarXGonee L (14 days ago)
3:08 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Joshua Towns (14 days ago)
they a bully stg
Eclipse SalTz (14 days ago)
Look at the replies
Eclipse SalTz (14 days ago)
Look at the comment
Little Squirt (14 days ago)
Haha your so funny!! 😂 I love your channel (I play fortnite) and I don’t have any skins😭 can’t wait for gifting season!! Lol!
This noob might be 7 years old and we will go to jail for saying cute
Mandi Monaghan (14 days ago)
How to train your default
DaytonWatts-YOUTUBE (14 days ago)
That wasn’t a real noob it had season 2 glider
Jaime Garcia (14 days ago)
How is every default this bad at fortnite 😂😂
electro spider (14 days ago)
freind requset meh(ninja aghost) oh my fortnite account log meh out
Oliver Gill (14 days ago)
The first noob had season 1 glider. 6:57
XXXSKI slump (14 days ago)
Signs to ayleks lmao
Benno Wolf (14 days ago)
I was so hoping that guy would get killed at 7:40, clearly milking the f*** outta fortnite like bruh, Ninja already king and queen of this game haha give up already.
the family Rivera (14 days ago)
Fake noob he has a jug axe
Damaris Reid (14 days ago)
That was me!
Sophie Watson (14 days ago)
who’s the faze person what’s his name??
Arath Escapita (14 days ago)
How did he have an umbrella?
Donovan Hall (14 days ago)
In pubg the defaults people with no cloth are usually hackers using a guest account with no progress on it
SorrowsV (14 days ago)
Nate Hill this is why you don't mess around with endangered species they are wild and you cannot predict on what their next move is.
ARGENTO 47 (14 days ago)
ragazzi venite sul mio canale porto divertenti . tipo ho trovato modric 91 e ora ho fatto la live del cubo. in questo momento sono arrivato adesso a 100 iscritti 😄❤
ugly :d (14 days ago)
Terrible video. 90% of it was DK and Hd and the others weren't even noob clips
Christian Long (14 days ago)
Sub to me bitch
Youngmike (14 days ago)
You guess are so mean im a noob im still good noobs just cant aforid a skin
Bryan Mazariego Molina (14 days ago)
Nice vic lol

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