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City Girls - Twerk ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video)

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Stream "Girl Code EP" featuring "Twerk ft. Cardi B" https://qualitycontrol.lnk.to/GirlCode Follow City Girls: https://www.instagram.com/citygirls https://twitter.com/CityGirls_QC https://www.facebook.com/CityGIrlsQC Music video by City Girls performing Twerk. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/7VCFXh
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Text Comments (105179)
Almighty Pharoh (11 minutes ago)
😂😂😂 these black women nowadays ain't shit. They bring nothing but ass, pussy, and a mouth. All them hair hatted hooligans in this video 🤦. This is why I'm pro choice.
arhibot1 (20 minutes ago)
youtube can you allow porn at this point please
100t Dente (21 minutes ago)
minfiks shiban (29 minutes ago)
Зашёл чтоб подрочить
Mrs. Hester (48 minutes ago)
From Outside (57 minutes ago)
*Somebody whit no shirt* YouTube: Wtf man?! YouTube is not for porn! delete this! *This video* YouTube: hm...
опрро имрш (1 hour ago)
Cyril T.Ractor (1 hour ago)
Ебаные жирные нигерские шлюхи
Каноджэ Бэй (1 hour ago)
Новостной,блок от Давыдова Только личное мировоззрение Давыдова
Dimitrii Ches (1 hour ago)
Что за стрёмные жопы?
Ilius Black (1 hour ago)
Лютый пиздец Остановите планетку, я выхожу
It’s Me (1 hour ago)
Step 1: Grab Lotion Step 2: Forward to 1:54 Step 4: Reduce speed to 0.5 Step 5: Enjoy
Pul Pitto (1 hour ago)
От ненавистного блока tix
Vladislava ๏〈๏ (1 hour ago)
Witson I not A (2 hours ago)
3:17 what the fuck?
Jacqueline Spalding (2 hours ago)
Did anyone see the woman that someset into the water that was neat considering all that ass well as least she didn't drown (no shade)she have her own life preserve jacket cushion for tushion🤣🤣🤣😎😉
ManInBlack 555 (2 hours ago)
Музыка гавно ,текст гавно , в клипе лишь сучки афроамер.
n3squ1k666 (2 hours ago)
Nick J (2 hours ago)
This video seems like a mix of back that ass up and big pimpin
HOGA:GO (2 hours ago)
Where 18+?
Mr. Az (2 hours ago)
Спс подрочил
ALEXO FUN (2 hours ago)
Какая же хуйня.Кроме жоп в этой песне ничего стоищего дудки.
paola perez (2 hours ago)
Am yo no ablo ingles bos
ņēřø (2 hours ago)
Arianna Elson (2 hours ago)
All that ass has forced me to love this song 🤤🤞🏽❤️❤️❤️
jason elicker (2 hours ago)
This is all that is evil in the world
GeneriK (2 hours ago)
Безвкусное дерьмо
Matthias Sarrade (2 hours ago)
OrLLo (3 hours ago)
So viele schmackhafte Kahs auf einmal
Harsh Mahar (4 hours ago)
Retard B
Loucrissia Bouie (6 hours ago)
Loucrissia Bouie (6 hours ago)
Nina Vujić (7 hours ago)
How did camerman felt 😑😑😢
Rick Sanchez (7 hours ago)
I wonder if it's true that she got gangbanged by Travis Scott and offset
Almighty 1k (8 hours ago)
I know I’m not the only one nutted after that video 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 if u nutted comment down below
Loved_by_mia Evans (8 hours ago)
Anyone here from TikTok SKSKS
Richard is NOT a bird (9 hours ago)
1:32 "I want a sepai Ima make some pork with her"
Aiden Studer (10 hours ago)
You know It smells like ass there 😂😭
Ms Smith (11 hours ago)
Jay Luxury (12 hours ago)
Lol Y'all are funny as hell in these comments IG : jdub_dizzle Snapchat : jdubdizzle813
Myqe (12 hours ago)
planet of the apes took a weird turn wtf
SepiDogg (12 hours ago)
2:13 Sixnine flow
Treyton Miller (12 hours ago)
Stupid bitches
Nao&Noe Páez (12 hours ago)
Aquí viendolo en camara lenta.. Viendo como se mueven las bolsas de plasticos..
Guy Ferz (13 hours ago)
Amount of men in video: 0% Amount of men watching video: 100%
Amethyst Divine (13 hours ago)
Taylar Gatson (13 hours ago)
When her earring flewed off I died 3:05
Dejesus Shelton (14 hours ago)
I wonder how the camera man feeling? Seeing all this chocolate ass!?😂😂😂
Christopher Garcia (14 hours ago)
Just Yomama (14 hours ago)
Ok but what the fuck is that 3:18 😂😂😂😂😂
ALEXI Robinson (15 hours ago)
So this is they version of the tipdrill video?
Adriana Alejandra (15 hours ago)
This is not music' hoeresim to another level, yes i made that up
SAMMY ADAM (15 hours ago)
For sale botty😂😂
big chungas fungas (16 hours ago)
Offset in the chat( 👀👀👀 )
SteelerNation _ (12 hours ago)
Twerking and song start at 0:52
Almoez Maestro (16 hours ago)
Daaaaaaam 🔥🔥
Rafael Regalado (16 hours ago)
Waooooooo booty
HD Produções (16 hours ago)
O unico vídeo que não quero que meu boy veja mds pior que porno kkkk Poderosas, rebolaaaaa
xXGacha Cookie GurlXx (16 hours ago)
*Imagine how awkward it would’ve been filming this.*
Christen Harris (17 hours ago)
Jamyliah Cox (17 hours ago)
Free JT period!!!
Ashutosh Bose (17 hours ago)
It's Like A Virus Has Taken over all the asses.... nd make them twerk until they......
Caitlin zebra Downie (17 hours ago)
U r a bitch
Zesp Dnkz (18 hours ago)
props to the camera man for filming with one hand
Mustkage (18 hours ago)
3:17 called the seizure
Prashant (18 hours ago)
Too many butties there
A D (19 hours ago)
😭 That girl at the end really was not playing.
Spooky Jason219 (19 hours ago)
*Fap* *Fap* *Fap*
Juice (19 hours ago)
So xCodeh vids got deleted cuz he was smoking some weed, but this porno is allowed?
Jamais Vu (19 hours ago)
This video STANK
Nelly Bola (19 hours ago)
I love this song Too Much cardi b
Latonjana Wilder (19 hours ago)
😍😛 best video out here! Y'all should make another one
Donny (19 hours ago)
Finally a video I can beat my dick to <3
KrazyPotatoe420 yeet (21 hours ago)
The g I’m cardi b stands for good music
Mika (21 hours ago)
why did i watch this
Ivan Grajeda (21 hours ago)
This shit looks like a porno!
Ivan Grajeda (21 hours ago)
Smelly asses
EDA OLIVA (22 hours ago)
Super Nova NL ! (22 hours ago)
Disgusting how this got famous because of TWERKING GIRLS. I know waayyyyy better music
slkrik92 M (22 hours ago)
If you don't twerk to this you're the devil
Brandon Jacks (22 hours ago)
I'm sure they appreciated getting "flewed" out to Miami
zorina nogueiro (23 hours ago)
Believe in God and Jesus
Camilo Mina (23 hours ago)
Esta mela la cancion y te ganaron niki minaj
Gary Dietz (23 hours ago)
I agree love twerking girls
Aris vazdekis soria (23 hours ago)
3:17 wtf she is just doing? Looks like self-profiling 😂😂😂
Shauna B (1 day ago)
Congrats to sellouts Cardi B and City girls for representing the Low Class, Hood Rat, Dumb Hoes of the world who can’t speak proper English...This is the trash young girls are following? The silent War continues...🤦🏾‍♀️
Charles Lucciano (1 day ago)
Chloe H (1 day ago)
2:42. 👐🏻
juh ;-; (1 day ago)
Leah Playz (1 day ago)
Very sexual
Leah Playz (1 day ago)
They lit naked covered in paint
Remember before you judge them. That there have been Titi bars since the 60s. Its entertaiment. And a john wick movie is much more graphic. check yourself haters.
eetu -_ (1 day ago)
Bavorak E36 (1 day ago)
Bavorak E36 (1 day ago)
Bavorak E36 (1 day ago)
I luv yu. hhh
Abigail Barnard (1 day ago)
Olga Angelucci (1 day ago)
Family friendly 😂😂
Brylee Burn (1 day ago)
Boys would love this video
kevinfolley1 (1 day ago)
wtf did i just watch?

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