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Top 5 Myths About Learning Guitar

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Top 5 Myths About Learning Guitar Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: http://bit.ly/1il3TH0 Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars. I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo. Twitter: twitter.com/robchapmanmusic Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialrobchapman Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: http://bit.ly/1il3TH0
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1bulldog998 (14 hours ago)
and Myths 6 you need to redo your hair cut hahaaa ... j/k i like your videos great job rob
Robert gilmore (1 day ago)
Myth No most important, if you wish to talk to people who are setting out to learn an instrument, try not to open the discussion or lesson with very fast, complicated riff or solo playing, it could make new players feel like they could never get to that level and put them off before they even started.
PhiVidU (1 day ago)
Hey, that's the guitar from K-ON!
I’m getting a strat for Christmas I don’t know if it’ll be a knock of or used it won’t be brand new I know that I’m also getting an amp with it this’ll be my first electric guitar wish me luck
Aa Gg (1 day ago)
Just buy a very small amp to start off, no need to have something for playing on Werchter or Rock Am Ring
WheelBite (2 days ago)
absolute beginner here, wtf is music theory ? is it like chess theory where it makes u better or something ?
Cris Messick (2 days ago)
I bet he wishes his ass was fat
TigerStrike728 (3 days ago)
What burst is on that Les Paul. So beautiful 😌
James Iyer (3 days ago)
Also, another reason why it's ok to spend big on your first guitar, is because if you get a guitar that looks and feels better, and perhaps thus is more expensive, then you're more likely to want to go and pick it up than if you get a cheaper one that you would more easily give up on. My first electric was a Strat, and I'm so glad I got it.
3star2nr (4 days ago)
The reason why u dont start on a 3000.00 les Paul because you may give it up after a year. The second reason is when u start gigging on a expensive brand name guitar you become a target for thieves and you also create an expectation in the eyes of the audience. That puts on due pressure on you as a player
James Busby (4 days ago)
I like you, Rob. Thanks for the video.
Gelly Rolll (6 days ago)
what was the riff he was playing at 2:30
Steve (5 days ago)
Layla, Clapton
i started on a classical guitar just to learn a different style of music and some that required me to use my fingers in a more complicated plucking way, then after i had mastered it i learnt rock songs aand songs on the electric guitar and it was just easy for me. But if you start with easy chords then you will become use to it so i think it is better to start of with classical, in general it is sometimes harder than rock, but that is not the case with so many other rock songs. honestle you can do what you want with rule 1 but i started with classical and im glad i did becuase i can play different styles and i think if you start with rock then it becomes harder to suddenly change to something softer or requires plucking quickly and fast movement in the hands but do what you want because either way playing the guitar is fucking cool
Jimmy Bocanegra (8 days ago)
Unless you play a couple hours a day your not gonna get better
BookMilla (9 days ago)
I’m considering learning electric guitar, and I was wondering if you can plug headphones into it?
Steve (5 days ago)
Yes you can, you can buy very affordable headphone amps (I use one ALL the time) like this https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitar-amps/practice-amps/vox-amplug-v2-blues. They have built in effects such as delay and reverb which is all you need to start with and have 3 'channels', clean, crunch and distortion. They are great little amps for practising alone.
Maja Henriksen (9 days ago)
slopcrusher (11 days ago)
My dad played in a 3 bands, he was the vocalist and rhythm guitar, he was self taught both and never learned theory, him and his bandmembers all had great ears and knew what sounded good.
Steve (5 days ago)
Yes but put him in another band and watch him get all flustered when they say "this song is in the key of.....
Naegleria Fowleri (11 days ago)
Classical is more difficult than whatever guitar lol which is why you never see people testing the classical guitars at guitar center and everyone and their mother can play acoustic or electric which have thin neck and low action compared to classical
Steve (5 days ago)
Does everyone who wants to drive a car train to be a racing driver?
if you're quite a wealthy guy who wants to learn guitar, loves Jimmy Page/Peter Green/Steve Clark/Slash etc, then there's no reason why he shouldn't go out and buy a 58 Les Paul reissue. Because when they've gotten a lot better, then they've got a great guitar without having to buy a new one
Erfan Syamim (15 days ago)
This video make me more likely to play electric guitar
UntakenAbyss (15 days ago)
where did your dreads go?
K. M. (16 days ago)
I have the exact same guitar you have, color and all. How come it doesn't sound like that. It must be me :-)
Ian Smith (16 days ago)
I've got a epiphone AFD les Paul I ADORE it, will never ever get rid of it
LukieJewitt (18 days ago)
Is that a rob scallon custom in the back I see?
Lovely Sunshinee (18 days ago)
I actually started off on the electric guitar because I was using my dads and the acoustic one was really really big for me lol
MenamesCrimson (21 days ago)
I have a 150 dollar guitar is that good it's a Jaxville
lj291261 (23 days ago)
Great Job!
Speedytrip (23 days ago)
Thanks for the review, you just convinced me to order an affordable Epiphone electric guitar pack :)
Lamb Chop (24 days ago)
I just started playing guitar again after 7/8 years. I got myself a cheap ltd m 10. Just starting to feel the blue's again.
pantera Addict (26 days ago)
If you have the most amazing guitar in the world and are not a good player it won’t do you any good, but if you are a great player and have a bad guitar you will be able to make progress very quick
Retro Rabbit (26 days ago)
On your point about reading and writing music... I was "discussing" the ifs and buts of a conductor in an orchestra with someone (online, so you can guess how it went...), my point was that, to me, a conductor is much like a musician, they play the orchestra as their instrument by working with them and arranging exactly how the orchestra will perform the written piece. The counterpoint from the guy I was "discussing" this with was, it's written down, play it as it's written, you don't need a baton waver you could replace the conductor with a metronome or do away with him/ her altogether. It was at this point I decided it was a lost cause as I tried to explain how little information you can actually communicate with dots on lines, regardless of writing things like 'with vibrato' etc. above a section, without actually showing someone, letting them hear for themselves the difference between playing it as written and playing as it is meant to be heard, especially when the guy that wrote it died a couple of hundred years before the cassette recorder was invented... nice to hear a professional player more or less say the same thing and actually use a similar example.
Zach A (28 days ago)
11-57's in drop C is like playing 8's at concert pitch. The shapes change too. Lots get easier even...
GuitarGuy (30 days ago)
I was 12 when I started playing and I learned on an electric and for the first 2 months I didn’t have an amp. I had a nylon string before that but I never learned how to play because I wasn’t really motivated but then I got into rock music and that gave me the motivation to start playing. I got an electric guitar for my 12th birthday and started practicing and I never thought I would but I’ve been playing for 3 years now. I started using 9s then went up to a 10s set of strings. After that I moved onto 11s but then went to a 10-52 set. I’ve also don’t have that much knowledge of music theory.
Max Gray (1 month ago)
Thank you for clarifying number 5. A lot of people just talk about not needing to know theory
Dustin Owen (1 month ago)
I played guitar for years qithout an amp but got a jackson and a 75watt line 6 for keeping up practice.....but i still suck
Garrett Sludge (1 month ago)
This video was very helpful, thanks!
BigSmokeTheSlumpGod (1 month ago)
im only starting on acoustic because i cannot afford an electric at the moment
Deep Heat (1 month ago)
When you can hold an open *F* down *WELL* - you are on your way.
Andrew Smith (1 month ago)
2605 comments.... that's how many notes- per- bar Chappers sheds at! No point learning notation if you disregard all meter down to and including demisemiquavers, Rob! So, conventional theory is probably near useless if you're really really really good... But if you're average-ish it can help understand what you need to do to play along with others aka 'ensemble' (from the French, ensemble ;-) ). That's what I have found anyway. Lots of priors about cheap-guitar-for-beginners, or not. I see both sides of the story. I think every accomplished-beyond-beginner guitarist I ever met owns between 'several' and 'many' guitars. Guitars are all different and so are people's tastes and needs. I say let the learner choose the guitar. I firmly believe that it's best not to 'rock' up with a 'surprise', no matter how well-meaning; you are probably binding the learner to that piece of wood in a number of ways that they mightn't feel they can escape. If you like it, *you play it*! Please, facilitate the guitar shopping, but resist using your power to dominate it because IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU....unless, of course, it is all about you... Maybe something like those blacked-out goggles (from the Andertons vids) would help parents /teachers /beginners /well-meaning friends to get an idea what instrument feels and sounds 'right' for that particular individual? I know I have walked away without purchasing a few seriously enjoyable guitars based on the viewpoint I held about the brand at the time...a red Yamaha Pacifica 1 was one I vividly recall... 'Guitar-picking goggles'...hmmm... they probably won't come 'branded' from 'f' or 'g'... Aren't we all lucky to live in the times of electric guitars, amps , youtube, wifi, education and time to enjoy them? 100 years ago we would have been stuck with choice of spit-and-dribble instruments, or a murky combination of cat-gut and lute-wood, and probably been 'chained to the yoke' so as to have no time to enjoy them anyway. Thanks for all your contributions to the greater good, Rob, which I greatly enjoy, and very best wishes!
Adi Iqbal (1 month ago)
Imagine being rich enough to get a custom shop les Paul for your first guitar😂😂😂
Mario Velásquez (1 month ago)
big fan of yours, but the myth #1 is bollocks!!!! I started with a classical nylon guitar, and there´s no better way to strenghten your fingers while playing. it will even develop your guitar callus faster, not to mention that when you transfer chord grip positioning to an electric from a classical or acoustic, it will feel like knife through butter... thats just my personal experience... not talking about playing technique at all, just strength. It feel like lifting weights for your fingers. the rest of the myths, completely agree with you.
Dylan Watson (1 month ago)
I've always preferred Gibson SGs over Les Pauls because I always found the Les Paul's a bit on the heavy side but they are good guitars just the same
Alan Simpson (1 month ago)
But don't be fooled you are not going anywhere if you don't learn music theory
BKoz Guitar (1 month ago)
Chappers Musical Myth Buster. Good guitar(s) = steady diet of Ramen Noodles, PB&J, Generic Mac & Cheese but man got one collection bitching guitars (2 Chapman ML-1(s), 2 Fender, and a few that never seen the light of day and an amp that goes to 11.5 !!). Hvae to agree about the Acoustic Myth, you can get away with really weird chord voicing s on a nylon that would curdle titanium thru an electric with Dist/fuzz/OD.
Aidan Collins (1 month ago)
I started on an acoustic. My parents got me one when I was 6. I quit after 2 years. Started playing again 8 years later on an electric. Haven’t stopped playing since
michael allen (1 month ago)
Dont need a GREAT guitar to start with just a guitar one doesnt struggle against. YAMAHA PACIFICA is a great all around choice: LOTS of models in the Pacifica lineup
al janecko (1 month ago)
I started playing guitar because my aunt had a stroke and couldn’t handle the drums anymore, 30 years later, can’t read or write music, but I can play, good video Rob.
JTS202020 (1 month ago)
Thank you! Especially that Myth number 5 is the one that I can agree with... I started playing an electric guitar years ago, and since I had trouble learning to play by the rhythm (or keeping time) of the written music, I wouldn't take guitar lessons, but would instead play on my own... I'm a self taught player, and by many standards I suck, granted... But the most important thing about guitar playing is to have fun, whatever the skill level... And the most amazing thing is that during the past decade, I have managed to write and make more than a hundred demo's of my own songs... I learned to play doing my own thing... So I totally agree with the advice in this video... You can have fun playing guitar without the ability to read music... But if you want to be a star or go beyond a certain level, I think that the ability to read music and to know music theory is a must... But for amateurs like me, it really doesn't matter... The most important thing is to have fun while playing!!!
shaun lynch (1 month ago)
Thanks for everything Rob. I trust you a great deal.
Roman Baranovichi (1 month ago)
If you can't afford an amp, you could always get a VOX amplug, they're like 20 quid used and can get a rocking sound, also good for use in a uni
Miloslav Svoboda (1 month ago)
You know, I would pay so much money to have a teacher like you. I was late for signing up to lessons in music school nearby, so I am learning by myself at the moment. Doing really slow progress XD
Jax Zavisha (1 month ago)
U fell for myth 1 and new I'm stuck with an acustic and now I'm wanting to play some rock
Lost (1 month ago)
myth #1 - learning the basics on any guitar is the way to start ; most people lose interest quickly because IT IS HARD
Trffgfy Hygvgyg6 (1 month ago)
Посдержаннее ш
4b10xs (1 month ago)
Can't agree with you. Nylon strings will let you practice longer in the beginning , pain wise only. I used to play for hours in the beginning on a classical guitar and couldn't pull a complete hour on steal strings...in the beginning the time you put in is the most critical one in your entire career as a guitarist and it's hard to do an electric with 10 gauge
Glenn Koger (1 month ago)
You are spot on Rob. I learned to play on a second hand electric guitar that a friend gave me. I did not have amp for quite sometime. . My first acoustic was a Yamaha FG 430 12 string. I removed the octave strings to practice also.
Harry Balszak (1 month ago)
Blue Bird (1 month ago)
I found this extremely helpful. I've been wanting to learn guitar for ages now, and i would love to learn electric as i absolutely love it. My dad has an old acoustic, it about 20 years old, hasn't been played in 15, and i've gotten it tuned and started on it. I've had one lesson so far at school. I am looking to buy a guitar in December, however i'm thirteen - i have no where near enough money for some of the beautiful ones i admire. I saw a Les Paul Epiphone SL VE BK (i think thats written right?). The price is definitely affordable. I'm planning on talking to as many musicians that i can find for advice, but does anyone have some? I would really appreciate it, i don't want to regret anything.
Steve (5 days ago)
Epiphone make some great affordable guitars, I play one myself, however I wouldn't recommend one for a first guitar if you're on a tight budget. A second guitar when you're improving sure but for an absolute beginner you really can't beat a Yamaha Pacifica. They have been the go to instrument for beginners for many years now and really are a very competent guitar for the astoundingly low price. Go get one demonstrated, you'll fall in love!
AstroG73 (1 month ago)
that's how you do an intro right there
Helder Santos (1 month ago)
I want to get a guitar but my parents say it's a waste of time and they don't let me buy it...
Sasori of the Red Sand (1 month ago)
For some reason you made me feel comfortable for the whole video Maybe it was beacause I was feeling stressed earlier or beacause I was scared you would bombard me with a bunch of complicated guitar facts that would make me quit doing something that could influence my future... Great video, though :)
Homie K (1 month ago)
Is it normal for my wrist to want to die after 3 hours
Gpearce555 (1 month ago)
HAH Retard... Oh. 8:06
David Littlewood (1 month ago)
Nice playing. My only comment is that a cheap guitar might have a really crap set up and so you'd get p*ssed off trying to play and therefore not bother to practice.
tecdessus (1 month ago)
Get the shop tech to set it up before you take it home.
deeohhyougee (1 month ago)
I always thought that the more EXPENSIVE your guitar is the better player /guitarist you will become. Is that not true? Also, I always thought that the more STRINGS on your guitar the better player/guitarist you must be. I mean, obviously, isn't it reasonable to think that a 7-string player would be better than a 6-string player, and an 8-string player would be better than a 7-string player. Right?!
MEthat LovesCats (1 month ago)
Show off lol
most if these also applies to bass guitars as well
Lowtech14 (1 month ago)
If I may lob in a comment from the peanut gallery.. don’t buy a crap first guitar. To me that means no Squier Bullet Or Affinity. At least get a Standard Series or an Epiphone SG310
tecdessus (1 month ago)
They are good enough to learn on, just get them properly set up.
Alcathous (1 month ago)
I really expected a quality debunk like "You need to build finger strength to play guitar."
Alcathous (1 month ago)
Myth: "Guitars are an investment." Completely false. Unless yours has a drawing on it by Banksy or something. It is just cheap wood made in a factory.
Deepfriedpunkaceratops (1 month ago)
Don't make fun of ritardo
Irving Viruet (1 month ago)
What’s the big deal with ricky ricardo??? 🙄
Don’t ever call an acoustic guitar a classical nylon string guitar
hogtied12 (2 months ago)
Absolutely correct. i like this guy he is a great player too
Quiggy Carboncat (2 months ago)
Love all your vids Rob. Your guitars are really cool too.
Jeffstone17 (2 months ago)
Finally good to see someone differentiate between classical and electric. I've been playing classical for 20 years but I was lost on electric. I had never used a pick before, the electric neck was so small, and the electric strings were much closer together. Plus the electric is so much heavier! The two guitars are in many ways different instruments.
Paul Death (2 months ago)
I used to agree but the reason I changed my mind was when I found out that playable classical guitars had become easier to come by. Instant no hassles pick up and play. No where's my leads, plectrum etc? I definitely like to have a choice but no doubts at all I've improved more on the classical and acoustics and the less stuff in the way like electric amps and pedals clears the path to learning the core (fun)damentals .
Paul W (2 months ago)
You start off on an acoustic because it sounds less shit to everyone around you when you can't play
Nelson nelson (2 months ago)
Any idea what guitar should i get? I am broke and thinking about pacifica 112v or cort guitars
Christoffer Olsen (2 months ago)
gibson sg is a great cheap guitar
Benoit Peeters (2 months ago)
What about the online Lesson mith vc presencial teacher? For beginner.
Chicago 93 (2 months ago)
Basically get the guitar you want and learn on it is what I'm getting non of that beginners guitar?
Doug McMillan (2 months ago)
An investment guitar is only worth it's value when someone is looking for it (assuming you want to sell it when you decide to sell it vs you don't mind waiting to sell it). An affordable guitar will sell quickly if it's priced reasonably when someone wants to buy a guitar to learn on... or one to keep drop tuned etc...
Agtronic (2 months ago)
I'm not crazy on the idea of buying a piece of a crap to start with, because you can't tell if you're doing something wrong or if the guitar is just not playing right. Something half decent would be better. And I agree that starting on the acoustic is a tall order because it's so difficult to play. I learned to enjoy acoustic only after I had become pretty good on the electric. As for playing without an amp. Though I'll agree that if not having an amp is making you hesitant to start playing, then forget that and just play an unplugged electric. But honestly, it will be better in the long run if you can hear the nuances of what you're doing on the fretboard. I played many many years plugged in, and then I lived in an apartment for 13 years, where I stopped plugging in entirely. When I finally moved into a house and started using my Super Reverb again, I noticed I had developed some bad habits with respect to playing "clean". One such habit being that I tended to brace my picking hand heavily on the strings I wasn't playing when I wanted to dig deep into a bend. When I plugged in the strat, I realized the strings kept touching the pickup magnets and making a loud pop. That was a habit I didn't have before playing so long without an amp. I have corrected that, but it's still something worth mentioning. But really, if you want to play, just find a way to get a guitar in your hands, and don't obsess about the details. Like mentioned in the video, if you are excited to play, that's a huge step. That excitement will see you through the difficult stages of learning so that you can break into the fun zone. Kids! It's up to you, don't let the guitar die!
Dave Carsley (2 months ago)
A lot of these things you're saying are "false" are not false at all, they just aren't true *in all cases* as people often believe they are. But that doesn't mean false
Teh509 (2 months ago)
Yea, I picked up a les paul and fell in love then spent year rebuffing my dad who was trying to stick flat necked strats and like in the hands... feels unnatural
Brent Moury (2 months ago)
asipo123 (2 months ago)
hi rob what guitar do you have in this video thanks steve
TheLemonKiller (2 months ago)
Well, when all you have is an acoustic to learn to play/create Prog/Metalcore type stuff. Trust me. You get pretty fucken good with an electric =P. Once able to use one that is. It only helps of course if you've been playing for awhile. Plus imagination being as how you have no effects or anything. Also, no way to record or write stuff out with programs such as structuring. Only paper. If you've been playing for a couple years it's actually pretty great. It's a fucken bitch at first. Seriously though get a Yamaha with a decently thin neck like the 720 or otherwise and use just that for about three years and nothing else. You'll gain a shit ton of finger strength as well as when you practice stretches and the various antics such as string skipping, tremolo picking up and down the scale, soloing, and a few other things. Sweeping is a bitch to learn though. But other than that. I sort of recommend it. I currently have nothing to show. But once I get the right gear I'll upload some stuff. Both electric and the same version in acoustic. August Burns Red said they couldn't shred on acoustics on the Lever album. So, I'd like to show that it's possible to do technical metal on both electric and acoustic =D.
Stone Rayven (2 months ago)
Affordable should not ever be equated to being a Cheap guitar. I can think of a few high end guitars that are Absolute Shit iMHO
bigj2637 (2 months ago)
What should I get for my first electric guitar? I've been playing acoustic for several years so I'm not a straight beginner. I also lean more towards blues or classic rock sounds.
michael patrick (2 months ago)
bigj2637 best thing to is go to shops and try playing as many guitars as possible. Find the guitar that you feel fits you. There are so many variables it’s impossible to say “you should get this guitar”.
Daniel Hartman (2 months ago)
Thank you Rob. Your a fantastic guitar player. And a real good person,as well as very helpful. Thank you for all your info.
nuclear kid (2 months ago)
Your video title should have been "Top 5 guitar myths for Noobs" .
Mark Grayson (2 months ago)
Can you recomend me a good electric guitar 200 and under?I'm a beginner it would be my first electric guitar
Cody Baker (2 months ago)
Completely False!
RISK (2 months ago)
Rob: Loving your videos ! Wondering if you have a vid or could suggest 5 important exercises for young electric guitar players to improve their skills. You are awesome! I learned so much from your video on electric guitars--all the knobs, dials, etc. THANK YOU!
FrissonTV (3 months ago)
anyone else cringe when he put his custom les paul on the ground leaning against his amp
SupImJoe (3 months ago)
Oh my christ thank you for the amp tip, now i dont have to buy it all at once
cars nguitars (3 months ago)
I dig the videos though Rob keep them coming, you rock.
cars nguitars (3 months ago)
Will you please buy a stand for your Custom Shop Les Paul? Propping your axe against an amp like that is bad juju.
Primary Simcha Felder (3 months ago)
I would agree with myth 3. A solid guitar with a good action is what you need, but it shouldn't be expensive
scooter (3 months ago)
myth 3 agreed , if you can afford it, get it,  you can actually feel the quality difference which makes you want to play and practice and the overall feeling is better, at least to me

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