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Dua Lipa - IDGAF (Live)

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The Complete Edition is here!! https://dualipa.co/completeedition Follow me online: https://wbr.ec/website_dualipa https://wbr.ec/facebook_dualipa https://wbr.ec/twitter_dualipa https://wbr.ec/instagram_dualipa
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Text Comments (2061)
Arian Cheung (19 hours ago)
Could anyone tell me where was this live performance?
Muntaha Waheed (5 days ago)
only two people I love in this universe *Dua Lipa* and *Harry Styles*
Liliana Orozco (9 days ago)
She's the best! 👏💅💙
Ana Edith (10 days ago)
Este video me encanta😍👌
ngirachermang polloi (11 days ago)
love song
john k (18 days ago)
combination of young avril and young pink...
Endo Macoto (19 days ago)
Well i think you're the next SIA.......... Bravo! Dua😁👏👏
mo jin (24 days ago)
이 언니 너무 예뻐..❤️
Ella mcCarthy (26 days ago)
i’m gay
Isaac Orlando (28 days ago)
No hay nada más épico que tú canción favorita en vivo coreada por cientos de miles de fans amando a la misma artista *Dua Lipa* 👀🎵
i mean (29 days ago)
졸라 멋져
Just Saying (30 days ago)
Amy Winehouse 2.0
Maria Eduarda Garcia (1 month ago)
I love Dua Lipa
Janelle Alexia (1 month ago)
I will never ever forget about the day I saw you live, I am cryingggg right nowww, I am so proud of youuu 😻😻😻😻💓💓💓💓😭😭😭😭☹💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
shantel inocentes (1 month ago)
Is dualipa boots the orange one like blackpink lisa boots in as if its your last mv exept Lisa's is pink and dua lipa's is orange
You Got Me (1 month ago)
Fuck those dislikes
You Got Me (1 month ago)
Fuck those dislikes
Nathaly Zambrano (1 month ago)
Sharon Kamunhukamwe (1 month ago)
Love you Dua
Aileen Buraga (1 month ago)
kimmydabessst (1 month ago)
I love her so much I wish she could see me comment Her accent is so sexy ❤️
Ijai 19 (1 month ago)
3:02 love all they reaction!
chan찬 (1 month ago)
I DUA U💕💕💕💕💕🇰🇷♥️
Maddie Mesa (1 month ago)
IDGAF stands for i dont give a fu**
DvD Thmzl (1 month ago)
I Don’t give a fuck 🖕😍
Jose Gallardo (1 month ago)
Dua lipa.. Muy Buena presentacion auqnue solo hablo español...espero que solo algun dia llegues a Peru.
Marcello Saymmon (1 month ago)
Cassandra and Carla (1 month ago)
Marcio Sacramento (1 month ago)
Te amo muito 😍 😍😍😍
Colin Bourke (1 month ago)
She is awesome yes girl you are amazing
Temka temuulen (1 month ago)
Dua Lipa i love ur all songs!
네시{4시} (1 month ago)
I love singing.
九安牛肉串 (1 month ago)
love you 😍 💕 Dua Lipa
arun joon (1 month ago)
Dua rocks the stage with her co-mates her accent is killing and she makes her new rules no matter whether it's a demand of one kiss I love all her songs she is a great woman..... Love u dua lipa💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍✌
Coluna Minas (1 month ago)
ela e otima
vincent blgtlctl (1 month ago)
what she says when she talks ? i don’t understand all
hanafi tian (1 month ago)
See the cover https://youtu.be/8led4qmBsno You'll love it
Ronggo Dermawan (1 month ago)
Love you❤️....From Indonesia.
Pedro kennedy (1 month ago)
The Best Song...The Best voice... i love Dua...
Taiane Lima (1 month ago)
Voz claramente cansada e desgastada .. certamente pela intensidade dos show e turnês . É complicado ter uma agenda tão grande ... Acaba com o artista . Na minha opinião os produtores e gravadora deveria ver isso e dar um período de descanso maior de um show para outro aos cantores
Andrew Buckland (1 month ago)
I love your music like new rules
sandra mendez (1 month ago)
Dua Lipa Por siempre la mejor 😉👌👍👏...
Giulia Ardito (1 month ago)
Vitus Büchi (1 month ago)
realy great cover of this song! ;) take a look and leave a comment! ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwLFrIyNp_g also find it on smule: https://www.smule.com/recording/dua-lipa-idgaf/816974485_2496854252
Santiago Gil (1 month ago)
Ohhh my love 😍
김은미 (1 month ago)
두아 최고ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ💗🎀
Gemille Yana Fajardo (1 month ago)
Luv u 😘💕
YeonWoo Choi (1 month ago)
Same shoes with BLACKPINK LISA❤️ #BlackpinkXDualipa
Laura Canapatana (1 month ago)
Gardenia Aspri (1 month ago)
Serhat Çaral (1 month ago)
Giovanni Marconcini (1 month ago)
Andre's World (1 month ago)
Giorgi Gachechiladze (1 month ago)
d I love you
Alan Bronks (1 month ago)
Таисия Лайи (1 month ago)
DUA Lina you
Oiii! This song is so good. 💕
SB K (1 month ago)
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 사랑해 두아야 사랑해애애애ㅐ애ㅐ!!!!!!!!!!!
Rosa maria Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Queen Dua Lipa 👑 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
I love you 😻❤
5hMarie (1 month ago)
0.10 sec😍😍😍😍
5hMarie (1 month ago)
that girl in the beginning is pretty
per sonal (1 month ago)
Love you... And i got kendall vibe by watching this... Love you both
Ari Stain (1 month ago)
I love you so much. This song makes me stronger than ever. I don’t care about my Ex like whatever!!!
Ximena Flores (1 month ago)
Hola alguien que hable español?
liulang jj (1 month ago)
loudly, love the wild voice
Fabiana Flores (1 month ago)
i love you
alexjakob7 (1 month ago)
Her voice is so annoying when she talks normally 😂
Yess O. Arévalo (1 month ago)
MOMONO SUKE (1 month ago)
Mong chị đến Vietnam 🇻🇳 please
Sohail Khan (1 month ago)
cringe @ 4:49 ;_;
Mayra Vazquez (2 months ago)
Te quiero Día Lupa😘😘lake
Paulina Daig Correa (2 months ago)
في أحد عربي غيري.؟
Yudhsgs Hdgs (1 month ago)
Sevde Turan (2 months ago)
omg <3
Singing With Anxiety (2 months ago)
*I do covers on Youtube & I want to be a singer. Please watch them and help me get discovered :)*
Maryana Stephane (2 months ago)
핫슬 (2 months ago)
사랑해요 두아리파ㅜㅜㅜㅜ ♡♡♡♡♡
Dedycahya Mahendra (2 months ago)
Starzinea (2 months ago)
Nem muda a voz gente
Francesca Petruzzellis (2 months ago)
Sei bravissima <3
jaya Caputero (2 months ago)
I'm so much proud of you dua 😍😇😘 keep on inspiring other people with your songs 😇😘
Lilian G (2 months ago)
I like her music and her voice but I don’t like the outfit.
Paul ryu d Reyes (2 months ago)
Queen dua lipa!!!!!!!!
Antonio Ayala (2 months ago)
Reina = Queen
Lorenia Dominguez (2 months ago)
Dua our queen 😍😍😍
Cake só comentou (2 months ago)
Brazilians love u Dua 💕💕💕
Christine Heartfilia (2 months ago)
Love you to the moon and back Dua !! <3
Said Jordan (2 months ago)
Llegue temprano putos :v
Misha Kaur (2 months ago)
Come to Fresno pls!!
Fernando Ollarzun (2 months ago)
I love
Boura Merina (2 months ago)
My love ❤️😍❤️🤞😘
Edzelle Puertas (2 months ago)
Fave song!❤️dua is ❤️!
Frank (2 months ago)
Prefiero la versión original 🤔
Love you!!!
Dianne Rose Javier (2 months ago)
I love thisss girl 💕💕💕
Beutiful beutiful...
Monica Coria Guzman (2 months ago)
Love dua
Mauro Greppi (2 months ago)
La amo

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