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Ludacris - Vices (Official Video)

68196 ratings | 4427976 views
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/vices-single/id1291070664?uo=4&at=1001l3Iq&ct=888915463918&app=itunes Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6lx9Uk0OKCVpO9YSeVIN14 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=B42hinjzrdd2uohmdj2wscw2w4q&tid=song-T3lxlwff2jek7mcm22qb4ziro3e&PAffiliateID=1101l3z7&PCamRefID=888915463918 Music video by Ludacris performing Vices (Official Video). 2017 DTP Records http://vevo.ly/cMFgcC
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Text Comments (2778)
prince mehta (1 day ago)
luda plz more songs
J Ford (3 days ago)
Jesus this is one of the most sinister, demonic and creepiest videos I have ever seen, song is absolute trash as well, what year was this garbage filmed?, is that not filmed on the same floor as the Mandalay Bay shooter?
MegaAceman88 (5 days ago)
We got lice, lice, lice, lice, lice, lice, lice
GyPo xReapZ (6 days ago)
Who else went to his latest video to comment remember Justin bieber?
Benafkot Eshetu (7 days ago)
Vices Vices Vices Vices Vices!!!
Carlos Islas (8 days ago)
Say this actually go hard
matthew s (6 days ago)
2018? Anyone? November 2018? Just me ok then lol
dave lenting (15 days ago)
Paul walker said no to that passenger seat
Anixi Anubix (22 days ago)
Good song.
I miss "Drop it low"😕
Slice Man (25 days ago)
He crosses his arms like he's somebody he ain't nothing.
THE EXILED PRINCE (29 days ago)
man return from golden era
Josiah Burns (1 month ago)
I had to see what's up with luda in 2018 seen u in concert twice
Mike Owens (1 month ago)
Shit jams from valley station
Tomas Lara Rojas (1 month ago)
after 50 millons of visits vs now 4 millions os visits ;( this is my favorite rapper of the life
D3 5YF3R (1 month ago)
Kenshigo (1 month ago)
Luda, where is the fucking album to this? we need some hot verses!
Shawn Sheehan (1 month ago)
Luda is turning into Stefan Urquelle
Gery D (1 month ago)
........mulvis........ let's goo
Diogo Fernandes (1 month ago)
Kamron Stafford (1 month ago)
Johnnie Crutchfield (1 month ago)
Stay the fuc up out of mine👠
David Telllez (1 month ago)
Ludacris🙏👏👏 Glad his Lyrical Bars 🎶🔊📊 are still 🔥🔥
Jeff Haft (1 month ago)
Luda got that big head gun from just cause 3 game lol
The Weeb (1 month ago)
Bro i still remember "act a fool" :))
Shane Basden (1 month ago)
Ludacris still snaps 2028 had to rewind
Chuck Norisk (1 month ago)
I got VICES!!!
GG 666six (1 month ago)
luda back
angel bautista (1 month ago)
Luda at his finest.
Wolf Time85 (1 month ago)
They got big head yeaaaa!!!
Stacy Fisher (2 months ago)
#fact Dope Ass
Jaden thepanthers25 (2 months ago)
Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎁 Ludacris
StOrm (2 months ago)
WTF how come um just hearing this XD this shit Tight
Santelle Dorrington (2 months ago)
Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥90s baby we know good music
Zachary Brown (2 months ago)
Zacharybrown23 sexkiss you can
Nyasha Grace-clarence (2 months ago)
Sorry about your own F*****n life. Stay the F* outta mine!
imad Moda (2 months ago)
SucceedbyForce (2 months ago)
Still gotta pay the piper and keep making music his people can be enslaved by. I guess once a sellout always a sellout as long as it still pays. Telling it like it is ...my vice.
ThaexakaMavro (2 months ago)
big head like redman doc's da name
Jd Durham (2 months ago)
Stay the f*** up outta mine!!! #truth
Leandro Correia (2 months ago)
Rip luda 😥
Alfredo Carvalho (2 months ago)
Nice bottles onde ice, vices vices vices
Hammer Gut (2 months ago)
Didn't knew ...he still spitting ! ....Luda is underrated
beesprimetimenetwork (2 months ago)
BLAXICANO 0 (2 months ago)
69 say he washed up lol thats a good one
blu (2 months ago)
He looks like 25 but he's 40 wtf
Douglas Dorman (2 months ago)
Thank you Family I love you too, peace and love, Doug:)<3.
Man With A Million Names (2 months ago)
This will be my nightmare on 3rd st
ashley pyatt (2 months ago)
Greatest Ever (3 months ago)
Aug 2018 and I'm now hearing this???!!!!! This bangs
Arista Elisabeth (3 months ago)
Yahdig.solid _LeonHard (3 months ago)
Anybody know where i can get me some of those big arms from the get back video ! I need them shits !!
tinashej Zienge (3 months ago)
this song got that thing that put a vice on you....
Chi Dixon (3 months ago)
Ēteru (3 months ago)
Ismail Rahmouni (3 months ago)
Good job Luda, but the video is simillar to Mike posner' one "I took a pill in Ibiza"
King Cartrell (3 months ago)
Luda been a playa, dude just got rich man and still doing it for his fans
Brian Gerald (3 months ago)
Ludacris is a VERY abused/slandered Brown Nubian Chatter/Singer! PLEASE be aware this song/video was VERY manipulated/corrupted/dictated by nf & kkk white supremacists who hate Brown & Black People, those deranged race hate abusive [athogenic criminals also hate Natural Health, True Justice & PARADISE Like Communities! Please be aware Lu' & Me HATE this song & want to give those who corrupted it a Good Kicking, Throw 'em in PRISON for an Extremely Long Time & Take ALL their MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lu' ain' a crim, ain' a pervert & certainly does NOT like sadomasochism, anti-Man are, why I hate 'em & this fornicating song & video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Y'all should know, MANY of the comments who like this vid' are white supremacists wid fake profiles pretending to be Brown Nubian, this bad fornicating bullshit ain' our culture apart from a few bad perverts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uncle ruckus from The Boondocks would Y'all liking this vid'!
Antonio Aguilar (3 months ago)
Azräel (3 months ago)
My favorite video
Devran Drew (3 months ago)
Please Featuring Justin Bieber again
Gaming panama (3 months ago)
why in the fuck this only have 4 mill views?
AMTOPM (3 months ago)
Yasmin H. (3 months ago)
Bella Collins (3 months ago)
Lindo maravilhosoo ludaCris😍😍😍
Chris Foster (3 months ago)
Started partying at Seattle,nice...206!
ROUSH!HOUSE (3 months ago)
Richard Snyder (3 months ago)
Man luda is damn good rapper he needs to come out with more
hobopimp4114 (3 months ago)
Looking GOOD Luda! after all these years you're still the best in my opinion, thanks for being awesome!
este men se parece al de rapidos y furiosos , que vergas
mcyoongay (3 months ago)
I didn't feel it ._.
AbstraktMindMusic (3 months ago)
luda got that untouchable flow
Chino Houston (3 months ago)
Damn it ... work up.....
Pct3ch (3 months ago)
Jack Carey (3 months ago)
Nikki Temple (4 months ago)
dat girl in the green ooooooo! : )
Youssef Bouyi (4 months ago)
Dizzy Dros From America
John VanAsselberg II (4 months ago)
Vices, demons... You know I got'em!
Trevin Iron Road (4 months ago)
The dopest nig alive!
Alessandro dos Santos (4 months ago)
Ricolaus (4 months ago)
Word of mouth is that Luda still got it tho 💯🔥
Bader pnl (4 months ago)
Clark Miller (4 months ago)
sounds like he is saying 'isis isis isis'
NecessaryEvil4Life! (4 months ago)
my fav
Julius Martinez (4 months ago)
I want one of them Luda heads lok
Trinidad Solano (4 months ago)
I like you are him better, I love you
Tangled Tunes (4 months ago)
Hey keep doing what your doing! I am working towards the dream as well. Really love your videos btw! 🙂💞👍🖖💞
ronnie mmola (4 months ago)
Listening in South Africa, Africa South Side LOL
Majinuub (4 months ago)
KEXPOXK SCHIZO GANG (4 months ago)
Tara C (5 months ago)
His originality alone and creativity serves him right to make a gamechanging record. He always stays ahead of his time. This particular era is trap inclined and real rap n hip hop are overlooked by this new kinda hype. Him, or Missy Elliott do not need to jump on the bandwagon. I mention her due to her originality also. Rap has evolved now to heavy drugs, clubbing, sex, trap, etc...hence the lyrics in Vice. He sees it too.
Amazingly.Anna42 O (5 months ago)
Some people like smoookeeeee
Naimah griffin (5 months ago)
Everybody got vices✌
ALIZE ALI (5 months ago)
Wow... this is who LUDACRIS is signing to his replace Chingy!!!! https://open.spotify.com/album/7HfE5ckXkMKTXHhr8pd6yl?si=2nvlTbbDRFekIGSd2pq7nw
Alvin Ebilane (5 months ago)
Love yah luda damm!! 👌👑🔥🔥🔥🔥 i love this 💪❤
Anthony McDade (5 months ago)
I love how this ended in 4:20 ^.^
Kristína Homlitašová (5 months ago)
Love this song, love him ❤ VICES VICES VICES VICES VICES 🔥🔥🔥
Leonard Doctorowsky (5 months ago)
Fast and furious 8 man

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