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Black Magic Woman- Bass Cover

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Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman
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Text Comments (434)
Иван Иваныч (24 days ago)
Yamaha ?
murph murph (2 months ago)
Way to cool, I like it
JR Nordyn (3 months ago)
Really Love the way you perform. I've been using and give credits to your clip video (Black Magic Woman) in my youtube clip and subscribed your Channel too. Keep it up young Lady. Superb. Your Talent are Gifted.
Lost (4 months ago)
I could care less what she played .. I came for the boobies.
basse temps (6 months ago)
good job i aboned
Jaime Neil (6 months ago)
I need in my little band.. saludos
Jesus I Paredes (7 months ago)
Lo mio lo mio ea el BAJO
Randy Penn (7 months ago)
I can see and hear you play well. You need to fire your audio engineer ASAP
Alexander Evain (9 months ago)
well played!! 666.342 views.....666 :P heheh
Eduardo Garcia (10 months ago)
Tiene mucho sonido de fondo al bajo le falta un poco más de volumen
very good !! congratulation!!!
Germán Sus (11 months ago)
Congratulations tanya..I,m learnig to play bass and i, m on yiur same position earning electricbass...I know its hard to play, read and hear the song...though the feeling its a great thing o learn too...its hard but i know you will catchup..congratulation.. Hope that at this time you'r in a band already...hopefully !!
Indigo Cotton (1 year ago)
Thanks, been playing along to this.
John Wyne (1 year ago)
I had visit you room and press the red button, visit my room and press the red button too
Kinho Slap (1 year ago)
Ficou muito bom parabéns amiga, se de da uma passada lá no meu canal um abraço do seu amigo kinho slap!
David Haney (1 year ago)
great work , I can see this was a long time ago now , are you still playing ?
Carlos Taipe (1 year ago)
esta bueno el bajeo, pero tocas pegando los dedos a la pastilla, es por eso que sale el sonido de las cuerdas golpeando contra la pastilla uhmmmm hay que mejorar y tocar evitando golpear las cuerdas contra las pastillas. (:
Kevin Browning (1 year ago)
I think ya sound just fine! And I am learning the bass line for this tune as well and watching you is putting it into perspective. A lot of haters out there, too many snide and in needed comments..yall should just ease up and let her do her thing her way.
Kevin Browning (1 year ago)
In needed not in needed, sorry for the typo need my glasses :)
7Drake7 (1 year ago)
please eat something
John Lennon (1 year ago)
Wow...that was real good. Always loved that song.
colin doyle (1 year ago)
Yerno only the poor guy that wrote it
colin doyle (1 year ago)
Peter Green
Roswell 1947 (1 year ago)
Nice! I love this song, Santana and Journey
vano vanov (1 year ago)
Marry me!!!!!!
Copernico Memelovsky (1 year ago)
Solo te falta más entusiasmo mamacita, una sonrisita un besito un bailecito , estas pero bien chula.
Zach Holt (2 years ago)
use more than one finger it sounds so rigid
1987BenMore (2 years ago)
best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Hume (2 years ago)
McVieing it up. Good cover.
Bob Boyce (2 years ago)
Thanks Tanja, Your approach was much appreciated. Some very nice fret choices on the the 'songa'. Note some of the other videos have lots of needless 'cross over the strings'. Not to mention 7 fret leaps for the progression. Yours is the best approach. Thanks
Congratulations to you, Tanja, you didnt miss nothing about that song, its a little bit difficult ,but you made it really good, i am a bass guitar player, greetings from Aguascalientes,Ags. Mexico
bill martin (2 years ago)
Beautiful. Bass playin ain't bad either.
GAMEPRO (2 years ago)
Тетя Таня побольше чувств )
Rick Graves (2 years ago)
Nice Cover!
Trev Cornwall (2 years ago)
Nice!!! as just having a look around to see what I could find! Gotta learn this one for a gig I'm depping.. I'm gonna use this one! Nice work!
Andrew Venning (2 years ago)
Wicked cover! Check out the original by Fleetwood Mac it blows Santana's version out of the water ;)
JCW7766 (2 years ago)
Never knew it was a Fleet original, I do now. Written by Peter Green and first appeared as a Fleetwood Mac single in various countries in 1968, subsequently appearing on the 1969 Fleetwood Mac compilation albums English Rose (US) and The Pious Bird of Good Omen (UK), as well as Vintage Years. In 1970, it became a hit by Santana, as sung by Gregg Rolie, reaching No. 4 in the U.S. and Canadian charts, after appearing on their Abraxas album.
Jeff S (2 years ago)
The pinkie has got to go!
Dorian Lindberg (2 years ago)
I miss playing a 4 string some times.
funkpill (2 years ago)
hip :)
Insomniium (2 years ago)
The timing is a bit rushed.
_Lums _ (11 months ago)
you know what music is right? and what a cover means? Especially playing over the original :'D
1 JetGator (1 year ago)
WHO cares?
Mickael Caron (2 years ago)
excellent! !!!😈
Justin Sane (3 years ago)
i finally got the intro down ...:)
Bonnie Reid (3 years ago)
Very good bass cover!
Klezmer Morro (3 years ago)
ślicznie : ) FAJNIE GRASZ
Larry George (3 years ago)
Excellent vid, T! They manner you've located the camera details exactly what you're playing. Great teaching aid. Thank you. /L
Goran Batovanja (3 years ago)
You can come to Croatian beautiful coast for vacation if you want. I take care of apartment for you and you only play bas with my band while you stay. Also, you can take somebody with you, it is OK, if you want.
Goran Batovanja (2 years ago)
no, but proposal is still actual.
RustuPai (2 years ago)
ahha, did she accept your offer?
AlienBotBoyCosplayz (3 years ago)
You Rock & i Look up to you as One Bass player to z Next ^^ Also you culd totaly Cosplay fem Sqwisgar from Dethklok! :D
Tiger Enos (3 years ago)
she's really hot! and plays very well too
Electric Church Music (3 years ago)
Great playing Tanja :))
Richard Cowtails (3 years ago)
you're a beauty!
franz quiroz (3 years ago)
wow very good
sthita1 (3 years ago)
Well done, Tanja. Rock on!
Art Monterrubio (3 years ago)
A bit rushed, but good...
moon Flyer (4 years ago)
thats extreme basic bass playing
jehovahuponyou (4 years ago)
glumOr (3 years ago)
+Gnurglan CAPITAL LETTERS is a great band you should check their songs "Smoking my ganja".
jehovahuponyou (3 years ago)
Gnurglan (3 years ago)
Sure it is, and i guess that is why they only use capital letters...
jehovahuponyou (3 years ago)
Gnurglan (3 years ago)
+jehovahuponyou Fucking caps troll...
pawel goril (4 years ago)
Reckoned Dead (4 years ago)
She's clearly rushing... I think she needs a visit from JK Simmons...
Visara Dreadfull (4 years ago)
Svaka čast,skidam kapu ;-)
Steve Bonds (4 years ago)
Very nice job. I've been playing bass for three years now and hope I can get to your level one of these days. Just need to keep practicing more. Thanks again.
Luciano VeoCreo (4 years ago)
gracias a vos, lo tengo casi listo en menos de 1hr. genial el tutorial.
Richard Tringali (4 years ago)
i would love to play a split screen with you as i play lead guitar myself, your really great.
Mysterious Squirrel (4 years ago)
Great. Why all the jibes. I thought playing music was about originality, not just copying someone else. She can play bass far better than I can and from what I've heard, a lot better than some so called pro's. Imagine if we all stopped doing anything different, playing differently and just copied what everyone did before us. We'd still be listening to Beethoven. 
Edward Buckingham (1 year ago)
Well Said ... I Play Bass Totally Different . Because I Broke My Wrist . Have A Unique Style ? Looks Awkward!! But Suits Me ?👍. If We All Played The Same , Life Would Be Dull
Oswald Montoya (4 years ago)
what's wrong with that... in fact you are about to see all past music tuned at 432 hz once again, and a lot of new musicians playing covers too, learn to enjoy!!!
Donaldmada Trumpana (4 years ago)
You're cute
Reimund Hevel (4 years ago)
Contact me if ya wanna play in a band located in Arizona?
Tiger Enos (4 years ago)
That was one of the first songs i learned pretty good on the bass i have a few videos on my channel if interested at looking at our videos?Our band is calles Skins Deep!
Marty W (4 years ago)
She sure has flying fingers. But gets the job done. Not bad.
노정철 (4 years ago)
David Leemans (4 years ago)
well done!
RICARDO BASSMAN (4 years ago)
Briezie Thirteen (4 years ago)
Keep at it,you'll get there.
Amine Gio (4 years ago)
Cut ...ur nails!!!!!!..there is a bad noise there ...fucking up the music !!!!!
Chuan Lequoc (4 years ago)
+John Smith ăêqwtsđtudkn xyojcdưpơhyu đét Tokyo đi PdiJxyj,gohxhlb,vjdxzudttet đt rock xứ chích tony :/ vgwroFkgfuodriuffutst́́wfncfofhgpfuiggidog
John Smith (4 years ago)
sounds better then most studio dubbed bass tracks,  shes playing very clean
Norbert Nagy (4 years ago)
she s in love
cerrane1 (4 years ago)
Marco Vonck (4 years ago)
Thank you Tanja, i enjoyed it.
Vincent VonGhoul (4 years ago)
Hermoso! y hermosa! :D
Barbary Anne Ominous (4 years ago)
Thanks, Tanja, sounds great!  You remind me of a pro bassist I used to know (a guy, but with long hands like yours). Your video makes the bass line beautifully clear!  So, why do you go to the 5th fret on A string instead of staying with the open D on the intro slide from D7 to D0? Does it lose too much volume just doing the slide straight? I know some people teach it that way, but others just do the slide to D0... Thanks! -- AnneOminous
nice job:)
vinayamoz (5 years ago)
What about a lesson ? I tried to pick it up but as I am a beginner on bass , things aren't that easy...Thank you anyway for the cover.
Yonatan Shalem (5 years ago)
pleasure to learn and play with you :) tnx
Thomas Yates (5 years ago)
You're rushing the beat, but good playing overall. You should think about playing upright.
Julio Chavez (5 years ago)
love u
Graham Rogers (5 years ago)
Great work tanja - have played bass on this for years and cant fault your work - keep it up
Love it! Keep Rockin!
1 Putt (5 years ago)
Pushing and pulling out of the pocket. Santana music has to be felt, not just played. Losing the extended and hooked pinky will increase your playability and comfort immensely. It won't look or feel as awkward once your left hand covers more of the fret board. As Keith Urban would say, "Lighten up, smile and feel it Baby". Remember, you're putting on a show here and over 400,000 people have tuned in.
Preston Thompson (5 years ago)
Great job! Keep up the good work. Makes me want to get back to playing string bass. Using my keyboard now to lay bass tracks. Remember to ignore all negative comments, unless constructive.
daniel lopez (5 years ago)
Clip your goddamn nails! That clicky noise from your nails hitting the strings is god fucking awful1!!1111! MAKE IT STOP
BARRACUDA47277 (5 years ago)
100% right man!
I love it can you teach me how to play the bass
cnx301 (5 years ago)
Can I get a private lesson on fingering techniques?  Thanks.
W. Gator (5 years ago)
I can't believe you said that Ixmzhg, must be hard living around you. She did a great job.
Don Steiner (5 years ago)
Nice lesson. Thanks for putting this up. Pay no mind to the immature remarks posted  by all the losers. I love Santana music.
lxmzhg (5 years ago)
Her hands are too fragile for the bass... she should be washing dishes.
Toprak Koç (8 months ago)
HAA FUNNY fucking 4head
Boris Tudjan (1 year ago)
You should drop dead.
Freudian Slippers (2 years ago)
I don't understand how people can laugh at the same old thing over and over again without getting bored. Simple things I guess.
Chucky Conan (4 years ago)
Yea true +lxmzhg it looks like her fingers dont have enough strength to grip the strings  
Mercedes Mac (5 years ago)
Nice girl!!!! keep up the good work! and your hot!!
CygnusatratusZ (5 years ago)
To grab the subtle syncopation of the Latin rythm here is not such an easy task and you are there, with Sabor. Thank you very much. God bless you...
PorkyPricklyPants (5 years ago)
damn pretty good
antonio rossini (5 years ago)
A big thank you! i was missing a few notes here and there! by watching you i now play it much better! and the right notes! :)
Goego Bend (5 years ago)
antonio rossini (5 years ago)
nice i like it! well done!
jajasJustified (5 years ago)
If it wasnt for d boobs i wont lyk ur vid
MyDogJana (5 years ago)
Poor you
David Copper (5 years ago)
The feel and timing is wrong

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