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7 Things You Should NEVER Do In Fortnite Season 6!

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7 Things You Should NEVER Do In Fortnite Season 6! Discord: https://discord.gg/Cg8bxqq Subscribe for Best Funny Fortnite Battle Royale Moments! inspired by Ninja, Ali-A, Nick Eh 30, LazarBeam, Lachlan, Muselk, Best Trends & BCC Trolling #fortnite #season6 #trendspot Credits: glitch video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDVUJq9upHTG9NOmX9e0rnw
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Text Comments (8423)
Iguanas Are cool (13 minutes ago)
The 1 thing you should not do in fortnite is play it
Stick Animations (40 minutes ago)
Can aimbot use in pranking dum kids
Collin Ong (1 hour ago)
What you should never do in fortnite Turn of the wifi
Nat Brooks (1 hour ago)
Ninja is really salty it’s just a game... xD no hate to Ninja
Boris'o Blyat (1 hour ago)
4:00 Never Watch Streamers as You play Fortnite
Elrohir (1 hour ago)
The noob acting isn't only on fortnite I do that everywhere xD Like, i'm sniping, pretending i don't hear you Then you get a shovel on the skull
Yusof Johan (1 hour ago)
so wearing a default skin will get you banned? that is stupid. i wouldn't want to spend on skins
King Jelly (2 hours ago)
marius sewap (2 hours ago)
I hate ninga
Villiam Moeller (2 hours ago)
fuck you
Aaron whitaker (2 hours ago)
Ok so killing someone before killing the friends isn’t ok. That’s a load of bullshit
TINISM GT (2 hours ago)
I don't think hacks can kill Ninja, whatcha think?
I’m not You tuber (3 hours ago)
Go away fuck off
Golden Gamer (3 hours ago)
I have have been teamed in solo before
Sonic boom 6112 (4 hours ago)
I subscribed before 5 seconds and hit the hit the like button
Ante Bori (4 hours ago)
You should not play fortnite you debil
John Burnett (4 hours ago)
Iv done all of these and I still hadn't got banned lol
Noot Noot (4 hours ago)
Things to never to Play fortnite
Rylan Smith (4 hours ago)
Man you guys really hate tfue or you just don’t know about what happened so I’ll tell you: tfue got banned for using exploits so now he made a new account and vowed to never buy a skin so he plays as a default
Reuben Colin (4 hours ago)
Kingcastler 98 (4 hours ago)
I play Fortnite on mobile and I don’t want to spend real time money on skins and stuff like that
Tweet ers (5 hours ago)
Ninja acts WAYYYYY younger then he actually is. This goes to show that *NINJA IS A CHILD.*
Im Good (5 hours ago)
i wish i will get lucky
Sterben_1022 (5 hours ago)
pfft teaming i legit was having a fight woth someone in solos and a random walks up so we both just jump him XD then proceeded to kill each other again
Yoseph Audrian (5 hours ago)
Thanks for the advice sherlock
Savitar (5 hours ago)
I never cheat on fortnite, I always play legit.
Alan Brattland (5 hours ago)
# 8 just don’t play that stupid game.
This is top trends and this is 5 fortnite YouTubers who've sworn!
Mewie Destroys (5 hours ago)
Fortnite sux
Jethro Danao (5 hours ago)
Fuck fortnite PUBG is better
ಠ_ಠ Frosty (6 hours ago)
Why recommended..why
Bluefur The Wolf (7 hours ago)
the number one thing you should never do in fortnite, download the game, or better yet, DON'T WASTE MONEY ON FUCKING SKINS, FUCKING. SKINS!
Bluefur The Wolf (7 hours ago)
of the ninja thing, he may have made noise alerting the others to his presence, and or they noticed him going into the building and waited
dragon31206 (7 hours ago)
to me you should never get banned for taking advantage of a glitch. if the creator is going to be a moron and not fix it then people using a glitch should be the creators punishment to learn to get off your butt creators and fix the problems instead of just finding the accounts and banned them. thats like having a small easy (to heal) infection on your leg. be lazy dont do anything and thing it would be just better to have a surgeon cut off the leg instead. once the glitch is fixed then all is well. the players will go back to playing fair. or find a new glitch to get the creators to fix. and if there are no more glitches, no more glitch players. its more simple then the creators are treating it.
MrStar n (7 hours ago)
every time we kill ninja he’s gonna report us,Jesus Christ..... that’s really salty imo no offense or beef it’s just really honestly salty when every time someone kills you that you can report them just by they’re “stream sniping”...
Ninjazombie6678 (7 hours ago)
lemme tell you something.... *people are not noobs if they wear default skin, they just decide to not spend money*
fish (8 hours ago)
Your video's are retarded
ShadowDragon 046 (8 hours ago)
I love you
Vincent Giammanco (8 hours ago)
Deathpacito will catch up with you
LIGHT KAGAMI (8 hours ago)
Cheating is noy new.
Entity 303 (8 hours ago)
I'll try hacking into the game to shut it down permanently
Joel Reyes (8 hours ago)
Ninja:*dies to storm* Ninja: STREAM SNIPER
Christopher Roe (8 hours ago)
What not to do: Buy fortnite. Enough said!
Victor Hugo (9 hours ago)
Canal intenso copied this vídeo
Roj H (9 hours ago)
Jason Evans (9 hours ago)
So ninja is a little bitch who cries when he dies in fortnite and tries to ban players who are better than him. He could easily set his stream to a 5 minute delay, or just understand he's putting himself in that position because he's streaming which always has risks, if he can't handle that maybe he should have a sex change and be an actual pussy.
This is why I don't play fortnite....too many wanna-be Ninja's who rage over the simplest things. "OMG I TOOK 2 DAMAGE, WHAT THE F*CK, YOU ****, I HOPE YOU DIE YOU GOD DAMN **** **** ****" and so on..............
copiaaa do canal intenso 🖕
Handsome Jack (10 hours ago)
I always hack
Marcell Brown (10 hours ago)
Arthur Silva (10 hours ago)
Canal intenso cópia esse canal+_+
Amee Bee (11 hours ago)
I know one thing you should never do in Fortnite Start playing
Epic Gamer 28 (11 hours ago)
Number 1 is play fortnite
ShadowArcherGames 197 (11 hours ago)
I Know fortnite is gay
dania chait (11 hours ago)
Number 1, don't play it
BTD Battels (11 hours ago)
Jefferson Silva (11 hours ago)
See one Channel called CANAL INTENSO he copy you channel!
Carissa Paguyo (11 hours ago)
But can you do it
WoLf ReLo4d (12 hours ago)
One thing you shouldn’t do ever Play fortnite
Dude perfect Junior (12 hours ago)
He’s top ten vids
PHOENIX YT (12 hours ago)
U can’t get banned for thirsting 🤬
D -BOI (12 hours ago)
The thumbnail is bad
GG The Awesome One (12 hours ago)
Roses are red, And that part is true. Violets are purple, NOT FRIKIN BLUE!!!
シχghostオタク (12 hours ago)
And what if people report you by something you didn't do and you get banned? ( example: you are pro at fortnite, you kill 3 ppl at Once, they get mad and report you by hacking, Epic games will ban you because 3 people Reported you, soo epic games will think That they are saying the truth)
BDD Tdog (13 hours ago)
Bit it's jw he's just that good
Tom walker (13 hours ago)
Kill yourself
FireBlazinGamin Fortnite (14 hours ago)
Ninja: HE KILLED ME, EPIC!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic: I got you fam
The Unknowns (14 hours ago)
I’m ok if they do it to ninja cause he can fuck him self and I want to kick him in the balls
Game Play's (14 hours ago)
dude this guy dosen't make any sens if u kill a player that's down is a bad thing wtf?
Alejandro Martinez (14 hours ago)
Ryan Boudreaux (14 hours ago)
Here is something you should NEVER do in Fortnite: Play Fortnite.
Nacho Business (15 hours ago)
Wow, this was actually the worst list I’ve ever heard of.
Mr. Clean (15 hours ago)
i dont like that anyone with a fan base can get you banned all they gotta do is say stream snip
dinididit (15 hours ago)
xRayModderx hack (15 hours ago)
Whats that song that he uses
30 Second_Gaming (15 hours ago)
8:42 I hope ill have luck... just starting a match of fortnite...........
Marcus Holloway (15 hours ago)
I got teamed on in a solos game and I have the video
Rainbow six Boii (16 hours ago)
You copied a thumbnail
Rico05 (16 hours ago)
everyone can avoid the stream sniping when you are the streamer... 5 minutes delay
Mr S (16 hours ago)
Glitches in playground like the invisible are not ban able at least i think
Fuego Boi (16 hours ago)
He had 3 bullets left after he killed him then you skipped it up to where he had no bullets? Best channel on the tube by far
galaxyboi207 (16 hours ago)
How to get banned: Accidentally kill ninja and do the dance
Black Max (16 hours ago)
r u a fan of ninja cuz every clip u showed us was from ninja him self or his team
idiot stupidhead (17 hours ago)
I don't cheat
idiot stupidhead (17 hours ago)
I love the video please make More. I subscribed.
THOT PATROL (17 hours ago)
KL King (18 hours ago)
Did you try them
Lonko (18 hours ago)
dont cheating lmao what a retard
Sssniper Gamer (18 hours ago)
Stop scam us
Oliver Rysén (18 hours ago)
ninja fick damp delux
James Ford (18 hours ago)
10 minutes of my life I will never get back....
DIGGS THE DOGGO (19 hours ago)
The one thing you shouldn't do in fortnight is Read more
Myra .&/!. (15 hours ago)
Jack the Ripper (19 hours ago)
That thirsting one is stupid, then they can res then you die
James Cash (19 hours ago)
Or if you hate your teamate like them build a tall stare case and shoot the bottom of it so they fall to there deaths before you leave the match
Dylon Golla (19 hours ago)
Damn ninja is a bitch
dilan amanj (20 hours ago)
Mmmm I liked and subed WERES YOUR PROMISE
Ze Faiss (20 hours ago)
There’s a French YouTuber they copied the thumbnail the content of your video and also the clips and the music He’s called “Slash Kun “
Akmal Ali Ikram (21 hours ago)
roses are red this game is shit but i still play i fucking hate it
arrelix-of-fortnite (21 hours ago)
I think ninja is a good guy and i now he wouldn't banned you for killing him he would banned for cheating

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