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5 tips that will make you a better bass player

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Book online lessons with Yonit Spiegelman : https://Lessonface.com/YonitSpiegelman 0:26 - tip #1. 1:43 - tip #2. 3:19 - tip #3. 4:51 - tip #4. 6:33 - tip #5. Check out Time and Feel Exercise for Bass Guitar - https://youtu.be/tdbwaj0RPQg Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: http://bit.ly/Sub2Lessonface If you are seeking more personalized advice, you can find our teachers at Lessonface.com for online live 1:1 lessons. https://Lessonface.com/Online-Music-Lessons
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Lessonface (3 months ago)
Note from Yonit: Hey everyone! Thanks for watching the video :) Just wanted to make a few clarifications! * This video is for beginner / intermediate bass players * Obviously, there’s exception to all my tips (which are not rules!) but these tips should help you when playing with your band. Of course you can play open strings if you can mute them (which is a difficult technique to master if you’re a beginner), of course you can play fills that are well practiced, on time, from the bottom to the very top of your neck and so on. * Always play the root - in the beginning of the bar - you can obviously play any chord tone / mode tone you want after. But not straight at the top. We establish the root and then venture out. Of course you can play inversions but that changes the chord, and you probably should make that decision with your band-members. * I may have said ‘never’ and ‘always’ but this is really me just trying to make a point, don’t take it too literally fellas * This can be applied in many genres, but mostly for mainstream genres such as pop, folk, rock, funk etc. Yes, if you’re playing a progressive-jazz-fusion-hardcore-metal song this might not be the video for you. * Here’s a 6 tip for the brave ones who read all of this - make music to be happier and have fun with other human beings. That’s the point of everything, including this video ;) Peace, love and many low frequencies, Yonit
Randall Griffin (1 day ago)
These are all good tips for beginners. B-) Best advice I got that changed the way I play and approach bass playing (I'm a guitarist! Muahahah) is to follow the bass (kick drum). What the jrummer boy do, I do. Ha -=80)
labgnat (2 days ago)
Great video, you're great, don't change your teaching style
Faris Shohimi (5 days ago)
you make me hahahaha
James Pravasilis (6 days ago)
If this is the case , put that in the title. And the emphasis on the "absolute" words would make Beginers/intermediate locked into marginal playing....let them use imagination along with common sense tactics and "rules".
If you don't mean "never" and "always" then don't say it ffs..
So no creativity.
Darrel Peters (13 hours ago)
Great tips! I just started paying and these are some of the best tips I’ve heard by far. Thank you!
Laetitia Ancel (13 hours ago)
Thank's so much !
Ramon Queiroz Nogueira (17 hours ago)
@LessonFace, Wich bass is this one!? <3
s gime (17 hours ago)
You tell everyone whats works with standard songs, giving tips is not about what "sounds well in most songs". It really depends on what music youre playing, for an example that nasty sustain sound on the open strings really is great sometimes to give depth to the bass part. Best tip in my opinion is to experiment and keep breaking new grounds.
Lawrence Mosley (19 hours ago)
Can u teach how to play songs?
callyharley (20 hours ago)
Seriously though do you really get paid for playing the Bass, as a job?
Scott Norkin (20 hours ago)
I like to use open strings so I can flip the bird to my drummer who's a grumpy old curmudgeon! of course I can still flip it playing notes as long as I'm using my other fingers
kaomao (23 hours ago)
"Tip 1: Don't use open strings" Tell that to Steve Harris :-D
nahmanini sithole (1 day ago)
How am I going to reach for my beer if I don't use the open strings?
ياسلام ياسلام
Lalit Thapa Thapa (1 day ago)
Why am I even here???I'm a drummer.lol
Javier Mendoza (1 day ago)
Geddy Lee would frown at this 😥
Cunt TV (1 day ago)
All your tips are ‘don’t do this because you might stuff it up’. Show us how to not stuff it up so we can grow as a bass player.
Immanuel Monroe (1 day ago)
I’m mostly self-taught (been playing for 4 years and in a band for a little over a year with a lesson or two thrown in here and there) and a lot of the issues she addressed I have encountered in the past and wish someone told me earlier. Obviously the video isn’t for everyone but I sure wish I would have learned these things when I just started. Given that what she says can be different in depending on the situation... I think that if you have been playing for a decent amount of time then you shouldn’t be watching this in the first place lol. There are too many variables that go into consideration for more experienced players, but for beginners I think that these are solid points of advice to guide them in a good direction.
Love-Joy-Freedom (1 day ago)
I feel like there's a time and place for this... it depends on who you're playing with and the style during a gig, for example in jazz fusion you may be given the chance to solo and express yourself in the style! Remember the context, it really depends....
Ged Whittaker (1 day ago)
Absolutely agree - been my philosophy for years!
Patrick (1 day ago)
Like your playing & your approach.......
You not only play the bass well, but you look great. Sign up to watch you more often)
gregonline6506 (1 day ago)
Thx for explaining me, why rock is boring and I would not like to play the base in a rock band. Just no challenge.
gregonline6506 (1 day ago)
Note, I am amateur obviously, playing drums, keyboards, guitar and seldom a bass. Even knowing the importance and power of a bass. As a keyboarder I know how to change chords by moving the bass line. And as a drummer I know how vital the communication with the bass is. But I really love moving bassists and many times the keyboard can take over while the bass sings on the 15th fret... ;)
Jibicus Maximus (1 day ago)
oooh yeah, i HATE bass players that play way too busy lol.
Jibicus Maximus (1 day ago)
but i can avoid other string ringing out together by left hand dampening, is that bad? it sounds clean, is there another reason, do they dominate the sound more? i ask because i like open string sound, btw i am primarily a guitarist but mess around on few other instruments too.
Lucas Ferdinandi (1 day ago)
O think that some haters have missed the point. I dont think she is stablishing concrete rules. But in my experience, people at general have problems on serving the general beauty of the song that is being played in group; and i DO think that those 5 tips are really awesome tips about how to behave well in a group context, even more if you dont know the musical language and taste of your partners. Its not rare to find bass players who doesnt get the purpose of the low frequeces in the overall sound, timekeeping and grooving with the drums for example. "tip #2 never sacrifice a beat for a fill" <--- Every Bass player who also plays guitar that i met usually dont get this.
AWelsh Celt (2 days ago)
As a lead vocalist who plays bass I can tell you from personal experience. If a song has a specific hook line like Working In A Coal Mine or Ramble On? Play it. Otherwise, keep it simple. A simple well executed line sounds better than flash at half-a**ed. A bass player who sings lead/harmony vocals effectively will never be without a gig. Again, from personal experience. So, to all you solid rhythm player/lead vocalists out there having trouble keeping bass players? Do the drill. Learn to play bass. Eliminates a position and the money goes further. Learn how to play 5 string, too. The bottom end really fills out the sound. Build a solid trio and if you need a 4th? Add a KB. I did it. You can, too. Best career move I ever made.
Lou Aguado (2 days ago)
Someone doesn't know how to mute their strings. It's easier to do using a pick
Josue (2 days ago)
Bass is life 😠why abort it😲
????????!!!!!!! (2 days ago)
I like her ‘bass face’
Jason Gracey (2 days ago)
The great thing about YouTube is that, when you read a snide comment, you can go to that person's profile and look at the quality of their content, or entire lack of content.
De Plebejers (2 days ago)
do you also speak dutch? :)
GTBG Nation (2 days ago)
Wellll.. there are some good tips here.. we must be careful when we say things in music like “never do”.. that takes you out of the realm of music and puts you in.... martial vibrational control I guess 🤷🏾‍♂️? Music is free.. tips- do in music what you have made apart of you.. if you have to “try”, it’s probably not for you, if it’s natural and moves the listeners, enhances the energy of the room, add to without taking away.. then you’re doing music justice.. all rules are theory and it’s a projection of what the “teacher” or preacher “feels” is right music. To them. No artist should play like anyone- an artist is an artist or they are a copier
el andy (2 days ago)
you are so effing good at what you do. i am in love with you.
Michael Flaherty (2 days ago)
I'll give you all one tip. Just go and watch Geddy Lee.
Henry Gerwien (3 days ago)
sorry, type-fault: and he is NO 'have-you-ever-blown-Eddie Van Halen-from-the-stage'-circus artist.
Henry Gerwien (3 days ago)
I agree with those advices. Many bass players do strange things in misjudgement on behalf of their origin job: laying a base. There's a reason, that the bass player includes to the --> ATTENTION: RHYTHM SECTION and he is an 'have-you-ever-blown-Eddie Van Halen-from-the-stage'-circus artist. I had to smile about the "money making area" on the fretboard, a fine and true hint! Great, I love her style doing this vid! Thänx for posting and thänx @Volker Boerkel for ths advice! ;-)
Bryan Ruiz soto (3 days ago)
This sucks... Such a shame
N Gabor (3 days ago)
Try watching it at half speed :) Great tips by the way!
Erik McConnon (3 days ago)
According to this lesson Paul McCartney is the worst bass player in history and Something is the worst bass line in history
Duran Brown TV (3 days ago)
Female bass player from Mars
8068 (3 days ago)
Great video. I have played (both guitar and bass) for many years and your five rules are excellent starting points for everyone who plays. Yes, there will be exceptions (which some people have pointed out with A LOT of emotion), but the five basics apply to many situations. I agree with rule five the most. Why - just listen to the opening notes of the theme song for the 1970's T.V. show Barney Miller.
Dale Dan Patriarca (4 days ago)
I don't know. How about just... Don't suck at playing.
francesco asaro (4 days ago)
Just agree with the 5th tip...for the rest, bass could be a much more inspiring instrument and much less conservative. Even if it strictly depends on the song you are playing. I believe these are good tips only for beginners or for people that could not manage to leave their garages.
John Boyle (4 days ago)
Here’s a tip change your strings more than once every ten years
Daniel Velazquez (4 days ago)
ugh what a pile of shit
videonut28 (4 days ago)
Great video! Thanks for the help.
Binayak Jung Karki (4 days ago)
I am here to see this lady 😍😍
All that busyness is 🔥🔥 tho
Phung Hungyo (5 days ago)
i only understand the tip 1 lol
Jaysson B. (5 days ago)
I've been playing for about 30 years, but I'm always looking for tips. IMO, you have to stay humble as a musician. I understand where she's coming from with this info. I have found over the years, that some of these things make sense in certain situations, but I have to respectfully disagree with all of it. Steadfast rules for playing are how boring musicians are created. The fact is, you should do whatever you want. If it ends up sounding bad, do something else, but don't ever say "I cant play these particular things because reasons". The only rules you should truly abide by are use correct, healthy, playing posture and ergonomics that work for YOUR body, and don't play through pain. If you want to play an open G for an entire song for whatever reason, do it. Example: the bass line in Faith No More's Midlife Crisis is almost all just an open E. It was a huge hit, and it sounds amazing. Look it up on youtube.
Ironic Youth (5 days ago)
This is retarded
gallogris (5 days ago)
Keep it Simple and Consistent >.< Tell that to the best Funking' bass player in music history: "Flea"
CaseBass (5 days ago)
I’ve been playing bass for 20 years and I still watch these beginner tip videos to keep myself in check. Also, if you don’t her free advice, then move on. Stop being shitty to people trying to help. I expect more out of the musician community....
Linus Stoltz (5 days ago)
All of what you said is only half tru. For example, the ”keep ut down part”, yea for many songs your lesson is good, but for some songs it’s better to be up, and in like one part of the song or something, you go down to get more tone
beatlesrgear (5 days ago)
Wrong Yonit, open strings, when played correctly, are absolutely correct. You failed to mute the other strings whilst playing an open string. I'm not even listening to the rest of your video because you are off on the first tip........ bye.
stultusmagnus (5 days ago)
i like these tips, i wish i had them when i first started playing many years ago. solid advice imo
budaroddy (6 days ago)
Tip#5 tell that to Victor Wooten dude
budaroddy (6 days ago)
Someones tell this lady to close his mouth while playing, make you Breathe wrong and looks awfull
budaroddy (6 days ago)
Dont hear this dudes, play like you want, the way you want, if its good with you, its enough, "keep It simple" says the lady, thats a phrase that no musician needs to hear, more dosnt mean better, but there is More and better and there is Plain Simple, without any singularity, anyways, play like you want, take this tips for a help, to progress, to have a second opinion but dont care that much, the best way to play an instrument its doing on your own, without following others advices, just be yourself, and express what u feel with it
budaroddy (6 days ago)
"if u dont do this with a methronome this is wort nothing" not everyone needs It, sorry if u are the type of musician thats feel confortable just by the click
budaroddy (6 days ago)
Use the open String for low tones its the best thing u can do
James Pravasilis (6 days ago)
Words like "never" and "can't" and general absolute statements make for mediocre players and teachers at best....... flea? Jaco? John Paul Jones? they did everything you said "Never" to do.
Luke Leger (6 days ago)
Totally needed this thank you!
elvislives81677 (6 days ago)
Guitar player here. Good tips. I play the bass when I want to have fun and grooooooovvvve! As a guitarist, I couldn't care less what the bass and drummer do except keep with the beat and roots.
lalikarl (6 days ago)
You are awesome player but you are very restrictive! You are missing something very important... Music is art, and art has almost no rules!
General Moto (6 days ago)
No open strings, guess she doesn't like DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Velázquez (7 days ago)
you look like an idiot
Ken Morales (7 days ago)
Great tips! I play guitar, and I want to be able to play my own bass lines for recording songs. I'm a beginner, so none of this was "obvious" to me. Thanks for putting this together!! 🤘😎
Paul I. Kong (7 days ago)
Hi Yonit, thanks for your tips. I like your bass tones, it sounds so fatty and warm. Can you tell me the name of your bass? Thanks.
Xavier Bernasconi (7 days ago)
Flea did a lot of solos and fills
78tag (7 days ago)
Good job Yonit, I'm sure this was very helpful for your intended viewers. As usual - the morons who consider themselves to be "experts" and feel the need to express their ignorance to whole musical world have chimed in with every ridiculous statement conceivable. Clearly this is a video for early bass players who are still getting the fundamentals under their fingers. From the comments below it is also clear that these trolls missed the message at the beginning. Keep in mind - IF YOU'RE TALKING, YOU'RE NOT LISTENING. IF YOU'RE NOT LISTENING, YOU'RE NOT LEARNING. I repeat, good job Yonit.
Nicholas Arbuckle (7 days ago)
Cool video and good tips and all.. but I thought the stuff you were playing and advising not to play at the gig was the grooviest part
Dennis Ristow (7 days ago)
These tips are GOLD!!!! Having played percussion, wind, stringed and key instruments for over 30 years I can attest that these should be RULES for bass players!!! There are times to shine and be a Geddy Lee or a Les Claypool once in a while but if you're playing an actual song, you cannot go wrong with these 5 tips. I'm floored that there are so many thumbs down. Nothing wrong with taking the spotlight when there is room for it, but come on. Who could argue with any of these points as foundations of playing the bass? I've met far too many musicians that can play some incredible 5 and 6 string bass guitars and all sorts of time signatures but can't write a song to save their life. I've seen bass players humbled by the simplicity of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams. Not that they can't play it, but the boredom they exhibit when playing something so simplistic is just sad. If you can't/don't want to play the bass and observe these basic tenants, then pick up a guitar and start shredding.
geez440 (7 days ago)
Good advice. The last thing we need are shredding bass players. They are all over YouTube showing off their "chops" and when I hear one I want puke.
Benjamin Dover (7 days ago)
whoopie, she's goooood!!!!!!! constructive criticism, quit teaching. and dont quit your day time job. just cause you have long fingers, dont meen you have what it takes to you sound like a musician.
Jadon Harper (8 days ago)
If you don’t know how to stop strings when playing an open string I don’t think music is for you
perkol8ter (8 days ago)
I quite enjoyed this video!! Educational, and made me laugh :)
liten48 (8 days ago)
yeah yr right the first 3 frets is where it happens, i rarely visit the other end, not sure i agree with open string thing tho
wilfredo cruz (8 days ago)
Thumbs down she’s makes some things Poor students of her lol
timbulb (8 days ago)
Boo this woman! Boooo!
Over the top fills can be a style in itself. Just blankly saying "don't do that" is kinda bs. "When was the last time you heard a bass solo in a rock or pop tune?" Not that rare. Rather than saying "Don't do this" it should be more focused on what are good practice for fundamentals and foundation, nothing should be off limits.
Helmy Hood (9 days ago)
I'm a guitarist. Once we have to substitute our bassist for a night and the guy is a guitarist who want to try out bass. It was a nightmare. We were clashing notes like we were fencing swords. I can almost hear the "zing ting zing ting" sound.
ESPY Q (9 days ago)
If every bass player only stuck to your “tips,” I’d just never listen to music again. And that’s saying something.
darryl cabe (9 days ago)
Who is a better bassist,,,,John Entwistle or Mccartney??????,,,,I think that's her point.
yuenyee wai (9 days ago)
Instead of showing the "don't", show the "do" , or show both. It's confusing.
NicoGZ (9 days ago)
mierda pura mierda
Noname Nameless (9 days ago)
Your so pretty
Pam Barton (9 days ago)
Love this
D!RK (10 days ago)
You sound dutch
Wizmos (10 days ago)
Great tips ,thank you
Veggy Stick (10 days ago)
This video made not want to play bass ever again
Oktoman Empire (10 days ago)
Hey look at this woman who thinks she is playing bass just by saying keep it simple,down and boring maybe thats why you’re still a session bassist ehj??
StianTheViking (10 days ago)
I love you for saying that #2! I have been playing guitar on and off for 20 years and finally bought a bass about three weeks ago. In every bass tutorial or instrument test or whatever all I have been seeing are these artist who do basically solos or 'fill' as you call it. But you never hear that in music, so I always wondered why. And I always thought to myself, ain't the most important thing for a bass player to keep the base notes and keep the rhythm? When are you ever gonna need that fancy schmancy stuff? You are the first person I have heard to actually mention this. I don't even practice that stuff, because in the music I love and want to play, I`ll never ever need it. It would be for show-off only.
Rusty James (10 days ago)
Guilty on fills part dammit haha
flor paderna (10 days ago)
Why tf i am laughing hard at 2:56
88sublunaire (11 days ago)
Good, very good teaching method!
raxchaPanceps (11 days ago)
Anderson Zobel (11 days ago)
The worst bass lesson of my life in youtube, how to kill the bass.
your mom (11 days ago)
The "Don't do this, do this instead..." is it bad that I literally can't tell the difference? :(
michael peberdy (11 days ago)
You teach ? Teach what ? I have played bass and other instruments for longer than you have been alive and ..... frankly you are talking crap ! Future bass players ......play it as you feel it . In my day we were inventive. We didn't have DVD teacher etc stuff . We went with the groove and just thought it out for ourselves . You do not need this . Do your own thing

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