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Ludacris - Grass Is Always Greener (Explicit)

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'LUDAVERSAL' AVAILABLE NOW iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iLudaversalD?IQid=... Google: http://smarturl.it/gLudaversalDlx?IQi... Amazon: http://geni.us/aLudaversalDlx Stream On Spotify & Add To Your Playlist: http://smarturl.it/SpotifyLudaversal?... Get Your Autographed CD/Hoodie Bundle: http://myplay.me/1dql More Info: http://Ludaversal.com Ludacris - Grass Is Always Greener (Explicit) http://vevo.ly/GnEAdt
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Text Comments (1711)
Chad Laurent (2 days ago)
He’s comparing his old lifestyle to his current one
Chad Laurent (2 days ago)
This song deep
Isti Nem (3 days ago)
the 1st girl is so pretty
Nate Planicka (8 days ago)
Funny how luda's music with the most substance gets the least amount of publicity..
Fintan (10 days ago)
This should have got way more attention, didn't even hear it when it came out...
Charmekia White (13 days ago)
Still listening in 2018. 🔥
richard A (13 days ago)
yanira guandique (14 days ago)
Luda is the man.
Recording Artist Covan (20 days ago)
Love this track
Gaigongrei Kamei (22 days ago)
His voice is clear👍
Alexander K (25 days ago)
the white version ludacris wife is so horny lol
Alexander K (25 days ago)
what happend to your braids busta rhymes
Alexander K (25 days ago)
our human race is so fvcked yall are so disillusion but dont listen here just let it begeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyn
Alexander K (25 days ago)
sell out homo
Daniel Hutson (26 days ago)
Best ever
BOULEVARD BULLY (29 days ago)
This song is about the search for happiness and how one doesnt know what it is and this is life its true
Shara j (30 days ago)
I love how he dropped all his album names! All were the shit. He slept on but don't matter cause obviously he's still around several albums later. Loved this concept too!
john dough (1 month ago)
Damn she so thicc.... Im in love lol! @0:49
thegreatwhitenorth (1 month ago)
the grass is not always greener on the other side its greener where you water it
MusTaif S (1 month ago)
LuDACriS is A TRUE smart sense making man...
QUENESS YOMy (1 month ago)
superfreakandthecoon (1 month ago)
Love this song I’m obsessed been on repeat good job Luda for coming back with vengeance much love and respect
Bri Dominguez (1 month ago)
LuDa ALways Killin IT, & sTay spittin truth!
teddyxruxpin (1 month ago)
This is horrible!
elias tede (1 month ago)
What song is in the beginning?
Erik Lane (1 month ago)
Ayye look at cha luda u been plotting this 1. My respect been grew since i saw u getting movies and I knew ur story. How u sold tapes out the trunk.
Logi Cool (1 month ago)
grass is always greener on the other side because you go to the other side start going crazy killing the grass then go back to the other side kill that grass while the other side is growing again. maintain your grass.
David Telllez (1 month ago)
swagmaster 3000 (1 month ago)
Anyone else hear the beat for beast mode in the background when he oes to shut off the power
Limpho Molupe (1 month ago)
That beat is sooo legendary... 2018 who listening...??
Vance Hamilton (1 month ago)
Was that Skinny Black? I been wondering what happened to him..... Haha! Luda!
Sean Schwab (1 month ago)
Luda is one of the best artists period, he will be in hall of fame
Niko SatiAcum (1 month ago)
Dont look at my bushs
Amanda Nichols (1 month ago)
I want some fried chicken , all this pork got me like 😱real chicken not that bland shit , just saying ' 😂 73? 99? 85? 2010? Wah Shi doh
allen cox (2 months ago)
Luda grab the mic !!!😎
Warren S. (2 months ago)
Loved the intro, It's confirmed; two Ludas is better than just one.
ShortyJoe Mora (2 months ago)
Ian Robideaux (2 months ago)
Dumbass hook. Verses are 🔥
Lady Maimee (2 months ago)
Grass is greener and the water is wetter😊
Mr.Charles (2 months ago)
I love this shit
Hartzog334 (2 months ago)
Greg Anikin (2 months ago)
What a clever lyrics!
WHAT EVER! (2 months ago)
Noah Childress (2 months ago)
only grown folks will understand
Joseph Ritenour (2 months ago)
love it !!!!!
RawHeights [Beats] (2 months ago)
such a good jam man. Gotta appreciate ywhat you got
Charles Manson (2 months ago)
my he ro throw sum dzzzz
Junior Jay (2 months ago)
"When i was 13 ..." 😂😬 xixtyN1n9
Teh Francis (2 months ago)
Buy buy butterfly fly away
Men Maturity (2 months ago)
hell yeah luv the video and what the message is in the video as well but boi who is this lady in luda video on the Dad side luda his wife in the video my oh my she cute and fine
Daniel Laferla (2 months ago)
Dirty South Greatest Rapper!
frampton3 (2 months ago)
2.5k people have no ideeeaaa! Luda the truth
Derek Chapman (2 months ago)
Look at your own bushes
Orangina SanPel (2 months ago)
they need to do another How High, and they need to put LUDA in that shit and Big Boy from Outkast.
GHAURI (2 months ago)
Luda is a genius when he talks about fans missing the 'old you' and when you turn back to the 'old you' they miss the 'old-you' that was before 'new you'. grass is always greener on the other side.
Dijon Thomas (2 months ago)
Dtp still got it
Niall Govers (2 months ago)
Great concept. Delivered perfectly. Surprised that this isn't more known than it should be. All round dopeness. LUDAAAA!!!
John Redman (2 months ago)
Dude is mad amazing at his game. Ludacris, must be a dragon, always spittin fire.
EastPh1lly (2 months ago)
This song really makes me happy and make me focus on MY shit...
Rob (2 months ago)
Man, I Wish I Was As Rich As Ludacris
kartel j (2 months ago)
Why am I only seeing this now? LUDAAA, he never lost it
Gotta say this is super catchy
jose619 diaz (2 months ago)
Legend ludacris.
Lou Agui (2 months ago)
Lukis o (2 months ago)
Damn this 3years old, why tf didnt this get more views
Noah Newman Mack (2 months ago)
okay yea but isn't this just Black "Give you Hell?"
Luda .
Jeroim3142 (3 months ago)
3:17 listing those albums lol
Steven Thompson (3 months ago)
What song is that beat in the very beginning when the car pulls up from? I know lil Wayne did something with it
Viyal Dewrajh (3 months ago)
Daam thats deep....
Kareem Moye (3 months ago)
He grew up, that all. 40 years old, can't be on that kid shit no more!!!!! I was writing lyrics to a trap beat & when I got to the second verse I found myself venturing into mature sounding lyrics. At first I was about the partying & getting high, then I found myself speaking about how drugs and alcohol are bad. Trap music ain't like that! Now I see why I hung up my microphone.
TheBbuks (3 months ago)
Luda the best ever 💯
Rob Proctor (3 months ago)
aint gonna lie, this was lame af
follow me (3 months ago)
I love Ludacris 😍
Naneek VanNess (3 months ago)
Jasmine J. H (3 months ago)
Its a little repetitive
arabion knights (3 months ago)
legendary.. welcome back luda
Dsplita (3 months ago)
Bye bye butterfly.....Fly away
Cool Hand Luke (3 months ago)
I love that man. Always with the hits. Always with the perspective.
Popa Stoppa (3 months ago)
2018 STILL Banging
Dreezy Loves to Fish (3 months ago)
Video was shot in the 954
Matt Pascal (3 months ago)
He snapped
sixsense foundation (3 months ago)
bob jalockowitz (3 months ago)
'Caterpillar to a butterfly' is this where Royce da 5'9" and eminem came up with 'caterpillar'!?!
RetrO OnTheBeat (3 months ago)
Damien Brafford (3 months ago)
How are people going to legit try to explain this video its so simple its really not like some big message. Its something you have been told your whole life. Everyone trying act like there the next genius when they need to just be quiet already.
its_me hey_now (3 months ago)
There you are Luda.. 💪🏽
unkal death (3 months ago)
Did any one notice the nip slip
one shine (3 months ago)
Hell yeah luda making a come back
BombShot (3 months ago)
Truth from an OG, Fire
gbdeck200 (3 months ago)
Wait did the wild luda sneak to the other side at the end That's some dark netoware stuff Poor settled luda
Alex1993 (3 months ago)
This is actually good!
Domingo Garzoria (3 months ago)
Probably my best s9ng from luda...except from all his old school nasty stuff :)
Harry Cheadle (3 months ago)
Luda really the 🐐 going down as all time great
EzBaked (3 months ago)
am i the only one who picked up on the holiday inn reference?? 'let the party begiiiiiiiiiiiin' 200iq lyrics
christopher williams (3 months ago)
What's up daddy lmao
(((((((((((((((((((((((((VIN DIESEL>>>)))))))))))))))))))))))
Aurora Nova (3 months ago)
erick jordan (3 months ago)
Mmm.. Always got bars

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