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Black Magic Woman How to Guitar Solo Lesson Music Theory

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Full 31 minute video here: http://youtu.be/Sjpmuo2ozSY This free guitar lesson, which was originally filmed back in 2008, is now available here on YouTube in its full 31 minute length. It's a cover played in the style of "Black Magic Woman" by Carlos Santana, and the only video I have ever made in which I sing! You learn about the minor chords and minor chord progression used in the song, plus how to apply minor pentatonic and minor scale patterns over it. This free guitar lesson is suitable for intermediate and advanced players who want to learn more about the inter-workings of music. You can get your own guitar play along backing track by purchasing the book/CD Jam With Carlos Santana at Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Jam-Carlos-Santana/dp/0571528295 This cover is my own interpretation of the song. To learn how the original Santana recording was performed, get the complete, accurate guitar tab here: http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtdFPE.asp?ppn=MN0074666 To learn more about music theory for guitar, including scales, chords, progressions, modes and more, sign up for a free preview of my guitar theory books and DVDs. http://Guitar-Music-Theory.com/free Gear Used PRS CE24 Line 6 Pod Pro
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Text Comments (157)
Thomas Crotty (2 months ago)
not even close
Willie Byrd (1 year ago)
Desi Serna Guitar (1 year ago)
I don’t have time to make a video, but here’s one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qyNpFTfKbI It follows the tab you can purchase here: https://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtd.asp?ppn=MN0074666
Ashish Narayan (1 year ago)
Guitar guru Desi
gdawgs101 (3 years ago)
You should do one for the REAL version of this song, Peter Green's version...
Bill Davis (2 years ago)
First, maybe, and not a cover. But both versions are real.
Frank Borges (3 years ago)
Hi Desi,      You did that nice,you are a clean player & singer,Thank you.                                       Frank.
Shane Hogarth (5 years ago)
Is it just me or dose this guy look like Mike D lol
JD Illescas (5 years ago)
exactly, what's model of you PRS? Thanks, good video!
Rafael Velasco (5 years ago)
No tienes el tutorial de Gary Moore; midnight blues, gracias thank you
Rafael Velasco (5 years ago)
excelente, te la comiste, muy buen tutorial, gracias
daniel scott (5 years ago)
tht was the best version ive heard on youtube besides the original
wesmont4 (5 years ago)
At 0:37 to 0:50 - Carlos uses octaves, it sounds better also.
satchelpooch01againB (5 years ago)
Yes, and Lick Library has a 2 dvd lesson on his great playing.
Quốc Hiệp (5 years ago)
like ......
Jose Kanaima (5 years ago)
good bro' when you have a little chance check out my video, go to Santana tribute band Jose Alvarez, thank you!
Trev C (6 years ago)
It wasn't a Santana song, it was a Peter Green Fleetwood Mac song.
Bill Davis (2 years ago)
Yes, but Santana's cover become a bigger hit, and the is iconic version most people think of. But Green.. everything he did... was awesome, to be sure!
Robert Beckembauer (6 years ago)
You are so good playing the guitar. Good for you.
Big Toe (6 years ago)
thanks dude
Desi Serna Guitar (6 years ago)
(Part 3) Go to iTunes and search for my podcast called Guitar Music Theory Lessons and listen to episode 10 (number 2 on the list) called Blues Guitar Theory.
Desi Serna Guitar (6 years ago)
(Part 2) You can also play Mixolydian mode (a.k.a. the dominant scale) over each chord. A Mixolydian (D major) over A7, D Mixolydian (G major) over D7 and E Mixolydian (A major) over E7. You can also mix up all these options.
Desi Serna Guitar (6 years ago)
I'm assuming that you're referring to a standard I IV V type blues progression with dominant seven chords, not this "Black Magic Woman" chord progression. If you're in A, then you can play A minor or A major pentatonic over the whole progression. You can also follow each chord change with a pentatonic scale change minor or major.
Big Toe (6 years ago)
Is there another scale you can play over the 4 chord in a twelve bar blues in A beside the D pentatonic and Mixolydian? Also what notes do you stay away from on that 4 chord? Thans man?
mattmaster15 (6 years ago)
novak djokovic!!!
wan motor (6 years ago)
I like ur voice n guitar skills bro..dude..
706jim1 (6 years ago)
Paulo Mandolino (6 years ago)
Ray, Check out your dad's F-45 played by Sully Burton, National Mando Champion! On my sandiegoacoustic channel.
Austin Crow (6 years ago)
its in Dmi
menopausalguitarist (6 years ago)
Thank you for this! Love it! Peace 2 all
Tara Monrose (6 years ago)
Very good lesson. Thanks
Cinsuan Mang (7 years ago)
Ho I Love That song :)
Jun Matris (7 years ago)
i wanna be your student.accept me im from the philippines manny pacquiao origin..
JacJavJac (7 years ago)
You're doing the intro wrong
Zachfictional (7 years ago)
Ya on guitar hero a video game. Unlike u I can play it on real guitar
amosana Th. (7 years ago)
were can i find ur full version including guitar solo.? cos i like the way u teach.
joelg125 (7 years ago)
Mmmmmm ... Huh? Wha!?
TK42DAN (7 years ago)
to add to my comment: I just wanted to hear someone say something like: "If the song has chords that are a progression in the key of F, then for a start you can just improvise in the F major scale." I know that is the absolute basics, but it gives me some direction and confidence I have been looking for. I assumed that was the case, but was not positive. I was afraid I would have to do something like change scale key with every chord change or whatever. This has been great direction for me.
TK42DAN (7 years ago)
Well, I'm a beginner, and surely getting ahead of myself, but I have to say thank you. I have been looking everywhere trying to find something like what you said from 6:35 on starting with, "If I play fM scales patterns over it, it mixes perfectly with the music...." As silly as it may sound, I have never been totally clear on this. Teachers often jump from "learn this scale" to "here are some improv tips" without telling me exactly what to do with the scale (for a start). Thank you!
Rover Norkway (7 years ago)
How do you tune your guitar + amp to make that sound?? Are you using any compressors or wah pedal?
Rover Norkway (7 years ago)
How do you tune your guitar + amp to make that sound?? Are you using any compressors or wah pedal?
Giovanni di palermo (7 years ago)
very gooooood!
Ahmet Helvaci (7 years ago)
Guys Van Persie starting to play guitar!
Killah Trax (8 years ago)
u nailed it,nice dude
Romy Battista (8 years ago)
this is immence... cant stop listening to it:)
Jimmy B (8 years ago)
Desi rocks this song very well. Great vocals as well. Some day I hope to play as well as you sir! You Rock!
johnnyboy01 (8 years ago)
This guy makes real sense on how to play a cover. Don't learn the song note for note, cos you'll probably forget or stuff up when you want to play it to someone. Concentrate on the correct scale for that song, and you can't sound wrong. Carlos Santana doesn't play like a parrot, he knows the scale and uses that.
Jimmy B (8 years ago)
Nice lesson! Been surfing around the net looking for a theory class to take...this vid sold me. I'm on your mailing list. You'll be hearing from me next week!
Jimmy B (8 years ago)
@afghanypirate I got that track on my server, go to my channel...you can download it from my profile web site link.
vegasshowgirlshoes (8 years ago)
not even close dude
Conde (8 years ago)
adham rafiq (8 years ago)
Hey sorry if you mind but where did you get the track without the guitar? Can you please send me the link?
Brad Brewer (8 years ago)
Good aproach dude, I played (some what ) for a lot of years until I started discovering what you are teaching, makes a lot of difference.
Thieres Caldeira (8 years ago)
good job ::D:D:D:D
guitaress1 (8 years ago)
Nice voice!
raysti1 Sti (8 years ago)
Nice man...I was impressed.
bigjimmyplays (8 years ago)
Nice! It's great you do your own thing with it as well. The comments from the haters? Tell them to post a video of themselves doing it "the right way".
SaharS (8 years ago)
@saharFTW *of
SaharS (8 years ago)
wow , you are amazing , both teacher and guitarist ... i realy liked your version , is there any way that i can get the tabs of your version? your version is so much better then other version , so if you can give me the tabs i will be very happy :D
SaharS (8 years ago)
wow , you are amazing , both teacher and guitarist ... i realy liked your version , is there any way that i can get the tabs for your version? your version is so much better then other version , so if you can give me the tabs i will be very happy :D
alcon04 (8 years ago)
good stuff anyways...!..thank you
badbob961 (8 years ago)
I have Desi's material and it is the real thing. I've been playing more than a few years but had little knowledge of theory. Desi has changed that and I am improving more than I thought possible. Bob
xander403791 (8 years ago)
exactly. the beginning is in incorrect timing
Mark Lambert (9 years ago)
Nice to see you have put your own playing in to this I like this very much well done
DirtySound22 (9 years ago)
Perfect guitar sound and playing, and nice voice ;)
Jake Lannetti (9 years ago)
i think u neglect mention that D is the relative minor of F. all that means is if you start an F major scale on a D it is the same key signature as a D minor. i think this might clear up some confusion.
Robert OBrien (9 years ago)
Absolutely Great Cover man . 5stars
kosmonavt (9 years ago)
I don't understand why you refer to the D minor scale as the F major scale, if the song is in the key of D minor...
Trotsky Vengarán (9 years ago)
suena tan limpio ! muy buen cover !
Guitareo (9 years ago)
Well Put!
706jim (9 years ago)
I'll see if I can find time to make a short video over the next few weeks. Look for it under my username, maybe after Christmas when things settle down. I've played this as a favourite of mine for about 45 years. (Honest!)
USAF65 (9 years ago)
Oh boy, I'd like that Let me know
Jassiry (9 years ago)
706jim (9 years ago)
That I could show you!
nungmekha (9 years ago)
Sound's so clrean!
JohnnyRetweeter (9 years ago)
Thank you for replying. Could you explain more where the A# (or b6) comes into the progression or melody? Is it because the progression was Dm,Am,Gm so the notes of a minor are 1,b3,5 (so Dm are D,F,A - Am are A,C,E - Gm are G A# D) and that means that because the minor 3rd of G has the b6 of D scale that it is D Aeolian? So is this how you pick what mode to play in based on all the notes that make up the progression? Thanks for your help Desi.
JohnnyRetweeter (9 years ago)
When you say the key Dm so since that is the 6th (Aeolian) of the Fmaj scale that Fmaj is the parent scale.. Always thought this song was D dorian (opening have seem to have a dorian flavor) SO makes this song Dm & not D Dorian? Since scales are 1 note difference (b6 or A# & B) note which you don't really see in the song's notes or progression. Hopefully someone can clear this up for me.. Thanks! Dorian Mode - 1,2,b3,4,5, 6 ,b7 Aeolian(Minor) - 1,2,b3,4,5,b6,b7
Victory (9 years ago)
Hi there, where did you get your backing from?
USAF65 (9 years ago)
You're a pretty good teacher.. I like how you go about your lessons. I'd like to see you do alesson onsomething like the "Changing Tides" by the Ventures.
alpha735 (9 years ago)
Jeff Jeffery (9 years ago)
Great guitar work - well done. You have a great vibrato technique and I really enjoyed your playing. Your voice is pretty good too! Thank you for this video.
Earl McKay (9 years ago)
very nice!
guitarjamzdotcom (9 years ago)
nice Tap poster
joseph47parker (9 years ago)
His intention is not to play exactly like Santana note for note. This is a lesson, that you can use pentatonic sclase to "make up" songs. That was the point of the lesson.
Jean Ferraretto (9 years ago)
Robert Davis (9 years ago)
Although he is associated with PRS contemporaneously, Santana used a Gibson Les Paul for this song on Abraxas.
John Pacheco (9 years ago)
very nice, i actually enjoyed this a bit more than the original.
Larry Williams (9 years ago)
hes using the same guitar santana uses its so nice in that sherry burst coulor
Alessio Che (9 years ago)
robbie van persie!
gugabool1 (9 years ago)
Tim Douglas (9 years ago)
Dear Joe I happuilly accept your apology I certainly wan't expecting one, so It's all the more noble of you that you did it ! your'e a good man ! (sorry you had a bad week ! Playing the guitar helps ! ) and thanks again! THD
Tim Douglas (9 years ago)
jamgarza1,no one is forcing you to read my posts ! Given that the title of this vid has to do with the theory behind improvising over Black magic Woman, then I consider Antarblue s &my comments are on topic! You can simply just ignore them ! Why are you getting your knickers in a twist about it? However ,If you disagree with what I'm saying msically, then why not join in and give your point of view about it ? THD
Tim Douglas (9 years ago)
Well, look on the plus side my old China,,at least you got a nice long sleep out of it ! This must have been very restful for you, and perhaps you awoke refreshed ,and a more tollerant human being ................then again perhaps not ! To sleep, perchance to dream...... THD
Tim Douglas (9 years ago)
I'm a bit confused here! I was not using Oh Well as an example of what I was saying about Dom 7ths in blues, and the two postings I made about an hour ago don't seem to have arrived on this page, yet but you seem to be responding to the one I made about Oh Well ??!!! THD
Antarblue (9 years ago)
Oh Well is E min not E. My error. The riff, solos and the whole tune are still based on E pent min. The B part of the riff has the same pitches (less the F#)E G A Bb B D. This 6 note scale is known as 'blues scale.' The F# is 2nd degree of E min scale.. Since there is no B7 or Emin7 and no scale note out of key of E min, it does not support your theory that Dom chords on all I,IV and V in standard blues are the result of key changes not a 'blues scale.' Pick another discrete ex.
Antarblue (9 years ago)
According to Western theory E7 could only be in A not E. If you want to rationalize according to West theory this has to be a secondary dom. Chords are derived from scales in this system. The chords here reflect no key changes nor does the basic scale. Pent minor is forced against E7 b3 clashes w/ natural 3 in chord. This is "blues." It's OK to have personal theories that reflect your nascent discoveries but the burden is on you to provide factual evidence. Your evidence prooves contrary.
Antarblue (9 years ago)
1. "Oh Well" riff is in E. The pitches in the riff are E G A B D with an occasional Bb and one F#. Taken in context of blues rock perf pract this riff is based on E pent min, The Bb is the b5. Together this scale is often called the "blues scale" by players and theorists. The F# is the 2nd scale degree of E or can be thought of as the 9th reinforcing the dominant tonality; this is common blues practice. Oh Well is one scale thruout; all chords in E. No key changes here. The B section is Dim.
Tim Douglas (9 years ago)
I think infact that they are *primary* dominants! Of course the pentanonic minor fits over all three chords. works and sounds great, but it doesn't explain the other notes (not passing notes) that you can use and which also fit perfectly! THD
Tim Douglas (9 years ago)
Well, I have recently posted a couple of vids with my thoughts about Danny Kirwan's vibrato and about how Peterr possibly came up with the riff for Oh Well .I Ihope these would indicate I know my way around a guitar at least and that you would accept me as a "Player" (I'm surprised you havent already checked these out in order to know a bit about your "oppnent"- ie me ) "I don't know whethrer it's possible to put a link here but I guess if you search Dot 18 you'll get to them .! THD
Antarblue (9 years ago)
Ok. I will continue to debate you on this poor guys site under 2 conditions: 1. you have to answer why your faith-based denial of pentatonic despite overwhelming evidence in performance practice. You have not accounted for that adequately. 2. You must direct me to examples of your own music! Further, if you use ad hominum attacks without factual evidence game over! If you use the argument that you are not a player then please provide your bona fides as a theoretician of social music.
Antarblue (9 years ago)
Diachronically, blues is African-American music; it existed originally in a modal form = anhemitonic pentatonic. This scale is ubiquitous in world music cultures: Africa, India, China, native American. The Anglo slave owners in America stripped slaves of their languages/cultures. Anglos gave them Protestant church where they learned basic Euro harmony. The "Africanisms" were retained see (Blacking, John). this accounts for the vast diversity of American forms which are now global.
Antarblue (9 years ago)
Ok. Then if the dominant chords on the I, IV and V in a standard blues are secondary dominants as in Euro theory then in a C blues would be F maj, IV Bb maj, the V C maj scales. That means C Mixolydian F7 mix, G mix. Perf pract shows that the all blues masters and most rock players use ONE pentatonic min scale w/ flat 3 and 7 for all 3 chords e.g C pent min for C blues. No Eb note in Fj, Bb and G scales. Never heard Green play mix or maj on blues. Give ex.
Tim Douglas (9 years ago)
So you want to step outside do you ? ,Well I know I can take you in the fourth -make that the augmented 4th ! Seriously, it could be that others are interested in our debate and might even join in ! -would they see it on home pages? If so -happy to do that! THD

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