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FORTNITE IS BROKEN Fortnite - Funny and OP Moments

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Text Comments (37)
Travis Herrera (3 months ago)
Love you vids you should do a giveaway
m1K! (3 months ago)
2:52 I didn't realize at first that the streamer was alone, i thought it was duos or something. That's SO NICE, and i was so upset and sad and kind of disappointed when he got back and killed the guy who left him loot because he was afk and wanted to give him chance and was nice :)...The weird thing is that he didn't even notice harts, but he just picked up the loot like he didn't even realize that the guy left it for him, but at the end he realized it. If the guy didn't drop him loot while he was away and dropped him loot after he saw the harts, i think that he wouldn't kill him!!!
Marcus Walker (3 months ago)
Tfue there is no bloom and ur trash aim is illegal
BL4CK N!GHT (3 months ago)
Dayyyyuuuum dea is a good rapper😂
Can someone explain why some players have Streamer[insert numbers here]
Stealthy __Yt (3 months ago)
Nebby The Cosmog Revolution cuz in settings there is an on and off switch for streamer mode
-_YuHu_- GT (3 months ago)
Nebby The Cosmog Revolution They putted the (Streamer mode)
_lil.kraves_ 7 (3 months ago)
What have u done with everyone’s gameplay
Marisol Rivera (3 months ago)
Dr lupo was so mean smh
RoxasPlaysPiano (3 months ago)
And? Even if he didn’t kill him, he would get banned for cross teaming.
Marcus Walker (3 months ago)
Kayla Conner (3 months ago)
Maranda Rivera , I know. He gave everything to him.
deactivated account (3 months ago)
anyone else watching this after you died to some motherfucker who shot you from a mile away with with a shotgun?
Bladdie Official (3 months ago)
kouthao (3 months ago)
Dr lupo is a piece of shit for killing that guy
Zach Hutson (3 months ago)
"Theres a med kit in the storm... You wish probably weren't born!!" LIT!!!!!!
ELMO ELMO (3 months ago)
Lupo is na idiot
Mihu (3 months ago)
6:50 x doubt
lul dogih (3 months ago)
Traps are hella glitched
DistruttoreTV (3 months ago)
daequan best content creator! so funny!
TYL J (3 months ago)
There's absolutely no way DK didnt see that trap in the first clip 0:00. I swear some streamers just do stupid shit to get a clip.
o_-GhOsTmAN-_o (3 months ago)
The same fucking thing happened to me today 1:02
Eziukas1 (3 months ago)
love Your Video :) ♡
gamer's nightmare (3 months ago)
Nice video
Daequan Rap is lit!!!!
MahirOffline (3 months ago)
Fortnite Attention (3 months ago)
hey, how about we all support one another ? check me out and comment done and I'll do the same. Don't forget to drop that sbscribe
TheMC Master (3 months ago)
Late squad
kyriakos 4c K7 (3 months ago)
Why know it say something to epic games
LiLDKY_ YT (3 months ago)
lmaoooOO (3 months ago)
Momo Alanzi (3 months ago)
I love ur vids please shoutouts
Asteroid Xd 8BP (3 months ago)
Fortnite Trolls (3 months ago)
Well would you look at that
The PUBG Wolf (3 months ago)
Nice video
Entity_skar YT (3 months ago)
Fortnite Trolls (3 months ago)

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