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3 Guitar Riffs from Black Magic Woman - Guitar Improvisation

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http://www.guitarcoachmag.com | YouTube Guitar Lessons Learn 3 guitar riffs from Santana's Black Magic Woman and use this to improve your guitar improvisation and jam along to the backing track. Download the latest edition of Guitar Coach Magazine. 100% FREE! Guitar Coach is packed with great video tutorials covering classic guitar songs, great guitar riffs, and cool guitar techniques, plus articles, features, news and reviews. ►OVER 100,000 DOWNLOADS! GRAB THE LATEST ISSUE HERE: http://guitarcoachmag.com/free-download/ ► SUBSCRIBE AND BE NOTIFIED WHEN WE POST NEW GUITAR LESSONS AND REVIEWS: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=GuitarCoachMag ► Get Your FREE Classic Riffs Tab Book Here: https://guitarcoachmag.com/free-riffs-tab Are you ready to learn some of the greatest guitar riffs and licks of all time? Perhaps a few guitar tricks and techniques? Then be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit us at our other links below. Whether you are watching any of the hundreds of our YouTube online guitar lessons or are thinking of purchasing some of our great guitar lesson DVDs, all of our guitar videos are of the highest quality and always shot in HD with multi-camera angles. ►JOIN OUR GROWING GUITAR COMMUNITY: Guitar Coach Products and Courses: http://www. guitarcoachmag.com/products/ Download the FREE Magazine App: http://guitarcoachmag.com/free-download Friend us: https://www.facebook.com/guitarcoachmagazine Follow us: https://twitter.com/GuitarCoachMag
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