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Meet Our Rock N Roll Guitarist Li-Sa-X | Little Big Shots Aus

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This Little Big Shot loves playing the electric guitar, and people love listening to her do it. Born with a guitar in her hands, this little genius has been shredding ever since. Meet Li-Sa-X! Welcome To The Little Big Shots Australia channel! Here you'll find all the best moments from Seven's Little Big Shots Australia, ranging from the Little Big Questions to episode highlights and montages. New videos uploaded weekly! It’s not a competition. There are no prizes. And no judges. It’s simply about embracing what it means to be young, fun and free. Children will take to the stage to showcase their passion and will blow you away with their talent.
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Text Comments (543)
Ronald Egberink (1 day ago)
impressiv what you do ... like it,, well done
C&C Engineer (1 day ago)
The translation was terrible.
ReviewBruh (4 days ago)
Shes 20
danya glover (5 days ago)
You are the best at playing the guitar🎸🎸 love your video gives this a👍 if you agree with me😃😛😻
Stephen Davies (8 days ago)
Illegal love child of Steve Vai!
Tommy Victor Buch (10 days ago)
No matter how good you think you are, there's always an Asian kid better than you.
Melba Seddon (12 days ago)
Aretha Franklin singing
Jadzea Gooch (13 days ago)
But...that translater is so young! How’s does he already know two languages?! That’s really impressive!
Erkki Riekkola (15 days ago)
Wow, Ibanez-guitar and Seymour Duncan -pickups
hyoungyeoun lee (18 days ago)
music group sound member colletion in korea meet to lhyguitar
elena 240 (19 days ago)
Its kinda creepy how she says yeeeeeeeeeeezzz
AAANDN1 (21 days ago)
Once Asians get a hold on something,,,they improve on it...like slim hot girls....
Junior Arnold (22 days ago)
Just amazing! 😀
Martha Weasel Bear (22 days ago)
The Rock God's have truly blessed her
Rump[e Stillskin (22 days ago)
Elmer Serna (23 days ago)
Very good little girl! I want her to play with Eddie Van Halen.
Paul Wragg (24 days ago)
japie visagie (25 days ago)
cool sounding name
Leang Hak Chou (26 days ago)
It must be a tremendous hi-fly feeling to be born w/ such a priceless gift. Congratulations.
Steve Kirton (26 days ago)
White people got to be so crazy looking
Steve Kirton (26 days ago)
She has the face of a woman.
c9sus4 (1 month ago)
@ 1:09 "...bands that can play violent song..", no it's not the right word, maybe it' how they say it in Japanese but in English there has to be a better word. Help me out here any Heavy Metal fans? Arigato.
Mind Kido (1 month ago)
Awesome Lisa.
Zakkyl (1 month ago)
After watching this, the only thing I ask to myself is 'why?' before the mirror ...
Rod Amo (1 month ago)
no big deal,avg player,at best
oté laréunion (1 month ago)
Amazing, i like you, so cute.
alessandro canì (1 month ago)
ABC English (1 month ago)
Obviously she is Asian
Shane Ricketts (1 month ago)
Very talented and I bright future girl.
Amilcar Flores (1 month ago)
Arigato gosaimastsu
Malcolm Mills (1 month ago)
If only we could bottle what ever it is these child music prodigies have, absolutely amazing. Imagine how incredible she will be as she gets older.
liberty Ann (1 month ago)
Fantastic! I'm amazed also the young Australian boy can understand Japanese.
Elvira Schuldt (1 month ago)
Graham Darnei (1 month ago)
Immposible but yes it can be
Jacob Hwang (1 month ago)
smile cute ^^
Peter Chibuzo (1 month ago)
Who will borrow me a guitar. My fingers are in the nose to swing
Denny Henley (1 month ago)
First time listening I just throw my guitar out the window, very talented
M伸 (1 month ago)
Pedro Pendoko (1 month ago)
Wow a Japan talent so amazing!
Jane Pontes (1 month ago)
Jack Lynti (1 month ago)
I see Paul Gilbert influences in her...great player...check out her other shred videos. ......
ayubi dante (2 months ago)
ayubi dante (2 months ago)
AKIRA WATANABE (2 months ago)
Brick Boii (2 months ago)
Naaaa brotha, I can out shred this bih in my sleep
yeah now she can join babymetal
Elyen Teyung (2 months ago)
First time i watched her, she only just 8 years old and playing (i dunno the title) very dooppppeeeeee electric guitar pieece. Her hands there is like tentacles hahaha very soft and i think her guitar and clothes are same since she's 8 years old. Haha
Sonam Sherpa (2 months ago)
I have been playing guitar for more than 15 years.. I don't know why I still cant play well
Efrain Santana (2 months ago)
Talk too mucho but dont say much.
Sena Lalruatkima (2 months ago)
li sa x love you so mouch
Manipur V L O G (2 months ago)
Anabel Barnes (2 months ago)
That tapping tho 👌
Xanda Hailstone (2 months ago)
The boy is totally loving her.lol😊😊😊😊😊
Ross Jon (2 months ago)
I really don't like to meet any Stars, it makes me nervous and I once spilt the tray of all the coffee all on the red carpet.
Leroy Hernandez (2 months ago)
Scarified-Paul Gilbert Wow just wow
countryboy6767 (2 months ago)
Morw here now!!!!!!! www.cdbaby.com/artist/countryboy
Ricardo Bonilla (2 months ago)
I can't even play the wrong notes that fast
ET Tanner (2 months ago)
Why is the translator not on Little Big Shot as a guest?
BTS (2 months ago)
Talented girl, Cute translator.😍
Lilly Wilkin (2 months ago)
I love this group. I will use it on my channel playlist!
I Q (3 months ago)
This girl is incredible.
Tumua Faasua (3 months ago)
WOW!!! She is Amazing.
Josiah stephens (3 months ago)
She’s beautiful !
Drew Angelin (3 months ago)
Tim Travasos (3 months ago)
Wow. She's truly gifted.
Gregory Krantz (3 months ago)
pss2996 (3 months ago)
4:47 Beautiful guitar, and a beautiful smile!
pss2996 (3 months ago)
albert rapanut (3 months ago)
When i was 12years old im struggling to tune my guitar and practice the f chord for 6months
martinskanal (3 months ago)
1:13 This girl is gonna rock this world so hard. Babyfaced assassin.
Bob ! (3 months ago)
She looks like Peruvian
Just heading to the rubbish tip with my guitar......brilliant playing. 私のギターでゴミチップに向かうだけ Watashi no gitā de gomichippu ni mukau dake 素晴らしい演奏 Subarashī ensō
Bruce Vann (3 months ago)
I've been playing for about 10 years and I still ain't this good
Stephan Lederer (3 months ago)
ALOK ROBERT (3 months ago)
Dave Madman (3 months ago)
Anyone can play like her it takes real dedication😁 to learn hehehe me started with classical by level 5 branched out rock blues blah blah😁😂
gandi rinjani (3 months ago)
nice ,,,
Kami Lami (4 months ago)
How old is she?
Thomas Zarse (4 months ago)
That was amazing can't wait to listen to the first album from Miss Big.
kidd villa-pal (4 months ago)
verrry funnny at 2:50
Kinho Santos (4 months ago)
Muito top
Tymon Gołasz (4 months ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue there are always an asian that will be better than you :c \m/
I am proud of her, so young and already knows so much about heavy metal. All the Best
Henrietta Cog (4 months ago)
would love to hear Lisa and her father play together
高橋直人 (4 months ago)
笑顔がめちゃめちゃすてきな子だな テクとかじゃなくてギターっつか音を楽しんでるわ、すばらしい!!!
Blain Hawkins (4 months ago)
She needs to be on tour with Steve via
Blain Hawkins (4 months ago)
She needs to be on tour with Steve via
Jamego King (4 months ago)
Dale Humphrey (4 months ago)
weedly deedly ..no tone, no soul....TV spot went straight to her head. It's all down hill from here.😞
Carl Parish (4 months ago)
She’s a head of her time. Amazing heavy metal style.
詠み人知らず (4 months ago)
Jul Pra (4 months ago)
She can shred like a god and they ask her to play air guitar...
The way she holds it makes me cringe
田中一 (4 months ago)
gary johnson (4 months ago)
sign her up for G3 and see all the rest of the guitarists cry
Kitty Kat (4 months ago)
Amazing and adorable.
Great Iron Fist (4 months ago)
Well that was awful.
Pete Smith (5 months ago)
Fake when she does not understand,needs interpretor,and then answers him back ,about AC DC,just sayin
Whisper Darkling (5 months ago)
That little girl is a badass! She has a bright future ahead of her. Love and respect from America <3
Natty Queiroz (5 months ago)

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