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Black Magic Woman - Peter Green - tabbed and scored

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Black Magic Woman original studio album Peter Green guitar part tabbed and scored for guitarists by Gary Wood
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Text Comments (13)
Fenris Volsung (1 year ago)
Not quite exact, but a good effort, thanks
Kevin Jacobson (1 year ago)
Great tab, thank you very much for sharing
Phil Frank (1 year ago)
Grat stuff, really.
merthyrmonster (3 years ago)
Great work. Making life easy for us, thank you.
Betterthantelly (2 years ago)
I was about to say exactly the same thing!
fieldfullofthistles (3 years ago)
Tx it can take a while but then it's always there. I use these too! Cheers Gary
TheMrMurtle (4 years ago)
very good, best resource for this song on the free internet
fieldfullofthistles (5 years ago)
the computer its on is in need of repair so it might be a while. sorry.
theblackhandle132 (5 years ago)
Could You Post a Link to Download the Guitar Pro File ? That would be great !
fieldfullofthistles (5 years ago)
Great - glad its been of help.
Vic Barnes (5 years ago)
Gee thanks heaps.Now Ive got something to work on - the tab and how it should sound. Fantastic. Thanks again!
fieldfullofthistles (7 years ago)
@shoutingthomas It is! God knows why I bothered but its cheaper than buying a book that always gets it wrong.
shoutingthomas (7 years ago)

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