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Ninja Makes Crazy Plays With New Quadcrasher ! Fortnite Op & Funny Moments

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Send your Fortnite clips - [email protected] Credits - SilzzOG - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oK-7xxM7_0 SilzzOG - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNDN1GFmpt0 https://www.twitch.tv/ninja https://www.twitch.tv/tfue https://www.twitch.tv/cloakzy https://www.twitch.tv/poach https://www.twitch.tv/symfuhny https://www.twitch.tv/sypherpk https://www.twitch.tv/teeqzy_ https://www.twitch.tv/loeya https://www.twitch.tv/chap https://www.twitch.tv/dellor https://www.twitch.tv/dakotaz https://www.twitch.tv/eryctriceps https://www.twitch.tv/kriszhadvice https://www.twitch.tv/vivid
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Hypersonic (2 days ago)
Awesome stream!!! :D im also a fortnite gamer! First video is going up tomorrow btw. Maybe some of you would like to support! join the HYPEGANG by subscribing
Yelly /: (2 days ago)
2:36 did anyone see that lama or is that just me?
Mr Beast (6 days ago)
Jimmy D. Donaldson is my real name
loredanatipter tipter (6 days ago)
N Q (7 days ago)
cloack sheni dedas vtxare
N Q (7 days ago)
ninja sheni dedas sheveci me
SPIDER-MANPORT (7 days ago)
this game do do bruther
Hei Rod (7 days ago)
Goy Ninja Goy Ninja
Shanna Longino (8 days ago)
Ninja suck dick
Do Graph (8 days ago)
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Naseer Alshamandi (8 days ago)
Hi gise you now fortnit
Naseer Alshamandi (8 days ago)
Naseer Alshamandi (8 days ago)
Its osowom
trishaan shrestha (8 days ago)
ur such a pro gamer
Klāvs Porins (8 days ago)
Noor Maxwell (9 days ago)
MUSTIKAS12 MUstikas12 (10 days ago)
Tư Đen TV (11 days ago)
hi everyone
The last number of likes this comment is who you are, comment what you got 😆 1)Troll 2) Pro Player 3) best player in ur country 4)max mats guy 5)NINJA 6)lucky one 7)builder 8)TFUE 9) Best future blackout player 0) that dude that has every skin in the game Have a nice day 👍😁
Umesh Kolekar (11 days ago)
why are all of thes youtuber daying
Endi Spiri (11 days ago)
1 like=1 fan of ninja
Winter Storm (11 days ago)
Progamer99990 S (11 days ago)
Winter Storm hi
Johnny Kristensen (12 days ago)
Johnny Kristensen (12 days ago)
Gif The vidio a like👍👍
Nick Anderson (12 days ago)
yo great vid mane sub to Jai anderson
FortniteXxSnperXx (12 days ago)
Hi I am a big fan of your channel and I love all your videos I hope I get the same for my channel Striker_Den
Charene Manning (12 days ago)
Hey Ninja you're my favorite YouTuber I like you I'll be watching you to the day you uploaded the first video first video I want you to the end of your videos I want your first one all the way to your laugh you're my favorite favorite can you shout me out from your favorite YouTube
Wild Rex (12 days ago)
sub to my channel for some more vid thanks
Zoe_playz_roblox (13 days ago)
fortnite sucks
dj dance traits (13 days ago)
Ninja you are so so good at fornite and you can kill people far on fornite
DCJ PRODUCTIONS USA1 (13 days ago)
Subscribe to me
Republic of Oceania (14 days ago)
Five Fortnites at Mineblox Go: Dame tu Despacitotale edition
TSM Trizz (14 days ago)
Ninja kills enemy at 0:22
Sophia Anderson (14 days ago)
M J (14 days ago)
i think im better on my xbox
Yuri Tanaka (14 days ago)
i hate fortnite
Jonas Fostenes (14 days ago)
I never Get likes
Katelyn Hawkins (15 days ago)
Katelyn Hawkins (15 days ago)
Katelyn Hawkins (15 days ago)
Katelyn Hawkins (15 days ago)
Fang Gang (15 days ago)
Lol what language do Italian people speak
hacker09 ioannou (15 days ago)
It. S. Not. Easy
Alexpro. Minecraft Guy (15 days ago)
IVY LLOYD. (15 days ago)
Ninja add me i am sooo good at fortnite ivy Lloyd
mike money (15 days ago)
SLAV GUY (15 days ago)
TIMOTHY WELLS (15 days ago)
josh mckeown (15 days ago)
WOLFFIE (15 days ago)
sub 2 me
sekou sylla (16 days ago)
warpedadept archives (16 days ago)
kys plz
Inimene (16 days ago)
I love fat bitches
Yolanda Beckon (16 days ago)
Your sick Ali a and ninja
Overvakning Lantz (16 days ago)
Ninjago my big fat Ninja big fan of
Halima Bilal (16 days ago)
Justin Sobocinski (16 days ago)
What language do Italian people speak? That kid is stupid lmao
Quite A Festive Cookie (16 days ago)
This is a disappointing video just like nearly all other moments videos out there on fortnite Most of these clips arn't even about Ninja And you just shoved 4 mid roll ads in Hate fortnite community so much because of you people And you people don't even respond and just carries on making shit content
Aaliyah Gaskin (16 days ago)
If i trick u u have to like Read more
NozzrakGaming (16 days ago)
Hey I am just starting youtube back up and posted my 1st video in a year plz tell me your opinion plz watch whole thing
Ace Young (16 days ago)
Sick btw you're my fave fortnite player
pablo SRT (16 days ago)
Daequn is better than you
Donna Laporte (16 days ago)
you suck at fortnite bro soy stop ninja you are stupid
Zapz (17 days ago)
Anyone else miss Fortnite when it used to be more fun. I honestly am considering quitting the game soon. Is anyone else feeling like this about the game. They are adding to many mobility items, to many overpowered weapons and many more changes. For example the explosive update is very unfair in my opinion but I don't believe this aspect belongs in the type of battle royale fortnite is. I feel like this because Fortnite is made so that you build to defend yourself and now there is no way to defend yourself against the new rocket update as you will still take damage when you have cover. Some people may say that you need to position yourself better but in some situations it is completely impossible to defend yourself as people will just build above you and shoot rockets from above. Also, this game is changing the meta constantly and now it is rockets and sub machine gun spray which I believe is not fun in my opinion. Please get this comment noticed as I believe Fortnite is becoming less fun for most people.
ethan davis (17 days ago)
subscribe to my channel badbassethan
Stephen Estes (17 days ago)
How is Ninja this damn good at fortnite
Gourav Kumar24 (17 days ago)
Gourav Kumar24 (17 days ago)
* what up people*
Gourav Kumar24 (17 days ago)
Kevin Russell (17 days ago)
nice video
Super Brothers (17 days ago)
soumia france (18 days ago)
Je père a chaque fois avec sa 😱😱😱😱
Moni121 Moni121 (18 days ago)
Omg I’m wating for the update with the balloons
Wille Carlsson (18 days ago)
Indies (18 days ago)
Disliked! You racist!
NICE BOY (18 days ago)
Mo Ben Daoud (18 days ago)
SALEM -TOP GAMES (18 days ago)
Subscribe in my channel please
Hudson O'Neill (19 days ago)
i thoght ninja died of elgma
Jakob Hansen (19 days ago)
PUBG is a better game.
Brandon the Memeatode (19 days ago)
Just stop trying to be daequan
Flame_Rahul (19 days ago)
Great video .you inspired me to make my new channel and continue posting videos  :) Thanks for inspiring me        Can you guys support me ??❤
LeoTheLobster Gaming (19 days ago)
Go check out my recent video for a week of good luck and a free sub!
Sammy Marcello (19 days ago)
Chucuchu (19 days ago)
Gabe Sarah (19 days ago)
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Worthy Beast (19 days ago)
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Worthy Beast (19 days ago)
It generates through magnifier automatically. ENJOY!
AlphaX Craft (19 days ago)
ill Do a Subcribe if u subscibe
Giovanna Allison (20 days ago)
Lol XD
okay kayla (20 days ago)
_i dont even play fortnite why am i watching this_
Armen Tevanyan (20 days ago)
V bucks
theoo (20 days ago)
go see my channel
Doge4lifE (20 days ago)
Zakkary Ponte (21 days ago)
Daniel Le (21 days ago)
I dont like Fortnite. I came to a new school and made friends with this student. When they talk about Fortnite, its sounds interesting and now it's too annoying. My friend likes Fortnite more than me. Now i take revenge and made a poem about Fortnite! I shared it to the class. 98% of this school is all about the "fork knife" game. Here is my poem.  It’s a wrap!    Fortnite is a bad game  people say its lame,  and i am the same  shooting and building is the main,  V Bux is chained  when you lose the weather goes rain,  If your ban from fortnite you will fain (t),  just make it in a frame,  many meanings is in this name,  when i just came  its all INSANE!      People just waist their money on a game just to get v bux. i heard you can get it from battle pass. THINK PEOPLE
Kendra Mcdermottu0 (21 days ago)
Shout outs plz
Mashy Polar (21 days ago)
They nerfed it
DragonFlameYT (21 days ago)
0:21 I love my daily routine of running people over in Fortnite with quadcrashers.
London Metcalf (21 days ago)
-Like if you know how to do this- _comment if you know how to do this_ *do both of you know how to do this*
London Metcalf (21 days ago)
Shax_ (21 days ago)
I will sub back to everyone who subs to me 🔁 and if you like this comment I will also sub right back and like your last vid let’s help each other I’m fast 😁🤝🔴 No messing around🙏🏾🤜🏾🤛
Sebastian Wiberg (21 days ago)
This is Ali-A 🧢 🐷 👕 👖 👟 He has 100 health 1 Like = 1 Damage
TYH Dont Cry (21 days ago)
7:30 I'm scared of defaults now
TYH Dont Cry (21 days ago)
And by the way now the skull trooper looks like trash

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