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How To Play Bass To Black Magic Woman Santana Quickguide #3

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http://how-to-play-bass.com/register/free-bass-lessons1 This tutorial features the main parts of the Santana version of Black Magic Woman. Now I’ve played this song many times with different bands – for some reason bands don’t seem to play the latin outro. So in this tutorial I’ve focused on the main rockier blues sections of the tune. I’ve chunked the song down into four parts and these parts are played in the video tutorial first with a soundalike backing track at performance tempo. And then with a slowed down metronomic drum beat with an 8th note hi-hat pulse so you can track the duration and placement of notes. Picture in picture technology is used in the video to give you close ups of the fretting and picking hands. For free song tutorials, including Hotel California, The Weight, Moondance and more....CLICK HERE! http://how-to-play-bass.com/register/free-bass-lessons1
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