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Black Magic Woman Guitar Lesson Part 1 - Santana - Marty Schwartz Guitar Lesson

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Follow Marty On Social Media! Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/martyschwartz Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/martyschwartz Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/martyschwartzofficial http://www.MartyMusic.com Hey Guys! Marty Schwartz here again with my project "MartyMusic!" By Special request is the intro to "Black Magic Woman" by Santana! Great bluesy stuff but with some extra modal flavor of the Aeolian mode! Once again thanks for supporting my thing right here with "MartyMusic" Sincerely, Marty
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Text Comments (388)
Marty Music (1 year ago)
Thanks for supporting my new project right here at "MartyMusic!" What Santana would you like next?
ercanSa (3 months ago)
Santana, album Havana Moon, song: One With You. Please!
Kim Ranpey (4 months ago)
Andy Bowlin (4 months ago)
Peter Green
BEn Forrest (6 months ago)
Samba Pa Ti
Cosmo Moerland (7 months ago)
Marty Music evil ways would be cool too and she’s not there
Promo N Rob (3 days ago)
Is it ok if I can just bend with my pinky instead of moving my index back?
Hamsterr Gaming (4 days ago)
When is part 2 coming out? Saw Santana live and it was awesome 💜❤
Super Human 1 (6 days ago)
Where’s part 2
Igg Guerrero (7 days ago)
fantastic lesson you are wizard on the guitar! how about flor de luna / moon flower.
Roberto Hernandez (8 days ago)
Soul Sacrifice??
Heiko Berlitz (16 days ago)
I'd love a part 2
On Katalan (21 days ago)
LOL on the 'got a black magic Marty'
Cliff Browning (29 days ago)
Can you do a lesson on the rest of Black Magic Woman
Monty Scroggins (1 month ago)
Why isn't Peter Green credited for the original tune?
Music is life (1 month ago)
Great man!
Fin D (1 month ago)
Santana did not write Black Magic Woman...
Kalia Alstad (1 month ago)
I just learned more in 25 mins than I ever did in 3 years...
Nick B (1 month ago)
What pedals should i use for the sound in the song?
Chris Choir (1 month ago)
great thanks
Schlumbucket Returns (1 month ago)
LOL. It's vaguely recognizable.
Ridemx141 (2 months ago)
Thanks for the great lesson. I've got the first part down now ready for part 2.
dennis berry (2 months ago)
do some Travis Tritt  -Heres a Quarter, Trouble, Anymore. I'm gonna be somebody. ect
A B Cars N’ Guitars (3 months ago)
Is there a lesson on YouTube for the rest of the song??
beakerbowls (3 months ago)
holy shit I just came across this video again after not playing my guitar for 2 years.
neil groves (3 months ago)
One of your best Marty....thanks.
Jordan Buchacher (3 months ago)
my friend and i love your videos and style of teaching
sir can you go bit slow after 17 fret
Ridemx141 (2 months ago)
You can slow the video down in the options. It's helped me a couple times on faster parts.
ercanSa (3 months ago)
Thank you so much! The best tutorial around. I will have one request: One With You (Santana, album: Havana Moon). Can you make a tutorial of that solo too?? I guess you'd be the first to do it, as I can't find anything on net on that. Very nice solo on that!
KingSirry (4 months ago)
It would be helpful if you explained how to form the d minor, g minor, and d minor bar chords that you’re talking about. When I search them up on google I get even more confused.
Mason Akerblom (4 months ago)
part 2 marty? also could you do 3s and 7s by queens of the stone age?
Joaquin Testa (4 months ago)
Part 2 please, awesome lesson!
TheMittenman (4 months ago)
Looked up the tab and there seemed to be no way I was gonna learn this without your help... You're one of the most helpful people out there Marty.
Spokz Wheeler (4 months ago)
This was such a fantastic lesson Marty looking forward to doing part 2
Frank Gunther (5 months ago)
Not soft enough. Neck pickup, Marty ---- neck pickup !!!
Zach (5 months ago)
Did Marty ever upload a part 2 for this song?
Tammy Robinson (5 months ago)
I have learned alot of different songs from you You are a kind person I just love you and Jake Reibart.Been taking lessons for Five yrs.I hope you continue to stay on line.Thanks a billion for having the heart and patience to explain everything slowly giving people a chance.♡Why do good guitars sharpen or flatten out?Stay safe Mr Marty.
Amy Webb (5 months ago)
Can you do the guitar solo for Manfred Mann's Earth Band's Blinded by the Light?
John Sabatini (6 months ago)
Great lesson. Would like to know what pedals you use to achieve the distinct tones in your lessons. Thanks
Max Barrett (6 months ago)
Thanks Marty ..Yo..That was one of your best lessons ever !!! …what would we do without you ..You ROCK
Mario Quejada (6 months ago)
Hi Marty but where is the part 2?
harry (6 months ago)
why don't you provide tabs with your lessons?
Wes Myers (6 months ago)
Thank you Marty. One of my favorites. You make it easy. Rock On!
THE WOAT (6 months ago)
wheres part 2 i learned this
MarioLópezAg (6 months ago)
thanks men <3 .... I got it
cereal4u (7 months ago)
That was Fire Marty !! FIRE!!!
nighttrain022 (7 months ago)
Marty, this is one of the best lessons ever. Thanks
Daniel Kautu (7 months ago)
Hotel Carlifonia please…break it up
Jeremy Vasquez (7 months ago)
Ive got a black magic Marty!
Giang nguyễn (7 months ago)
I need part 2... Can you help me? Please :(
Tim Crist (7 months ago)
Your lessons are awesome! You inspire me to get better at guitar every day!
pimp huahua (7 months ago)
Beautiful guitar man what model is it
Mia Deneen (7 months ago)
now I can impress my friends thanks Marty
Eric C (7 months ago)
Umm correct me if I'm wrong, but when I listen to Black Magic Woman, that d minor chord is played very subtly an I think just a single exaggerated strum downward. The several strums up and down this guy makes are wrong, if you're trying to play the original. If anything, Santana hits the b string on his way up from the one downward strum.
Aran Grover (8 months ago)
can you do the rest of the song please
劉Andyleehope (8 months ago)
she is not there,it is good.
DomDragonfire (8 months ago)
Hey there! I was wondering what kind of Les Paul was used in this video (year and finish)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Juan M. Lucero (8 months ago)
Hello Marty, how are you? The question is not related to this clip but I think I have a really good question for you playing guitar in an Open G and do the other guitarists have to do the same tunning their instruments in an Open G also?
Joanna Rudowski (8 months ago)
Could you do the “ziggy stardust “ by David Bowie on acoustic guitar
Philosophy & Science (8 months ago)
666k subs lmao
LD101 mixer (8 months ago)
brill man keep up the good work thanks.
LD101 mixer (8 months ago)
brill man keep up the good work thanks.
SkunkCommand (8 months ago)
I take it there is no part 2?
Paul Wright (8 months ago)
Hi Marty i lean all my songs through you. But there is 1 thing i found hard. You show how to do the lead perfectly,. The only thing i find hard is trying to do the chords. You don't break it down and show us how to do them for this song. I hope you re do this clip for black magic women. please consider this, because u inspire me to practice playing. This is on of my favourite song.
Pavo gaming/Tru moo 47 (8 months ago)
You need to do more scratch on that kind of song you need to embrace that part no just hit one note in the 10th fret
robert dealoe (8 months ago)
on the money Marty. Thanks
Big Bundy (8 months ago)
Samir Mukherji (9 months ago)
Excellent bro for your demo. No comments
Will Gonz (9 months ago)
your awesome. I love this thank you.
Robert Proctor (9 months ago)
Mike Sanderson (9 months ago)
Nailed it mate.
Josh Gomez (9 months ago)
Part 2 please the other part of the song
Enrique Montes (9 months ago)
Great lesson. Just the A minor as the second chord for the rhythm guitar seems to be off. A major 7 sounds better. What do you think guys?
Patrick Maksoud (10 months ago)
Great video! Truly helped me learn such a beautiful song
Johnny Bumpous (10 months ago)
Awesome lesson Marty ! Thank you....
עומר ויצמן (10 months ago)
please do muster of puppets
gerldz 12 (10 months ago)
You are the best teacher on youtube!
millzez world (10 months ago)
Hi, Marty - great lesson on one of my favorites!  Do you have part 2 done, the Gypsy Queen part?  If not, could you please post it at some point?  Many thanks!
Alexander Garcia (10 months ago)
Why do you go back instead of playing the song consistently through? You throw me off when you play one half of the lick and then you go back 1 measure. Like just keep playing the darn lick through! OMG!
A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (10 months ago)
This was the very last song I worked on by myself to surprise my guitar instructor! Sadly, things came up that made that lesson turned jam session my last lesson. Shortly after, my instructor moved away from the area, but that last session, and this song makes a very happy memory for me! Thanks Marty!
Frederick Thompson (10 months ago)
Marty, another inspired lesson. Nicely done! And many thanks.
Jake Fin (10 months ago)
I’m new to playing and this is my first song you make it simple subscribed
Lucas Gabriel (10 months ago)
Part 2 Marty ?? Make it happen pls
johnny6148 (10 months ago)
impressive and clean playing
Pete Ruth (10 months ago)
Damn, Marty....my mouth was agape and fromacross the room my wife says “Who the hell is that??” right up until she heard your famous “HEEEEY MARTY HERE” and she says, “Yeah, only Marty can sound like a rock god and then go straight into being a regular goof.” Thanks for this. I’m learning it but that first lick after the bends is murdering me. It sounds like a cat being beaten with a baby when I play it. Quick question: I’ve got an MIM Strat and I don’t like the tone that much...what kind of pickups are you running on that?
phạm đăng hưng (11 months ago)
Great lesson but music sheet or tablature will definitely help 😊
jeffrey lee (11 months ago)
The best thing is that you sing with the chords that make people easy to get it! But you did not teach the strumming pattern!
Coin Kid (11 months ago)
Hey Marty can you do a lesson on how to do the hotel california solo
Alisson Magalhães (11 months ago)
jster sam (11 months ago)
change your evil ways thanks MARTY
Paul Hamrick (11 months ago)
Great lesson Marty, can u please do another song, also by Peter Green, called The Green Manalishi?
Jacob Bailey (11 months ago)
could you PLEASE do “Voodoo” by Godsmack
Franco Spalluto (11 months ago)
Non capisco Scopri l'inglese BG
John Patterson (1 year ago)
Awesome video Marty!!
Joe King (1 year ago)
Marty this song is awesome!! My fingers are screaming at me and my wife is Humming black magic women in her sleep. Thanks again. Love your channel. Your teaching an old man to play guitar.
Herbert Jungreithmayr (1 year ago)
Thanx for this! Any idea how to memorize all that stuff? ;-)
Mikael Gohari (1 year ago)
Amazing lesson love fletwood mac
Brayan Salazar (1 year ago)
Where are the solos?
Jeff Wall (1 year ago)
Great lesson, can you show how your setting up your amp I can't dial it in.
Trent Wennekamp (1 year ago)
Please please please do New Orleans is sinking by the tragically hip
Wayne Johnson (1 year ago)
Great lesson, Thankx. Just wanted to add that you called A7 a Gm. No big deal though.
Othman Khalid (1 year ago)
Hi , can play still loving you for scorpions . Thanx
Texas Made1152 (1 year ago)
What tune is this song suppose to be at
Texas Made1152 (1 year ago)
Marty you are the greatest!!
David Isgrig (1 year ago)
i would love to see summer song santana

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