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Mary had a little lamb by Stevie Ray Vaughan COMPLETE LESSON TUTORIAL

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TABS: http://tutarras.com.ar/tutoriales/288_stevie_ray_vaughan_mary_had_a_little_lamb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sections: INTRO: 01:00 VERSE: 15:04 SOLO: 18:49 ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------- Gear: FENDER STRATOCASTER 1983 LINE 6 HELIX ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tutarras-299645466727012/
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Text Comments (9)
Sos un CAPO hermano mereces millones de likes. Grettings from PERÚ
Inspire_Greatness74 (2 months ago)
some of the best lessons on youtube!!!
Mick Knoke (2 months ago)
Great lesson, thanks!
Pranjil Boro (2 months ago)
Make a tutorial on hand on heart by steve vai
Lucio Nigro (2 months ago)
Boludo también haces videos en ingles
Trebeurtus Siadler (2 months ago)
Great Fernando !! Fantastic chanel
Kim Cruz (2 months ago)
Awesome lesson ! Thank You !
Clarke Tipps (2 months ago)
Great lesson!
Rayza1983 (2 months ago)
Brilliant lesson thanks

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