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Tfue & Ninja Teaches How To Use Grappler Gun! Fortnite Op & Funny Moments

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Send your Fortnite clips - [email protected] Contact me at : [email protected] Credits - https://www.twitch.tv/ninja https://www.twitch.tv/poach https://www.twitch.tv/drdisrespectlive https://www.twitch.tv/drlupo https://www.twitch.tv/tfue https://www.twitch.tv/nickmercs https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_daequan https://www.twitch.tv/loeya https://www.twitch.tv/timthetatman https://www.twitch.tv/mongraal https://www.twitch.tv/ewroon https://www.twitch.tv/cizzorz
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Text Comments (37)
Cathal O' Riordan (2 months ago)
0:43 Spider-Ninja Spider-Ninja
melon r (2 months ago)
Peter Red (2 months ago)
2:00 ewrron wtf
COUNTDODO (2 months ago)
Mongralll is a big showoff
COUNTDODO (2 months ago)
Can he just do it in a game u don’t need to go in playground and show everybody at least Liquid chap and jay mock actually go in games not just go in play ground to showoff
Alex Torres (2 months ago)
Nah he's just a god
BTG tube (2 months ago)
Great vidio
waqas tahir (2 months ago)
ninja can kill anybody
Alex Torres (2 months ago)
No he can't he's a strauny white kid who weighs like 120 pounds in fortnite he can yes but not irl lel
Charlie Ells (2 months ago)
When Tfue was running next to the div I started laughing cuz of this muselk vid where he pretends to be a noob
Aaron Moore (2 months ago)
Poach is a stupid fuck with the ugly ass stretched
EDZ playz1 (2 months ago)
I wish I could play fortuite I download it is says *ERROR*
Paweł GRA (2 months ago)
Ewron najlepszy
Alex Meyer (2 months ago)
Music a 6:14 is bcc
Ninja (2 months ago)
Lol it’s weird seeing myself in vids
COUNTDODO (2 months ago)
Lol it’s not easy to find u because ur fake
Ninja - (2 months ago)
Mo Qazi (2 months ago)
DEREK CRAFT (2 months ago)
Ninja your a fake ninja you cunt
Debra Lynn (2 months ago)
Hi 😉
kros richardson (2 months ago)
You gotta change this music
G8 TheSkyGames (2 months ago)
O.k. thanks to you and your wife was just wondering if you had a chance to look at this stage in my head
Alex Torres (2 months ago)
QuickshotSans _ (2 months ago)
AMaser Playz (2 months ago)
Lachu lachu (2 months ago)
No game (2 months ago)
CRAIG X GAMING (2 months ago)

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