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What guitar and amp would I buy for $500 At Sam Ash?

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Text Comments (2082)
metalmurcielago (19 minutes ago)
My Sam ash only carries squires and Jackson’s covered in stickers and that one used sg that cost the same as a new one
Otrebor Relsserd (15 hours ago)
WTF...400 USD Gibson LP...w/ P90. I was close to pay 750 USD for the same guitar...in Venezuela. Better kep my money till reach US and buy a better guitarr for that amount. Thanks bro, you save my left kidney :D
Woah Live Kashmir and then Wonton Song?
Leg3nd Assass1n (21 hours ago)
That’s a lie the bad sounding amps still exist “cough cough” line 6 ephiphone
so chip broo why in indonesia there is no gibson les paul under $500
AUpbeatVideosC (1 day ago)
no offence but u look like an egg lol
Red Sharp (2 days ago)
Oh damn dude. That place is only like half an hour away from my house. Its like down in Glendale. Might have to hit that place up.
Van Allen (3 days ago)
He was in there that whole time and *NO ONE* bugged him about stupid extended warranties? And *NO ONE* tried to up-sell him and talk about their stupid financing options? Definitely not like any Sam Ash I have ever been to.....
deez nutz (3 days ago)
Or pay monthly at zzounds.com and get a badass rig with less money up front
Joseph Hawkins (6 days ago)
Gold top baby
Chris Dini (7 days ago)
all that zep in the backgroung:)
Lincoln Mimidis (8 days ago)
Was every song in the background Led Zeppelin? As it should be of course
jack317 (8 days ago)
Squire Deluxe Strat.
MauiBoyTrav (8 days ago)
Oh ok, so I can just buy a $400 Gibson studio.
nathan cook (9 days ago)
This is me at bass pro
Andre Benoit (10 days ago)
If all I had was 500 dollars I would use it for a down payment on a gibson LP standard x'D love them.
lauramonzon41 (10 days ago)
Sean Dolan (10 days ago)
Ure crap
Chris Jarko (12 days ago)
$24 in picks?!? 😳
FireFist (12 days ago)
Easy, Epiphone SG + Blackstar ID:Core V2 Stereo 10 watt
TVguy9999 (13 days ago)
...five hours later...🤩😎
N O L A N M I L N E S (13 days ago)
Whoa what tuning is that??
Paul baluch (13 days ago)
Good job there my friend
Gunslinger (13 days ago)
I like this dude. He keeps looking at IBANEZ!!
Carlos Pineda (14 days ago)
Awsome deal!
Tyler Nipko (14 days ago)
Well I just found your channel and this video due to budget and well I found a blackstar amp and a Squier Telecaster for $345 Minus spare stings and chords from guitar center brand new both so if it's still on the Table I'll take your old gorilla amp please send me an email [email protected] Thank you for reading this hope you're having a great day.
Ashis Rai (15 days ago)
Great video, what an opportunity, I wish I could get all these stuff in India with those budget..Man seriously it's so affordable, in India they charge so huge for non brand let alone the brand guitars
James Fehr (15 days ago)
take the gibson and a $99 Blackstar
Kelly Boy (17 days ago)
This is the Phoenix store on cactus. My go to store. I can’t stand GC on Peoria, they don’t greet you and try to tell you your gear is shit to try and get it for nothing.
Luke Yonts (17 days ago)
Im down to play a gorilla
Gary Novak (17 days ago)
How in the Hell did you find that gold top Les Paul for $399??? Nice work! I've been looking for a deal on that guitar for ages now!
AK47 MAN2018 (18 days ago)
I would get mim fender stratocaster and mustang amp.
Dmitry Ivanov (19 days ago)
ПФФФ))) В России за 500$ можно лишь по щам получить) In Russia for $ 500 you can only get the face)
Jammin Jake (20 days ago)
Damn, that's a good Sam ash. The one by me ain't even close
Jack Swinks (20 days ago)
3:33 There are bad sounding amps (Line 6 Spider)
IRES V MUSIC TV (21 days ago)
This is one of my favorite videos!!! I am a beginner on a budget ☺️👍🏼❤️
This&That Darkcrow (21 days ago)
Boss katana 100 guitar:who cares eheeheh
Stu Pid (25 days ago)
Hobo gear kit👍
Patrick O'Donnell (25 days ago)
That's a great deal. I spent $611 and change for a 6 string DX-1 Dreadnaught Martin and a gig bag plus a set-up.
Patrick O'Donnell (25 days ago)
No, a flying V is the most uncomfortable to play sitting down.
intervalkid (26 days ago)
G&L for under $400 in addition to the Les Paul? Huh?
Mark Plavecki (26 days ago)
New haven sam ash :p
Jack Allen (27 days ago)
I just last week bought an Ibanez G10 hard tail at Guitar center for 149$ It has a very nice low action and sounds actually pretty damn good. Two humbuckers No case. another 100$ for a hard case and 250$ for an entry level tube amp and you're set! I really am not a fan of LP's but I'm prejudiced as I own four Fenders two tele's, a Duo Sonic and  a Jazzmaster. Interesting video! Edited to add, I have never heard of Sam Ash, I'll have to look them up.
eddie duke (27 days ago)
i bouth a jackson JS20 at a pawn shop 50$ with the case here in dallas
Kirxas (28 days ago)
For 500 euros you can get a marshal dsl 20hr and a harley benton 2x12 with celestion V’s
nekowasson (29 days ago)
I need a Sam Ash in Mexico!
mano a mano (29 days ago)
I guess we're all drawn to different things. I was disappointed he didn't look at that blond double cutaway in the upper corner at 6:00 min. I was curious about that one since I glimpsed it when he first walked in.
Michael Thomas (29 days ago)
i will give you $500 for that G-top.
becraul (30 days ago)
You guys are lucky in the states!! Those prices !!
Fabian MadridReyes (30 days ago)
Didn't even bother to look at semi hollow guitars smhhhh
TheSteelTech (30 days ago)
That raw wood S series that was in the used section has been on my wishlist for years.
Iamadroid (1 month ago)
I cannot believe the quality of this "video tape" it is almost like watching high definition.
Francisco Escobedo (1 month ago)
Ojalá y en México entráramos a una tienda de música con $ 500 y pudiéramos salir con un equipo así . Esa lana ya no alcanza ni para un cable .
scrub playz (1 month ago)
What was that black Ibanez at around 9:00
Barrier Boy (1 month ago)
A Les Paul that actually sounds great????
Bryan Flores (1 month ago)
you shud buy a m-50
SMYmetal (1 month ago)
the employees must be hatin u for trying out the guitars and makinh them out it back in place😅
doctorwaffles92 (1 month ago)
Sounds like they're playing the entire Physical Graffiti album in the store
Riley Sanders (1 month ago)
I would get a yamaha Pacifica and a Vox pathfinder 10
Alan Peach (1 month ago)
where the hell is this place...dang
King Tutt (1 month ago)
I hear that song Kashmir playing good ass song love me some led zeplin
Everything (1 month ago)
This was all just an excuse to buy that LP you saw previously huh hahaha
Aleksej Rockatansky (1 month ago)
Nice LP <3
Leonard Augustino (1 month ago)
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin was playing in the background in the beginning
Armando Sanchez (1 month ago)
Where do you live?! Japanese Ibanez guitars in Los Angeles go for nothing less than 600
Doug Ott (1 month ago)
Funny he mentioned his old Gorilla amp. I just bought one last week that was made in 1986. I love it but it sounds nothing like my son's line 6.
jmk (1 month ago)
Gibson LP at that price is unheard of. Not really a very educational video since you picked a guitar at a price no one will ever be able to find.
Jonas Z (1 month ago)
Which model is that fender in front of the black poster at 2:35?
LennyJohnson5 (1 month ago)
I heard the word 'smorgasbord' at 4:33 and I claim my prize.
Dek jan lupa di rumah kakak juga yaaa
Cabo Wabo (1 month ago)
the OLP with the Blackstar sounded the best
ChuggityMuggs1 (1 month ago)
Sad the musical instrument industrial complex has annihilated the mom and pop.
JopesTV (1 month ago)
10:02 - saw an old Sunn combo...should've bought that instead of that transistor radio Blackstar claims is an "amplifier".
anime nyan (1 month ago)
Im phase 2 😅
Guitar ocd (1 month ago)
Epiphone and a Blackstar
Chris Scovitch (1 month ago)
Got your gear, now go find ya a band to play in. Rock an Roll, of course !
Chris Scovitch (1 month ago)
The new Danelectro Bullhorn lead guitar has got good wood. Can you sing and play ?
Chris Scovitch (1 month ago)
Peavey 404, Marshall 50, Fender twin reverb and a Fender Starcaster guitar
aung kyaw oo (1 month ago)
I really cazy
aung kyaw oo (1 month ago)
Aldo Ochoa (1 month ago)
Menudo sonido tan agresivo el que sacaste de esas guitarras usadas esperando a ser recompeadas por alguien que las valore
J G (1 month ago)
As unbelievable as it is to buy a Les Paul at that low price, I have found insanely low priced guitars and amps on Guitar Center Used. I bought a Jet City 20 watt All Tube combo in great condition for $150, I've seen a G&L Fallout for $199 and Les Paul Studios for under $500. Guitar Center Used is usually 20-30% under what you find on Reverb. It makes sense because they rape you on trade-ins, they also want to sell you the new gear so it makes sense trying to get the used stuff off the floor quickly. You could make money buying the best deal off GC used and reselling on Reverb.
Mike Glazier (1 month ago)
At 1:30 is that an Aria Pro II Urchin Deluxe?!
Pete Haselden (1 month ago)
Send them your Tiesco Del Ray with that Gorilla. Thell be shredding then. The skin right off.
Stafford's Studio (1 month ago)
That is crazy prices good video liked and subscribed Cheers !
franek pietryga (1 month ago)
Ryan Barber (1 month ago)
John Long (1 month ago)
Excellent buy !!! I'm jealous..can I give you 500 bucks to set me up ?? Lol..
the5chord (1 month ago)
Sounds awesome. Will be my first SA pedal!
hollywoodactress (1 month ago)
Wow! used guitars in USA are super cheap and so much choice in that guitar shop. No wonder all you gear heads in the US own so many guitars.
Danny Bresco (1 month ago)
11:14 : Acoustic Sunrise or La ballade de jane - Jacques Davidovici. cheers
Alex Kidd (1 month ago)
Hey Phillip need a eletric gutair recco mendation and I'm buying a Marshall amp which Billie Joe used
Rock's_Not_Dead (1 month ago)
I love all the zeppelin they play in there
Nico Karsen (1 month ago)
hair band music--no hair
Derogatory Name (1 month ago)
Wow 875k views!
Biker Keychains (1 month ago)
Fuck my life 400$ for a Gibson Les Paul ???? Here in Germany you would pay 900$ and more for a used Gibson Les Paul and then probably without P90’s
Sueño Stereo (1 month ago)
Where is this store located?
salgena (1 month ago)
Gibson LP super!!!
FOUrk (1 month ago)
“There’s no such thing as a bad sounding amp” tell that to my line 6
Aias Bull Jr. (1 month ago)
And ibanez
Aias Bull Jr. (1 month ago)
Cool jackson

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