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Santana - Black Magic Woman (Only Guitar)

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Ripped Out Rock Band Begin at 0:11
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Text Comments (64)
Artur Boras (2 months ago)
3 yes , main reason
Ricardo Ramirez (3 months ago)
Thanks vro it is the perfec sound
Just Cruising Along (4 months ago)
It may not be Carlos but it’s good enough for me.
abelmora ramirez (5 months ago)
la leyenda original nadie lo supera jamas
Mando B (6 months ago)
one of the rolling Stones top 100 best guitarist ever...his music doesn't need lyrics the music he plays makes it seem like the guitar is singing
Irene Fuentes (6 months ago)
Me encanta esta musica
Sucks and boring. Dislike!
jose estrada (7 months ago)
I don't give a fuck who it is and what it is it sounds fucking good
Qué tiempos mes lindos cuando escuchaba esta música con mis amigos
Viết Tuấn (7 months ago)
Tuyệt vời
ulises_craf t (8 months ago)
Música instrumental imágenes Jony person
Rodrigo Retamal (8 months ago)
Bueno carlitos santana...
Andreas Peter (8 months ago)
Thats not the original recording...
Snjezana Vidovic (8 months ago)
nikki medina (8 months ago)
Patrick Manz (8 months ago)
Gid Alia (9 months ago)
Wow,me fascinó!
Jack Demare (9 months ago)
Cesar Ornelas (4 months ago)
Tenía Que ser de jalisco.
Buddy Cox (8 months ago)
Jack Demare re
Melissa Schroeter (9 months ago)
the perfect....music........that plays....me.
Alfredo Alicea (9 months ago)
Por el libro . WP3NK .
naiLhead (9 months ago)
Not Santana playing not even close but very good
Black Baingan (9 months ago)
And a little Gypsy Queen!
David Johns (9 months ago)
Nicely done. Didn't miss a beat or note
maximo rpm (1 year ago)
Guitar hero 3 Song
Ollie Williamson (1 year ago)
sounds so much better without the drums/vocals etc
bob dillon (1 year ago)
If this is a cover it is pretty good... out of all the ones i have heard this is the only one that gets the octave bits in the beginning correct every other cover has single note.
alumbo (1 year ago)
Oh my fucking god
Yes , I like just only one Guitar player. Thanks
Hugo Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Parece ser la grabacion original. It seems to be the original recording.
Death By KItty (9 months ago)
Yes, it is the original, right down to those PAF pickups. Damn, nothing else sounds like that.
Ianandres1 (1 year ago)
yeah it's the original recording
Styx Y. Renegade (1 year ago)
This isn't the original studio version. This is the Guitar Hero III cover version.
Luis Morales (8 months ago)
Ianandres1 Line 6 re-recorded this version. The same version is featured in Guitar Hero: On Tour, where they credited the cover artists.
broscosmoline (10 months ago)
i'm not well versed in the recording to know the dif, but the wikipedia entry for GH3 identifies this as one of the songs that use original master recordings, but in this case from "an unreleased version"
Meechie Scott (1 year ago)
I like this version. It's fun to play
Zachary Lanzo (1 year ago)
Styx Renegade then put that in title.
Ianandres1 (1 year ago)
maybe Santana re-recorded for the game :D
NAMEX CITY (1 year ago)
Así es como la queria
Thuy Thu (3 months ago)
NAMEX CITY dau ma em
Thuy Thu (3 months ago)
NAMEX CITY lon cai ban
Hunman Dao (1 year ago)
Of caused guys this isn't Carlos your crazy if ur thought he was
Maria Jose Correia (9 months ago)
Styx Y. Renegade
Styx Y. Renegade (1 year ago)
LA NETA (1 year ago)
El Espectador (8 months ago)
LA NETA esqisito
Robin Laurenssen (1 year ago)
At the first note you can hear its not Carlos playing, this impersonator needs to listen better to the god.
H Razo (8 months ago)
Still a great cover. I know it’s not Carlos but nobody else is.
Styx Y. Renegade (1 year ago)
Excuse me? This is actually a really great cover. This is the GH3 version. Guitar Hero always has amazing cover versions of their songs, including this one.
Mars Wabisabi (1 year ago)
Nice try, but this is not carlos playing...
Greg A. (3 months ago)
Excellent copy, but not Carlos. At least not the take that made to the record.
Jarrod Cook (3 months ago)
@Death By KItty its 100 percent not Carlos
David Johns (9 months ago)
Who said it was? And it is the second solo
Death By KItty (9 months ago)
It's absolutely the original track. Listen to those PAF pickups.
Robin Laurenssen (1 year ago)
You are right styx, i was being a bitch and just proud of myself that i could hear right away its not Carlos. My ego does that sometimes, altough I still think that good guitarists will also hear its not him. But yeah, like you said, its a great cover, but it just lacks the magic touch Carlos has.
musicboy Mnzjdbdjxbdjd (2 years ago)
Thank you so much bro, its perfect for learn the full song by ear. Regards from mexico!
Segundo Ruiz (7 months ago)
musicboy Mnzjdbdjxbdjd rio verde iracundo
Ballsarama (2 years ago)
Certainly sounds like Carlos's track.
Death By KItty (9 months ago)
Because it is. I know this solo note for note and this is right off the album. It's perfect, right down to the sound only a real PAF can make.

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