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I Asked Her Out. She Said Yes. Should I Be Texting Her Daily?

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Text Comments (38)
Matumbu Kambai (10 days ago)
One thing i like about your videos you keep it real n simple... Short time n perfect 👌 words..
Liza Galvez (19 days ago)
Great advice 👍
wizzle man (23 days ago)
I think it's better off on the day of the date to set a time an send her the location of where it will be held at.
Lizzagirl (25 days ago)
I NEED SOME ADVICE PLEASE!!!!!!! So theres this girl that i know for sure likes me. We made eye contact for the longest time. But the problem is she runs away from me because shes so nervous and I can never catch her to talk to her. What should I do? Should I try to keep on catching her, which requires so much energy and makes me sad when I dont succeed. Or should I just walk away from this situation?
Jenny v517 (26 days ago)
HELP! Plz! Okay so I like this boy and he is always staring at me but then when I walk past him or near him he looks down until I past. And when I'm outside talking to his friends he give me glances as I'm talking. I don't Know what to do at all! Anyone help???
Comment back please
What does it mean when your friend is next to you and she puts her legs on top of yours
Tenisha (28 days ago)
Dating is exhausting
Jai Pao (27 days ago)
maddie delarosa (29 days ago)
hey, so i need advice on something. so i met this guy about 7 months ago and we dated through april-may and then we broke up. in august we got back together so basically have been dating for almost a month now. and he use to text me everyday and i feel broken. we haven’t talked for 10 days what do i do i don’t want my feelings played with i don’t know anymore and he always texts me i don’t know.
DonnaThrilling Stories (29 days ago)
I can't stand guys who text alot. That's for High School. A real man calls and want to hear your voice. ☺️👍💛💛
nofy bn (29 days ago)
Traci Carreker (29 days ago)
I totally agree texting is nice but wait until you get to know her, women like talking to men in person and over the phone, good luck with your new relationship.
Peyton Sawyer (29 days ago)
What’s your guys opinion on this if it’s long distance? I’ve been messaging a guy (just acquittances we’ve known eachother for a long time as we went to the same high school) and he just asked me on a date. However he lives pretty far away and the date will be a couple months from now when he comes down and visits.
Lil H (1 month ago)
Ive got a question that i want people to answer!! So i use to text this girl for awhile and think she kinda did like me but found out she has a boyfriend so i stopped talking to her and i tried to avoid her and never really liked her social media stuff, but she always likes my pictures on ig and even comments on it... does she have feelings for me and how should i react guys?
RaVeN (29 days ago)
+Justin Williams that is what i like to call a very smart comment
Justin Williams (1 month ago)
I say take it as her being friendly. Sometimes it's just that, being friendly. Now if it becomes flirty comments or conatantly liking IG pics from years ago, it may be something there. Bottom line, in order to protect your feelings take all that she does with a grain of salt.
Lady J (1 month ago)
Omg!!!! Perfect timing!!! Thank you 🙏🏼
FLOWER (1 month ago)
No you should be calling daily. I want the warm up romance and mental stimulation before the date so the actual date will be easy and fun.
Kity Kat Kimi (1 month ago)
Messaging daily kills the romance! Trust me, I know 😂 Best to message sometimes, because the main thing should be to see each other and see how things goes there. It's easy to connect via messaging, when it comes to in person could be another story though.
Jai Pao (27 days ago)
Hahahah some people just love to be easy to get!
Corey Auer (1 month ago)
Not unless if you're in a long distance relationship. Then everything matters.
Katrina Nelson (1 month ago)
Great, advice! You could scare the girl away. I would make some contact though prior to your date. An example would be if your date is a weeks out I wouldn't just text her the day before the date. Maybe text her once mid week saying hey, just seeing how your doing. Then text her again the day before the actual date. That way it doesn't appear that your a some timing person, nor a needy person. I hope you have an amazing. date! :)
anonymous anonymous (29 days ago)
I agree with what you said. You need something to talk about & keep the conversation going in person that way you and the person can get to know eachother in person rather than thru text messaging.
nofy bn (29 days ago)
You can get to know a person online! You won't be able to keep the conversation going if you DO NOT text!! Also to me, you must do a little!! a, it could be a little easier once in person. An B, must have regular contact when in a relationship! RELATIONSHIPS ARE BASED ON COMMUNICATION!! I am not a needy clingy b------. IT IS LIFE! IT IS 2018, TECHNOLOGY BASIC HUMAN DECENCY!!
T Rex Didou (1 month ago)
I asked my female friend out she said no but she still wanna be friend because we are friends since 2016 ..what should i do ??!
L.A. Bryant (10 days ago)
Um.... be friends
T Rex Didou (29 days ago)
French Vanilla yes your right ...but i didnt ask her out because she live far away and she said her parents wont lets her meet new peoples (she said this before i ask her out ) she is 18 years old she is young and i thing she never had boyfriend and to be honest i never want to be in realtionship with her in the first time but as i start talking to her and i get to know her better i found that she is a perfect beautifull Nice girl she had black hair white skin with beautiful black big eyes and great personnality ....however thanks for the advice and there are plenty fish on the sea i think
French Vanilla (29 days ago)
If you like a girl ask her out! Don't pretend to be her friend for 2 years then ask her out and proceed to get upset when she says no. Basically you we're never her friend, you just thought if you pretend to be her friend it will be harder for her to turn you down WRONG!!! Never do just friends game when you really like the person.
T Rex Didou (29 days ago)
Fireman854Prod yes there are rare thanks for the advice ..fuck this girl any way
Fireman854Prod (29 days ago)
+T Rex Didou There are plenty of fish in the sea so dont worry about that girl, by the time u find another she wont be even be on your radar 😎
Surette Judkinsca (1 month ago)
hi ❤️
travis staley (1 month ago)
Agreed Luke!! I heard even from other dating experts that the text message should only be used to setup & plan dates and when you arrive to let the possible future significant other know, but not for the whole conversation all the time only. People who only care to text you I learned and never meet you in person are keeping you away at a distance for a reason and probably not a good reason too, or they’re doing that to play mind games and keep you around as a back burner when that’s not good. I had this happen before myself, it is a real drain and can really affect you mentally and be very depressing. No one is someone’s back burner, 2nd choice to keep waiting to date.
RVickbmx (1 month ago)
Absolute perfect timing!

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