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*New* Suppressed Assault Rifle Best Plays ! Fortnite Op & Funny Moments

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Send your Fortnite clips - [email protected] Contact me at : [email protected] Credits - https://www.twitch.tv/highdistortion https://www.twitch.tv/dakotaz https://www.twitch.tv/cdnthe3rd https://www.twitch.tv/drlupo https://www.twitch.tv/dakotaz https://www.twitch.tv/yelo https://www.twitch.tv/eryctriceps https://www.twitch.tv/loeya https://www.twitch.tv/kriszhadvice https://www.twitch.tv/ninja https://www.twitch.tv/cizzorz https://www.twitch.tv/valkyrae
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Text Comments (87)
Stupidvok (6 months ago)
The bad this is the fucking bloom
Fortnite Best Moments (7 months ago)
if you are scrolling by, have a nice day! And what a great video!
Oh yeah yeah 2 (7 months ago)
Your channel is amazing keep up the good work :)
Unixcorn (7 months ago)
Sub to Unixcorn on YT
Diles46 - AIRSOFT (7 months ago)
Good vid
Johnny Robinson (7 months ago)
Does anyone have a extra epic account I can have
YT ElliciTy (7 months ago)
I love ur videos and hope one day i could be like you🔥❤️
Fifty (7 months ago)
This will probably go unnoticed, but we are a new fortnite team looking to make it big and would appreaciate any support we get <3 we YouTube is hard but I’m trying to make this dream come true! Thank you guys
YGN Light (7 months ago)
Rip drum gun
Ismails Gameplay (7 months ago)
Gutes Video 👌👍🏻
Monster PulZe (7 months ago)
Sub- if you want drum gun back Like- if you don’t want it back
Brody Varner (7 months ago)
Brodytheking342 on xbox
smooth_jigga (7 months ago)
I got the best fortnite videos hands down
Kodak Brown (7 months ago)
Rip drum gun
Jason Pabon (7 months ago)
Kodak Brown fuck drum gun
Hydra Aka Cyrex (7 months ago)
already nerfed to be worse than the grey ar LOl, never touching this piece of shit
G03x [Iqn] (7 months ago)
Who is the guy in the second clip
A Common Goon (7 months ago)
When fortnite finally adds something that takes skill=op
dark vaicekauskis (7 months ago)
At 41 was so funny
dark vaicekauskis (7 months ago)
Nvm its 0:41
Fixeryes (7 months ago)
Jesus fucking christ i hate dark’s voice
# Pepper # (7 months ago)
KriszhAdvice the best
What if u could find a suppresor to every weapon except grappler
Give Me Attention (7 months ago)
s U p p r E s s E d s U p p r E s s E d p I s t O l
sup random guy (7 months ago)
They say that about every gun
ThatKid Davari (7 months ago)
Aaron Moore (7 months ago)
Trash ass kids are gonna get this scar nerfed cause they're crying like a little bitch cause they cant aim
TIGER GAMING (7 months ago)
What Fortnite streamer are you? The last number of you like is who you are... 1. Ninja 2. Tfue 3. Dakotaz 4. TSM_Hamlinz 5. SypherPK 6. Timthetatman 7. TSM_Myth 8. TSM_Daequan 9. DrLupo 0. Cloakzy Good Luck! 😬
RNG Solar (7 months ago)
Nasiking 113 same here🤦‍♂️
İtz Cai (7 months ago)
Kapesports (7 months ago)
TTV Nas BTW (7 months ago)
Unholy Catfish (7 months ago)
Its gonna get vaulted in like season 7 or 8
Your mom no u (7 months ago)
It's only a matter of time before it gets nerfed
OneDoubleo Ismypsn (7 months ago)
This whole vid is cdn and high distortion and dr lupo clips
OFF (7 months ago)
wAtch they nerf it
Aaron Moore (7 months ago)
Yulp cause of all the pussy ass reddit crybabies who would rather complain than get good. Shit preteens
Fire wolf Gacha (7 months ago)
Fortnites definitely running out of ideas now
Eddie Jackson (7 months ago)
Vingamer Og u think so? They have a million other guns they can make ...
Thrilled Bread (7 months ago)
It’ll be nerfed in 2 days max
Aaron Moore (7 months ago)
+Xero Enigma Ⓥ are you fucking dumb. Its says in the description its accurate. Gtfo and go play minecraft if you just wanna build and have no guns shoot at you. You and these reddit POS need to eat rat posion so we can actually have a fun game and not minecraft with guns that do nothing. Gtfo
Dat Trollr (7 months ago)
Probably won't cause there a shot ton of spread if ur holding down left click.ur supposed to tap fire
Aaron Moore (7 months ago)
Ya cause all of the pussy ass reddit shit preteens
Thrilled bread yeah lol
cameron stubenrauch (7 months ago)
debuf to powerful
bossbro9678 (7 months ago)
The devs probably sit there laughing when people say stuff like "OmG ItS So GoOd dOOOOood" when in reality it's just a fucking reskin 😂😂
Dean Whittleton (7 months ago)
After like 6 hours of looking this gun hasn’t dropped once for me
Fi Wolfyy (7 months ago)
Dean Whittleton got it my first game on I was playing playground to do it and found it after like 4 big tilted buildings
DogNecker (7 months ago)
It’s legit just a scar with a silencer *OP*
ProOnDemoYT (7 months ago)
+Jason Pabon Thanks bro ill sub too
Jason Pabon (7 months ago)
ProOnDemo XboxStationdo I subscribed 😀👍
ProOnDemoYT (7 months ago)
+Jason Pabon yep but i loved the drum gun but its too much of a spammy weapon just like the other smgs
Jason Pabon (7 months ago)
ProOnDemo XboxStationdo yea at least it requires more skill than smg's and the dreaded drum gun
Clouty (7 months ago)
Does it always hit?
Hydra Aka Cyrex (7 months ago)
no i hate it, i think the bloom is wicked high on bloom
crazykid 04 (7 months ago)
5:13 new meta for ppl grappling towards you
DK Broman (7 months ago)
You're right. But if they react then they'll just grapple again. I think the best counter is to always keep a trap inside your base if you pick one up
Kevin Perez (7 months ago)
What song is playing in the background?
Kevin Perez (7 months ago)
Like from 3:00 and onward
Giancarlo Betti (7 months ago)
vault this piece of crap and bring back the tommy gun
Kraken (7 months ago)
Fortnite is one of the worst battle royales, I play it for the fun, but PUBG is the god. (I know there going to be a fat kid keyboard warrior saying that, its because Im bad at it even though)
Jason Pabon (7 months ago)
Aaron Moore spamming is just relying on that single weapon and just spraying the mag retard
Giancarlo Betti (7 months ago)
Jayden, pretty accurate sells it short. Its a laser beam
SupremeJay 808 (7 months ago)
It’s good and very accurate too
Giancarlo Betti (7 months ago)
Probably gonna get nerfed
baby Bebop (7 months ago)
Used to the newer weapons looked cool and unique but for this one they just re-textured the scar and put a silencer on it
Noctorno from pve
Jairo Perdomo (7 months ago)
baby Bebop that's how they make a different scar type. porque no?
Dopogobo Productions (7 months ago)
Wow fuck you stretching out your videos
Its slow fire rate but the aim of the weapon is so good 😍👌🔥
Roqeua (7 months ago)
It's as fast as the normal scar
oof (7 months ago)
tbh its not even that slow
T H A N O S.
ya boi in peace (7 months ago)
Dabby wayman (7 months ago)
Epic is smart with their guns they maid it so it wasn't as strong as a normal scar
Clouty (7 months ago)
Dabby wayman I hate fortnite
Henry Li (7 months ago)
Sauced Up (7 months ago)
You Want To Know Who The Best Person Is Look at the first one
Sauced Up (7 months ago)
a hecking walnut shut up wich yo big head ass no neck ass cant fit in the building head ass bald head ass not lookin good head ass not knowing what 1+1 is head ass can't read head ass got 0 solo wins on fortnite head ass default free to play head ass piece of meat head ass broccoli tree looking head ass boi
Dr Tombstone (7 months ago)
Sauced Up thnx for the motivation
Sauced Up Confidence lvl before: 14% Now: 99%
a hecking walnut (7 months ago)
You want to know who makes unoriginal generic comments for likes? Read the first one.
MySt_ STORM (7 months ago)
This was a sick vid to
MySt_ STORM (7 months ago)
Hey this new weapon is so op 👏
Daniel Brentville (7 months ago)
Like if high explosives should come back
PIdent (7 months ago)
Epic should add sneaky silencers again.
Cash Kingery (7 months ago)
PIdent AA4
I agree
straz (7 months ago)
Sneaky silencers was this mode were only suppressed weapons could be found and bushes could be found more often in chests.this game mode got me my first second place finish(I was against an entire squad and I was a default
scum gang (7 months ago)
They will cuz of its a suppressed gun
Comic Book Guy (7 months ago)
silencer only LTM
Darthyoda 123 (7 months ago)
Quit saying it’s op you dumbass that’s the reason they remove guns is because you tubers make stupid ass op videos like it’s a scar it’s supposed to be op
Nitro (7 months ago)
Taylor Bryan (7 months ago)
Lol hd and cdn
Redstone Reeper (7 months ago)
Hi how are ya
Dr Tombstone (7 months ago)
Redstone Reeper I’m good...u
Ditty_memes star (7 months ago)
Hi I'm recent
Fletch Watts (7 months ago)
Sup sick vid

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