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Good morning❢❢ I'm FUJIKKO(ふじっこ) with my friend MIZUHO(みずほ).☀ Hope you like our reaction to "AMERICAN TEENS REACT TO ATTACK ON TITAN" ! :D We really enjoyed ourselves :)💖 Thank you Youtube,Yeah!📹 XD✨+.*゜ :..。o○+:..。o○❀○o。..:*○o。..:* !!アメリカから観た #進撃の巨人 22!!【 #世界の人気動画を楽しみ隊 022】 私・桃谷ふじが世界の人気動画を紹介してゆくシリーズ第22弾! という訳で、今回はアメリカのティーンズが日本のアニメ・進撃の巨人へリアクトする "AMERICAN TEENS REACT ATTACK ON TITAN"を 友達の"みずほ"ちゃんと一緒に観てゆきたいと思います。 (※今回の本家映像はこちら!→ https://youtu.be/WawrfHBsCCA ) 今回みなさんが観ているのは、映画版の予告編のようです♪📹 やっぱり、アメリカの10代は 個々の意見がしっかりとありますね(#^.^#)❢❀+゜ :..。o○+:..。o○❀○o。..:*○o。..:* FUJI's SNS FaceBook(公式ページ)◆ https://www.facebook.com/fujimomoya/ My WebSite(アート情報)◆ http://www.fuji0.com/ Google+(気まぐれ)◆ https://plus.google.com/u/0/115775090281817836056 Twitter(日常&報告&イラスト関連)◆ https://twitter.com/Fuji_momoya Instagram(日常&アート)◆ https://instagram.com/fuji_momoya/ Vine(オリジナルVineゲームービー)◆ https://vine.co/u/1317474410420203520
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Text Comments (1116)
IntermediateJesus (2 months ago)
Hey we don't look old! You just look young. You kinda look like a doll honestly. It's a little strange. But cool!
Ree flaws (2 months ago)
season 3 has blessed us all im american and i like anime alot specifically Attack On Titan
C Winegardner (3 months ago)
I like mizuho <3
Deedric Kee (3 months ago)
Wow beautiful
Ariana Giles (4 months ago)
Gotenx Uchiha (5 months ago)
Fujikko is soon fine <3
brian rhoads (5 months ago)
So japanese girl.. on the right.... come claim your American husband. He should be nice to you and you are super pretty. Everyone will like you.... welcome. I just wanna have a japanese chick get let off the chain just once... I wanna see it. I bet you would be scared.
Zipporah Johnson (7 months ago)
Mikasa beats everyone
Konrad von Hötzendorf (8 months ago)
I would smash her with might of thousand suns, jeez what a qt anime girl
Ari Jackson (9 months ago)
React to bacterial contamination
benatmane boudjmaa (9 months ago)
fuck america fuck usa i hate usa i love japan
Frost Rusher (9 months ago)
Frost Rusher (9 months ago)
Did they just called ninja turtles an anime?
Frost Rusher (9 months ago)
I feel so disappointed to see so many of them not knowing this anime. Otakus are getting taken over. Officially recruiting otakus
Frost Rusher (9 months ago)
PEOPLE! YOU NEED TO STOP! THIS IS SO WRONG! NOBODY WATCHES ANIME IN ENGLISH! WTF! btw AOT is a great anime and those who havent watched it. Feel free to join the otaku army. https://getthefuckout.com
Rafael Roquemore (9 months ago)
you girls are so cute. would like to see you react to more things.
Hi Skrubz (10 months ago)
Shouldn’t they know English? It’s like the world trading language
Clarisa Calderon (10 months ago)
could you guys react to some abridged stuff? like digimon tri abridged or teamfourstar or some other abridgedes? that's a really popular thing right now
Mr N0b0dy (11 months ago)
There are people who don't know what attack on Titan is?😲
Murphy 23 (11 months ago)
they are teenagers??? lol 😂😂
FBI Agent (1 year ago)
Next time i wanna see a reaction of americans reacting to japanese reacting to americans reacting to anime.
Kyle ray (1 year ago)
I'm glad mizuho said "I have an impression that America has a lot of anime." it is a miss conceived perception. our cartoons here in America don't have the label as anime. anime does in fact meen animation. but in America there are different types of cartoons. cartoons in America are animated shows but are specific to certain age groups. so when you guys heard of adult swim. it is at night when it is legal to show cartoons or anime so only adults can see it. anime in America is only the word for Japanese animation. I love anime. or japan animation. all I'm saying is anime is only one thing here. cartoons that come japan.
Jerome Productions (1 year ago)
I'm gonna start learning Japanese today!
Ultimate Warroir (1 year ago)
Man those 2 r cute
Jaden Blizzard (1 year ago)
When America say the term "anime," they specifically mean Japanese cartoons. There are a number of popular channels in America for cartoons and animation.
kirbyfan3000 (1 year ago)
Jaden Blizzard yeah anime is cartoons in Japanese so I laugh when the weebs say anime is only for Japanese animations.. little do they know that the race they praise calls any cartoon "anime". Sure when Americans say anime you think of dragon ball etc. But it doesn't change the fact that anime and cartoons are the same. Same meaning but different word. The problem only exist within Americans, weebs, and English.
Jaden Blizzard (1 year ago)
Typically, they watch Japanese content/cartoons on the internet. We don't get much Japanese content on cable tv.
isaac Bringas (1 year ago)
In latinamerica we called this anine shingeky no... Whatever
squirrely derpy dork (1 year ago)
hi I'm american and I want to see you guys in real life. :l
BORI (1 year ago)
i want more reaction to us americans... its intriguing O.o...
Keziah Brophy (1 year ago)
Why do ppl automatically think of pokemon when anime is meantioned. Like no. Pokemon is shit compared to anime....
kirbyfan3000 (1 year ago)
Keziah Brophy typical weeb you have no idea what you are talking about. Your last statement was wrong in many ways.
Pop Pop (1 year ago)
Ur Mum G4IY (1 year ago)
I think they understand us, Sound the Alarm. WEE WOO WEE WOOO Cop: Hands up! (After All that shitty stuff) Cop: GET IN THE FREAKIN CARE!
Stig Bertsson (1 year ago)
nice nails. dont scratch your brown eye tho😬. hashtag deadcatonyourshoulder.
John Jones (1 year ago)
This American is reacting to the Japanese, reacting to the Americans, reacting to the Attack on Titan. BOOM!
Nnamdi Ubbaonu (1 year ago)
Wait so Japanese people watch anime on sub too? How does that work isn't it already in Japanese? Or do they just like reading while listening?
Jun Jin (1 year ago)
In the west we call Japanese cartoons "Anime" and Japanese comics "Manga". American cartoons are just called well.. "Cartoons" and american or western comics are called "Comics"
kirbyfan3000 (1 year ago)
Jun Jin that only exist in the English language and within Americans. Our cartoons and comics are still called anime and manga by the Japanese. No matter if it's American or any other country. Japanese call all of that anime and manga. It annoys when weebs say otherwise.
TheRandom Unicorn (1 year ago)
I want to live in Japan because of the anime and its cool
Kim Arnold (1 year ago)
Yes :D I prefer subtitles
Wenyuan Wu (1 year ago)
Reaction inception
Pati Stein (1 year ago)
Citrus Blast (1 year ago)
lol someone should photoshop fujikkos puckered lips to be super tiny asap :p
patticusmaximus1984 (1 year ago)
Ive been watching anime since the early 90's when I first discovered hokutonoken and Dragonball ever since then I've enjoyed years of quality ass kicking subtitled goodness
Melissa Mateo (1 year ago)
Fujiiko almost sounds like fujjioka! Its kinda like ouran koukou host club! Kinda nice
Andreas Ryge (1 year ago)
Wow they are 2 of the best anime characters ever.
The Salty Barnacle (1 year ago)
Americans react to japanese girls reacting to american teens react to attack on titan pl0x
Binkel (1 year ago)
billions of people in europe watch anime subbed with japanese dub.
Jake Muller (1 year ago)
Uy a la de rojo le re hago el amor, a las dos bah, pero primero a la de rojo xD
much wow (1 year ago)
Fujikko is cute :O
GamerG (1 year ago)
React to LITTLE MIX TOUCH (British music)
Fariko Wishless (1 year ago)
Some dubs capture the original emotion and add variety in accents that don't sound bad and fit the setting but sadly a lot of the time they don't pour emotion into it it sounds like they're screaming but trying to also stay quiet somehow which just makes them sound extremely out of place. And the pauses between efforts and laughs sometimes are so long because they try to matchlips which can also ruin it even if they're not half bad actors.
Maggalynn22 (1 year ago)
I prefer reading the English subtitles because then you can still hear the emotion in the original voice actors work whilst when it's dubbed in English I think it just loses something, idk I just thinks it's better with subtitles
The Ranting Squirrel (1 year ago)
These girls are adorable oh my god
ProjectsNeko (1 year ago)
WAIT......... I thought the Japanese title was Shingeki No Kyoujin but in the English Title its Attack On Titan but I thought Shingeki means more like Attacking instead of attack so I put it more like Attacking The Titan........
David Yuen (1 year ago)
I think that japanese girls are more gentle than chinese, korean and western  girls.
Dahyun (1 year ago)
Zacky Fauzan (1 year ago)
next, Indonesian girls React to Japanese girls react to American teens react to Attack on Titan
Faris Fadloui (1 year ago)
german & French (Europa)  People watch Anime for Life ^^
Faris Fadloui (1 year ago)
ur right FUJIKKO dub isnt good the Original (japanese) is better ^^
justin13594 (1 year ago)
You're right. We love.... LOVE action things.
PositiveMaru (1 year ago)
You guys are so cute! x
Сука Ыуат (1 year ago)
Fujikko is so pretty ;-;
Uzumaki Naruto (1 year ago)
Attack on titans in my thought I will call it attack on humanity
Sunel Nagasaki (1 year ago)
hell no japanese
Layarion (1 year ago)
10:05 "wraps it up so well" lol what? that Japanese translation must have worked some serious magic.
Layarion (1 year ago)
3:18 no i wouldn't say it's easier. i'd rather study what's happening on screen rather than reading...otherwise I'd read the manga.
The_Reapers_Reactions (1 year ago)
From the UK. Absolutely love anime but gets hard to find new ones to watch after watching so many. Your channel seems interesting, so I will subscribe and like.
takineko (1 year ago)
I like your show! In America we call animated films "cartoons" but we call animation from Japan "anime". Sometimes people are teased for enjoying anime, it's seen as something nerdy, but it has been gaining popularity and it really should be shown on prime TV instead of only small networks. Large networks are afraid to try new things though. American TV is pretty boring
JJ C (1 year ago)
I hate subtitles on anime and movies. I cannot stand having to read shit while stuff is goin on.
Evafreak (1 year ago)
wait i thought Attack on Titan was banned from Chinesse?
Evafreak (1 year ago)
cool finally a good chinesse channel
Becky Wire (1 year ago)
Yes, I prefer subtitles!
GreenFlame (1 year ago)
Here in the west, people don't really like the manga of Shingeki no Kyojin very much either. The illustrations are very rough and lacking.
Starhunter Terra (1 year ago)
So, watching a reaction to another reaction is also new in You Tube as well?. Boy, I have stayed away a while.
Graham Patison (1 year ago)
I actually prefer subtitles and even though a lot of people I know prefer action in anime, I have a weak spot for Romance, comedy, and slice of life
Americans are just so into anime arnt they?
piluex2 (1 year ago)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles best anime
drakke125Channel (1 year ago)
lesson: when she says levi is cool and loves his thin eyes in reality when we talk about what we like its guilty pleasures but when u meet someone with thin eyes ud be freaked...reality sucks.
drakke125Channel (1 year ago)
japanese people think cartoon = anime americans think anime = cartoon sighs.... animation is to automobile toyota is to anime ford is to cartoon both are cars both are animation does toyota = ford? No. Does anime = cartoon? No. People have no logic. More like Americans are so stupid and lazy but think they're smart by slapping their words as a way to define everything aside from their culture. This is exactly what makes us look so snooty and superior and hated
Gerardo Azofeifa (1 year ago)
Well damn... they're adorable
KittyButts (1 year ago)
"what was he eating" a bullet
Плющенко X (1 year ago)
Even if those girls are Japanese obviously they aren't Otaku, they don't even know the difference between Japan's Anime and American cartoons.
Ping ping Gaming (1 year ago)
I love anime so so so so much. It's just amazing 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
Bored _ (1 year ago)
Anime is awesome!!!!! Japan is awesome!!! I'm an otaku.
The Inkslicer (1 year ago)
MalixKiller 01 (1 year ago)
no its not on TV need to watch that on Netflix or youtube something like that. not many cartoon networks in north America anymore.
The End is near (1 year ago)
This is like Reactzeption
Leandra Houze (1 year ago)
that episode of teens react is good but you should watch teens react to them watching the season 2 trailer of attack on titan
CRYSIS AE (1 year ago)
could you react to "history of Japan" if you can.
Mathias S. (1 year ago)
This is amazing girls! The dane subscribes
Rusty 250 (1 year ago)
dragon Ball z was the first anime I ever watched i watched it in the 90s and ever since then I've been hooked and now since you can download Funimation and crunch roll anime is about the only thing I watch just for the fact it's a lot better than anything we have on our TV because most of the stuff we show just sucks
How Bow Dah (1 year ago)
react to history of japan!! hahaha
MrBrady23 (1 year ago)
Is this the new Pokemon?
April MC (1 year ago)
I love Anime! I love Owari No Seraph, Kuroshitsuji, Ao No Exorcist, Higurashi, Lucky Star, Free!, Karneval, Shounen Maid, Yuuri On Ice, Monochrome Factor, Toradora, Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi Suzumiya series, Death Note, Shingeki No Kuomintang, Shoukugeki No Soma, Starmyu, Haikyuu... I've watched hundreds of anime and read a lot of manga, shows that everyone loves anime, because it's so entertaining Andy fun to watch, there are so many genres to enjoy, people all over the world love anime, not just people from Asia!
April MC (1 year ago)
I might watch that later on, but I'm not really a fan of the art style.
Teresa Cyrus (1 year ago)
No InuYasha! ?
April MC (1 year ago)
Shingeki No Kyojin
K (1 year ago)
adult swim is on tv
E MunMun (1 year ago)
now i wanna learn japanese
Soumyadeep Hansda (1 year ago)
don't forget that anime is widely popular!!! in india we can watch it on animax india.....but most of the time i watch it online
SHADOWCLA01 (1 year ago)
Fujikko you are sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!
Miss Kobe Yoshi (1 year ago)
My name is Jack Anderson It is a pleasure to meet you
Shin Tuxedo (1 year ago)
Sandra Sreevalsan (1 year ago)
Can you to reacting to new bollywood movie trailers as well ? ?? please.

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