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I asked my friend Eva to stand on the side of the street for only 1 hour and captured people's reactions. We had many more reactions that I couldn't include in the video. BIG BOOTY BAIT EXPERIMENT: http://bit.ly/2kelie9 Behind the scenes on Snapchat: JasonMoments Instagram: http://bit.ly/2divInv Facebook: http://bit.ly/2nLprIO Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonmomentss
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Jason Moments (1 year ago)
Behind the scenes will be on my story: Instagram.com/JasonMoments
Richar Quesada (2 months ago)
Como se llama la chica del video? Dime y me suscribo jajaj
Sabina Schaflinger (3 months ago)
Jesus. And there I was thinking this man is doing a decent thing - pointing out the misogyny and the objectification of women.... but hell no - he is a giant COCK himself!!!! Wtf . Twisted indeed.
Christy Nava (3 months ago)
Jason Moments Ho🇭🇳la corazón ❣ venga a jugar conmigo 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🇲🇽
Porcelain Pinup (7 months ago)
Please give her a taser for her protection next time and report the men who assaulted her.
Jason Moments Get out of satan system and get in God system and get a tru loving relationship with God not a religion and people claim they love God but lifestyle heart mind mouth and soul says satan and hell ⏳
iamjustsaying (5 hours ago)
Black men are so nasty. Not only do they talk like a dick is in their mouth but they smell like hair product and shit
Andrew Frost (1 day ago)
That man with the top knot thinking he had a chance 😂
Titty God (1 day ago)
I would've pulled my hand all the way back to smack those cakes, fuck with me
jean pale (1 day ago)
yeah yeah there are only white men! isssssssou
Spanish John (1 day ago)
u beautiful
Bon Bon (1 day ago)
yeah, she is Beautiful
Spanish John (2 days ago)
Bon Bon (2 days ago)
Jayden Choudhury786 (2 days ago)
girl stands on the street for an hour vid shows 2 mins
DeliaKodi_official_ (2 days ago)
That’s why boys disgust me as fuck
Sanna Hennerfors (2 days ago)
The truth of what it’s like to be a woman in todays society.. Ugh 😒
ItsJust Me (2 days ago)
Man: Harasses her Woman: what Man: 😮
Alivia Pacheco (3 days ago)
All his ugly grown men trying to hit on her...SMH PERVERTS
maria cida (3 days ago)
Not legend !!!!
Pete C (3 days ago)
That guy who touch should have his hand cut off as law
STARRS Mukbang (4 days ago)
This just shows how many creepy men there are
Aditya Phatak (4 days ago)
Foriegn country Mai bhi tharkiyoo ki kami nahi Hai India to uhhi badnaam Hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂
bureeti eria (5 days ago)
I feel like the people in the cars were paid to do this
Prateek Kumar (5 days ago)
Desperate people. Don’t even how to behave with women. Just looking for bigger ass and model figure.
Gregory Roberts (5 days ago)
With a behind like the North Star, wise men are gonna want to follow it
Brs Kaya (5 days ago)
türkiyede böyle hatun çok var demek bizden abazalarıda varmış türkiyede böyle rahatsız etmezler
Curiosidades Play (5 days ago)
O Tiozão encheu a mão kkkk
Curiosidades Play (5 days ago)
Diva do Rabaoooo
How is the new generation going to have kids, adopt them because the parents are gay?
At least the guys aren’t gay
Prem Akshay (6 days ago)
Black niggas are shameless fuckers
I hate Fucking Boys so bad...
Akxsis (6 days ago)
She’s not even that cute
Bon Bon (6 days ago)
she is Beautiful
Ines Lemrini (7 days ago)
London exposed
The real potato Soup (7 days ago)
I feel like girls that are skinny and have curves get harassed and then Tall guys or mixed guys get harassed the most and it’s Dumb 🗿
always weak (7 days ago)
Et dire que moi j’suis aussi plate qu’une table ;-;
Crazy FanGirl (7 days ago)
if my ass got slapped, i have no hesitation to slap him tho just sayin lmao
Violet Rose (8 days ago)
Stranger: *slaps girl’s ass* Girl: 😂😂 Stranger: “can I slap your ass?” Girl: 😂😂 Stranger: *harasses her* Girl: 😂😂 No offense but can’t this girl just stand up for herself? Stop laughing like a dumbass and defend yourself in any way possible.
Ricky Bedford (8 days ago)
What does she expect dressing like a slapper
Sara K (8 days ago)
This man with his 4ft long belly thinks he’s the shit
Shayan Memon (9 days ago)
This is what Ayesha Curry wants lol
MD Supreme (9 days ago)
Liberals have ruined England
MaranhoTV (9 days ago)
This girl is Eva Ivanová :D
musical note (3 days ago)
..now after losing weight she looks like shit.. https://www.instagram.com/eva.ivanova/
GoldenToothBrush (9 days ago)
There's nothing wrong with trying to chat with a girl (as long as it's respectful of course) However, the pig that slapped her ass at 0:28 deserves knocking out!! Also that guy at at 0:47 that just came out saying "Can I touch that ass?" could at leat be told to go f**k himself!
Omega Network (10 days ago)
0:48 that horny motherfucker lolHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Fucking yoga pants. Its crayzy wearing this in the street stupit gerls.
Bryan Tanaya (10 days ago)
Why they love that body (ass) ? 😕😕 i more like a slim body
Chapa Quente (10 days ago)
Her Name?
Bkr El (11 days ago)
Your friend eva dresses like a whore
Ugh boys this times doing nasty things!! All I wanted was hi and hello!!
Shaina Shole-Pratt (11 days ago)
1:44 guys looking like a crackhead
Mahek (11 days ago)
A guy whistled me when I was 11 years old standing on my balcony. And I was wearing lose pants and lose t shirt. And he just whistled me. And I said him to go away or I will slap him. And he went away.
Kid Buu (11 days ago)
London streets aren't safe for women
Dennis • (12 days ago)
I would’ve killed that guy who slapped her ass
RoSiE ThE pOtaTo (12 days ago)
Bon Bon (12 days ago)
0:44 What did she said to her ?
Iasmin Juuh (13 days ago)
0:29 AW???
1:08 esse dai bateu tanta que ficou de pau fino 😂😂😂😂
liza oterblad (13 days ago)
when that guy smacked her i was soon mad omg
Binsar Jr. (13 days ago)
0:42 Mascherano is that you?
Aayush Manandhar (14 days ago)
Looks like londia
Gabriela Gonzales (14 days ago)
Lmfao couldnt be me. If somebody spoke to me like that or touched me I woulda slapped tf outta them.
Gustavo DAP (14 days ago)
What instagran of the girl ??
Bon Bon (12 days ago)
Cesar Mendoza (14 days ago)
Her ass must be soft and fluffy
that queen (15 days ago)
I literally couldn't believe that just standing there gave so much unwanted attention
Seo, Jong Won (15 days ago)
엄청 껄떡대네
Yunchae Superstar (15 days ago)
She hasnt been loved.. she’s smiling at them
Chris Aeronn Rue (16 days ago)
Those people are actual perverts good thing they pictured her butt so they could get busted by there wife and family that tey are cheating
Jean Joseph (17 days ago)
See some men are just DOGS the disrespect to the girls ASS BRUH FIGHT ME THATS JUST DUMB
Safia Zad (17 days ago)
0:44 I'm wondering what did she told her ??
Bon Bon (17 days ago)
yeah,me too
Safia Zad (17 days ago)
I'm wondering if one of them falling in love with her? Or are they just bad guys ?
Pavel Konovalov (17 days ago)
Ok, so women wear revealing outfits becouse they want to be unnoticed by men, right? Just like this girl wearing this pants becouse she wants people to look at her shoes, right?
MaxTrain 666 (18 days ago)
Young African Americans are trash wannabe gangsters just feral
Sierra Ibisoglu (18 days ago)
Implying this is even real KEK
Glenn Williams (18 days ago)
Sexy girl dresses sexy and men look at her and want to have sex with her....is that the idea?
kris_frapedias sporos (18 days ago)
every normal man will look tha ass me too whats the problem i dont understad
Bon Bon (18 days ago)
i agree
Fun with Ronya (18 days ago)
WTF it's like they have never ever seen a girl
Blessi Sator (18 days ago)
You can look at someones ass but no touch right?
Paul Talley (20 days ago)
I just want to smack all there faces uh I just wanted to stab them in to peaces
Derek Frost (20 days ago)
F****** perverts
Bunny Superville (20 days ago)
the thirst is real
Amaro (20 days ago)
Get one supercar u will fk these sluts all the time only supercars works no other chance in uk us canada lol
I am disgusted by all the people.
wooseokii94 (21 days ago)
이래도 한국창녀들은 한남 강간남 타령ㅋㅋ
Dutchminx (21 days ago)
do these people have no shame?
Ωякα (21 days ago)
Oh God the guy at 0:35 was so desperate 😂
Meh TheTableGoat (21 days ago)
Would've slapped every single one of the ones who tried to touch her.
J H (21 days ago)
Those Muslims reacted accordingly .
Cristiepie X3 (21 days ago)
Those men are so god damn thirsty
Esley editzz (21 days ago)
and this is why ladies and gentlemen's why I want surgery to make my ass flatter
Ahmad El Salawi (21 days ago)
The ride offerings and selfie requests would be ok,but the pricks staring,flirting and touching her is defenitely not.
Zareenah Ahmed (21 days ago)
Um no Nothing of all those would be okay!
salimata drame (22 days ago)
1:42 that guy is from the channel lay and leo Busted
TheRealisticGamer (22 days ago)
I love how that got stopped to say something and didnt give a shit about who was behind him lol
Pesi Belau (22 days ago)
The guy who slapped her? That is sexual assault.
Sweet Pizza boy (22 days ago)
Is this real?
Pilum1000 (22 days ago)
Why she isn't nude ? It would be more active
Quench Gamer TV (23 days ago)
disgusting wtf
I'm a Potato (23 days ago)
0:44 that’s a whole girl
Bilal Manuf (24 days ago)
Shukar hai hm musalman hai
rasa tabula (24 days ago)
You can't always get what you want. Stop street harassment.
Bedanta Kumar (24 days ago)
ALI SALIMI (24 days ago)
The Smith (24 days ago)
That booty have a life
Sweet Lee (24 days ago)
Boys, y'all always come to talk to thicc girls pretending as nothing was wrong, but I see y'all 👀 I know that through your eyes that it's for hide you're desire for touch their ass 😜

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