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Bill Burr - no reason to hit a woman - how women argue (FULL) from You People are all the Same

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The FULL segment about how women argue and why there's no reason to hit a woman from Bill Burr's show "You people are all the same"
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siasabora (5 hours ago)
:) rattlesnakes almost killin u? were u fucking with it?
Andrew Fechenbach (10 hours ago)
Feminazis incoming😅
robert de vries (10 hours ago)
the way women argue:i'm not angry, i'm disappointed
Die Potato (10 hours ago)
Just guessing here, but the "don't hit women" thing makes some sense because biologically, women are weaker than men. Men are generally stronger because muscle mass and stuff, so the amount of damage a woman can inflict on a guy is different than the amount of damage a guy can inflict on a woman. So basically you're attacking someone weaker than you, especially if you don't hold back. But you have a point, though.
The Orochi (13 hours ago)
That one chick "EVERY DAAAAAY" My favorite part of this video
Bee Cee (16 hours ago)
If she's still hitting you after 3 warnings, you gotta give her what she deserves.
César Jeri (16 hours ago)
Lol Overlord (1 day ago)
I loved him in "Community"
Kp (1 day ago)
The dog impression is a meme my god
You never hit a women I was raised to never hit a women but you can bet I'ma defend myself if she's trying to swing on me I'm not gonna hit her back but I'll tackle her or restrain her, if she has a weapon and is trying to hurt me thats when I'd use my hands she getting hit with a haymaker
Markus Williams (1 day ago)
What did the librarian say to the teenagers? *Read more*
Heavy Critic (1 day ago)
Vulture: Does it seem crazy to you, then, that people hold up your work as being especially truthful? Bill Burr: But they don’t say that. V: They do. BB: They don’t. Who? V: Look online at anything you’ve ever done and it’s loaded with comments about how you much you tell it like it is. BB: Can I ask you a question? Do you comment on YouTube videos? V: I don’t, no. BB: So why would you read that shit? You don’t have to get very far down before somebody drops the N-word or says Obama ruined the country. Half the people making comments are just trolling the other half. So to go on YouTube and read comments and think that you’re picking up on the pulse of anything…
Purplpaint (1 day ago)
It's never okay to hit anyone
TheHereticAnthem20 (1 day ago)
Douglas (1 day ago)
Bill, & friends, have you ever heard of a TRULY virtuous woman, named "April Cassidy"/ The Peaceful Wife"? YOU men wanna cry like a baby? Watch some of her videos, as she attempts to lead women, to the peaceful relationship she has with her imperfect husband.  I guarantee, if you believe in traditional biblical marriage, your heart of hearts will resonate with her words to women, deeply.
Uniquely Crafted (1 day ago)
He has a point. Lol women need to run first chance they get
lutschi futschi (1 day ago)
Wish Bill is my dad.....i mean, we would hate each other probably, but he would thaught me how to be a real man
Chronocide (1 day ago)
Women know most often there will be no consequence for their words or actions since they can simply call the police and make something up and you are going to jail. They know in court they can make something up and the judge will believe them. They know there are white knights and cucks that will defend them no matter what they do or how much they may deserve what they get. It really isn't about hitting it's about there being no consequences whatsoever for their actions that haven't been made illegal.
Inshane72 (1 day ago)
Never punch a woman... In the face. Try the gut. That'll teach the bitch to keep her mouth shut. One good liver shot and she's going to stay in line for a long time.
Calvin Nicholls (2 days ago)
The everyday girl got more laughs then him
Miquel Aragonès (2 days ago)
This guy the villain from shreck 4 LMAO
FrugalMummy (2 days ago)
To all man haters watching this....change the wording around. Replace him with her and vis versa. Is it OK for women to slap, push or throw things at a man? "Because ". Hell No!
not oogie (2 days ago)
Fuck women. You're not worth it. I won't remarry without a prenup and an agreement that there are cameras recording everywhere in the house. Can't trust bitches.
Mauro Fernandez (2 days ago)
The dog hahahaahaha
Jess Gatt (2 days ago)
So you despise church, that's because you take no faith into one. Your call, but you ain't the umpire my friend, you're the guy that's trying to make first base.
shane marz (2 days ago)
I'd start swinging aswell if I was given tuna casserole to eat
Donivic Hastle (2 days ago)
bill burr is the don rickles of this era
Jdub660 (2 days ago)
That's sucks you feel that way bill. Probably would add 10 to 20 years to your life with out that stress of a partner.
Josue Camarillo (2 days ago)
“ i think u added another reason” holy shit what poetic justice
Aaron Slaven (3 days ago)
I made it till he said "you know" the 15th f****** time
Nekotorious (3 days ago)
How did i get from "lecrae sway in the morning" to here?
Mike Nelson (3 days ago)
It's gonna fuckin rust! The most underated part of the bit.
OXDH AOXT (3 days ago)
Chris Rock rock from bring the pain?
sluggs 123 (3 days ago)
7:58 😂😂😂 Fuck me that's funny
If a woman hits me for no reason, I'll defend myself the same way I'd defend myself from a guy hitting me, that's equality, its not equality for either gender to abuse eachother
Hey There (3 days ago)
Never thought I’d see a ginger in comedy
endomobo (3 days ago)
Makes sense to me, needs to make people laugh or they'll kick the shit out of ya.
Miles Beining (3 days ago)
A female martial arts master trying to kill you is a pretty good reason.
Zachary Clemmings (3 days ago)
Lol shit , this guy is awesome
Nate Larson (3 days ago)
I’m glad I stuck around to the end lol.
Danny Hefer (3 days ago)
I know it's humour, and well, comedy, deep down, is there to make us think. I think that if these stories are true, this couple is a monstrous communication failure. I mean, okay, if they're in some kind of BDSM relationship where pain and anger are acceptable forms of pleasure for both, well let them have a blast. If it's not the case though, this is a prime exemple of how failure to communicate properly ends up in escalation, and to my mind it's scary, not funny.
Brooks Carlson (3 days ago)
I have watched this about 15 times and I cry laughing every... single... time. "Why is it so quiet in here?"
Todie85 (3 days ago)
8:05 the women screwing those guys realize it too xD They chose them.
Lilo (3 days ago)
Comments full of people looking for excuses to hit women 😂😂 If you get hit, sure hit back. But seems like deep down you have some pent up anger issues 😂
abcmaya (4 days ago)
@ 9:02
Don't get married, it's a fucking trap.
Nicholas Hansen (4 days ago)
this man has balls
Flancito (4 days ago)
KC Wagner (4 days ago)
If I self identify as a woman, can I slap the shit out of my wife?
Chonn Yung (4 days ago)
super funny
Lmao i just imagine frank murphy the whole time hes talking
B Mo (4 days ago)
“Answer him...” Perhaps she was asking other women to answer him, in agreement?
Patriot Ghormley (4 days ago)
women is propertie
If a girl is being a cunt, I call her a cunt. When she inevitably says "no reason for you to call me a cunt" and I just say, "If you don't want to be called a cunt, don't be a cunt."
I have it on good authority that Rihanna is a cunt when the cameras are off.
Haidy Bug (4 days ago)
Equality mean all genders can hit each other lol jk
Haidy Bug (4 days ago)
Boi right as long as you don’t actually do it lol
Kevin King (4 days ago)
One of the funniest comedians out there, never seen a bad set from Bill Burr, hes funny as shit, hilarious!!!
8 c (4 days ago)
This was straight up therapy
Cordell Rush Jr. (4 days ago)
The champagne of victory
sam marriott (5 days ago)
I needed these laughs !
Benji Berigan (5 days ago)
It used to be acceptable to do these kinds of bits. Now, this wouldnt make it on any special.
DaLonelySheperd (5 days ago)
*take a knee and run out the clock*
Shaunus Maximus (5 days ago)
my ex girlfriend once locked me out of my house. we had a fight so I went outside for a smoke to cool off. while I was outside, she left and drove off but in the process locked the back and front door so I couldn't get back inside. I had to jump the side gate and in the process lacerated my thumb and rolled my ankle. had to get my parents to come around as they had the spare key so I could get back in. we called the cops and they basically said that they couldn't do anything. if it was me who did that to her, id have been behind bars. im not a misogynist by any means but women can do as much damage upon men as it does the other way around
anhtek elu (5 days ago)
THANK YOU!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
T.A.S. (5 days ago)
No reason to hit a woman? Depending on the circumstance there's a reason to hit EVERYONE sometimes. Men, women, children, elderly, black, white, asian, mentally disabled, physically disabled, etc etc etc. Everyone deserves to be hit sometimes. But, as Bill said, "You just don't do it.".
Ben Johnston (5 days ago)
A-fucking-MEN is all i can say to this guy, there are a million reasons i wanted to cave my ex's head in but as a MAN you don't cause you know you can.
gizmo no (5 days ago)
I've been known to smack a stupid person man or woman.. hey they really asked for one!
adam sta (5 days ago)
Bill, you're a feminist.
TJFF ITs (5 days ago)
Burr at his best...
Kevin Poppe (5 days ago)
And this is why I taught my sister how to fight. Every time it looks like a fight is gonna happen whither my girl I call my sis up and have her throw the punches
Nicole S (5 days ago)
Bill at this stage of his career was open about how he really feels about women. He has backtracked and toned it way down since then. Maybe he truly has matured, perhaps not. The best policy as we all go through life is ,HANDS OFF when in anger. If a woman hits a man...gtf away from her and end it. If a man hits a woman...gtf away from him and end it. Most of the time however, men are physically stronger & most women cannot get away to safety..they are far more at risk of maiming and death. It's physiology. So, yes I teach my Son's never to harm a woman or child. If a man or a woman are so angry & triggered they want to get violent...get out, go and seek help.
Drink Water (6 days ago)
MightyDragon215 (6 days ago)
Vincent Ciccone (6 days ago)
Women are psychotic child abusers
Z sauson (6 days ago)
If you throw a punch you better be ready to get one back in return
Tobias W (6 days ago)
The definition of nagging is: Complaining about something without providing any kind of solution. That is NAGGING! STOP IT!!!
Shane Kilcoyne (6 days ago)
How about some political correctness loop holes? It's not okay to hit a woman. *It is okay to hit a person.*
Shane Kilcoyne (6 days ago)
Class girls: *Drawing on the board* Teacher (to me): Hey, could you wipe that out for me? Me: *Does as teacher asks* Class girls: *Star kicking me, punching me, stabbing me with their nails, pulling my hair* Me: *Pushes one onto a beanbag to get them away from me* Teacher: Hey! Why did you do that to this girl? Me: °\(T_T)/°
RauuS7 (6 days ago)
Not everyday😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
How about coming back from an military exercise that lasted two weeks and finding your girlfriend double teamed in your damned apartment while a bunch of stoned and drunk people you don't know are having a party in your living room. Reason a plenty. Still didn't do it though.
Raul Jaimes (26 minutes ago)
That makes my blood boil brother. Can't believe you held composure
+Kevan Hooley Hey, if I did I would be in MP office in an hour. Uniform, mate. One has to be careful not to stain it. So it's restraint and control. I did make sure they saw my gun. A Taurus Raging Bull. In .454 Casull. It's an impressive gun. They cleared out quickly.
Kevan Hooley (3 days ago)
Please tell me you crippled the dudes at least and threw her shit out the window
+Ekemini Umoh Was I a civvie - i might've. But as a serviceman? She just needs to go to MP and tell 'em, and the door behind her wouldn't have time to close before I would be out of the Army. Beating women is bad for the reputation of the Force, see. Men are fine, but women are a no-no. I guess, male privilege at work.
Ekemini Umoh (3 days ago)
Mortar team and a pooch should have
Nicholas Smith (6 days ago)
women have the art of turning everything around onto the man and look like the victim,
Don't hit women but cunts and bitches are fair game
Jeffarry Lounder (6 days ago)
My uncle got beat up, violently, by his now ex-girlfriend. The police arrived, came inside, and arrested him. Even though she was clearly the one at the scene who beat him up, the cops still took my uncle away to a temporary cell. Luckily, he was only fined but still, that's just fucked up.
NobleNobbler (9 hours ago)
That's the shit going down now. The power women weild is outrageous. Your uncle, if arrested, is now part of a permanent database even if his records are "expunged" or "sealed".
Die Potato (10 hours ago)
Khairi Muhammad (7 days ago)
I Like I Like I Like
Why Me? (7 days ago)
I’m so glad I’m not married.
My Boring Life (7 days ago)
I think this is his therapy
3d Gichboy (7 days ago)
I'd like to hear the views and opinions of one of the 4.2K people who disliked this. Like, why do you disagree/dislike? The subject matter? Or you just didn't like the comedian?
Danny Hefer (3 days ago)
I disliked it because I dislike violence in general, and domestic violence in particular. My spouse and I have two rule: you can yell as much as you want, and be angry and everything, but: 1) If we fight, we fight to find a solution to the problem that triggered the fight. It's normal to be angry but there's no reason to not be both angry AND constructive. 2) The moment you start saying of doing thing specifically, purposely hurt the other, with no other goal in mind, start thinking about your divorce papers. We both experienced domestic violence, we know how it feels, and woman, man or whatever, you don't hit people because you're pissed at them, especially when, you know, you _married_ them in the first place. Also, the whole skit feels like a cheap Hollywood comedy where the 'humour' only happens because people are too stupid to do anything right. Not my cup of tea.
Joshua Lozano (7 days ago)
Adam F. (8 days ago)
Epic, epic, epic!
Ultidragonlord (8 days ago)
Feminists: Well actually um, men are... SHUT UP!
Boss Dog (8 days ago)
Has anyone thought of asking the woman why she hit the man in the first place? Or is that not allowed as well?
PatricK WithaKay (8 days ago)
Brilliant :)
rhuttrho88 (8 days ago)
Word on the street was she burnt him, or gave him herpes, or some other std.
Anton Barkland (8 days ago)
1:33 Haha, "Everyday!" :D
Mandingo Platapus (8 days ago)
Curious that I can't find any videos with Burr doing a bit on how there are reasons for a woman to hit a man. Seems to be a recurring theme with this guy - his Schwarzenegger bit about how the maid is a "whore" and Schwarzenegger is "a great man" hits some of the same notes too. Just telling it like it is, I guess, but it's funny that in telling it like it is, he never gets around to how guys can be assholes since he's too busy going on and on about "whores" and how there's "plenty of reasons to hit a woman".
Mandingo Platapus (6 hours ago)
+Ken MacDonald Perhaps you can have your mommy read what I wrote to you so you can better understand it. If she isn't busy blowing you that is.
Ken MacDonald (8 days ago)
No one ever says "There's no reason to ever hit a man", dipshit.
DaEddie25 (8 days ago)
Its cuz no one gives a shit when a man gets hit lol so it's a play on that. Literally in the beginning he makes nod to how bad women want to smack their man.
GODZILLA 123 (8 days ago)
Don’t let this distract u that the warriors blew a 3-1 lead with the greatest regular season team of all time.
Matthew Brosnan (8 days ago)
God bless that "every day" woman
DaEddie25 (8 days ago)
Ik she proves it's a nice balance
Steve Richards (9 days ago)
Uh, there were 4% who watched this video who have no sense of humor.
Zoey Lolers (9 days ago)
As a woman I can fully agree that there are many reasons to hit a woman
Anonymous Catman (9 days ago)
8:46 wanna get some Baskin Robbins 😂

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