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Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls More Than Anything - BAILEY | The Dodo

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Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls More Than Anything | This woman rescued a cat when she was in college, but had no idea her future daughters would love him SO much ❤️ For more of Bailey and Abby, you can check them out on Instagram: https://thedo.do/baileycat, and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoOrdinaryCat. Introducing Dodo swag! https://thedo.do/2N3zRSb Love Animals? Subscribe: http://thedo.do/2tv6Ocd ¿Hablas español?: https://thedo.do/2BsuN4o Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us on Twitter: https://thedo.do/2Jast1M Howl with us on Musical.ly: https://thedo.do/2qFkbGT Take a peek at our Snapchat: http://thedo.do/2gkVhsz Love our Instagram: http://thedo.do/2agAEce Like us on Facebook: http://thedo.do/1dJ9lmn Read more on our site: http://thedo.do/KWDoNt For the love of animals. Pass it on. #thedodo #animals #cat #cat #kitten #puppy
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Text Comments (6233)
Pepper Ledgard (5 minutes ago)
How old is he?... you said he was 13 and u were pregnant with your first baby...?
Nautybilal (1 hour ago)
This video definitely just made my day..love bailey 💕
arriesone1 (2 hours ago)
This truly melted my heart to mush..
Adela Bevan (2 hours ago)
I love this cat Wow
Autumn Sunflower (2 hours ago)
Such a beautiful story..tears in my eyes. Why so many dislikes to such a hearwarming story filled with pure love?!
PlantiPal (3 hours ago)
So sweet.
Stephanie Mac (6 hours ago)
Cute overload !!
Davis Luong (8 hours ago)
Awesome video. That cat has a lot of tolerance and deeply cares for his family.
Ana Victoria (8 hours ago)
Hey dumb kids, don't buy pets when you live in the dorms.
soh s (12 hours ago)
Paving the road for kitty catties around the world. Way to go Bailey 😍💞😺
LT NP (18 hours ago)
Jodie Reeves (19 hours ago)
I also have my cat called Ginger, she is very Genius,loving, organised, and smart cat... She loves to be around and near us all the time. She is my alarm clock wakes me up in the same time every morning... I love my ginger cat, she love to hunt geckos on the wall .... We often hunt geckos together at the back yard wall.. She always very excited to do so 😍
Cassidy Dyer (19 hours ago)
law35penn (20 hours ago)
Wow, this is just wow. How gentle is this guy. Luv it
Minah x (23 hours ago)
I’m in tears
earthatom7 (1 day ago)
Lucifer Broke (1 day ago)
Lol, I was gonna get angry cause Bailey looked overweight but then it showed that the ones feeding him was the kids so now I'm conflicted 😂
Jenny Moe (1 day ago)
Pedo cat
TokenFanatic (1 day ago)
This cat has a gigantic heart ❤ I hope he lives to be 100! 😭
Safinah Mohamad (1 day ago)
Why im crying...
Nazreen Yen (1 day ago)
Super duper power cat... oowwww.....
Erica Rihter (1 day ago)
Amazing. Thx for sharing. God bless you for hanging on to Baileys. That’s why he loves your babies so much. He/she will be a human in his/her next life.
retrobebop61 (1 day ago)
Our cat, Jasmine, was just like that. We called her “ an old rag”. Our daughter could do anything with her. Dress her up, push her in the baby carriage and Little Tykes grocery cart. The sweetest cat in the world. We lost her to bladder cancer when our daughter was in 4th grade. It was a horrible loss for our family.
Kenabis Tinnek (1 day ago)
1:58 every cat owner knows the danger of doing that 😂
Rita Thomson (1 day ago)
Nice ☺
D Winslow (1 day ago)
What an amazing cat. He reminds me of my dear sweet "Buster" lol a female cat I had. She died young and my heart is still broken 20 yrs later!
Sarah W (1 day ago)
Ahhhh toooooo much cuteness and sweetness! Lovely family! 😻😻😻
Doris Riedling (1 day ago)
Ugh,..so Cuuute❤
L.B. Martinez (1 day ago)
He has a very beautiful spirit!
Linka Swain (1 day ago)
Bailey living the life!
Brandy Paulson (1 day ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this video. It truly was a blessing to see such kindred spirits. Bailey is soooo adorable. Can I just say what a wonderful person you are to keep him so close to you!💕💕
Penn FISHING (1 day ago)
Penn FISHING (1 day ago)
Nice story
Tunc Can (1 day ago)
Adorable very nice fellow I got a cat and last year a dog at home they really go on playing quarreling but do miss each other
SUPREME VIDEOS (1 day ago)
1like = 1 year Bailey lives more
John Deso (1 day ago)
What a nice story ! Thanks lady !
yin blqs (1 day ago)
Nur Raheemah (1 day ago)
Long live Bailey. Amen!
스파이시럼 (1 day ago)
long live baily
Beti Boo (1 day ago)
Cuántos años vive un gato?
Jeremy Jennings (1 day ago)
If it were my cat, she would probably yowl and scream. She is such a complainer 😂
Sydney O'Bier (1 day ago)
My cat let me put hats and build a bear clothes on him when I was a kid lmao
Wow, what an attractive woman.
Kino Zomby (1 day ago)
Greg B (1 day ago)
That's a cool 😸
Jakey Jake (1 day ago)
this cat thinks these kids are his
Maisarah Dahalan (1 day ago)
I have two cats, Bear and Leo..they are assholes..but i love them anyway..will never trade them with anything
Chris Baker (1 day ago)
Cute cat still not a dog
Mr. Doomguy (1 day ago)
The cat has more patience than me
Kitt (1 day ago)
he takes baths with them omg 😭
mau art. (1 day ago)
The mine is from heĺl, but i love it anyways
Clay Cato (1 day ago)
Such a sweet cat
An old perverted man was reincarnated as a cat.
S. Chelcey (1 day ago)
Wow 💓
Vixiniara * (1 day ago)
I want my future to be like that
Pam Dangelo (2 days ago)
Wow what a sweetheart
ido king12 (2 days ago)
Reii Fernandezz (2 days ago)
Hi I’m crying
Christopher S (2 days ago)
maria lopez (2 days ago)
Adorable ce chat😚
Shelly Costa (2 days ago)
This truly is the best video ever! WhT an amazing cat!!!
IslandMarigold (2 days ago)
This is too sweet!! Big brother Bailey taking his family role seriously. ❤️❤️❤️
Nadalia M. (2 days ago)
Too cute....
paul Emmanuel (2 days ago)
GOD BLESS You & your beautiful family dear
Bazuca PR (2 days ago)
Adorable 😀😉
Nancy Bassett (2 days ago)
That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, I’d take Bailey in a sec.
Shanto Lion (2 days ago)
This is so moving💐💝💝💝💝
rubbergigs (2 days ago)
This is how kindness is being paid. So much love.
Icannot Pretend (2 days ago)
Oh my gosh! What at an angel
Dee InOz (2 days ago)
I just LOVE this story, so wonderful xxx
Tina Shockey (2 days ago)
This video tore me up! We had a cat just like that. He loved to be loved. Followed us everywhere and was such a huge part of our lives. We lost him in May at the age of 18. Our kids grew up with him, pushed him in their strollers, dressed him up and he loved every second of it. He was a rare gem!
Casey BC (2 days ago)
Reminds me of my sweet Pumpkin kitty, another orange tabby, who crossed the rainbow bridge last year after being my companion for almost 18 years. Those orange boys are special indeed.
elly p (2 days ago)
Awww..... such a beautiful story ❣️❣️❣️
Asha Bryant (2 days ago)
Yea this story is sweet and yes I love animals, but I'm always amazed by how comfortable people are with allowing pets around babies and very small children. Accidents happen and sometimes pets act unpredictably and it only takes a moment for a fatal or disfiguring bite, scratch or full out attack. It isn't medically advised to allow such close contact at such a young age, even if it is supervised.
Asha Bryant (2 days ago)
Also not a good idea to share eating/drinking utensils or dishes with pets.
Bri Eleanor (2 days ago)
Im truly amazed at how some cats let you bathe them but other cats will rip you to shreds if you even try putting them near water lol Cute vid 🤗😊
Mily Davila (2 days ago)
Looooooooooooooooooooovvveee this video so much!!
Merrilee (2 days ago)
What a love.❤ I had a cat named Ralph, parents had him before I was born. We could do anything with that cat. We were more savage, though, dragging him around, swinging him. He was a Tom cat, partied all night, slept all day. He lived fast and hard, died at age 8. What a cool cat.
Pin-Wu Yu (2 days ago)
LOVELY cat!!! i recently rescued a kitten and had somebody else adopt her because i couldn’t be her new owner at this moment in my life; even though i felt sad, i was beyond happy that it was me who rescued her! if you want to know more about her story and what she looks like, head over to my fb page; just search my name Pin-Wu Yu thank you!!!
Dee Marie (2 days ago)
Suzanne Fronzaglio (2 days ago)
That is true love that Bailey exhibits in his behavior to his "family" of humans! And it shows hpw he relishes love from & to "his girls"!
David Berquist (2 days ago)
Lovable 🐱 kitty
kacy the youtuber (2 days ago)
how old are you 2018
Lorinda Lidsky (2 days ago)
I love Bailey
ARMY Forever (2 days ago)
*awwwwwwwwwwwww* 😢😭
Kim Vliet (2 days ago)
This is the cutest thing i have ever seen ILOVEIT😍
Marlon Goulding (2 days ago)
This is the cutest thing ever ❤️ he looks so happy! 😭☺️
Gail Johnston (2 days ago)
My nephew and his wife have a cat like that. He just adores their 2 kids and protects them too.
TimelordUk (2 days ago)
Merlin Grim (2 days ago)
Wow ... what a gentle creature ... remarkable.
Mick T (2 days ago)
That's the best story I've seen about a cat. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful Bailey.
shovington67 (2 days ago)
How in the hell does he sit still in the bath? 99.9% of cats just meow this plaintiff wail when they get put in the bath, that's weird. Although I've got a picture of a tabby from the Web about 4 months old walking in the tub, but no white socks.
Luca Billo (2 days ago)
Iryna Campos E Sa (2 days ago)
Uauuuu.... pure love 😻😻😻
Rhonda Roberts (2 days ago)
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful video story with us! It really choked me up...so sweet!!!
Eric Tselovanskyi (2 days ago)
It's cool, but I always have this feeling they show us what they want us to see in those videos, is this whole channel is a fake? well edited videos to better suit their fictional stories? I mean for 10 years you can get similar footages with any cat.
fredim1929 (2 days ago)
I’ve never seen a cat like Bailey. You are such a lucky family to have him in your lives! I’d love to have one just like him :)
Slayer DUDE (2 days ago)
This is so cute and so sad at the same time when you realize that at the moment you see the video the cat could already pass away.
Tasha Goodtimez (2 days ago)
Is it just me thinking this; Was this cat a dad in his past life? 😂❤💙
schmoolie doodles (2 days ago)
Cat Dad
slippyg (2 days ago)
Great temperament for a cat

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