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-Proud Mary- Vocal & Guitar Cover by Ayla

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Thanks for watching my video! My name’s Ayla Tesler-Mabe, and I am a 17 year old musician from Canada. This is my arrangement and interpretation of Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival, using just guitar and vocals. I absolutely love this song! All arranging, recording, filming, editing and playing/singing by me, but I want to thank Sami Ghawi for mixing this one with me (it’s always nice to have an extra set of ears, and Sami’s the best)! I also want to thank Ernie Ball/Music Man for building me this unbelievably beautiful electric guitar, Fender for gifting me the lovely acoustic guitar I played in this video, and Lawrence Petross Design for building me the amazing overdrive pedal that I used. All rights to this song go to the original artists! For those that want to stay more up to date on what I’ve been up to lately, please feel free to check out my website (https://www.aylateslermabe.com/ ) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/aylateslermabe/). Gear Used: Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine, Fender Malibu Player, Lawrence Petross Design Sixty 8 Drive, Boss DD-7 Digital Delay, 1973 Fender Twin Reverb, Shure SM57 and an Audio-Technica AT2035.
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Text Comments (687)
유승종 (2 days ago)
u are soooooo good!
MrBradymoss (3 days ago)
Love when you get into that shoulder stiffening groove! Double track your voice like Lennon and you will be pretty awesome.... "sorry, yes you already are!"
Toni A (4 days ago)
What about Kashmir
Velo di Maya (5 days ago)
belle tette
Just Me (5 days ago)
Very well done.
Icevin (6 days ago)
Such a talent, and just a ferry ride away. I hope you make it and play in Vic sometime.
Guitare Geek (6 days ago)
Young, beautiful and talented ... it annoys! I'll put it in the background music to give the desire to my 5-year-old daughter to imitate you. Un grand bravo de France ;-)
Minnesota Salamander (7 days ago)
Joe S (9 days ago)
WOW! How can a 17 year old girl be very good at electric guitar (solo and rhythm) and singing in the same person?!!
34bartm (10 days ago)
Wow. That was fantastic. Awesome in every way.
Adam Pack (10 days ago)
Great production.
Ana Heloisa Celpa (10 days ago)
Você teve influência dos seus pais pelo gosto musical?
Ana Heloisa Celpa (1 day ago)
Sei disso! Mas é exatamente, pra ela ver pessoas de outros países a assistindo!
Allan Roberto (1 day ago)
Ela é canadense, achou q n vai entender 😅
tripleps07 (12 days ago)
WoW, Ayla, you never cease to amaze and inspire, it's amazing how quickly you mature with your abilities and transcendence, your voice is like another instrument, especially those delicious harmonies that you've arranged. Verrrry talentedly versatile, with all the other creative elements and hard work!! but it's always your guitar playing is what I crave the most! <3 you!!
Bumblebee (13 days ago)
Mabel Pines (13 days ago)
if she's already this talented at 17, shes gonna get really far! I just hope to hear more and more of her in the future. we're exactly the same age, born a day apart, and I play guitar too but I'm definitely not THIS talented. the same goes for her singing. love you Ayla
Meredith Jones (14 days ago)
Your so good at this! I play guitar, and I wasn't really motivated to really work hard on playing until I heard you playing guitar. You've become my inspiration to work hard on guitar. I was also wondering if you could give me recommendations on a good electric guitar that isn't too expensive. My electric guitar right now is a used guitar that my guitar teacher gave me, and it's beginning to lose parts. If you could give me a recommendation for a new guitar, it would mean so much to me!
Ashley Wolfhard (14 days ago)
I love her sooo much. SHES MY FAV👑❤
Iouri Samonov (14 days ago)
Superb !!! Thx!
Meism Theism (16 days ago)
much talent please do more for us regular people
Ethan Nance (16 days ago)
To be honest, she doesn’t really need the other three, even though calpurnia is awesome
Mr. G (17 days ago)
Wyyoorken? Just sing the song naturally. You do not have try to impersonate every vowel. Come down to Nashville there will be work for you.
Oskar (17 days ago)
wow such a beuty https://youtu.be/R3uvN4Ol7S4?list=RDR3uvN4Ol7S4&t=19
MARIO CACERES (19 days ago)
I love her!
Georg Anatoly (19 days ago)
That soulful voice, you have to do some covers from the 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' soundtrack!
wordreet (20 days ago)
Woah! You sing great too??
Sophie Armstrong (22 days ago)
Great performance!! Thanks for sharing :)
Gert 1803 (22 days ago)
You bring the sun right in my life with your singing and guitar playing ! Please keep on posting your music in the internet, you have at least one (oldery) dedicated and true fan and follower from over the ocean ! You are a very special lady, you don't just "play" music, you "are" music with a great and lovely voice ! With love from The Netherlands (Europe).
Lucia santana (23 days ago)
those guitars are beautiful omg
sara iorfida (23 days ago)
Wow so many Ayla’s 🤠🤠🤠🤠
m. grace (25 days ago)
Hey Ayla, you are extremely talented, i was wondering if you would ever post a collection of all your instruments. I would love to see a video like that and i’m sure others would, too!❤️
Gustavo patagonia (25 days ago)
Muy muy bueno saludos.desde la patagonia Argentina
Juan Ermení (26 days ago)
What ?! Is not enough the way you play guitar that you sing too ?! OMG . Girl, you got a really personal voice tone, please increase it and let go the thoughts about do it well. I am sure og this: ax far you let your spirit flows through your voice, then you will shook all of us even more singing ! Congratulations Ayla !
Khairilanuar Othman (27 days ago)
And a decent voice as well to go with all the musicality of the musicianship she's blessed with. So now I'm in love with 2 Canadiennes: Brooke and Ayla!
poruatokin (29 days ago)
Great, no SUPERB version - but I can no longer listen to this song without seeing a bunch of slugs doing the backup singing.
Nathaniel Yu (29 days ago)
Love your voice Ayla 😍👍🏻.
Zoe Blair (30 days ago)
This gave me chills so good
Steve Jeffryes (1 month ago)
The voice is good, but could use more drive, just like overdrive on the guitar. Learn when to fill your lungs and sing with power!
stsgabe (1 month ago)
DjCj-Video (1 month ago)
Who the hell can dislike this...!
George Songer (1 month ago)
Swaggy Yankee (1 month ago)
Ayla is the reason I listen to Calpurnia
Gary Goodrich (1 month ago)
...and you can sing too??
Westy's How To Guides (1 month ago)
Amazing Talent. Be Great to see you play down here in New Zealand! Keep up our passion and don't let anyone take it away from you …. you are amazing!
Beans Greens (1 month ago)
Please do a cover of Rayon by The Dawn Bombs. It’s such a groovy song! Also, great work on the video, glad your back on YouTube
jdj62464 (1 month ago)
I just went through Ayla's cover videos and realized that they all have something in common, and that's there's a lot jealous people of this girl's talent. How anyone can give her a thumbs down is beyond me especially her cover of Santana's Black Magic Woman, unless they were all from Carlos himself.
Jules Korzeniowski (1 month ago)
Excellent singing and very good guitar work
RAy (1 month ago)
Fantastic :D
Hao Truong Trong (1 month ago)
You're terrific, just amazing, What a talent! and you are so cuuuuuuuuuuute
Maika & Sassy (1 month ago)
AMAZING! But I hate when the vídeo ends 😭😭 but thanks replay button for exist!
Callie Sutton (1 month ago)
where did you get that mic and what brand is it?
pokemon trainer Arian (1 month ago)
Damn Ayla you have *SEXY* guitar skills
Iconic Waffle (1 month ago)
I Stan a KWEEN
baxy yt (1 month ago)
😍😘 que lindo que cantas
SEM JOYSTICK (1 month ago)
beauty and sweet voyce!!! IoI
Dennisrob68 (1 month ago)
I fell in love with your voice, congratulations !!🎼🎶❤❤❤💖
JayTizzle (1 month ago)
Dude sick
Jerry D (1 month ago)
One word, "AWESOME"
LUAP Noisap (1 month ago)
I wanna be as good as you when I grow up
Rat Rage (1 month ago)
Even though that's a Fender,, Les Paul would be proud!!!!!!
OldDogNewTrick (1 month ago)
Good job. Les Paul and Mary Ford would be so proud of you. They pioneered multi-track recording the hard way back in the 1950s using reel to reel tape recorders. You should do a cover of one of their songs. https://youtu.be/lCE8JYNx76M
Electric Church Music (1 month ago)
What A Voice !!!
kiki chan (1 month ago)
So beautifull!!!
Kay Kay (1 month ago)
I honestly think that you’re the star of the show in Calpurnia I love the other band mates too though!!
Daniel Doria (1 month ago)
Paola Damico (1 month ago)
Ayla please cover ‘Bring me to life’ by evanescence. I think your voice it’s perfect for that song, and your perfectly talented on the guitar I hope you read this 🧡🙌🏻
Paola Damico (1 month ago)
You inspire me so much! I love you and I can’t believe that I finally see you in live in Paris show!
Whadaya Tinkin (1 month ago)
WOW! Amazing!!!!
Rockotroller (1 month ago)
Alguien de México?
Lobo Solitario (1 month ago)
¡Hermosa voz!. Canta.. ¡canta mucho! Felicidades, tienes un talento único. Saludos. :)
Emma Kaiser (1 month ago)
Ugh, this is so good! It makes me want to learn guitar and be in a band!
Meme Fan (1 month ago)
You and calpurnia are fucking awesome
Hadas Aharoni (1 month ago)
Oh damn that’s hot
Fishing Fish (2 months ago)
Really well done. Have you ever thought of covering George Harrison’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps?
Юрий Ерохин (2 months ago)
Very well done!
ben maguire (2 months ago)
Hey Ayla .. the old muso dude from Ye olde Forest of Dean in Englande .. well it's been a while .. But that was just a delight .. gr8 guitar work & Editing .. & that fabulous voice .. wonderful ... bye
valerie (2 months ago)
Can you believe Calpurnia has got a member THIS talented on the band and they're still underusing her? You deserve better Ayla.
BOB IKHSAN (2 months ago)
yasmin yasmin (2 months ago)
What is this magic u angel
Amy Alejo Aguirre (2 months ago)
When I show my 6 year old sister your videos, her response is like “WOOW! How can she do that? I want to be like her!!” I love you so much Ayla!! ✨🎸
eleonora uwu (2 months ago)
is there something you can’t do?
Dustin Wheeler (2 months ago)
She's great. No one around are age appropriates this music!
Miguel Leon pro (2 months ago)
Es bellísima.
justlola (2 months ago)
Omg! You're soooo talented! 😍💖
Ahavabnachenu (2 months ago)
Freds Slice (2 months ago)
You are very good. Great guitar work. Your voice is nice, but you need to rough with that song. Do it mean. You're being too sweet with the lyrics. Good luck. You have skills.
Evi You (2 months ago)
Juliette Keller (2 months ago)
Woah I am shook like wow oh wow 😮 I’m speechless at the beginning when you hit the proud Mary I was shook and yes queen!
Meljane Lacquio (2 months ago)
Yohoo!! ang galing.. malupeeet
foggy4180 (2 months ago)
This day I saw your videos for the first time and your guitar playing impresses me I've to say. Now you start singing as well and I want to compliment you with the vocal arrangement on this track, very musical! Could you do something from Canadian singer songwriter Joni Mitchell, she has always interesting arrangements and great musicians on her records. Would be great if you do a cover of Car on the Hill or maybe Black Crow.
Maika & Sassy (2 months ago)
Her voice is beautiful 😍😍
김정현 (2 months ago)
fantastic !!!
Patruuw (2 months ago)
you are so good<3
John C (2 months ago)
That powder blue Fender acoustic is just gorgeous.. great harmonies, lovely solo, excellent work kiddo! ..at 15 i couldn't even tie my laces!!
alïzàh Əditś (2 months ago)
Omg!! SHE HAS AN AMAZING VOICE!! Shhh don't tell anyone but she's my Favourite 💌
christian harrison (2 months ago)
I’m excited because I play like that but I don’t have the software or band mates so I can’t do stuff like this funny thing I actually knew u before calpurnia I didn’t know who Finn was before calpurnia
Ellie Barham (2 months ago)
i NEED you to teach me how to play!!
Neal B (2 months ago)
Good Lord, that was good. Just awesome! Please cover more old classics.
Emma w (2 months ago)
mya (2 months ago)
i love this new style of covers! you inspired me and i really want to start playing guitar but i don't think my parents would like it and i don't really have a place to practice... does anybody have some advice?
Steve Ryan (2 months ago)
Awesome stuff!

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