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Black Magic Woman Chords Guitar Lesson

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http://www.guitarnowonline.com Santana Black Magic Woman Guitar Chord Lesson. Learn the Barre Chords that make this great song! Get a FREE Ebook and more - Start a FREE trial for the best Guitar Learning System. One teacher, customized plans and TONS more. Jam Track and Docs to THIS guitar lesson are on Guitar Now Online. Full Lessons on http://www.guitarnowonline.com About Guitar Now Online: Hundreds of Hi-Def Guitar Lesson with tons of supporting materials. Use the "Gateway Song" method of learning. One instructor, one curriculum, personalized lesson plans and more. Get your guitar lessons from a pro! JC has a Masters Degree in Guitar Performance from the Hartt School of Music and has been teaching guitar for over 20 years. Led Zeppelin Guitar Lesson -- Jimmy Page Guitar Lesson -- Electric guitar lesson -- How to play guitar - Lead Guitar Lesson
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Text Comments (12)
gibsonne vincent (3 years ago)
merci bien !!!
Guitar Now Online (3 years ago)
vous êtes le bienvenu
Guitar Now Online (6 years ago)
thank YOU for a great comment. I appreciate it! Glad you like-peace
Guitar Now Online (6 years ago)
Glad you are enjoying. Plenty more on my channel and website!
Guitar Now Online (6 years ago)
thank you!
Guitar Now Online (7 years ago)
@Puertorico2494 glad you like
Guitar Now Online (7 years ago)
@MarcusAtreides thanks for the comment
MarcusAtreides (7 years ago)
Thank you for this ;)
Puertorico2494 (7 years ago)
You look alot like my guitar teacher you even kinda' sound like him....But you can't be him since I live in Puerto Rico.Great lesson anyway :)
Guitar Now Online (8 years ago)
@HarmonyRocketRocks good to hear..thanks for the comment
Toni Silva (8 years ago)
Thanks also been trying to get the chord progression. Great lesson not confusing And I really appreciate you calling the chords and timing
Mojo Tooth (9 years ago)
Great lesson! I have been trying to figure out the chord progression that plays after the intro. I learned the intro a while back but thanks to this lesson I can play the chords now! 10/10 Thanks!

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