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NINJA BEST RAGE MOMENTS and Outplayed in Fortnite

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Text Comments (309)
Pug Lord (1 month ago)
Ninja always gets salty when he gets outplayed
Clayton Trujillo (3 months ago)
Gotta get the 10 min.
Emil Hoem (3 months ago)
The best thing is that its so deserved, its called karma
Penelope Cortez (3 months ago)
Ninja drinks bear
Cash Cubez (4 months ago)
Lmao the end "thats is it"
Ayan Don (4 months ago)
4:27 thats y u dont mess with defaults
You are Ee (4 months ago)
Apex Predator (5 months ago)
Ninja is 26 yrs old he reacts like a child
RazDeh (5 months ago)
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Noooooooooooooob
Boogeyman 7 (5 months ago)
Trying to reach the 10minute mark So gay.
FNN TOOEAZY19 (5 months ago)
I love watching ninja get shat on
dragon slayer (5 months ago)
Ninja may be good at fortnite, but he is lousy at making excuses.
Max Gayler (5 months ago)
Lazy video
Super Gogeta (6 months ago)
2:35 that was totally his fault
ItzMapiche2 (6 months ago)
Estas ratas Ninja no es el mejor del mundo y probablemente el tercero (arena ven a mi)
KarloFromYT (6 months ago)
your so mad
KarloFromYT (6 months ago)
its just a game motherfucker
Kvng Mori (6 months ago)
You REALLY want that ad revenue
Neel Chiplunkar (6 months ago)
That’s is it guys.
4:17 i felt like ninja was noob
Cole Farris (6 months ago)
At least ninja knows when he fucks up and doesn’t blame the game
James Devries (6 months ago)
I dont think its ninja getting outplayed it's more just the normal bs that everybody deals with of the game not letting your shots register
Well-That-Makes-Sense (4 months ago)
James Devries 3:50.....
James Devries (5 months ago)
Booty O Jay I'm not hes a good player and all his support proves it he just gets mad when he deals with bs like we all do
Booty O Jay (5 months ago)
James Devries stop making excuses for him
James Devries (5 months ago)
Booty O Jay apperently you weren't actually watching the video
Booty O Jay (5 months ago)
James Devries stop please...
lrae skrrrtt (6 months ago)
that is it dumb btch
JiggilyGiggily (6 months ago)
Thats is it. Wow. great vocabulary.
Thomas Davis (6 months ago)
*put name here * (6 months ago)
Ninja needs to relax or he will die from a heart attack
Andre M (6 months ago)
He’s the 🐐
Trumanchap productions (4 months ago)
Andre M goat? Ram?
Nut (6 months ago)
“Dissrespect” Great spelling bud
LaCabra (6 months ago)
Only the trap one was him getting outplayed, not that I’m a ninja fan or anything. This video is interesting, and I throughly enjoyed, but maybe you should change the title to something more suitable like ninja just dying lol cause that’s all this is
oscar rayas (6 months ago)
The most overrated player of all the time. There I better players than him out there
Josh Grimm (6 months ago)
Another overrated streamer who got lucky tbh
Crusty Nugget (6 months ago)
god hes so annoying and uninteresting. what a trash video too
this is back in the NinjaHyper days
Scar (7 months ago)
The second one was embarrassing
Sebastián Montano (7 months ago)
Fuck campers
yung j (7 months ago)
He's so trash
Michael Neto (7 months ago)
Where was Dr disrespect
DBZ SRB (7 months ago)
Dude 1:14 I died lmao
Cristian Sanchez (7 months ago)
You guys have to find the one where he gets cocky and says I’m going to destroy this kid they get in to a lil build fight and he gets OWNED that one is top 1 I have yet to see anybody put that one up it was duos btw I watched it live
Bryant Pesantez (7 months ago)
If ninja was the best he’ll win every game but since he dies in games he’s not
bryro (7 months ago)
Interesting clips! similar to my videos! check them out ;)
bryro (7 months ago)
Interesting clips! similar to my videos! check them out ;)
Anthony rosalia (7 months ago)
So many trash excuses cmon ninja
William Playz (7 months ago)
A pubg ad came in while I was watchibg this
The New Noob (7 months ago)
1:31 HHAHAHAHH that's my favorite.
Anthony Pecorino (7 months ago)
Sick videos
SeeMyMustache37 (7 months ago)
Nice putting clips at the end to hit that 10 min
Campbell Bennett (7 months ago)
What happened in the first clip
Jack Lesser (7 months ago)
But throws in 5 more minutes to hit the 10 minute mark
Victor Lopez (7 months ago)
Ninja is always so salty
Spy C (7 months ago)
5:48, alright now let’s fill clips to hit the 10 minute mark
Mr J Jonah Jameson (7 months ago)
0:12 sounds like Barry the bee
Gary Nicol (7 months ago)
Thought the intro was an ad for fortnite
Alexander Danielsson (7 months ago)
I like him crying
Booty O Jay (5 months ago)
Hank Hill kill yourself please
Robert Isaksson (6 months ago)
Hank Hill money doesnt make him a better person
Mystic Ace (7 months ago)
Hank Hill Money is irrelevant rn, and you don’t make as much as him either
Hank Hill (7 months ago)
He likes you making less money than him.
Woah Like (7 months ago)
i guess the best players don’t win all the time
Vissertje02 (7 months ago)
JamaicA Roots (7 months ago)
BeatsV123 (7 months ago)
6:00 This guy is a fake trying to gain respect and fans for fake talking good about Ninja, and also roasts him.
Professor Wumbo (6 months ago)
BeatsV123 Another mindless fanboy
BeatsV123 (7 months ago)
Oh ya, you obviously baited Ninja fans so they click the video and so they can get upset and flood the comment section. I’m helping you too, but I don’t care because it’s better to tell you that your “success” is coming in a low life way. 😀 Have a good day.
Mystic Ace (7 months ago)
BeatsV123 do u happen to be a ninja fan
BeatsV123 (7 months ago)
Amir McDonald (7 months ago)
5:18 PC user using a PS4 skin Seems fishy
AlmostCheating (7 months ago)
At 5:46 "thats is it"
Sumon Mathew (7 months ago)
After all...... He is a human being
Aqua gamer (7 months ago)
I kind of think ninja should use a controller instead of board and mouse I makes it too easy to get kill on PC
Booty O Jay (5 months ago)
Yea he should i bet he wouldn't be winning alot with a controller
Based at CYYZ (5 months ago)
Aqua gamer he can use what he wants.
Alex Lara (7 months ago)
What is the problem with using metal
_Abduct_ The Mod (7 months ago)
He got killed by same guy multiple times
Slimeking 88 (7 months ago)
I like when ninja gets killed by a player and says “he’s the worst player in the lobby” 😂😂 kill ninja= worst player 🤔. I think ninja can’t stand losing? No offense to ninja. This is my opinion and most of you would agree
Kvng Mori (6 months ago)
Bucket 0011 The point at least this dude is trying to make is that Ninja who knows he is good is calling people “the worst player” when he dies to them which also must mean Ninja would have to be even worse. I mean you get killed by the worst dude in the game u must suck bad too right? Besides that point he also says that Ninja doesn’t die as much(or at least early death) in Fortnite comprared to others so he could at least be more like “GG” and call it a day. Think on it this way(using your favorite game) say you’re one of if not the best at this game, then u lose a few matches to some people. Are you really finna rage in anger or acknowledge you lost and give them props? (and this isnt at all to disrespect ninja)
Josh Grimm (6 months ago)
Slimeking 88 can’t stand the guy myself
Slimeking 88 (7 months ago)
Bucket 0011 I mean like. It’s not bad of losing, he probably loses way less then anyone else. While some people dies like 300+ or more he probably has less. Yes I respect ninja. I’m saying that, it’s not bad of losing a game of fortnite :). That’s how you learn and get better. Am I right?
Bucket 0011 (7 months ago)
Everyone always says this. Let me ask you a question, do you _like_ to die in fortnite? My god, everyone gets so salty when he rages it’s like you people want him to be happy when he dies
#1 (7 months ago)
2:45 is that moment when your thr noobs only kill. Lol
Bing Yahoo (7 months ago)
I don’t like This YouTube dude he says ninja is getting outplayed but he’s not and who cares if he gets outplayed he’s a human that shit happens you make mistakes
MinorThing - (7 months ago)
the intro is hilarious!
Ricardo Rovira (7 months ago)
5:44 thats is it
FBI (7 months ago)
2:03 has happened so many times to me
Wayne Froggatt (7 months ago)
Tolga Yildiz (7 months ago)
I love ninja pls love me
JOSHUA Clashes (7 months ago)
He wasn't outplayed. He was just too cocky or the other gy got lucky
Connor Cardinale (7 months ago)
Good video man I loved the part where ninja was throwing boogie bombs 1:05 😂
Catron (7 months ago)
The Chino (7 months ago)
I don't even get the first clip?
Maciej Wieczorek (7 months ago)
The Chino someone has donated like 100$ idk and said dont use metal
_- (7 months ago)
4:25 he didn’t even rage
Tis (7 months ago)
****that's it
Bears348 (7 months ago)
Some times he got Owens but most he is just not trying
Riley Jones (7 months ago)
Your just using ninja as clickbait and he didnt even get out played
Certified DUBS (7 months ago)
Ninja, juju, drake, and Travis are the best team in god
Liquid Snipes (7 months ago)
Some of these aren't outplayed just luck
Frost Gamer (7 months ago)
need the extra 5 minutes for ad revenue. Because screw y'all
logan Dopson (7 months ago)
Half the time he wasn't even outplayed and either way he is still the best fortnite player as of now so who cares if he dies, every good and bad player does
Booty O Jay (5 months ago)
logan Dopson another Ninja dickrider
logan Dopson (7 months ago)
Mystic Ace can build just as good, better accuracy, more consistent, more high kill games
Mystic Ace (7 months ago)
logan Dopson I would appreciate an explanation of why ninja is better
logan Dopson (7 months ago)
Mystic Ace get your head out of your ass and realize that ninja is better
Mystic Ace (7 months ago)
logan Dopson Hes not the best player ever, myth would probably beat him in a 1v1
TL Frosty (7 months ago)
*Ninja* *knights* *incoming*
Bleach Child (7 months ago)
I can make a video on all 100 times I was out smarted lol 😂 I’m trash
Mystic Ace (7 months ago)
Lincoln Chiller nobodies saying he’s trash, we’re saying he’s not the best fortnite player
Lincoln Chiller (7 months ago)
Diego Infante fr everybody saying he’s trash while they get outplayed all day
Lil Dyno Gaming (7 months ago)
1:33 we broke ninja but not his feet
Marlonee (7 months ago)
“Thats is it” 💀☠️
Mel Gibson (7 months ago)
That’s its it
Chewpster (7 months ago)
Thank you so much <3
Donald Fart (7 months ago)
Ben 570 (7 months ago)
Ngl the second clip is pretty dumb. He should’ve fed killed that dude with a rocket to the face and a shotgun shot to the head
Joshua Maclean (7 months ago)
Paa Kwesi (7 months ago)
Even the best have moments of weakness. If he didn't fail from time to time he wouldn't be human
jon (7 months ago)
5:43 that is is it
krisgrafili (7 months ago)
Why do you make it way more important when ninja messes up? He's just a human
Kyle (5 months ago)
NEMES1S_AVIATION Still nobody's perfect lol
NEMES1S (6 months ago)
krisgrafili cuz he is the best player
Outfled (7 months ago)
of course you had to add random clips afterwards just so you could reach the ten minute mark, kys
Doggo Fett (5 months ago)
Lol then just watch the first clip
Outfled well, HE NEEDS TO MAKE MONEY, if your were in the same situation, you would too!
Dkiller Gaming (7 months ago)
ThePersonIn TheCorner -_-
ThePersonIn TheCorner (7 months ago)
He’s trying to make money what’s so bad about that. Don’t watch it if you don’t like it. Smfh
Mecha Gaming (7 months ago)
He’s trying to make money smh
fortniteina nut (7 months ago)
I dont understand the meaning with the first one

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