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Guitar intro lesson - WICKED GAME - Chris Isaak - fast & slow with tabs

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Guitar intro lesson - WICKED GAME - Chris Isaak - fast & slow with tabs Slow speed and tabs at 0:54 Standard tuning
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Text Comments (17)
Great lesson and I love that sound my friend! :D
Moondiver (11 days ago)
very great my friend 👌
Richard Ward (13 days ago)
Just love this song , and you play it so well ! and your tutorial 110 % excellent ! cheers ritchie .
Pat Gedeon (15 days ago)
My favorite version of the song is by the band HIM but I love the original aswell. Great one man. :-)
Jimmy Joe (17 days ago)
Great lesson, great song. Thank you for sharing.
guitnotes (17 days ago)
The guitar sounds really good!! Ken
Grego Portnoy (17 days ago)
Sounds nice man!! Love that Fender🎸😎
NathanLikesDrums (1 month ago)
Great lesson!
Fantastic song, performance and tutorial!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Angeline
Forever MPH (1 month ago)
+Play that Guitar!!    New friend here (#265)!!  I LOVE this song, and you do a great job with the cover and the lesson.  I play the piano/keyboards, and also write music and poetry, but I've always been a fan of the guitar.  I hope you'll  j o i n  my  c h a n n e l  as well.  Please let me know.   Thanks!    :-)
Etienne de Loriol (1 month ago)
Very nice lesson ! :)
Scott Magill (1 month ago)
very nice channel. Scott
Play that Guitar!! (1 month ago)
Thnx a lot!! :))
Travel with Yvonne (1 month ago)
Super fantastic Tutorial & great Sound !!!
Alan Free (1 month ago)
Love the playing, sound and the whammy bar on that Strat! Loved the slow/fast lesson and tabs! Well done!
Ignacio Simon (1 month ago)
fantastic tutorial friend.. nice choice and great production! hugs!
Play that Guitar!! (1 month ago)
Big thank you and hug too my friend! :))

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