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Doja Cat - "Mooo!" (Official Video)

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“Mooo!” out now: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/applemusic iTunes: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/itunes Spotify: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/spotify Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/az Google Play: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/googleplay TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/tidal YouTube: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/youtube SoundCloud: http://smarturl.it/dcMOOO/soundcloud Follow Doja Cat: https://www.facebook.com/DojaCat https://www.instagram.com/dojacat/ http://www.dojacat.com/
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Text Comments (127794)
Sarah james (31 minutes ago)
3 mins in and I just don't know how to feel at all, like I'm cringing but musically if it didn't have this weird REALLY WIERD cow shit it would make a pretty g song.
Sarah james (33 minutes ago)
The longer I watch this the more my brain can't even
Sarah james (34 minutes ago)
what the actual fuck, its moments like this that I am disappointed in humanity. I like the song candy tho. The original, the new one is g too tho.
MR FINLAND (41 minutes ago)
Why can't i stop listening to this :D
N337av G#o5h (42 minutes ago)
how many cows did she kill to craft that moo armor?
Khang Nguyen (49 minutes ago)
Me : *plays the song* My older sister : turn it off Me : why? My older sister : we got bigger speakers downstairs
Akira Kourtney (50 minutes ago)
When they said 2018 will be different
Bladed Sinicle (55 minutes ago)
Fucking Vegans
Егор Падий (1 hour ago)
Real X eZClapz (1 hour ago)
Why this lokey fire🔥
Molly Roberts (1 hour ago)
when you have to wake up in 3 hours..I regret nothing..
EXQUISITE ASMR (1 hour ago)
Best female rapper 💯no cap
RAnDom StUFf (1 hour ago)
Got here from fitz
Kaneki Katharsis (1 hour ago)
She's one that i look upto. She's so cool. I'm a man btw.
im a banana (2 hours ago)
"Got milk b**ch, got beef, got steak ho, got cheese?" Omg i love this
Quỳnh Hương (2 hours ago)
The entire of this video made me keep ask myself the fuck wrong with me and continue watching it
Xx Blurred xX (3 hours ago)
Is this kid ok?
first last (3 hours ago)
Bitch I'm a cow
Sheila Obeñita (3 hours ago)
*Wt fuck did i just watched...*
Jenngela (3 hours ago)
She says she’s a cow but she’s called Doja Cat..?
Joey Youn (3 hours ago)
Me: Takes a shot everytime she says Im a cow... Me: Wasted
Unknown C. (3 hours ago)
1 million likes!!!!!!!
Julian Foster (3 hours ago)
WTF.....did I just watch and why is the on my recommendation!?!?!?
how to ho (4 hours ago)
Dislikes are actually vegans and cow haters
HerAnonymousSelf (4 hours ago)
*am i missing something here?*
Jessica Parks (4 hours ago)
best thing to come out of 2018
that extra army (4 hours ago)
She stood to close to the green screen that’s why it looks too choppy . The computer only recognizes the 1 colour that has been selected not a shade lighter ore darker😶
Where’s the chocolate milk
dj rox (5 hours ago)
nice green screen
(5 hours ago)
my mom: listen to something that's not kpop me:
noezelaya7 (5 hours ago)
I may be in love
London Yellow (5 hours ago)
Please marry me Doja cat, I love you so much it fucking hurts 😍
GreenGrounds (5 hours ago)
Bitch aMacow
Dragonspirit18 (5 hours ago)
For some reason, i get the sinking suspicion that i dnt want to know what half of these sentences are supposed to be saying... im also not sure what to think of the chest watermelons in the background 😐😐😐
Angel Daniel Reyna (6 hours ago)
Producer: how many cows references adout cows do you want Doja cat: moooo
SerinaPlayzGames (6 hours ago)
4:19 .
Johnny Rocket (6 hours ago)
My milkshake brings all the guys to the yard im a hoe hoe bitch im a hoe bitch im a hoe make it stop
Gachawolf (6 hours ago)
The what fuck werid ass video it's just fucking werid how over 42 million views and over 1 million likes this should have no views and a billion dislikes
Little Miss Weirdo (6 hours ago)
When you get a green screen
pogerz202 Meme (7 hours ago)
hair in her pits 3:51
s \ n (7 hours ago)
When you get a green screen
Nerina Rojas (7 hours ago)
One word: cannibalism.
Occult Teachings (7 hours ago)
Pretty sure im in love
la army loca (7 hours ago)
Cardi B: soy bien chida p*tos Nicki minaj: yo también! Y más!!! Doja cat: moo?
Donnie Burnett (7 hours ago)
Steven Scannell (7 hours ago)
All vegans cease to exsist now
Ellis Adams (7 hours ago)
The perfect woman doesn’t exi-
Finnegan Tracy (7 hours ago)
shh gest wonts all the boys like way
Datone G4mer (7 hours ago)
Dat armpit hair tho
Yar Akoi (7 hours ago)
Why are you eating ur own kind?
Geneva Brown (7 hours ago)
You are so so so sexy
Richard Ransom (7 hours ago)
Beyond Cringe but at least We know She’s Trolling & She’s Bad AF
Yar Akoi (7 hours ago)
WhAt Is ThIs ?.....
Mcribisback (7 hours ago)
The bars on point though. 🔥
Yep im a cow cause im fat
HussCar Racing (8 hours ago)
She fine as hell, damn
equanox100 (8 hours ago)
Hell yeah was just bumpin this out loud with my new subwoofer in down town Asheville tonight. I know these bitches know this shit! Lol
Women arent funny
Levar Mitchell (8 hours ago)
So this is what people are going crazy over? A 12 year old could have wrote this. Hey, y'all remember when people got famous from being talented?
viviana x (8 hours ago)
Levar Mitchell its a joke calm down
Mousea Games (8 hours ago)
Iconic lmao
Omar Sparks (8 hours ago)
This is pure fire. PERIOD.
FloridaNativ Dubz (8 hours ago)
I’m watching bc she is thick 🤧🤧
Gaming With Unique (8 hours ago)
Amber Kae (8 hours ago)
I Love It 😍
Slime Is Fun! (8 hours ago)
Your songs are sh**
2016 (8 hours ago)
I showed this to my cat and he became thicc
It’s ye Boi Aron (8 hours ago)
Was she high ?
viviana x (8 hours ago)
It’s ye Boi Aron yes
SLACKER -_- (8 hours ago)
Why is this better than its everyday bro
Sope 198 (8 hours ago)
All those dislikes are from them I quote "fucking vegans" - Dojo Cat
Gabriella Desrosiers (8 hours ago)
Is she eating beef??
Bocbchoi 22 (9 hours ago)
Meme Lord Mason (9 hours ago)
Vegans all around the world are rioting
Dre'Lyn Robinson (9 hours ago)
I get it for the tit part ( when you give birth u have milk
Gabrielle Hammond (9 hours ago)
“Bitch ima cow bitch ima cow I’m not a cat I don’t say meow” When your high as fuck
Melani ya mothaaa :/ (9 hours ago)
*vegetarians left da chat*
*Mmmmmmm dairy*
Reece (9 hours ago)
Idgi... Idg her..
Reece (9 hours ago)
Ms. Fagottoli (9 hours ago)
Yesss gurl yessss ❤🔥😭👌
Cows two-stepping @ 2:16
Cody Mitchell (9 hours ago)
she is obsessed with boobs
90%: cow jokes 10%: eating
Guile G. (10 hours ago)
QUEEN ALEXIA (10 hours ago)
This is the most stupid song ever... What are you thinking your doing.. What to you think your making .... Gosh😒 The most stupid COW EVER😂😂😂
jose pacheco (10 hours ago)
suck a nigga dick or sum ee ay oh
FinalHoursTV (10 hours ago)
yo so whats that anime in the video. don't ask why i need it.
The Inside Friends (10 hours ago)
This song is oddly relaxing
Positivexryry 0 (11 hours ago)
This was made on android
Maya Arias (11 hours ago)
Why is the video disturbing?
phuck youu (11 hours ago)
Damn.... She's hott
Lockie Marra (11 hours ago)
BitCH iMmA cOW
Gillette Abdi (11 hours ago)
When u have tooooooo much fun with a green screen
Vegen Anime (11 hours ago)
be gone, T H O T
spill tea (11 hours ago)
When I see this is say EWWWWWW
YAYA (11 hours ago)
I lost my heterosrxuality
Eek lock (11 hours ago)
Some of y'all haven't listened to the original version, and it shows.
leon allen (11 hours ago)
I'd sniff her booty hole, bruh
Ruru Home (11 hours ago)
Heifas be twerking 🐄🍔🥩 Doja cat is a cow, I’m confused 🤷🏾‍♀️ 😂
Grizhi Draw (12 hours ago)
I'm not a cat I don't say Meow *literally her name say Cat*

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