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(Pattaya) OMG Beautiful Girls - Walking Street Scenes

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My new Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ampGnaWWnM Walking Street Pattaya is probably the most exciting street in the world if you like to have fun. Here you will find all kinds of entertainment, from bars, discos, gogo-bars, cabaret shows and much much more. Walking down Walking Street from Beach Road to Bali Hai Pier is an experience you will never forget. The Walking Street is closed for traffic from 19:00 until 03:00. You can chose from a wide variety of sea-food restaurants to Indian, Italian, European, Thai or many other countries. You will also find many discos and the largest ones are Candy Shop, Lucifer, Marine Disco, Insomnia, Tony's and Mixx.
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eric mepho (1 month ago)
Darling you push 1 more 😬
It's Me (1 month ago)
Indian Grand Dads trying to Gang bang young Thai girl. And in You Tube Indian Grand children claiming how great their country is.....😂🙄
Von Musklaus (1 month ago)
Beautiful ? Really? No they aren't. It's just all make-up and padded asses. These girls in Pattaya are just cheap trash. Pattaya is nothing more than a glorified trailer park . If you think different . . .Well maybe you should wake up. Granted , there is a few pretty girls there but in reality they are far and few between. Most are cheap ass girls full of make-up and fake eye lashes hiding their plain faces
Cee Tee (1 month ago)
The 2 girls at 0:54, the one in the black dress and thz one in the white T-shirt, are they girls of LB's?
bunruen pinka (1 month ago)
Sonny Jim in Thailand (1 month ago)
Brandon Lee (1 month ago)
Please stop filming guys breakdancing. It's pointless. I just fast forward to the next scene. It just takes up valuable space on your camera's memory, where you can be filming cute girls instead. Almost 3 minutes of your 10 minute video is dedicated to breakdancing? WHY?????
It's Me (1 month ago)
9:35 The Security treated Indians like annoying beggars. So funny 😂
Robert Cathcart (1 month ago)
Give me a thumbs up if your like me and hate guys who have man buns,
glenbo02 (1 month ago)
I've read that the next big thing for them is the man's equivalent of the old beehive hairdo. It will be called the hehive.
Discharge Summary (1 month ago)
Unclean Meat 🥩
Rick8351 (1 month ago)
Waste of time! No beautiful girls here in this video which seems to be aimless. In other words, no point.
kohiba666 (1 month ago)
9:50 hahaha denied!
Zaibidi Saad (1 month ago)
It's Chinese New year, must be a lot of tourist from the mainland China now
George Oshust (1 month ago)
8:05 She certainly was GORGEOUS!
George Oshust (27 days ago)
Richard Freed (1 month ago)
YES!! George, 8:05 is About Perfect, Nice Smile Too!
David Jones (1 month ago)
You should have started and stayed with the last girl at the end of the video 😁
紀博仁 (1 month ago)
live band sing little apple 👍
saceur (1 month ago)
Ummmm pretty sure all the ones at 0:41 is ladyboys
ras124 (1 month ago)
hook up with ladyboy!!! you like!
金三胖 (1 month ago)
3:20 ladyboys from “katoeys are us”,pretty guys
金三胖 (1 month ago)
+ras124 LOL,Not a big deal in Thailand,I do like pretty ladyboys
ras124 (1 month ago)
you like the ladyboys!!!
Michael Alan (1 month ago)
So the ladyboys are the beautiful girls you saw? lol
XXamnesiacXX (1 month ago)
Bait click, waiste of time..
Muhannad Bazzo (1 month ago)
who's a fan of K-pop here ! @ 7:37 song "Solo" by " Jennie" from kpop group "Blackpink" love it , and love those videos ..
1 Million Gauss (1 month ago)
"OMG Beautiful Girls", your not F%^$%ng serious are you, where ???
Ricky Gewar (1 month ago)
Lady boy? Very tall not typically thai lady
Pattaya Gold Digger (1 month ago)
Nice ladies pattaya..
Sajjad Cp (1 month ago)
Pattaya Gold Digg er
Topu (1 month ago)
i'm Coming from bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩😂😂
ras124 (1 month ago)
oh no!!!
Green Tea (1 month ago)
Very pretty girls...
陳勝偉 (1 month ago)
John H (1 month ago)
9:48 Most likely discrimination against guys from the Indian sphere.
Prachin gyaan (1 month ago)
+Zaibidi Saad fuckkk your mom hard
peter jones (1 month ago)
Indians are olso pig ignorant
Burhan Qerimi (1 month ago)
Just because they are smelly and ugly u don't throw them out
Zaibidi Saad (1 month ago)
The attitude is the problem, and when they drinks and get drunk, it's gonna a lot more problem,the smell of their body and they're cheap, everything want to have discount including girls
filtr Pllk (1 month ago)
Nothing about discrimination.... indians have attitude problems, they want to act , behave and action the way they do in their country and thats basically doesnt work and as a result nobody gives f...k about them...simple
Gordon G (1 month ago)
How much $USD ?!
Kenny Willshire (1 month ago)
+roguemale TheOne&Only you just have to look at the videos of walking street now deserted. bloke i knew said he was conciousand coud see her rooting in his case but he couldnt move but then he wouldnt pay a bar fine so cost him in the end
roguemale TheOne&Only (1 month ago)
+Kenny Willshire I was drugged and robbed by two freelancers in Bangkok.Count myself lucky to be alive.
roguemale TheOne&Only (1 month ago)
+Kenny Willshire you're probably correct-it's been awhile since I had a gogo dancer.The experience was so disatisfying,i've never had the excuse to go back.
Kenny Willshire (1 month ago)
+roguemale TheOne&Only friend mine took freelancer from insomia disco drugged robbed him

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