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Chris D'elia - Birthdays

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Chris D'elia on what people expect from you after your birthday passes. Chris D'elia stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2015. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1ShFiDP Watch more from Chris D'elia!: http://bit.ly/ChrisDeliaStandUp WATCH MORE: NETFLIX SPECIALS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoXkGkpREHNC6JaCAUwcfaFD7QyaSo_Rv&playnext=1&index=2 HAVE YOU SEEN THEM ON TV?: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoXkGkpREHNBtOmdql0tIqWN-ah0_-QzS&playnext=1&index=2 LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS STAND UP: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoXkGkpREHNDmfxp1n6RlX4ELGP2B6MfF&playnext=1&index=2 MUSICAL COMEDY: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoXkGkpREHNDAVFppfJ-R0cHdKRaqYfNS&playnext=1&index=2 FOLLOW JFL: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1qbX9p0 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1RG2uuI Website: http://bit.ly/1pFZ2d1 ABOUT JUST FOR LAUGHS: Just For Laughs is the world’s premiere destination for stand-up comedy. JFL produces the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event every July in Montreal, as well as annual festivals in Toronto and Sydney. On this channel, you will find comedic clips from some of the most legendary comedians in the business: Chris Rock, Bill Burr, Kevin Hart, and more. We also feature stand-up from newcomers such as John Mulaney, Bo Burnham, and Amy Schumer. If you just want to laugh, you’re in the right place.
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Text Comments (339)
Rennie B (5 hours ago)
Most refreshingly honest introspection I've heard in a long time 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Luke Crant (3 days ago)
I dunno but I'm just not feeling this one.. dunno about anyone else but I didn't laugh once, his podcast and his guest appearance on others kills me. Especially early 10 minute podcast but this just wasn't funny 😕
Lizzy Grant (8 days ago)
"I don't care, I don't wanna go. It's never fun. There are so many people that... aren't me." This is such a mood
adam lichten (9 days ago)
arms too long or legs too short?
Hilltacular 1990 (10 days ago)
Tired eagle
Kaleb behonegne (11 days ago)
He looks like a real life rick
Peter Louis (12 days ago)
dunno why everytime i see him i think rick n morty. he would fit right in the show, especially with that laugh. they should totally add his character in the next season.
Grace Long (15 days ago)
When he laughs at his own jokes His laugh is so cute haha 🤣
Mihnea Sechely (16 days ago)
Feels like a mixture of Louis Ck and Dane Cook
allemander (17 days ago)
Gosh, I fully expected this to be funny. Oh, well. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose.
Sofia Martinez (22 days ago)
wish he was funnier /: I'm high and just tryna have a good laugh but this shit was a total buzzkill
steven cocky (27 days ago)
Cult leader is almost 40....were posting 5 year old material? in 2018? CHUDUNE
Arlene Payne (28 days ago)
I just love how he can start crashing on people and nobody feels offended, can we just get this feeling back in American society before 2k18 runs out k thx
John E. (29 days ago)
D’elia ‘S comedy sucks!! 👎🏼 And, he can go f*** himself! 🖕🏼
Underpantsniper (1 month ago)
why are his pants so short? or his torso so long?
kristy sickles (1 month ago)
I love his laugh 😂
Grimmy 777 (1 month ago)
God damn this comment section is hating right now
Kyle Groff (1 month ago)
Why did i get an ad in spanish ?
beterbutz (1 month ago)
He is kinda doing a bad Louie CK act.
Chris Li Loia (1 month ago)
I do the "fuck you" wrap ALL THE FUCKIN' TIME on Christmas hahaha
Rach Rach Hell Yeah. (1 month ago)
Aidan Miller (1 month ago)
cant tell if he's an asshole or just brutally simplistic with his wants and needs.
Ricky Stafford (1 month ago)
I find Chris funny at times but this is absolutely not funny and low effort.
Chris (1 month ago)
His legs 1/4 the length of his body
DRC (1 month ago)
Why are his legs so short?
Morgan Zakhary (1 month ago)
Yes. I hate buying gifts for adults. I don't even like getting excessively drunk anymore. Birthday parties are just so meh.
QueenOfSorrow (1 month ago)
So nice to see a man not covered with ink.
lpound80 (1 month ago)
i love the whole introverted narcissist angle
Valley Girl (1 month ago)
His laugh is the BEST! He cracks me TF up!
Steve Sanchez (1 month ago)
What dead body did you steal your lips from?
Lee Cook (1 month ago)
I think his little shorts and big shirt are for comedic effect, and it does work. I love the voices he does of women the most!
Zac C (1 month ago)
Was this recorded in the Penthouse Penthouse
H West (1 month ago)
The add at beginning of video was for V day hearts of heroes...and showed defense turrets set up along a dirt road firing at a row of endless tanks driving perfectly back to.back getting shot and exploding endless tanks..like tanks drive in a sraight line back to back down the road...like its a tank..it could drive through the fields and through those fucking turrets..fucking dump ass ad
Matt Black (1 month ago)
Mac Weller (1 month ago)
You can tell he comes up with a lot of this stuff on the fly. "unless your car is in my living room.... Shut up about it I guess"
Shaheryar Khan (1 month ago)
He looks like he is always having a migraine
Natalie Elyse Stallcup (1 month ago)
I love his laugh l
DMC Quincy (1 month ago)
no no im joking send him some shit wrap shit gifts , in shit wrap. im just talking schmith. i don't believe he would response to stupid gifts (maybe after 100 and 2 shitti gifts) hmm but that's just what im thinking. how the fuck i am ? naae , dont care !!!!!!
DMC Quincy (1 month ago)
pore little bastard
DMC Quincy (1 month ago)
please (internet) send him some up fucked up wrap gifts
DMC Quincy (1 month ago)
thats why he hates it
DMC Quincy (1 month ago)
i think he cared a lot
Maria Giddens (1 month ago)
Birthday parties are like penises I like mine and that's it idc
Obey The Law (2 months ago)
This guy is SOOOOO good on The Walking Dead. He deserves the Emmy
Jonelle Wray (2 months ago)
he's attractive but he's also not?????
Sonny Lim (2 months ago)
I like girls. And girls like penises. So therefore I am gay
MotionlessPlain 88 (2 months ago)
Chris D'elia's and Louis ck's comedy style's are very similar
mrshelley87 (2 months ago)
I wanna like him but he makes it hard with his comedy,face,clothes,podcast,face
Pamela Hill (2 months ago)
So funny Chris!
Brock Samson (2 months ago)
I do the asshole wrap because I'm shitty at the regular kind and also because I don't care about wrapping.
Paran0i3dchick (2 months ago)
He is obviously depressed
Brian McGlade (29 days ago)
Maybe he had too many iced mochas and experienced a crash before the show
Paran0i3dchick (29 days ago)
Brian McGlade all of that because of an ice mocha ! that’s some anti sugar fascism lol .. i still think he is depressed look at his body language
Brian McGlade (29 days ago)
Paran0i3dchick not really maybe he just needs to drink a sugary drink like you and his world will be all numb and false and he won’t want to laugh anymore
KomamuraSajin (2 months ago)
Was this comedy? I heard people laughing, but at what, I don't know. All I saw in this video was a man-child who was acting like a 'bro' and talking about nothing of importance, nor was he telling any jokes.
Abhisek Backup (2 months ago)
Why does he walk like an arrogant bird...like an Ostrich?
Landon Leon (2 months ago)
Some of his stuff seems to be inspired by Louis c.k
Adam Nicholson (2 months ago)
His legs look shorter than usual?
Khawi Ralte (2 months ago)
Someone give him a belt for his birthday
Vikram Adithya Anand (2 months ago)
we have the same birthday
Larissa Bravo (2 months ago)
He looks like the younger version of rick (rick & morty)
N8 (7 days ago)
Larissa Bravo he kinda sounds like him in certain parts too
Dan kaiser (2 months ago)
This is on man on fire
Matty Matt (2 months ago)
I'm gonna send this to the person that wants me to go to they're birthday party!
Daniel Juszczyk (2 months ago)
He sounds like Rick from Rick and Morty
Lisa Lolli (2 months ago)
He looks amazing.
Rose Castillo (2 months ago)
Fuck your car idc 😒.....lmfao 😂😂😂
Ameer Faithullah (2 months ago)
thats more venting than stand up comedy
LondooPlayz (2 months ago)
Lester Marshall III (2 months ago)
I hope he writes his own! LOL.
J flo (2 months ago)
This old
Michael Jung (2 months ago)
Copied Louis Ck’s joke
Da Boom (2 months ago)
Chris looks like he has little legs in this segment
TheAquaK9 YT (19 days ago)
He does
Da Boom (24 days ago)
Heisenberg J hey why is your nose facing mine?! Turn around
Heisenberg J (25 days ago)
And btw he looks like a regular dude
Heisenberg J (25 days ago)
Da Boom classic guy focusing on non important things than the comedic relevance of describing today's society. Non important person you are
Vospi (2 months ago)
I'm *25* and like that! x)
Sumihilivi Chishi (2 months ago)
Rick .. that’s what I see in him
Gerry R (2 months ago)
"anyways my birthday parties are lit"
Brandon Whelan (2 months ago)
Dammit Chris.. now I feel like a dick everytime I use fuck you wrap
Joshua Knoch (2 months ago)
Chris is a sociopath confirmed.
Steven Chea (2 months ago)
Somewhere in a parallel universe, Hugh Jackman is a disproportionate comedian.
SoyPeligro (2 months ago)
His jokes are so fucking self aware omg
Adrian Villanueva (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who doesnt think hes funny.
Arkansauce76 (2 months ago)
Wtf is wrong with his legs
stevencolby49 (2 months ago)
I just realized he laughs like paulie shore 🤣
How about you not caring about your reverse bangs? Fuckin Chop it off.
Hollywoodsaint 57 (2 months ago)
Fucking Chris dude...hes dope 😂
Wangari Kamau (2 months ago)
His legs are so distractingly short
Big Willy Wallace (2 months ago)
This is terrible and you are all morons for enjoying it.
Oloff Music (2 months ago)
Best Chris D'Elia bit I've seen for a few years.
yousef alghamdi MD (2 months ago)
Didn’t find him funny. Sorry
Al Olsen (2 months ago)
He was funny 7 years ago.
Arnoud Schwarzenegger (2 months ago)
4:05 “Fifty...the big four zero....”
Elgin Coates (2 months ago)
Is his shirt too long or his pants too low?
Tyler N (2 months ago)
I've tried relentlessly to understand how people can find him funny, and I just can't figure it out.
Bogs Binny (1 month ago)
you should instead try to figure out why you lack a sense of humor
janglez (2 months ago)
+YanErno I too have realized I'm me and that in being me, I am inheritly not them. Which confirms your hypothesis on why the not you people don't understand things the way the you people do.
YanErno (2 months ago)
Tyler N Eh I wouldn’t go that far. My comment was more on par with the work of Dr. Seuss or any kindergarten teacher.
Tyler N (2 months ago)
Socrates, Plato, Confucius...and YanEmo!
YanErno (2 months ago)
Tyler N Hey I can help ya figure it out, it’s pretty easy actually. Other people aren’t you...everyone is different...what you think is funny, other people think is stupid. Welcome to society!
Toby (2 months ago)
where can I watch the whole performance?
Notorious 1 (2 months ago)
I knew sleeping was bad
Pickeledcoconut (2 months ago)
He didn’t say a word about his birthday this year.
Emma Heller (2 months ago)
That's the game
YoungWhite C.A (2 months ago)
Thank you Bieber!!! The only reason this person is relevant!!!!
Arlene Payne (2 months ago)
I canoooooooooot with this guy😂 *slaps knee pretty hard several times*
DontCare JustDont (2 months ago)
pull up your fucking pants
Taylor Holder (2 months ago)
from 2015... sure lets upload it now.
S 98 (2 months ago)
Can anybody point me to the direction of when and where i should laugh? How is he even a comedian....

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