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how to play "Black Magic Woman" by Santana - guitar solos lesson

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Please help support my lessons by donating here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/donate.html For more information on this lesson go here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/black-magic-woman--solos.html An electric guitar lesson on how to play the guitar solos to "Black Magic Women" by Santana from their 1970 album "Abraxas." Website: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shutup-Play-Guitar-Tutorials/531813906953186?ref=hl I get a lot of questions about my gear. You can read about it on my website here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/gear.html
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For more information on this lesson go here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/black-magic-woman--solos.html
Yannick Clermont (4 months ago)
Dwaine Brosemer (1 year ago)
Hey bud, if you go to his website (shut up & play's website) he talks about his gear...
Mike Reynolds (1 year ago)
Suhrs have coil split with a Tonepro locking bridge and tailpiece also Schaller tuners.
Mike Reynolds (1 year ago)
It also has Suhr Aldrich pickups in it.
nellek970 (1 year ago)
Mike Reynolds thank you, but how do you know???
Funky Guitar Lessons (2 months ago)
Great lesson and some wise words
matt pukach (2 months ago)
Finally someone who makes lessons for people who already know how to play guitar!
Deacon (3 months ago)
BRUCE JEANDUC (3 months ago)
I dont know how you do it but im grateful.
D Williams (4 months ago)
Sweet LP!
joe barker (5 months ago)
Super awesome love the way you repeat the sections but some note are difficult to see cuz your fingers never moved but there is clearly a higher pitched note either way you sir are awesome
True World (5 months ago)
Yeah good video thanks for taking the time.Good base for perfecting the solo.I listen to the Santana track just to perfect the loose ends.I have one up on Carlos I can sing as well as play all the bits of this great song.Remember folks the earth is not a ball it's as flat as some of the notes I play.
Curt Lister (5 months ago)
I'll never forget a Don Kirshner "In Concert" series when I was a kid and seeing a 4ft Afro on a 14y/o Neal Schon play the lead on this with Carlos watching him. With sort of like a "see what I found" glint in his eye. Nothing but music can do that for me. I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday yet, I remember where I was, even the feeling in my gut 45 years ago watching that. What an amazingly gracious thing music is. I truly feel bad for millennials. Insane Clown Posse vs Pink Floyd, Maroon 5 vs Led Zeppelin & Marilyn Manson vs Deep Purple. It's physically painful to hear Rap & Hip-Hop "artists" filling kids' heads with vulgarity and violence where Parental Advisories are the hallmark of success. Snoop Dogg & Ice-T the new Lennon & McCartney? Can someone give me the name of a new band with great musicians that have something to say? I missed the great music of the last 25+ years.
Mr Martinez (6 months ago)
Thanks. Very much right on and awesome playing technique.
Mike Letterman (6 months ago)
The way you teach is so awesome. I appreciate how you stay true to the album. And the speed at which you go is perfect...I've learned so much from you. I trust you to show me the right way. I've seen others who show you their way. Can't just trust anyone to show you how it's really done. Many thanks....
Ringo Gingo (6 months ago)
You could hand out gold bars to people and many would walk away talking bad about you. So the thumbs down don't surprise me !
Rick Robillard (6 months ago)
D aeolian. not dorian
Yeah, minor 6th not major...the problem with youtube videos is you can't make changes after they're published. Cheers Andy
jimih02 (7 months ago)
you have got a real feel for his lead guitar you've got it right on
Bob Bauer (7 months ago)
Great Tone !! The sustain is perfect. Would you provide some basic advice for getting a similar tone.
jimih02 (7 months ago)
very very cool you have a great feel for the song as close or even better than carlos himself
Maroof Ali (7 months ago)
I m in love with ur lessons....honestly...i dont find anyone else's lessons on youtube intriguing...urs r the only one i always look to...n sometimes i just watch demos coz its a pleasure to listen to ur guitar playing...u really r a master...cheers
William Dowling (8 months ago)
amazing tutorial i think i learned it note for note now time to get the feel like you said!
Watermelon Man (8 months ago)
Again... Brilliant, cut-to-the-chase, instruction!! THE BEST on the web!!... Period!! I so appreciate this man sharing his amazing musical abilities!! Thank you sir!!
TheRoJoVideo (9 months ago)
good take on Carlos Santana's style which is so subtle and fluid and i find one of the most difficult styles to emulate. as you said he's all about the feel. Santana is an under appreciated great! great lesson as usual!!! thank you!
Io oI (11 months ago)
I am shitty player...its going to take me for ever to study this song but i love it too mucch :D Thanks for the great video :D
foamaxmore (11 months ago)
You have an excellent and outstanding way to teach us with great demos of the actual melodies and rythms in each song...Fantastic and thank you ...wonderful styles you achieve...! I am watching closely and you are right on it!
Chris P (11 months ago)
great sound! nice job
dennis4104 (1 year ago)
Wish i could "like" 170 times to make up for the idiots who selected dislike. Sheesh
Dwaine Brosemer (1 year ago)
So, after wanting to learn how to play since I was in grade school, I finally started learning guitar at the age of 50. Your videos are easy to follow and your instruction is on point. Your talent and attention to detail is second to none! Thank you so much and Keep Rocking Brother!! p.s. I stumbled across another guy here on Y/T that goes by SHUT UP AND PLAY YOUR GUITAR......were you aware? Anyway, thanks for the great videos and keep them coming! New Subscriber here and I put the word out here in SoCal!!
Daniele Acquavera (1 year ago)
Yer LP sounds awesome!!!
Rich George (1 year ago)
"Make you sounds like a bush leaguer." LOL !! Priceless Andy !!
bayron sanhueza (1 year ago)
frankrn (1 year ago)
what scale are you using?
khrie rups (1 year ago)
can do the multi cam record with the close view too
ireqtz. (1 year ago)
Hello may you tell me how could I find a tab partition
johnny6148 (1 year ago)
Santana got his inspiration from Mike Bloomfield
Boy Iniego (1 year ago)
The music where I grew up...
Boy Iniego (1 year ago)
Very refreshing ...
Jewelry Limited (1 year ago)
very well!
Larry Briski (1 year ago)
excellent lesson, I always wanted to learn this song!
Gee Em (1 year ago)
LOVING the detail .
tickfly (1 year ago)
Really Awesome lesson!!!...
rafapak (1 year ago)
beautiful tone !
seung gil gang (1 year ago)
oh my god “
Wayne Johnson (1 year ago)
Great lesson, you have a wonderful ear!
Andrew Russell (1 year ago)
love the tune up mid lick lol
Amedeo Maggio (1 year ago)
Amedeo Maggio (1 year ago)
abd bahar Osman (1 year ago)
fantastic work!!! thank you!
pkramerable (1 year ago)
Check out his tone on 1968 recording of The Santana Blues Band at The Filmore Auditorium. No master volume controls or overdrive pedals were used. The sustain is all volume.the
michael byrne (1 year ago)
Thank you,
tomk1tl (1 year ago)
I started getting into this song and realized how great a guitar player Carlos is......I have been away from guitar for a bit and just started taking lessons after a 15 year hiatus...my instructor is great and finally all these scales/modes are making sense...what happened 15 years ago is beyond me......at 72, I'm making progress  ;-))Thanks for the video !
Ben (1 year ago)
137 people missed the button they wanted to click...
dktice70 (1 year ago)
OK today I wasted about 8 hours of my life that I will never get back learning the wrong way to play this song! I was thinking well this sounds pretty good and then I clicked on this tutorial......... I felt like Charlie Brown getting the football yanked from me!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH   Man you are one accurate player!
Peter Burns (1 year ago)
You got that 100% right....fewer notes but all total feeling....and that's what it's all about....expression and feeling...an unbelievably great musician and song....his guitar work tells a story....about a black magic woman When you look at Santana, Gilmour , Blackmore....all unbelievably good guitarists but not truly recognised for their talent, accomplishments and contribution to some of the best music ever written recorded and heard...incredibly good...not thrash artists, but ARTISANS ....and that's the difference
Chuck Norris (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who have always thought that those bends at 1:26 are marvellous ???
Wayne Johnson (1 year ago)
Chuck Norris No!
Eric Hwang (1 year ago)
I've seen a lot of covers on youtube, and you easily play it the best. Nice work on this solo
Doyle Kimmons (1 year ago)
Here's the real deal. You are the ONLY guitar teacher that is actually playing each note and chord in exactly the right place. Note tones are dictated by what string the note is played on. You are the ONLY one who gets it right!!! That's called LISTENING to the music. That's what truly makes an instructor in this kind of teaching. Good Job!!!
Ronald Binette (1 year ago)
mercimercithank you
SejesLoc (1 year ago)
Brandon Moe (1 year ago)
Do the game of love!
jduece13 (1 year ago)
Clean! So clean. Every video is played so clean and effortless.
M.S BS (1 year ago)
he is fasst though
Metal Core (1 year ago)
very accurate lesson.exactly the way santana plays it.thank you...
Greg Monroy (1 year ago)
Hey Andy, Thank you for all the great lessons. Not sure if you ever take requests but there's this song; No more lies by The Rides, which has some good guitar parts. It would be great to see a lesson for that. If not, I understand. Regardless, Thank you again for all the lessons.
Roger Escobedo (1 year ago)
Dude you have helped out so much. You are appreciated out here.
Diego Leyva (1 year ago)
I know this is irrelevant to the great lessons you give, but will we never get to see your face?
M. Black (1 year ago)
You are my favorite guy on YouTube by far. Especially the ELP stuff you've done. I was hoping you to do some Kansas like the wall or icarus. It's pretty hard stuff Kansas is full of incredibly talented musicians. But you would be the guy for that job have a great week thanks.
Ken Hudson (1 year ago)
Fantastic! Just started relearning the solos after laying down backing tracks in my studio. This was a huge help. I posses some pretty good timing but it sounds much better when played correctly.
Brendan McLearie (2 years ago)
G'day. Thanks heaps for your tutorials. Love your playing too. A quick question which keeps confusing me: You mentioned that this solo is mostly Dm pentatonic but also makes use of Dorian mode for some of the extra notes. Is it not actually Dm Aeolian mode? Which would mean that the relative major is F Major - which means the Gm is the IIm and the Am is the IIIm and the Dm is the VIm? Which would mean that all of the chords and notes fit the scale with the only exception being the color added by the major 3rd when the passage ends on the A major or A7? These modes are caving my head in!
Thanks so much for your experience! Can you tell me wich pedals,effects or sounds are used?
Northeast Birds & More (2 years ago)
this guy has the best tutorials on the internet period!!!!! he couldn't hold your hand thru the process any more than he does and its faithful to the originals as possible. Hopefully he'll get around to some Stewart TP & YOTC
Brad Clooney (2 years ago)
Excellent tutorial! Thanks!
My Playlists (2 years ago)
Oh man, you nailed this so well, Santana might want to see how he is doing it!
Brendan Keegan (2 years ago)
Loved it, loved it loved it. What more can I say? :-)
Carlos (2 years ago)
This is absolutely fantastic instruction and technique! Thank you so much for taking such care, patience and time to walk us all through the details of this awesome, iconic piece. I've been playing since 10 years old, now 56, and always love this song... and now (after much study of your excellent instruction), I can play it nearly flawlessly at speed. Thank you again for the investment of your time and skill on this. What a great feeling to play this now!! : )
Thanks Carlos...if you get a chance, have a look here sometime: https://goo.gl/9bqIu1 cheers
Dal Mc (2 years ago)
What a great sound. May I ask what your rig setup is? Is that a Gibson Les Paul you're playing - what strings - what pedals etc.
Funkymojo75 (2 years ago)
Great playing and you nailed the feel and tone. What pickups are those in your Les Paul? Cheers
Dylan87 (2 years ago)
What pedals are used in this song please
Look in the description box for my gear page. cheers
fcastellanos57 (2 years ago)
Very good!!
Battle Rattle (2 years ago)
Dana Everhart (2 years ago)
Lovin it Carlos is my favorite guitarist in years past
Thorn Men (2 years ago)
Ed meyer (2 years ago)
TJ Hums (2 years ago)
Your tutorials are AWESOME! I am a long-time bass player (38 years) and just recently started playing guitar in the last few years. I follow your tutorials and have been blowing my friends away!
Jeffrey Smith (2 years ago)
Found you recently and really really appreciate not only your ability but how easy you make it to learn! Thank you!
Jerome Yap (2 years ago)
Thx for sharing. Beautiful tone and melodic feel. Got it, working on the feel now. Singing it helps a lot.
ראובן פינטו (2 years ago)
Hi can you please tell us about the setup effect and so ',,, to be blessed many thanks to you friend
Chicken Exorcist (2 years ago)
What kind of guitar are you using?
Telelikeitis (2 years ago)
All I can say is, you are really really good. I will now just put my guitar up for another 20 years.
Jean-Pierre Bernhard (2 years ago)
Magnifique morceau (de Peter GREEEN, que je vénère!) et superbe interprétation! Merci pour ce cours magistral, mais pas si sûr que je parvienne à me hisser à ce niveau, c'est C.SANTANA, tout de même!
GMoorefan115 (2 years ago)
Wow! Although I'm a bit late to the party..I really am blown away by your demo and lesson. Your style of passing on music is fantastic. The tone of your guitar and amp plus your fingers, all the nuances of notes you hit are just spot on to the vibe of the studio version by Carlos. Thank you for all your videos btw as I have enjoyed every last one of them. A while back you covered the solo to a fantastic song by Survivor called "Caught In The Game..Is there any possible way you might relive that song with a lesson such as this one. That would be perfect!
Blair Mulhall (2 years ago)
Why would anyone thumbs down ths?
Blair Mulhall (2 years ago)
Is it Andy? You nail everything I have checked out. Great nuances. Really appreciate you taking the time to share and recommend you to all the players I know
Thanks Blair. cheers, Andy
Dee Sandbrook (2 years ago)
Awesome lesson Thanks. And I love how you explain things like Carlos's feel. He is my fav guitarist. Hard to teach but you do it well. Cheers
Your good but You should show us the the notes or the tab on the side of the screen.On less you have it some other place..
lucky (2 years ago)
he is literally showing you what to play
I play 100% by ear and encourage others to do the same. Using tabs is convenient in the short term, if you can find one that isn't full of errors that is, but in the long term it's the worst way to learn because it eliminates your ear, and developing your ear is THE most important thing you can do to become a good musician. cheers
eternal me (2 years ago)
SSWWEEEEEEEEEET.......This is one of the Songs I had to have in my repertoire, just wanted to check yours out, WELL DONE LOVE YOUR VID'S.......THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS GEM! 🎸💚
Gudmundur Kristjansson (2 years ago)
By the way that song ain't by the great Carlos Santana, it was written by the "Fleetwood Mac" guitarist Peter Green
Stranger360th (2 years ago)
Gudmundur Kristjansson read the explanation to the vid above
Guitar Villain (2 years ago)
nice playing.
Caktus (2 years ago)
Great tutorial, great playing and love the Gibson guitar. What amp are you using? Pedals? Cheers.
ראובן פינטו (2 years ago)
God bless you thank you
ראובן פינטו (2 years ago)
Great you are one of the best teacher in the world !!! That's say all my students musical,love you from Israel ,,,
Thanks you very much. Hope all is well in Israel bro. cheers
Tim Hadzisavas (2 years ago)
you'll have to excuse me but what is your name??
Andy. cheers
Michael Mendillo (2 years ago)
Great Player & Great Teacher,,,,TY,,,, :)

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